it's her turn to give him a present!

I went to a facility where developmentally disabled adults stay during the day yesterday. It was to give a presentation on anime art and cosplay since I was asked to)as many of the participants like anime).

when the slide of my dio pumpkin came on the screen, one of the ladies said “Oh! I know this one! Its bob! See i have him right here!”

Curious I turned to look at what she was holding up. It was a plush emoji keychain that was attached to her walker. The shapes and colours were similar I suppose, so she associated the two.

I said “well, his name is Dio, but I think Bob is a better name for him. From now on his name is Bob.”

Hi guys! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for the prompt Anon! xD

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His Question

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Characters: Y/n, John, Dean, Sam

Pairing: John x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Fluff, absolute fluff. Christmas decorating, Christmas day cuteness, adorable Sam and Dean, fluff, cute ass John being sweet, just fluff.

Word Count: 1513

Summary: Y/n and John prepare the house for Christmas, wanting this to be perfect for the boys.

A/N: Ok, so this seems to be a series now. Guess it’s an AU where John is more focused on the boys than hunting. So, yea. It’ll be updated randomly when I have ideas and shit.

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The Family They Deserve Masterlist

“John! Come on!” y/n whispered, grabbing the box of ornaments she had found and taking them to the living room, John dragging the little tree he had just cut down.

She knew it was going to be a lot of work.

How the hell was she meant to get the perfect Christmas ready, when it was almost 11pm on Christmas Eve?

She had no clue, but she was determined to do it.

This was the first Christmas the boys would be able to celebrate properly, especially now that hunting had taken a back seat.

Y/n was going to make sure her boys had the perfect one, wanting them to remember this forever.

John placed the tree in the pot, making sure it stood properly before brushing off the snow that had landed on it while he was dragging it in.

“Ok, so I want you to just hang the tinsel around the house. Oh, the lights too”.

“How am I meant to hang the lights? I can’t hammer any nails right now!” he hissed at her, completely freezing in the cold, regretting letting y/n persuade him into this.

“Come on, John. Just imagine their faces. Smiling, happy and joyful. Imagine how excited Sam will be. And Dean’s just gonna have a smile on his face all day. Please”, she begged, John giving in, her descriptions making him want to see his boys happy.

He rolled his eyes, getting to it, hanging the lights with little clear hooks y/n had thrown at him.

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Home for the Holidays

(I know it’s August but I couldn’t shake this idea.)

Bitty knew this would happen eventually. He and Holster had been dating for months now, and they’d been friends for almost two years before that.

Bitty knew that at some point he would meet Adams family, hell, Holster met his mama his freshman year and met Coach this past parents weekend.

But he met them as Bitty’s friend and teammate, not his /boyfriend/.

And it was just his parents, not his ENTIRE! FAMILY!

You see, mama and coach decided to spend the holidays in Paris as an anniversary gift to one another, which meant Bitty was stuck in Samwell for the Holidays, that was until his sweet as can be boyfriend invited him to spend the break with him in Buffalo.

“It will be your first Chanukah!” Adam had smiled so brightly that Bitty couldn’t help but agree.

It was only now, as they pulled into the driveway of Holsters childhood home, that it hit Bitty what this visit meant.

He’d seen Meet The Fockers enough times to know how badly this could go.

And he really wanted this to go well. He loves Adam, he wants his family to love him.

The Burkholtz residence was quite the picture, with an 8ft tall menorah in the front yard and lights shaped like Dreidels hanging from the roof.

Adam rubbed the back of his neck and sheepishly laughed, “yeah my dad was sick of being the only house not lit up during the holidays so he went on a Home Depot trip and supped up the house. He’s very proud of it.”

Bitty giggled, “I love it! It’s beautiful!”

“Please tell him that, he may love you forever.”

Bitty laughed around the nervous lump in his throat and followed Adam up to the door. Holster took his hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. He raised his hand to knock on the door, but before his fist could collide with the wood, it opened, and a woman a little shorter and rounder than Bitty with bright Auburn hair nearly tears the door off its hinges.

“My schmoopie!!!!! Oh look it’s my big man!!” The woman shouts and engulfs Adam in a hug.

“Hi mom” he grins and hugs her back.

She pulls away and looks at Bitty, “Oh and you must be Eric!!”

Bitty reaches out a hand for her to shake, but it is completely ignored and he is pulled into an equally fierce hug.

“It’s so wonderful to have you! My Adam has told me all about you!”

Bitty grins as he is pulled away from the hug, “oh has he now? Good things I hope! Nice to meet you Mrs Birkholtz!”

“Mrs Birkholtz is my mother in law, please call me Debbie.”

“Well thanks for having me Debbie.” Eric smiles politely.

“Are you kidding me! My son tells me the love of his life is put out on the holidays you think I’m not going to feed him? When you are in this house, you’re family!” She exclaims, “speaking of which get on inside! You must be freezing your little tushes off!”

Bitty then meets Adam’s dad Daniel, who looks like how Bitty imagines Holster will in 30 years, his little sisters Sarah and Hannah, and his Bubby Ruth, who reminds Bitty a lot of his Moomah.

They proceed to grill him, asking intrusive questions with the nicest smiles on their faces. Debbie tells Bitty funny baby Adam stories and Bubby Ruth breaks out baby pictures from her pocketbook.

All in all its nice and easy with the Birkholtzes. Bitty is pretty sure Debbie is mentally planning his wedding.

It’s a lot of firsts that night, the first night of Chanukah, Bitty’s first bowl of matzoh ball soup and first plate of latkes. He plays his first game of dreidel with Sarah and Hannah and he watches his first Menorah lighting.

As Bubby Ruth sings the prayer and Debbie lights the first candle, Adam leans over to whisper into Bitty’s ear, “it’s about miracles. People think Chanukah is just Jewish Christmas but it’s a festival. It celebrates a time when people tried to snuff out the light but it just wouldn’t go out.”

Bitty’s eyes widen and he listens to Bubby Ruth sing the prayer. He doesn’t understand the Hebrew, but he thinks it’s wonderful.

“That’s beautiful.” Bitty whispers back. Adam smiles and rests his chin on Eric’s shoulder, watching the flickering lights of the candle.

Later, when they’re watching the Rugrats Chanukah special, Hannah pops up off the couch and pronounces that “ITS PRESENT TIME!!!”

Daniel laughs and the entirety of the Birkholtzes scramble to their respective present hiding spots to retrieve their gifts.

Daniel gets Debbie a pair of earrings, Debbie gets Daniel a tie.

Bubby Ruth gives all of her grandchildren a crisp $5 each and a wet kiss on the cheek.

Holster gives his sisters each a new video game and they give him a 30 Rock tshirt.

Holster turns to Bitty and hands him a wrapped box.

He seems nervous, and that takes Bitty by surprise. If his boyfriend is one thing, it wasn’t shy.

Bitty looks up at him and then over his shoulder where Bubby Ruth had just sent him a wink.

He opens the box and finds a heavy binder with the title ‘Birkoltz Family Recipes’

Flipping through the pages Bitty finds they are filled with laminated copies of handwritten recipes dating back generations.

He is speechless, so Adam speaks for him.

“I got some help from my Bubby, I know you are always looking for some new recipes and things to try, and she helped me dig through some recipe boxes to find the best ones. There is a secret Birkholtz mandel bread recipe that I had to beg a few aunts to give up, but it was worth it.”

Bitty is near tears as he thumbs through the pages.

“Adam.” Bitty says trying to compose himself because he is determined not to cry in front of his boyfriends family. “Sweetheart this is the best gift I have ever received.” He sets the book down gently and kisses Holster on the cheek before engulfing him in a hug.

“Aww, Danny look at them they are so sweet! His little punim, my heart!” Debbie says behind them.

Once they part Bitty digs his present out and hands it to Holster with a look that says 'you’ll get more later’

Holster takes the small velvet box and his heart starts pounding.

Opening it, Adam shrieks.

“Two tickets to Wicked?????” Bitty laughs as Holster jumps up from the couch, “Orchestra seats???” He shouts. Adam picks up Eric and spins him around.

“You’re the best boyfriend ever!” He laughs setting Bitty down.

“Hey!” Eric teases, “that’s my line!”

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For every @ I get, I have to tag someone I love/look up to! || ACCEPTING !!

okay to start this off, i gotta start with my one & only true love @barbcr / @mohiican, bc sam has been with me since my early days on rose and has helped me grow into the writer i am today and i cannot even thank her enough for all she’s helped me through. and i love her writing, her characters, how she reads so goddamn deep into them. not to mention her most famous blog was based off history and she managed to stay respectful to the actual guy all while giving him the image he deserved to have presented. ive watched her turn into a blog from a small little fandom to almost the ringleader of the gang and an necessity on my dash as well as in my life. sam forever deserves all the love anyone can give her. 

secondly, its time for me to bring in my girl @pcrepazaak (shut up you all saw this coming) and the brilliance they are and their love for one of star wars’s lost and forgotten characters of the old republic era. its very sad for me to realize that atton’s been so left behind and it gives me a sense of happiness to have griffin, not only take him on, but round him more than any of the writers ever could. with all the epic stories in kotor 1 & 2, the companions are all some of the best characters star wars has to offer, and theyve been kinda left in the dust. griffin’s writing helped me develop my own as well as let me feel the love possible on this blog, being totally open and interested in the character ive made and just.. god to believe i was so intimidated by this doofus & now i love her and we talk pretty much on a daily basis

thirdly, lets bring in one of my faves, @thesassycircus, because max deserves so much more than they believe they do. i met max while they were on their solo luke blog, in which we met through swtor (when i played a lot) and that was when we actually began talking. max openly stayed sweet and supportive to me all while i was handling the guild when it was still in my hands, and they witnessed just how stressed i’d been. we aided each other with the extremely social catastrophe that it all was and even when i took my leave, we stayed in contact. be it its not as much as we used to, i still adore them and believe they deserve all the good in the world (even if she tells me she doesnt). max’s writing is shown in the passion she has in her characters and how she actually very openly enjoys playing them and i can only give you a slow clap because i know how important those characters are to you, hun.

LASTLY but not least  @ all has gotta be @lionwept because WOW EM IM SO FUCKING PROUD OF YOU. i met em before she’d made h/amilton, and i think ive noticed her type of not totally pure boys but hey, they try… kinda. we talked for a long ass time and we allowed each other to plot a terrible but kinda sweet ship all without subtracting important flaws in our characters (wow do i love that) & i remember the minute she told me she decided to be the jack to my rose (or the rack to my jose, yes i remember that). we were pretty much almost inseparable?? idk what happened, we kinda went on our own tangents and just.. god watching her rise to this THRONE on alex.. im so.. god i’m so proud of you, you deserve every piece of love you get and i forever hope you get more and more. 

Secret Santa - One-shot (Steve x Reader)

Originally posted by wonderlaaaaaand

Summary: Reader is surprised with a present she wasn’t expecting. 

A/N: My third Christmas fic. I don’t know if I will write one more. Regular One-shots will be back after Christmas. I have a few requests I am really exited about. 

I walked through the packed mall regretting my decision to shop for Christmas presents the day before Christmas. I should have listened to Clint when he told me to start shopping a month in advance. Or to Sam when he suggested online shopping. But I was irresponsible and waited till the last minute.

I had managed to buy most things from my shopping list, there was a few things I had to substitute for because what I wanted was sold out, now there was only one thing left to be crossed out from the list. Steve’s present.

Even after dating the super soldier for a while now shopping for him had never gotten any easier.

I couldn’t really get him electronics because in a way I would feel as if I was insulting him, and clothes was too simple of a gift.

Halfway through my shopping my phone begins to ring.

I reach into my pocket and pull it out before answering.

“Hello,” I said placing the phone between my ear and my shoulder.

“How’s last minute Christmas shopping going (Y/N),” Steve asks.

“Did you call to make fun of me,” I frown looking through a rack of clothes.

“I would never do something like that,” he laughs from the other line.

“Listen Rogers,” I say sternly, “not all of us do our shopping weeks in advance. I happen to like the rush of last minute shopping.”

“Well the party is at eight, and you know how Tony is if you’re late,” he says. “Are you going to finish in time?”

“I hope,” I mutter.

I mindlessly walked around the mall for a while looking at possible presents, but nothing jumped out at me.

I walked into one final store hoping they would have something I liked.

“Can I help you,” the clerk asked as I walked in.

“I hope so,” I sigh hauling all my shopping bags into the store. “I’m looking for something for my boyfriend.”

“Do you have anything in mind,” he asked.

I scanned the counter in front of me. Jewelry wasn’t my first choice to buy Steve, but maybe a nice watch.

“A watch,” I told the clerk.

He smiled and motioned me to follow him to where the watches where kept.

I looked at the selection of watches and saw one I liked. It was simple, but it was something I could easily see Steve wearing.

“That one,” I smiled pointing at the watch.

After paying I left the mall in hurry to get home and wrap everything.

By the time the party came around I had managed to wrap everything and get ready for the party.

All the Avengers stat around the living area of the tower. The large tree in the corner was filled with everyone’s Christmas presents.

Everyone takes turns handing out his or her presents. Tony was always the first to go.

“Now I just want everyone to know that there is no reason to feel bad that the presents you bought are not as great as the ones I will give you,” Tony said handing everyone there present. “It’s the thought that counts.”

“Shut up Stark,” I call out tearing through the wrapping paper.

“Don’t be mean (Y/N),” Tony says. “Its Christmas.”

I stick out my tongue at him and finish opening the present.

When it was my turn I handed everyone what I had gotten, and waited patiently for Steve to open his.

He tears through the wrapping paper and opens the box reveling the leather band watch I had gotten him. It was engraved in the back saying ‘Love, (Y/N)’.

“Thank you (Y/N),” he said smiling at me. “I love it.”

“I’m glad you like it,” I smile kissing him.

“That’s enough you two,” Tony says breaking us apart. “You’re the last one to go Rogers.”

Steve turns to frown at Tony before standing up and passing out the presents.

Everyone gets one. Everyone but me.

I don’t say anything thinking maybe he forgot to give it to me, but he doesn’t say anything. No one does.

The night continued and it was getting harder to hide my disappointment.

How was it possible that my very own boyfriend had gotten everyone a Christmas present, but me?

“Hey (Y/N),” Nat calls. “What’s that under the tree?”

I look at her confused before turning to the Christmas tree.

“I don’t see anything,” I tell her.

“At the very back,” she says.

I frown and have to get down on the ground to see what she was talking about.

In the very back of the tree, wrapped in red and white wrapping paper and a green bow on top, was a small present. I stretch as far as I can to grab it. Once it is in my hand I stand up and examine it.

It had my name on it, and nothing else.

Confused I turn around.

“Who’s is this,” I ask holding the box in one had. “It doesn’t say who it’s from.”

“Open it,” Clint calls out. “Maybe its from a Secret Santa.”

I open it.

The paper tears off easily, and I let it fall to the ground as I hold a small velvet box in my hands.

I look at the box for a moment before lifting the lid.

My hand flies up to my mouth as I gasp when I see what is inside the small box. It was simple silver band with a large diamond in the middle surrounded by smaller diamonds.

A warm hand grabs mine and takes the box from me.

I look up to see Steve in front of me smiling as he looks down at me.

I stand frozen as he drops down on one knee and holds my hand in one of his and the ring in the other.

“(Y/N), I love you with all of my heart. I loved you yesterday, I love you today, and I will love you tomorrow,” Steve said looking up at me.

A smile appears on my lips as tears begin to blur my vision.

“Will you marry me?”

I drop down to his level and kiss him.

“Yes,” I whisper pulling away. “A thousand times yes.”

He captures my lips in his again. There is cheering behind us and we pull apart smiling to see everyone celebrating.

Steve stands up and picks me up before spinning me around. I burst into a fit of laughter holing on to him tightly.

He places me back on my feet and slips the ring on my finger.

“You didn’t really think I wouldn’t get you anything for Christmas, did you,” he asks as I admire the ring on my finger.

“I’m not going to lie,” I grin looking back up at him. “You hade me worried for a moment.”

“I love you,” Steve smiles.

“I love you too,” I say as he leans down to kiss me again.

But if you kissed me now, I know you'd fool me again

Helloooo @thereficul! I’m your Secret Santa and this is for you. I’m incredibly sorry for this. You’ll see why~ Still I hope you and everyonewill enjoy this!

“Last Christmas I gave you my heaaaaart-“

“Shut the fuck up, shitty bastard.”

“But Ch-uu-ya! It’s a song about heartbreak. And Christmas!”

“And the most overused song in existence. Also, your singing is terrible. Look, even those losers over there went into hiding.”

“That’s because of your hideous appearance, Chuuya.”

Whoever claimed Double Black was the Port Mafia’s most dangerous weapon was indeed right. The fact that one of them was already a force strong enough to eradicate whole organizations, let alone both of them, was also oh so true. That both were mere teenagers who couldn’t stand each other was instead a little not so known fact.

The unfortunate members of a Port Mafia splinter group, traitors, petty gangsters, learned about all those facts that day. Not that it helped them out of their irremediable demise. If someone told them that those near children who spent more time bickering with each other and discussing other things like Christmas songs or parties would erase their whole organization within mere minutes, they would’ve laughed.

Now it is only Dazai who is laughing, amused at his partner’s sputtering and insults which while always said in spite were never entirely meant serious; it was just the way they were. Partners.

“Oi, stupid Dazai,” Chuuya muttered while trying to clean his gloves, mattered with blood of one of their former targets. He very pointedly ignored looking at his partner who smiled at him widely.

“Yeees, Chuuya~?”

“About this stupid Christmas party Mori-san is holding….” Ah? Was that reluctance in his small partner’s voice? “Are you going?”

It was asked in such a small voice, fitting to the small statue of the red head, insecure and so out of character for Chuuya who is normally brash and confident. Hah, Dazai had to be very careful with the other now, supportive and considerate.

“If you’re coming? Absolutely not. It’s going to be shitty anyway, a forced spiel of us playing happy Mafia family, but if you’re there and get your hands on alcohol it’s gonna be disastrous.” Chuuya was still turned away from him but he could see his shoulders stiffening more with every word.

“Remember your last birthday, hat rack.” Dazai’s smile grew impossibly wide. “Oh wait, you can’t, you were drunk into oblivion.” The and puked all over me while standing on the ceiling was left unsaid.

Supportive and considerate, Dazai-style.

If his pride had taken a blow – and it surely had, Dazai was good in everything he did after all – Chuuya was quite capable of hiding it. Giving up trying to clean his bloody clothes, the red head stomped out of the warehouse, still not deigning to look at his suicidal partner. He was upset, of that Dazai was sure, so with a smirk on his face and a skip in his walk he followed Chuuya.

“Good!” Chuuya growled, finally finding an appropriate response to Dazai’s earlier insults. “Just wanted to make sure that I won’t have to see your ugly face there. I want to have just one nice evening where I won’t have to make sure that some certain bastard stays away from any sharp objects or balustrades.”

Dazai really should leave this alone while Chuuya was only upset with him but being Dazai, he of course had another final taunt in is repertoire.

“Aaaaw, did little widdle chibi Chuuya want to dance to Christmas music and kiss someone under the mistletoe?”

This time the other was clearly upset, showing it visibly with clenching fists and a near whiplashing turning around, face red and eyes ablaze.

“So maybe I want to! Maybe I want to have a normal evening like every other person for once! It’s not your fucking business anyway.”

As if on cue a trashcan flew directly into Dazai, gravity altered so that there was no way to avoid the impact with his body. It didn’t hurt per se but the small red head used the momentarily distraction to basically flee from the scene.

Left was Dazai Osamu, stuck under a trashcan, pondering over what he might have just done wrong.


“Who would’ve thought that Christmas is this strenuous?” Mori Ougai slumped further onto his desk, slowly but steadily more despairing about the event he called the first yearly Port Mafia Christmas party ever that would surely not happen yearly if this would always be this exhausting.

“Everyone knows that, stupid Rintarou,” Elise piped in, not even bothering to look up from her crayon painting on the floor. “I think Hirotsu even warned you about this.”

Her response was met with even more whining. “But Elise-chaaaan. This is terrible! I can’t even remember why I wanted this party in the first place.”

Obviously, this was a lie and the flat look Elise gave him in return made it clear that both of them knew that. Mori pouted. All this chaos just because he wanted to put Elise in a nice frilly Christmas dress and she absolutely refused to do this without getting something out of this. However, how her simple demand of having cake and Christstollen spiraled into a full blown Christmas party was beyond him. Now they were stuck with planning, no chance of return.

“We should have just flown to Hokkaido and have some ski shenanigans instead, Elise-chan…” Another whine.

Elise meanwhile was slowly fed up with the constant whining and pouting around her, that seemed to follow Mori everywhere he went and thus her. She had to take matters into her own hands as it seemed.

“Rintarou, you’re annoying. But I’ll bite… what is your problem?”

“Haaah Elise-chan! You do care!” For the leader of the fearsome Port Mafia Mori acted like a child way too often. And that was coming from an actual child.

“You see, I had this nice game planned out. It’s called Secret Santa. People draw slips of papers with a name on them and have to give the according person a gift for Christmas without revealing themselves beforehand.” It was actually a nice idea. People had to be careful not to be found out and had to put some actual thinking into their presents.

“And your problem is…?” The girl was not sure what her caretaker was so worried about. It was more insulting that she apparently wasn’t allowed to participate and only found out about this game now.

“The whole plan was for me to draw Elise-chan and to give her an amazing present on Christmas eve, that she just couldn’t turn away!” He had realized that Elise hadn’t participated in this game and therefore couldn’t be drawn, right…?

“So who did you draw instead?”

“Dazai!” Mori clenched his hair, ruining its carefully crafted and slicked back style. “Dazai. Of all people.”

Huh… to Elise that did not sound that bad. Dazai was a strange guy but so were most people in the Port Mafia and she had nothing against him, even if he never played with her.


“So! He is very cunning and will surely hold everything I might get him against me. I thought about more bandages but he surely has a full store of them. Then about a suicide book but we can’t be sure that he doesn’t actually succeed in one of his attempts for once. We cannot lose him due to something stupid like this.”

This was what kept Rintarou up at night? Worrying about Dazai? Elise smiled, maybe the cold hearted Mafia leader did care about his former ward after all.

“I’m in a good mood, Rintarou, so I’ll help you just this once.” The light that filled Mori’s eyes was heartwarming and creepy at the same time. What to do with this idiot?

The blonde hummed. “Have you thought about what Dazai likes?” The moment Mori opened his mouth to respond, Elise interrupted him. “Aside from suicide!”

Mori closed his mouth and started to think. It took an embarrassingly long time, the answer should be clear, shouldn’t it? Dazai might be cunning but he clearly showed in his behavior what he cared about.

Nodding, the Mafia leader spoke again. “He likes beautiful women.”


Rintarou was denser than she thought. “And…?”

“I can’t really give him a woman, outsiders aren’t welcome here and none of our members would indulge Dazai, handsome as he may be.”

“Rintarou… what else might he like?”

“Aside from suicide and women? Hm… handsome women in dresses. I actually have that one beautiful dress that you will hopefully grow into given some time but…”

And people wondered why Elise was always this fed up with him? This was infuriating!

Closing the distance between them, Elise took a hold of Mori’s tie and pulled him close to her – read, pulling him down to her height – and slowly and clearly tried to get her message across.

“What Dazai likes are not only beautiful women but beautiful people. With red hair. And a small statue. That can put up with his attitude?” Did she had to say it out loud?

Realization dawned upon Mori’s face, finally! His shocked mimic turned into a smirk rather quickly, replacing the clueless dork she had to put up with for so many hours a day with the sinister and cunning leader of the Port Mafia who could singlehandedly ruin entire lives with a simple word and who led the biggest underworld organization of Japan with a cruel hand.

“Oh? I see~ How observant of you Elise-chan! That is quite the idea.” He hummed, back to thinking, more efficiently than mere minutes before. “I can see how this will work out. But-“

Elise sighed, why was there always a but? This was going too well as it seemed.

“But what will I do about the dress?”

… Really?  


Despite clearly telling Chuuya that he would not go to Mori’s Christmas party and hating the whole idea from the start – he still found this a ridiculous farce by the way – Dazai found himself on just that party. He had only come here to spite Chuuya and ruin his day, as he had already told Akutagawa who was already freaked out by so many people and so much Christmas lighting but nevertheless followed him like a lost puppy and Kajii who wore the most hideous Christmas sweater he had ever seen (yes, there were lemons on them, thank you for asking).

Other reasons Dazai might be here ranged from spiking the punch, filming Chuuya while the other was flat out drunk again and Chuuya’s comment about kissing someone under the mistletoe. The last reason was the one he told nobody about, obviously, and that made him paranoid enough earlier that day that he decided to come after all.

Tachihara was acting sketchy the whole week after all, everyone in the Mafia except Chuuya knew about his rather obvious crush on the other red head and there was the very real danger of him trying to kiss his Chuuya tonight.

His Chuuya? Naaah, more like the annoying hat rack, yes that sounded better.

Anyway, there was absolutely no way that Tachihara was kissing Chuuya tonight. Or anyone else. If this is what Chuuya wanted to do tonight, Dazai was right there to ruin it and make him even more miserable, this is what he lived for after all. He had no other ulterior motive, what an utterly ridiculous thought.

Where was Chuuya anyway? Most people were already here, from the Black Lizard to most of the executives and of course Mori. Maybe Chuuya was just this short that Dazai hadn’t seen him amidst all those taller people yet? Nah, that hideous hat would stand out anywhere.

“Searching for something?” A cool voice suddenly asked next of him. “Or rather… someone?” A beautiful woman stood next to him, carefully painted face adorned by a smirk, highlighted eyes sparkling with something Dazai could not read. He always had problems reading Kouyou.

“Kouyou ane-san. What a pleasure! You look stunning~” For once this was no lie, the executive went all out tonight. Her kimono tonight was of the colour of the night sky, portrayed with a myriad of cherry blossoms that accentuated it quite nicely. She was the most beautiful person in the whole Mafia of course, save for…

“Have you seen Chuuya anywhere?” Ah damnit, that question gave himself away.

Kouyou realized that as well, clever as always, chuckling while searching the room with her eyes as well. “So you are indeed searching for someone.” Her tone held repressed laughter, clearly seeing through what Dazai was trying to hide.

This is why he was not comfortable talking to her. This and the fact that she was kind of Chuuya’s foster mother and therefore highly protective of him, what always made Dazai weary since he did not know what of Dazai’s cruelty towards Chuuya the other shared with her. A lot, if the accusing cool looks he often received from her were any indication.

“You’ve got me there. So, have you seen him? It’s not as funny seeing Akutagawa getting drunk as it is with Chuuya.” Akutagawa had found the punch after Dazai had shoved him away with a bunch of questionable accuses. Normally the goth kid wouldn’t go out of his way to drink but the many people did make him feel highly uncomfortable so he used an escape Chuuya used so often before. If Dazai were a better mentor he would care about his young, underaged, charge getting drunk. But this was the Mafia, nobody cared and Chuuya already set the record for being the youngest drinker in the organization.

Kouyou next to him shook her head. “Not yet. He came by earlier and borrowed some things. Chuuya was called by Mori-san as far as I can recall.”

Mori? Why that? That did not sound good… at all. Chuuya had no business with that old pervert, there was no mission tonight since the whole ‘family’ was supposed to enjoy this gathering and Chuuya normally never met with the Boss without Dazai by his side. This was highly worrying.

“Are you worried, lad?” Ah Kouyou, sharp as ever.

Dazai gave her a smirk, his current anxiety and worry invisible. “Of course not. Chuuya could rot in a ditch for all I care,” Kouyou clearly flinched at that, full out glaring at him now.

“I just wanted to know who his Secret Santa was. It’s funny! I got Tachihara, I gave him the most suitable gift ever.” His smirk grew wider, ignoring the worry that was gnawing at him because of his partner’s absence. “An old sock!” Dazai laughed out loud, boisterous even in his own ears. “A sock! Like in Harry Potter, you know?”

“I see,” Kouyou was not even slightly amused by this. Her glare only intensified. “If you excuse me, I have other people I’d like to talk to.” With that she left him alone once more.

Oops. Here he had wanted to ruin Chuuya’s evening and ruined Kouyou’s instead. Nothing he could do about this.

Getting himself a glass of punch – damn that was strong stuff! Hopefully Akutagawa could handle himself – Dazai studied the party once more. People were dancing, just like Chuuya had wanted to. Others were standing in groups, laughing and talking animatedly, like Hirotsu and that damn Tachihara who hadn’t said anything about the sock by the way. Obviously Dazai wasn’t invited to their group.

His gaze fell upon the Port Mafia leader himself, Mori looked smug while he twirled Elise around once. The little girl was dressed in a frilly red Santa dress, Dazai was sure it was a present from the perv himself. Catching his eyes, Mori’s entire face lit up even more when he saw Dazai, smirking he raised his glass to toast to the member of Double Black, gaze full of mockery. Dazai in return only scoffed but raised his own glass nevertheless.

This party was becoming shittier by the minute. Where was Chuuya anyway? It was no fun if his only source of entertainment was nowhere to be found. Drowning his glass, Dazai decided to leave this dumb event, uncaring of any etiquette or appropriateness. If Chuuya wasn’t here maybe he could bother him at his home or wherever the other had holed himself up to pout.

The moment Dazai turned around to go approach the exit, his eyes locked with sapphire blue orbs. Chuuya.

Had it not been for his inimitable eyes, Dazai wouldn’t have recognized his partner and judging from the looks and murmurs that erupted all over the room by various Mafia members, most of them had not yet figured out that the person who entered the hall was truly the forbidding Mafiosi.

Okay, so maybe the sour look on the other’s face also gave him away.

Dazai gave his partner a once over again, Chuuya was indeed predestined for a fashionable late entry, suited for Hollywood stars, the way he looked tonight.

First, he wore a dress. Normally Dazai would have erupted in laughter right way, after all Chuuya, always self-conscious about his height and petite statue, willingly in women’s clothing? That was just ridiculous. Unfortunately, he was rocking that dress.

The dress was wine red and surprisingly fitted Chuuya’s fiery locks more than well, accentuated them even. And it had a rather large slit up to the thigh at the side, showing off his partner’s incredibly well formed leg, not that Dazai was staring at it. Chuuya’s obvious lack of breasts was made up with a see-through neckline that ended in a sort of choker, pepped up with a black velvet ribbon and matching long gloves.

It was for any lack of words, stunning.

Second, if the fact that his partner was able to rock a dress was surprising, then the way he handled himself on heels was tremendous. Those shoes were probably higher than any of the heels Dazai had seen on other ladies tonight, promoting Chuuya’s height to an at least decent size.

The room was still stunned silent, either because people were wondering who this exotic beauty was or because they indeed recognized Chuuya Nakahara but were too shocked by his appearance to utter a word; if this made Chuuya uncomfortable, he was immaculate at hiding it.

Still not being able to form any coherent words, Dazai rushed over to his partner before any other person had the chance to. If some ugly mutt like Tachihara would approach Chuuya while he looked like this, Dazai could not entirely vouch for his safety. Not that he was jealous or something but his petite mafia had by far better things to do than waste his time with dirty underlings.

Things like talking to Dazai instead. Or dance with him.

Although that proved to be problematic once Dazai reached Chuuya’s vicinity.


“Bandage bastard. Why the fuck are you here?” Chuuya scowled, evening already ruined – and in such a short time, that was a personal record!

Sporting a big toothy smile, Dazai held out his arms and twirled around. “I wanted to see how ridiculous this whole evening would end up being. And you!” He pointed a finger in Chuuya’s face. “Are indeed the most ridiculous thing I have seen all night.”

The momentarily hurt that flashed across Chuuya’s face nearly went unnoticed but Dazai could still clearly see it. “That’s not true and we both know it,” Chuuya uttered. “If you excuse me now, I have better things to do.”

Kouyou’s influence truly was unmistakable… and Dazai was once again left all alone.

Worse, Chuuya – who had an incredible backside in that dress, and those hips! – approached Mori, effortlessly drawing him into a conversation. Chuuya and Mori? What was going on here? That his partner was called into Mori’s office earlier was a warning sign on its own, but this here was highly suspicious. Huh.

Of course, Dazai had to find out what all this was about. He snatched Akutagawa away from the punch with the plan on using the boy for his advantage and as an informant.

“Akutagawa! I need your help for a sec~” The boy would never refuse him.

… in a normal state that is. Too bad that Akutagawa’s earlier trip to the punch had ended in a long stay there while trying to avoid Kajii and his newest science discoveries, all while drowning drink after drink. Yeah, the poor boy wasn’t even intoxicated, he was wasted.

“O- f’course, D-Dazai-san,” he swayed slightly, having massively more problems with staying on his legs than Chuuya and his high heels ever had.

“Wh-can I dooo?”

Dazai wrinkled his nose, disgusted with the smell and general state of his protégé. Nevertheless, he patted the younger’s shoulder (Akutagawa wouldn’t remember this in the morning anyway). “Do me the favor and go to your room. And sleep!”

The other only nodded and staggered away, uncaring that he went in the entirely wrong direction. With another sigh, Dazai turned away, disinterested, one truly could not expect him to play the babysitter tonight, right?

There was no other way than approaching Mori and Chuuya directly now, he had a right to know what his partner and boss did behind his back, after all. He was just as important.

With another booming smile he brushed Elise aside, ignoring her shout and touched Mori’s shoulder, alerting the older man of his presence.



Silence. Both man stared at each other, trying to win an uncalled contest that left a confused Chuuya standing next to them, looking from one intimidating and simply creepy man to the other. The staring contest quickly morphed into a contest of who could sport the creepiest grin, that held no obvious winner, at least in Chuuya’s opinion who couldn’t decide what freaked him out more, Mori’s smirk and hooded eyes that resembled a reptile or Dazai’s threatening grin, not unlike a predator. He should get out of here fast, before he might end in the cross fire.

Well… too late.

“My my, Mori-san,” gone was the predator, replaced by Dazai’s usual suave unreadable mask. “Good that I get the chance to talk to you. Take a look at this.” Along with a disdainful look Dazai motioned towards Chuuya who could do nothing but gape at him in return.

“Chuuya in a drag. Isn’t this disgusting? I thought nothing could beat that ugly mutt of a hat, but this is over the top. How can you even allow this?”

A short sideway glance revealed that this indeed hurt his red haired partner, who clutched the hem of his dress warily and turned his head down due to a sudden bout of self-consciousness.

If only Dazai was a slightly more honest man or if he had the actual capability of expressing his feelings, he might be dancing with his beautiful partner already, showering him with compliments and with a chance of something more happening between them on this Christmas Eve. This was what Dazai wanted deep down and this and more was what Chuuya deserved.

Unfortunately, this was still Dazai and despite being a genius and tactical mastermind, he had the tactfulness of an oaf and the bad tendency to insult everything he cared about. What mostly meant Chuuya.

Seeing his mistake, he recoiled, wanting to take those words away, but the damage was already done anyway.

Mori only gave Dazai an incredulous look before staring at Chuuya confused. “Well… this is awkward then.” He motioned towards the red head. “Merry Christmas anyway, Dazai-kun, I thought you’d like your present. Apparently not, I’m terribly sorry.”


It took a lot to shatter Dazai’s mask of indifference but for once he looked confused. What was that old pervert implying this time?

“You seem confused? This was my present for you, Dazai-kun! For this Secret Santa event.” Mori feigned surprise when he addressed his protégé. “I heard that you are quite fond of your partner and of course beautiful women, so I wanted to combine those factors. I think the present turned out rather well.”

Apparently dismissing Dazai with this, Mori turned towards the stunned Chuuya, bowed slightly and held out his hand. “I’m sorry for causing you this malaise, Chuuya-kun. I think you look lovely tonight. Truly beautiful. May I ask for a dance?”

Right now, Dazai resembled a gaping fish. This was not happening right now, his Chuuya would absolutely not waste his first dance of the night with this creep, he-

“I’d love to.”

He did just that.

Resembling a dejected lover – and was he not some kind of that? – Dazai had to look on from the sideline while his precious partner entwined his arm with his boss’ and went onto the dance floor, not noting the nasty smirk Mori sent Dazai’s way.

“You are an idiot.” Elise shook her head, incredulous. “You had one job.”

Before Dazai could snap at her, she already vanished between the other guests, perks of being small.

And so Dazai had to stare helplessly at his partner who greatly enjoyed himself while dancing with Mori. And Hirotsu. And Gin. It seemed that every member of the Port Mafia wanted to dance with Chuuya tonight, who did not turn down a single person, always sporting a sincere smile on his face, truly happy. And he did enjoy himself, showing dancing skills most people weren’t able to sport ever in their lifetime, let alone on heels and in a dress.

It made Dazai’s blood boil in his veins. He was the only person who was allowed to make Chuuya feel this way, he was the only one who was allowed to hold him like that, twirling him around in an elegant curve that highlighted his beautiful dress and his perfect dancing. He was the only one who was supposed to be this close, to make Chuuya happy.

The moment he decided to finally intervene was when Tachihara approached Chuuya, clearly eager to ask for the next dance. Dazai would just not let that happen, let this grunt touch his small Mafia, lay his grimy hands on his petite waist and – a quick glance towards the ceiling, where a small mistletoe hang innocently – he would intervene right now.



Right before Tachihara was able to ask that dreadful question, Dazai slid in between him and his partner, grabbing Chuuya’s hands tightly.

“Dance with me.”

A snide glance towards Tachihara had the poor fool scrambling away, fearing for his life, that was naught but suffering ever since laying his eyes on a certain member of Double Black.

Chuuya instead didn’t take Dazai’s interference that lightly. “Stupid bastard! Haven’t you ruined my evening enough already? What do you want?!”

Moving his hands towards Chuuya’s slight waist, Dazai intensely stared into the other’s eyes. He wasn’t allowed to screw up now, otherwise he’d lose Chuuya and his kiss to another person, unforgivable. Dazai had done enough screwing up already, now he had to be the person the smaller man deserved.

“I told you already, dance with me, Chuuya.”


“No buts. I’ll… I’ll admit this only once, okay?” Now or never. “I lied. Earlier I mean, about you. You look beautiful and I did come here just for you and I-“

A gloved finger upon his lips stopped him before Dazai could blur out any more of his deepest secrets. Chuuya chuckled, which turned into a laughing sound shortly thereafter. He had truly a beautiful laugh.

“Alright, alright I get it. I know how much it must hurt you to share so many feelings. It was quite obvious that you put on a show this time, you’re getting easier to read, idiot, are you getting old?”

Chuuya reciprocated Dazai’s half hug, entwining his arms around his partner’s neck.

“Sooo… you wanted to dance?”

And dancing they did.

It wasn’t the first time the pair danced together to slow music, there were numerous occasions during past missions where they had to attend balls and act like a couple in love after all and that was not even involving the slow intimate dances they had in the dead of the night, where both of them were too drunk to care and just let the music and their feelings guide them.

There was just a certain chemistry between them that neither could deny, nor cared to address.

Chuuya had his eyes closed, slightly leaning into his partner, matching every of Dazai’s steps perfectly. “Chuuya, you really look beautiful. But I will still laugh about you in a dress tomorrow.”

“I know. And I will punch you in the face for it.”

“That’s only fair.”

They had lost track of time, had it been just one dance or many more? Right now it did not matter.

At least till Dazai suddenly perked up. “Wait. So you were my gift?”

A small blush tinted Chuuya’s face red. “I suppose. Mori basically begged me to do it but it was Elise who convinced me in the end.”

“That means basically you’re mine tonight?” Dazai broke out into a broad grin. “I can do anything I want with you!~”

“D-dazai! Bastard, that’s not what this means! Oi!”

Said bastard didn’t listen to his partner, only grabbed his wrist instead and pulled him along with him into a corner.

“Somewhere here was it supposed to be…. Aha!”

The next moment, Chuuya was in a closet. Literally. Dazai had dragged him into an unused maintenance room where cleaning supplies were stored away, unseen from any prying eyes and utterly dark.

It was a tad bit cliché.

Dazai did not waste any time, he leaned down, trying to capture his partner’s lips with his own. Chuuya though did see through the other’s plan, immediately blindly dodging away so that Dazai’s lips only found his forehead.

That was not the way this would be going. “Oh no, suicide freak. If you think you can just drag me around and have your way with me like that, you’re wrong. I’m not that easy.”

There was a loud groan next to him, he still couldn’t see his partner in that dark closet but Chuuya could imagine the pout the other was sporting now. Dazai was never able to handle rejection well.

A sigh indicated that Dazai had resigned. “Wait a moment.” Or not. Dazai hurriedly left the room, scurrying away. The red head played with the hem of his dress, unsure if this was just another joke and he was left alone for good this time. At least Chuuya found the light switch for the single little lightbulb over his head, so that he was able to finally see again.

Dazai returned shortly thereafter – so he didn’t just ditch him, good! – with something tiny in his hand. “Close your eyes for a moment, Ch-uu-ya!~”

He shouldn’t trust his partner blindly like that, his blind devotion would bring him to an early grave someday… still, he did exactly what was asked of him and closed his eyes. When Chuuya was allowed to open them again, he was only able to blink at the innocent little mistletoe that hung over his head, as if laughing at his own naivete.


Dazai smiled at him. “I remember you saying that you wanted to kiss someone under the mistletoe. And oh, look! You’re standing right under one. You know that you’re supposed to kiss me now?”

This magnificent asshole.

Even with impromptu planning, Dazai still got him good. But who was Chuuya to deny him?

With a slight huff, he grabbed the chocolate brown hair, pulled the other down to his height and pressed their lips together. It wasn’t the first time they kissed, of course, so it was no surprise that Dazai grabbed his hips and deepened the kiss almost immediately, turning it from sweet and innocent into heated and lustful in mere moments.

Yes, Chuuya mused, there was a reason he forgave this bastard almost everything he did to him. Someone other than those idiots would call this little something love.

Breaking free from the kiss, Dazai stared intently into the other’s eyes, his own single visible eye already clouded by lust. “Don’t ever let yourself get dragged down by anything I say, you know I don’t mean to hurt you.” He knew. Of course, he always knew. “You’re stunning, you’re beautiful. And best of all? You’re mine tonight. Never thought that I’d be happy with one of Mori’s ideas.”

Chuuya shuddered under his hold. “Way to ruin the mood, stupid Dazai. Don’t you dare mention him now.”

“Naw, I’m sorry! Shall I Make it up to you?~” With that he tightened his hold on Chuuya’s weight, easily lifting his small frame up and placing the other onto a few cartons.

Realizing his compromising position, legs wide opened, dress ridden up and revealing more than it hid, Chuuya self-consciously tried to regain propriety but Dazai had none of that, stepping between those opened legs, crowding himself right into Chuuya’s personal space.

“Hmm, I’m not so sure that I ruined the mood now, Ch-uu-ya~” Hot breath met the juncture of his neck. “Look at you, all hot and bothered, appearance askew. You do look quite naughty!”

There was no denying of that, Chuuya already had problems keeping his breathing steady and his partner was not helping in that matter. A harsh bite into his neck had him crying out, slight noises of pain contradicted by the further baring of his throat. He was a sucker for this carrot and stick treatment after all. But there was no way in hell that Chuuya Nakahara would back down and be used like this without at least a little resistance.

“Hah… and what about you, Dazai-kuuun?” Without further ado, he grasped the other’s most intimate part, not surprised to find a rather obvious bulge there. “Someone seems to like that dress?”

The rather tight grip had Dazai moaning out, of course he was turned on, he had this salacious man right under his hold, unable to get away from him, completely at his mercy. And that dress!

With another grip, Dazai pushed the dress even further up, so that it was not even covering anything anymore, revealing the black lace panties Chuuya hid underneath the fabric, stretched to the limit due to his partner’s own erection.

“Hm~ what where you planning on doing tonight? Matching panties? What a slut.”

Those comments were nothing new in the bedroom and Dazai knew that Chuuya wouldn’t get upset about this little bit of dirty talk. The twitching movement under those panties indicated that the red head liked being addressed like this anyway. Dazai was always right after all.

“Well, I had to keep up a certain appearance. And it’s not like I hadn’t had enough potential suitors tonight.”

The thought of other people dancing with his Chuuya, touching what is his, had Dazai growling out. A harsh bite into that offered throat marked his property so that no one would even dare to look at Chuuya longer than necessary. The whine he received in return was just another bonus.

Unhappy of being only on the receiving end, Chuuya used both of his hands to open Dazai’s zipper, pulling out his already hard erection and stroking it gently at first. He got bolder only moments later though, using both hands for a tight grip and an immediately fast pacing.

This time it was Dazai’s turn to cry out loud, momentarily losing his composure, but never one to be distracted for long. Still fascinated by the beautiful dress and those panties, he decided to not pull them off but rather mark them as his as well, groping Chuuya’s erection through them and stroking it along with the friction of the cloth.

“D-dazai…” Chuuya moaned out, finally calling his name. Said man leaned down again and captured Chuuya’s lips in another bruising kiss, making him whine into his mouth instead. It was still not enough.

Getting even closer to the other, Dazai closed as much distance as he possibly could, slowly pushing Chuuya onto his back while doing it, never leaving his lips. That let their erections touch, finally giving that oh so good friction that only turned Dazai even wilder. His own member touched Chuuya’s still clothed one, thrusting at it in a fast-rhythmical motion.

Unable to do anything in that position other than calling out his partner’s name along with various moans and whines, Chuuya used his now free hands, to hang onto Dazai’s back, digging his nails into it, all while pulling him impossibly closer.

Cupping those still clothed balls, Chuuya nearly came then and there but was cut short when Dazai put pressure on his member, denying him early release.

“Oh no,” Dazai breathed into his ear. “Was there something you wanted?” His voice was oh so innocent, like he did not just drove Chuuya even further up the wall, keeping him away from sweet precious release.

“Haah… fucking b-bastard.”

A particularly hard thrust. “That’s me.” Now even Dazai’s knuckles caressed Chuuya’s oversensitive erection. “Now, what was it you wanted, Chuuya?”

All the while Dazai kept on humping him, giving Chuuya no moment of peace, unable to move away from the pressure on top of him and on his aching need.

“… please.” He really was no one for begging but…

A single glance at Dazai’s near black eye, clouded by lust, had Chuuya even further crying out.


“Dazai, let me come…”

“Of course~”

The moment Dazai’s erection did not hit his own, Dazai’s hand was there, keeping the pressure and need steady, giving Chuuya no chance for rest, having him constantly on the edge. When the hand left his need, Dazai’s member was back again, furiously thrusting at his own.

“Chuuya,” the needy tone in Dazai’s voice gave him away, showed just exactly how close Dazai already was. And if Chuuya had the chance to see himself like this, he would know why. Red curls, carefully styled earlier, clung to his sweaty face, forming a halo of fiery red. Face twisted into a lustful visage, desperate for more, desperate for release, eyes tightly closed in lust. Gracious dress ridden up high, revealing everything in a pure vision of decadence, beauty torn apart by near animalistic need.

“Come for me.”

It was a single command, three little words, not the one everyone strived to hear, but exactly what he needed in that moment. With a loud cry Chuuya came right then and there, ruining his panties with his milky release that had nowhere to go.

Seeing his lover like this, face twisted in ecstasy, Dazai was short to follow. Like he decided earlier, he wanted to completely mark Chuuya as his own, therefore bit into the other’s throat the moment he came, releasing his load onto his already stained undies and the edges of the dress.

Slowly pulling away, the taller man stared at his partner for a while in pure wonder, memorizing every blush, every needy gasp, his whole debauched appearance. When he had thought that Chuuya looked beautiful earlier, then this here was perfection. He had never seen something as beautiful in his life.

Slowly coming back to life, Chuuya finally realized his state and position, staring at the ruined dress and then at Dazai.

Dazai only smirked. “Merry Christmas. Now, should we move this into the bedroom?~”

It was a surprisingly compact closet. Nobody outside had heard their cries of pleasure and ecstasy earlier. Dazai’s following cry of pain was heard by everyone though.


Just as he thought, everything had gone according to plan. Mori hummed while he sat in his office with his beloved cute Elise, sporting a for once sincere smile. The evening was quite… eventful after all.

After the loud cry of pain that undoubtedly belonged to Dazai, a flustered and disheveled Chuuya emerged from the closet room, of course drawing everyone’s attention to him. Ignoring the stares at his ruined dress and bruised throat he gave every person that dared to make eye contact with him a death stare, effectively shutting them up. Then he loudly complained “and I still haven’t had a single drop of alcohol!”, grabbed a bottle of Champagne and excited the hall in a huff.

He still rocked those high heels.

A good ten minutes later an even worse looking Dazai emerged from the same closet, sporting a bloody nose and an obvious black eye. He only shrugged at the people staring at him, expecting sympathy and muttered something about “you know the ladies”, before grabbing a bottle of wine and following Chuuya. There was no doubt what those two did the rest of the night. It will be providing Mafia gossip for months.

Yes, everything had gone wonderfully.

“You look happy, Rintarou.” Elise had left her place on the couch and stood next to him.

“Of course my dear Elise-chan, obviously I ship those two. And they are better than any comedic act I could have hired.”

Elise only huffed, not getting the other’s fascination with this kind of amusement. “Well, even I have to admit that the party had been a success. Oh!”

Suddenly she turned away and retrieved a small package that she gave to the Mafia Leader.

“I’m supposed to give you this from Dazai. He says ‘Merry Christmas’”

Mori beamed at that. He had not even been Dazai’s Secret Santa and he still got a gift? Smiling he opened the package. His protégé did hold him in high regards after all! Finally, he received a bit of respect and compensation after all his hard work and-


….. oooh.


“….. Elise-chan…. Please leave the room…”

Normally Elise would not have followed Mori’s request but seeing his white, pale and shocked face, she indulged him for once, nodding in confusion.

When he was all alone, Mori let the present fall to the ground, not daring to look at it.

On the ground lay a used pair of panties. There was a note attached to it.

Next time, please get some in red. Merry Christmas - Dazai

(You’re still here? I am so sorry for this! Your art is incredible, this can’t even compare but you recognize Chuuya’s dress?~

And for the smut… you wished for ‘naughty’ and nothing else. I never ever wrote smut before, so of course it’s bad. I hope I did not freak anyone out!

Anyway, Merry Christmas to you and all the wonderfull Soukoku shippers and people in the bsd fandom, you ROCK!!!)

Snowy Night

Rate: K/General Audiences

Word Count:  1327

Characters: Ladybug, Chat Noir

Summary:  She liked sitting on the roof eating cookies and drinking hot chocolate with her partner and best friend while looking over their beautiful city. She wanted to keep this moment forever in the back of her mind. They rarely got the chance to sit down together and enjoy the calm between the akumas. She couldn’t help but wish that she would wake up the next day to find that Alya had posted a picture of them sitting on the roof on the Ladyblog so she could save it forever.

Notes: Shout out to my close friend and Beta, @faeblossom. 

Apologies, this isn’t the best. I haven’t wrote a fic in about a year so I’m a bit rusty.


Paris was always beautiful no matter the time of year or the weather, but for some reason Ladybug thought her magical city look especially beautiful that night.

There was a blanket of white covering the city and more was still fluttering down from the clouds above. The snow reflected all kinds of holiday lights, making the city look brighter than ever despite it being late evening. In the streets below were many people still bustling about in their winter coats and brightly colored hats and starves. The street lamps are wrapped in lovely faux greenery. There were wreaths and lit garland structures where there would normally be flags. The Eiffel Tower could only be seen through the falling snow thanks to its bright lights.

Overall the city warm and inviting, counterattacking whatever chill that was clinging to the air.

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Best Laid Plans

Last Fluffstravaganza fic! All three slots done and dusted and a lot of fun. ^^ I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I did writing them ♥ All the fluff!

@masked-fox-creations request for a birthday fic. (As cavity inducing/sweet as possible)

Summary: The twins find out when Stan and Ford’s birthday is. Now all they have to do is plan the Best Birthday Ever.

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I brought you a present.” He felt immediately foolish, and for a moment considered running from her rooms. 

“A present?” she said more clearly, turning toward him and blinking. 

“It’s nothing; they were giving them out at the party. Just give me your hand.”

He fished in his pockets and pulled out the gift. “Here.” He placed it in her palm.

She examined it, smiling drowsily. “A ring.” She put it on. “How pretty.” It was simple: crafted of silver, it’s only ornament lay in the fingernail-sized amethyst embedded in its center. The surface of the gem was smooth and round, and it gleamed up at the assassin like a purple eye. “Thank you,” she said, her eyelids drooping. 

“You’re wearing your gown, Celaena.” His blush refused to fade.

“I’ll change in a moment.” He knew she wouldn’t. “I just need… to rest.” Then she was asleep, a hand upon her breast, the ring hovering over her heart. With a disgruntled sigh, the captain grabbed a blanket from the nearby sofa and tossed it over her. 

Bruises: part 3

(part one)(part two)

TW: mentions/aftermath of abuse

And all these sorrows I have seen
They lead me to believe
That everything’s a mess
Dream, Imagine Dragons

[Simon: 1:30am] Baz, I need you.

[1:31am] I’m on my way now.

The world is screaming.

 Baz is a block away from Simon’s house when the headlights catch someone stumbling down the sidewalk, and illuminates a familiar thatch of bronze curls. Simon lifts his head, he has a black eye and a cut on his lip, but he’s still in one piece.

Baz is out of the car within seconds.

“What the hell are you doing out here?” Baz slides an arm around Simon’s waist and guides him to his car.

“He knows,” Simon murmurs. “I’m dead, Baz. He’s going to kill me. He fucking knows.” His words are stumbling over each other.

“Simon, I’m not going to let him.”

“How?” he asks desperately. “You haven’t been able to stop him before.”

And Baz feels like his being torn apart, because he hasn’t tried to stop David. He’s always there for the aftermath, not the prelude.

Baz brings a hand up to cup Simon’s face and gently traces his thumb along the edges of the dark bruise beneath his right eye. Simon pulls back from Baz’s touch and drops his gaze to the floorboard.

“Simon, look at me.”

He does, and Baz’s heart breaks because the liveliness in his eyes is gone, he doesn’t look like the Simon that was at his house earlier. He has cracks in him.

“I want to give you the world, Simon Snow,” Baz whispers into golden curls. “Because that’s what you deserve.” His fingers lightly trail over fading and fresh bruises, his lips following suit. He knows he can’t kiss them away, but he can sure as hell try.

The world is quiet, and Baz almost convinces himself that everything can stay like this, Simon tucked in his bed where bruises can heal and the fortress walls around them are impenetrable.

Grey morning light filters into the kitchen, washing Simon away and replacing his skin with prominent, purple bruises. Baz can’t tear his gaze away from the one under Simon’s eye, so he busies himself with boiling some tea.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you,” Baz says softly. “I should’ve known something was going to happen.”

Simon shrugs and shifts his attention to a yellow finch outside in the birdbath. “S'fine, I’m used to it.”

“That’s the problem, Simon. You shouldn’t have to be used to it.” Baz fills up two mugs with tea and sets one down in front of Simon.

Simon opens his mouth to argue but promptly closes it and drops his gaze to the tabletop. It’s a rich dark color, and incredibly posh, like everything else in Baz’s house.

“I’m sorry,” he says finally. “It’s just my life, if I could change it I would.”

Baz runs a hand through his hair and lets out a long sigh. “I don’t want you to apologize, I want you to see that how your dad treats you isn’t normal. It’s not something that should happen regularly.”

“Daddy said David Snow hurts Simon because he has a really nasty drinking problem.” A voice suddenly says.


“Shut up, Mord, you don’t know what you’re talking about,” Baz hisses.

A wicked smile plays it’s way onto Mordelia’s lips . Her cold, slate eyes flicker from Simon to Baz before she spins around on her heel and waltzes out of the kitchen.

Baz turns to Simon. There are tears rolling down his cheeks.

Simon shuts down fast, he’s hollowing himself out, and all of his walls come crashing down at once. His façade splits in two, and Baz is more than willing to try and piece it back together, piece him back together.

“Come here,” he murmurs, pulling Simon against his chest. “You’ve been so strong, love, and I want to get to a place where you don’t have to be anymore.”


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This imagine from thefandomimagine

Word count: 907

Cheers and laughter echoed throughout the halls signaling the start of the party. Everyone was there enjoying themselves except for one certain droid-mechanic, best friend of the celebrant.

She breathed and exhaled longer than necessary while she faced the mirror, fixing her clothes for the millionth time. It was a usual thing for them to celebrate someone’s birthday and there will be feasts every time. Everyone have mandatory day offs so they can have time to enjoy themselves.

But this birthday is different than all the others and she didn’t know if the celebrant will like what she did.

BB-8 rolled to her feet and circled there, beeping while she fixed herself up for the last time.

*You are fine. You look good, Master. You should go there now. Do not look so nervous. You have been late for an hour.* The droid beeped.

“I’m not nervous, BB-8.” She groaned and slinged her little bag to her shoulder. She looked at the droid before closing her workplace’ door. “See you in a few hours.”

BB-8 rolled from right to left while beeping on its robotic language telling her to take care and good luck.

She pulled the blindfolded Poe with her, holding his hand. It took her a while to talk to him. Poe being popular around everyone is not helping at all that time. Everyone was crowding around him and talking to him. Every time she will ask him to go with her, someone will talk to him about something and then she’ll be at the back of the crowd again.

Until she got fed up and growled at anyone that tried to stop her while she pulled him outside and forced him to put the blindfold on. “Just give me a few moments with him and he’s all yours later! For crying out loud people!” She snapped at the people who still tried to follow.

“Chill, Y/N.” Poe laughed as he let her pull him to who knows where. He can feel her irritated aura even though he’s blindfolded.

“Why are they even like that? It’s not like I will kidnap you or something.” She growled again. “I needed to force my way to have my time with you. That’s the very first time I did that and I swear I will never do it again.”

“Sorry. Can’t help it if your best friend has good looks.” He joked.

“Good looks? You didn’t tell me you have one.” She rolled her eyes as they turned into a corner.

“Oh well. It’s okay if you are too shy to admit it. Where are you taking me anyway?” He asked before tripping on something.

“I’ll bring you to my apartment so I can murder you.” She replied then pushed the door open. As soon as she saw BB-8 inside the room, her free hand went to her mouth and signaled it to hide at a corner. “I’ll give you your present.”

“Ta-da~” She sang and pulled the blindfold away from him. Poe was dazed by the sudden light at first but when his eyesight finally adjusted, he looked around at the familiar room. He was unaware of BB-8 rolling behind him.

“So, your workplace is your present to me?” Poe joked and looked at her.

She just grinned and turned him around. And as soon as he faced BB-8, the droid beeped its greeting.

“Thank you for your birthday greeting, little fella.” Poe fell on his knees in front of BB-8. He was still clueless that her gift was BB-8 itself. He faced her again.

“Wow. You made a droid again? Is it your personal assistant or something? This type of droid is the first one I have seen. And….where’s my present? Will this droid show it to me?”

“The droid is my gift.” She smiled at him and the smile turned into a grin when she saw how Poe’s expression changed. He snapped his head to BB-8 then to her, his mouth opening then closing like he has something to say but could not tell it. “At least you weren’t questioning the higher-ups why you still don’t have a droid. I talked to them that I will make you one myself and they already approved of BB-8 so you can bring it on your next mission.”

“And also,” She added when Poe slowly stood. “I programmed her to electrically zap you whenever you do something reckless on your missions or whenever you prevent BB-8 from visiting me. So do you like it?”

The next thing she knew, Poe is hugging her and spinning both of them around. Her laughter echoing through out the room.

“Thank you! I love it! This is really an amazing gift!”

He didn’t notice how her cheeks had the lightest blush on them when Poe pulled away and kissed her cheeks.

“Small thing.” She returned and proceeded on introducing them to each other.

“Okay okay. I still can’t believe this. Wow. I am really happy right now. I’m loving BB-8 so much right now! I finally have a droid of my own.” Poe exclaimed while they were walking back.

“You love BB-8 more than me?” She pouted jokingly before laughing and started running to the party. “Just joking. Come on, BB-8. I’ll show you to my friends first.”

Poe smiled warmly at her back before whispering at himself. “You shouldn’t worry. You have a place in my heart ever since.”


A/N: So this little fluffy piece was inspired by that cute, short comic of Lucy and Levy chatting and Natsu looking at Lucy then getting all flustered but for the life of me I can’t remember who drew it and I can’t find it anywhere. (If anybody wants to help me out, I’d be super grateful) but that’s where this came from with just a little extra added with the grub because, like, I love food. A lot. And so does Natsu. So it worked out.

Pairing: Nalu

Words: 1029

Fluff, humor

Summary: Natsu comes down with a bug because Lucy.


              Food just hadn’t been tasting the same lately. Natsu had tried multiple dishes, assuming that maybe Mira had been losing her touch. He went to numerous restaurants and found that all results were the same. Left unfulfilled and deflated, he was about ready to resign himself from eating all together. If he were being honest with himself, he really wasn’t even feeling particularly hungry. He mostly continued trying to eat because at this point it was just really pissing him off. Besides fighting, eating was his favorite thing to do.

              And here he was, unable to find any joy in it as he sat once again at the guild’s bar, Mira giving him curious looks as he glared with such fervent intensity at his mostly untouched plate of fire chicken she thought it might combust.

              “Stupid food. Stupid sparkles.” He grumbled at the plate before he took another reluctant bite. As if it were taunting him, it had the same bland taste despite the obvious and familiar seasonings present, its residual bitterness its silent laughter at his misfortune. This plate of food was a real asshole.

              Then he heard it, that tinkling laughter that could be none other than the root of his problems. He turned on the stool to fix her with a fearsome glare, to give him a piece of his mind and ask her just how she would like it if he ruined her favorite things, if he went and ruined all her books, burned her papers and drained the ink from her pens.

              But when he looked at her, every plan he had fluttered away like leaves on a spring breeze. He openly stared, mouth slightly hanging open still as his thoughts were all lost.

              A large smile decorated her face as she laughed lightly and his mouth went dry. She was cast in that same ethereal glow that had been hanging around her the past few days, those familiar, accursed sparkles shining with the brilliance of stars all around her as if she were the very universe they belonged in. Each time he saw her, he swore the damn things were more in number and shined brighter. They also had to be taunting him.

              She must have felt him looking at her, as she opened her rich umber eyes, ones that glimmered even brighter than the sparkles that floated around her. He would have thought it impossible had he not just witnessed it.

              She called his name, a spell of enchantment that left him slack jawed, thoughtless and entranced by her. She directed a bright smile at him, one that made his heart skip beats as it swelled within him and made his empty stomach twist in excitement and longing.

              If he were to say she looked like anything, then an angel would be it.

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Coming Home, Piece by Piece

Slowly but surely, the Hood Mills family comes back together–a S6 AU.

For the anon who requested the Coming Home prompt from my prompt list; and for the anon who requested a fic based loosely on this beautiful gifset by the crazily talented @reginasevilpanda. And for the lovely @stick-to-the-lasagna-lady for encouraging it :)

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Naruto ~The Last~ - Summary!

Contains MAJOR spoilers! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

I saw this movie this morning and rushed home to write this summary while I still remembered as much as I did. 4 1/2 hours later, I’m finally finished… I kinda started out writing this as a summary but its turned into more of a synopsis… still watching the movie takes longer than reading this. This movie description is factual and neutral.

I have only seen this movie once, and cannot remember every little detail about it just from that, so the order of the shorter scenes/ clips might be slightly wrong in this summary. It’s kind of hard to remember every details from a two hour movie…

I may have forgotten to add important details, or if you notice something that doesn’t make sense or have a question for me, then feel free to PM me and I will try my best to answer.

Anyway, enjoy!


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‘What the fuck though?’

Greg plonked the bowl on the far corner of his desk and slid the fish in with an ungraceful plop. ‘Tell me about it.’

Sally leaned against the wall and grinned down at him as he flopped into the deskchair.

‘So did he give any reason for it at all?’

‘Yeah, no, absolutely he did. He sat there, took one sip of boiling hot tea and told me it was to promote harmonious movement.’

Sally cracked up laughing.

Greg grinned ‘I know.’

‘Sounds like a bowel disorder.’

‘Exactly what I thought.’

They looked at the goldfish, a strangely elegant, florid thing, all long tails and layers, swimming in circles in a dusty mixing bowl on Greg’s desk.

‘I’d say it was a housewarming present but I’ve been in that flat for almost eight months.’

Sally shook her head at him. ‘You attract nutters.’

‘He had a second one you know. A really tiny plain one in another bag.’

‘Maybe its some holiday we don’t know about. You go door to door giving people fish.’

‘If Sherlock turns up with some today we can start a tank. Yard Mascots.’

Sally looked down at the pale white scales with violent red patches. ‘Its kind of perfect really.’ She pushed herself up with a smile. ‘I’ll source some tiny crime scene tape for Officer Finn’s scene.’

Greg was still laughing when she shut the door.


Some smut. Not happy with it but w/e

The sun was setting slowly over the houses lining the calm suburban street. The sky was painted with pinks and oranges, just the way I liked it if i was lucky enough to catch the sunset. Strolling hand in hand with Luke down one of his neighbourhood streets, we were silent and content just being with each other. I had come to visit Luke for Christmas during the holidays since I had a pretty long break from school during this time of year. He suggested it excitedly over the phone one night and I couldn’t refuse; he seemed way to excited for me to say no to him, knowing it would only make him that much happier when I was finally introduced to his parents and brothers.

The trip was a whirlwind from the time I landed in Australia. Luke had a flight delay in Melbourne the night before I arrived, him just coming back from the last show they would play before the Holidays. Alternatively he had Jack pick me up from the airport which was awkward to say the least. Spending an hour in a car with your boyfriends brother in a foreign country was not exactly a great start to the “fun time” Luke had promised.

When he had arrived home though, everything felt right. Myself and Liz got along so well you’d swear we knew each other earlier. She took me on lunch dates when Luke had to finish up some last minute work for the year and we always had a good laugh joking about the boys and her kids while we stood in the kitchen making breakfast.

Long days of just being together and exploring Sydney with Luke turned into days sleeping in and nights at the club. Those nights were spent with Lukes calloused hands gripping my hips, grinding into me from behind and many tipsy laughs with his old and new friends. We had to fend off the odd crazy fan but other than that I didn’t mind it at all.

The past three nights had gone exactly like that and finished with sloppy, drunk sex in Luke’s childhood bedroom, which he tried his best to update since he’d last lived at home full-time, when he was about seventeen. The night prior to this we had stumbled in from outside at about 2 am and got down to business as we had the past few evenings. As he pounded into me at a slow pace, I turned my head towards his desk and pulled a red folder from underneath a bunch of notebooks that now held new 5SOS hits. The folder contained all of Luke’s year 8 school work, some of the only remnants of his childhood and teenage years left in there. Besides the dated school papers and tests, it looked pretty “adult” except for the one teddy bear he kept on a chair because he had had it since he was 2.

Now, though, it was just Luke and I, no alcohol, no dancing, so half-assed love making in the dead of night; just me and my boyfriend on christmas eve. Aster Liz had prepared a delicious dinner, Luke and I went for a walk around the suburbs, just having some alone time before we knew we would be bombarded by his family tomorrow. Glancing down at my attire I smiled, I was so used to being in sweaters and boots at christmas time, not the black lace romper I was currently wearing. Luke was dressed in black skinny jeans, a plain black t-shirt and some thongs, his red snapback sitting atop his head to tame the curls that had grown in since his last (and long overdue) haircut.

“What’re you thinking about?” Luke interrupted my thoughts.
I swung my arm back and forth with his lightly, “just that Im happy to be here.”
“I love having you here ya know.” he smiled shyly at me.
“Well obviously, Im fantastic” i joked, laughing slightly and flipping my hair.
Luke laughed and squeezed my hand. “ Ok there missy, watch it or Ill fly you back.”
“Do it and die, Hemmings. I am not ready to embrace the snow quite yet.”
“Yeah I guess it must be weird for you huh? Not having the cold weather on Christmas” he said, biting his lip.
“Yeah and my family…” I sighed. I did miss them, it was weird not seeing my grand parents and my mom and dad at Christmas time, but i didn’t mean to offend Luke.
“Oh…yeah. I know” he replied awkwardly scratching the back of his neck. “I don’t want you to feel like I forced you here on Christmas you know, like if you’re unhappy I can - “
“Luke” i interrupted him.
“Yeah baby?”
“Im very happy. I didn’t mean to offend you, I just meant it was weird not being with my family during the holidays thats all. You’re as much my family as they are ok? I love being here with you, don’t worry.”
He looked relieved at my words and pressed a kiss to my temple, squeezing my hand in his.
“Maybe we should head back now, Mum wants to decorate the tree with all of us there and Ben should probably be here by now.”
“Sounds good, rockstar.”


Once we were back at Lukes house, I was introduced to his other brother, Ben, whom I had not yet had a chance to meet.
“Pleasure meeting you,” he smiled at me, shaking my hand.
“Always nice meeting the better siblings,” I joked, looking at Luke who gave me an unimpressed glare. He was about to say something to me when we heard Liz turn the corner into the living room with a giant box clutched in her arms. She set it down with a thud and smiled.
“Well dad’s taking forever at the store, so how about we all get started then?”
“Yeah, sure” Jack responded, taking a swig of beer. Luke noticed and slipped his arm around my waist, pressing his lips to my ear.
“Im just gonna grab a drink babe.”
“Ok,” i responded sweetly, unsure how I felt about being left alone with his family for even a minute. I soon felt very comfortable though.

Jacks girlfriend, Celeste, began opening the box one flap at a time, pulling out assorted christmas ornaments and decorations for us to put on the tree.
“So hows school Y/N?” she asked, smiling at me as she removed a little wooden reindeer from its packaging.
“Uhm, good….I guess. Just stressful ya know.”
“I get it, Im so glad Ive graduated already, felt like the longest years of my life.”
I laughed lightly and turned to Jack whose large hand reached quickly in front of my face into the box, pulling out what I could only make out as a pacifier on a string.
“Luuuuke, this ones for you mate, come put it on!”
Luke came jogging out of the kitchen, beer clutched in his left hand, the other removing his snapback to lay it lightly on the back of the couch.
“What is — “ Luke started, but immediately turned a deep shade of red when he saw what Jack was holding. Looking at me, Luke looked panicked but I found it rather funny, a small smile pulling at my lips. Celeste and Ben were doubled over laughing at Jack’s pride holding up the tiny soother along with Luke’s clear embarrassment.
“Oh that’s always been one of my favourites, Lu,” Liz smiled, not noticing how red her son had turned.
“Jack put it away,” Luke grumbled, walking towards him to grab it.
“No way! Its a tradition, Y/N will understand!” He turned his attention to me, smiling.
“No she won’t,,” Luke tried in a low voice, but i heard him.
“Oh give me a shot,” I replied, pushing myself up to stand beside a visibly annoyed Luke.
“FINE. When I was two i was obsessed  with this stupid thing and Jack told me that if I had it any longer Santa wouldn’t bring me presents,” he explained.
“So,” Liz interrupted, “he was so upset that the only solution I came up with was to make an ornament out of it so that it was still close by for him.” I smiled.

I had to admit it was cute, the tiny blue thing now faded in some areas to an almost white, the nipple portion torn from where baby Luke had obviously chewed on it with his little teeth.

Celeste stood up beside me with a small frame hung on a green ribbon that read “brothers” at the bottom, with three little elves holding hands.
“Look, the paci in action!” she giggled, handing it to me. Luke groaned again, obviously frustrated by how much enjoyment I was getting out of this. The picture was adorable i had to admit. Ben was on the left, his blonde hair a mess and obviously disheveled from Christmas morning, 1997. Jack was in the middle in only some Mickey Mouse under wear and a red christmas t-shirt, a stupid wide grin on his face and a toy truck clutched in his hand.
“Hated pants then, hated pants now,” Jack mentioned, leaning over my shoulder and laughing at his younger self while taking another swig of beer.
“Im surprised you had underwear on sweetie, usually you just ran around nude!” Liz chuckled, moving the attention to Jack, who just glared at her with a grin on his face.
And there, on the right side of the frame, was little baby Luke sat in his blue jammies with that same pacifier in his mouth. He was just as cute as he is now, his hair white blonde and whispy around his ears.
“Baby you were adorable,” I said to Luke, who was now stood behind me with his hands around my waist. He placed a small kiss to the base of my neck, his scruff scratching me just enough to make me giggle.
“Dads home! Let’s get decorating this tree guys!” Liz beamed excitedly, taking the frame and the pacifier and hanging them both on the tree as the first ornaments to adorn it.

— — —

Everyone was asleep, and technically it was already Christmas, being 1am. Luke and I were sat side by side on the couch opposite the tree, just watching in peace as the lights reflected off of the bulbs and ornaments hanging from the branches. I had a half glass of wine in my left hand, and Luke’s fingers intertwined in my right. He was rubbing small circles on the back of my hand as I rested my head on his shoulder, just taking in how glad I was to have moments like that.
“I love you, you know,” Luke spoke suddenly. I turned my head up to look at him, my tired eyes taking in every angle of his jaw.
“I know, and I love you” i replied, kissing softly just below his ear.
“Maybe…” he started, removing his hand from my grasp, “we should go to bed and get some sleep.“ He placed his hand on my upper thigh, the heat of his hand on my bare leg somewhat comforting. “Hm?” he asks, sliding his large hand further up under my pyjama shorts until they reached the fabric of my panties.
“But baby,” i teased, whispering in his ear, my hand now placed on his jean-clad thigh. “If we’re naughty, Santa won’t come.”
“Mm, thats okay,” he replied now closing his eyes as a inched my hand closer to his crotch. The light from the christmas tree cast such a beautiful shadow on his face i couldn’t help but stare. “You’re the only christmas present i need,” he responded breathlessly. Moving his head, he turned and placed a rather hungry kiss to my lips, pressing down hard.
“You’re sure?” I mumbled into his lips. He just nodded, bringing his free hand up to cup my jaw. Pulling away for a moment, Luke ran his thumb gently over my swollen bottom lip. I smirked.
“Good, because I’ve been thinking about this all day,” and with that, i moved my hand right over the bulge in his pants, palming him and trying my best to make him hard. Sloppy drunk sex was nice once in a while, but it had been a while since we had engaged in some serious passionate love making.
Luke groaned softly, biting his bottom lip and standing up suddenly. He held his hand out for me.
“C’mon love bug” he ushered me. God he looked so tired. I felt bad that he had been trying so hard to keep me occupied in Sydney that he hadnt really had the break he needed. He would never tell me he was tired, though.
I grabbed his hand and stood up, dropping my glass of wine on our way through the kitchen to Lukes bedroom.
“Ladies first,” he guided me into his room, kissing me on the cheek as a passed him.
I giggled, stopping in the middle of the room and turning around. Luke closed the door and didn’t bother turning the light on — the moonlight shining through the window past the beige curtains was enough — walking towards me with a sweetness in his blue eyes. Once he got to me, he slipped one hand behind my back pulling me flush against his body, while the other one went to hold the side of my neck near my ear, just the way i liked it.

We stared at each other for a moment before he leaned in torturously slow, his eyes still fixed on mine, sparkling in the moonlight. As he got closer to my face, his pouty lips grazed mine, his breath colliding with mine. Closing our eyes together, he finally closed the distance and pressed himself to me, our lips moving together in sweet kisses. They were desperate in the way that I could tell he wanted all of me, because we hadn’t done this in so long. Sex was usually rushed or planned as part of habit because of Luke’s odd schedule, and i missed the feeling of him just loving me.

His kiss was gentle and he opened his mouth to say something, so I moved my mouth to his neck, pressing open mouthed kisses to his jawline and down, fingering the curls that had started to form at the nape of his neck.
“Im sorry the last few nights have been unimpressive in the sex department. I know needy fast drunk fucking isn’t your favourite,” he chuckled, but i could tell he was serious too.
“Its ok, Im just happy to be here with you,” I mumbled.
“But thats it,” he continued, slipping his hand up my shirt to rub my back as i continued to work my way down his neck to his prominent collar bones. “You shouldn’t be happy just settling for any time with me. Our relationship is so much more than just you being happy whenever I have time.” He paused, taking a shaky breath, he sounded upset.
“Lu its ok, I don’t mind. I know were not always gonna have drunk sex, and I was equally as drunk so its not like I was really picky with how it happened, its ok.”
Luke looked down in shame, avoiding my gaze.”I…i didn’t even make you cum last night.”

Which was true. Luke always made sure that I came whether it was before or after him, he always finished me off because he thought that was what was fair. In all reality I was just as happy watching his moan my name if he felt good, I didn’t mind as much as he thought i did last night when he hit his climax and we were done. But to him it was a big deal.

Saying nothing, i put my hands flat on Lukes chest and pushed him gently backwards so he was sitting on the bed resting against the wall. He looked up at me with big glossy eyes of sadness, still feeling embarrassed about his actions from the night before.
“Then make me cum now,” i suggested, straddling him. He looked up at my in amazement as his hands found their way to the back of my thighs, pulling me farther up so that my crotch sat directly over his hardening cock. Luke ripped off my shirt and the sports bra i was wearing under neath all in one and immediately brought his mouth down to suck on my right nipple.
My head flew back, Lukes hands keeping a tight grip on my lower back so I wouldn’t move too far from his grasp. My nipple hardened immediately in his mouth, my hand flying to the back of his head, pushing him farther into my chest. As he moved to the other breast, his right hand disappeared from my back and into the front of my shorts. He took no time finding my clit and he began to rub it vigorously. My head fell forward onto his shoulder, muffling my “Oh my god, Luke.”
As he sped up i had to move my one hand down to hold his wrist as to keep the pace steady and not too fast against my throbbing clit.
“You like that babygirl?” He half whispered, now ignoring my nipples and looking up at my sweaty and vulnerable face.
“Mmhm,” I managed to mumble out.
He pressed a little harder, making me moan again as I felt myself almost at my climax.
“God I can’t wait to fuck you baby.” I gripped at his wrist tighter, trying to pull him away from my clit as i became more sensitive — i didn’t want this over just yet.
“Mm, Im gonna, oh my god, Im gonna cum Luke,” I let out breatjesssly, whimpering again, our foreheads pressed together.
Luke was probably about to say another dirty thing in my ear again when we heard something outside his bedroom. He immediately removed his hand from my crotch, wide eyed and staring at the door. Having not quite cum, I fell tired and unsatisfied against luke torso, my head resting on his shoulder.
“What the fuck,” i said.
“Shh, someones outside. Fuck.” He tugged at his hair obviously frustrated.
“Who,” I responded, annoyed.
“Mum, she’s putting the damn presents out. Fuck fuck fuck.”
“Why are you so angry, you just got me all worked up for nothing,” I teased, removing myself from him and laying down on my side of the bed, ready to sleep.
“I know Im sorry,” Luke countered, spooning me from behind and placed a kiss to the back of my neck.
“So tomorrow then?” I asked, smirking.
“Tomorrow,” Luke agreed. After a minute, he still hadn’t said good night and i thought he might be sleeping. Just as i opened my mouth to say it, Luke spoke.
“Or now,” he chuckled quietly, shoving the hand that was wrapped around my waist back down my shorts, rubbing aimlessly at my swollen clit faster than I couldn’t have ever imagined. My body convulsed against him as i buried my face in my pillow to suppress my moans. I felt bad knowing Liz was just a couple rooms over placing gifts under the tree, but I couldn’t help it now. My climax began approaching again, and I quickly grabbed Luke’s forearm for support, my other hand puling on the back of his head towards my neck.
Luke took in a long breath through gritted teeth as he increased the pace, working so hard to make me cum.
“Fuck fuck fuck, oh shit,” I mumbled into my pillow. “Yeah, just like that baby,” I whispered.
Suddenly, a gasp fell from my mouth into the pillow as my body began to shake, euphoria spilling though me. Luke slowed down his motions while I came down,, my breathing hard and irregular.

“Thank you baby,” I breathed out, suddenly tired and wanting to sleep.
“Only the best for you.” luck removed his hand from my pants and hugged me against him.
“I love you, good night.”

— — —

The next morning I woke to the gentle sound of small feet padding across the floor outside of Luke’s room. I almost forgot it was Christmas morning until I heard voices whisper outside the door.
“Do you think he’s awake?”
Soon, the door  creaked open and let light into the room. I kept my eyes shut, pretending to be asleep while Luke lay beside me, soft snores escaping his mouth. Suddenly, the bed dipped and shook, his two cousins now aggressively jumping on Luke.
“Luke get up! Its christmas!!!!” the little boy shouted excitedly, his new looking firetruck slippers hitting my arm.
“Ya L, get up!!!” the girl chimed in, her speech a little less developed. I hadn’t met Lukes little cousins but I heard about them enough to know they were adorable; i had forgotten they would be here Christmas morning.
I peeped one of my eyes half open to look at Luke as I lay on my stomach, buried into the pillows.
With his eyes still screwed shut, I could tell he was awake. Suddenly his arms flew moving to tickle his little cousins down to the mattress.
“Are these my little rascals jumping on my bed so early?!” he laughed, continuing to tickle them. The younger one, the girl, was giggling into a fit, trying to grab Lukes hand in her small one to push it away from her belly, but it was no use. The older one had managed to escape down to the end of the bed, still laughing and guarding his belly.

I now had my eyes open, smiling and laughing along with them. The girl noticed me finally, laying between us she poked my cheek making my nose crunch.
“Who’s dis?” she babbled.
“This is my friend Y/N. She’s gonna spend christmas with us if that’s ok.”
“Is that alright?” I asked smiling. The girl nodded, a huge grin on her face as I laughed and she laughed along with me.
“Hey now,” Luke said suddenly, “where’s Luke’s hugs?” As soon as he said that both kids were barreling for his face and open arms, Luke groaning softly as one of them pressed a little too hard near his groin.
“Thats better,” his words muffled. “I missed my little monsters.”

While Luke was occupied with his cousins, I suddenly realized I was still shirtless from last night. He needed to get them out so i could put a bra and shirt on.
“Luke,” I managed through the pillow in my face.
“Mm yes baby?” he said, turning his head and looking over the girls bouncy pigtails that were currently hiding his face. While the kids weren’t looking I took the opportunity to lift the sheets, revealing my bare chest pressed against the mattress.
“I need to cover up,” i blushed.
His eyes widened as he began to loosen his grip on his cousins. “Alright, I have to put on some jeans, do you guys mind waiting for us by the Christmas tree until I come out.”
They looked disappointed, sitting up on the bed crossing their legs.
“Hey, you don’t want to see gross teenager butt do you?” He wiggled his eyebrows.
“Ew no!” they both laughed, hopping off the bed and finally leaving the room.

Still laughing from their reactions, Luke forced himself out of bed and closed and locked the door. I still laid comfortably on the bed, wishing we could have continued our actions from last night but knowing it probably wasn’t going to happen.
Luke approached the bed with a smirk on his face, gripping me right under my breasts and flipping my around so he could press a proper kiss to my mouth, it was short and sweet.
“And a good morning to you baby girl,” he smiled.
“Good morning,” i stretched, letting the sheet fall down exposing my nipples.
“Now that was something they didn’t need to see,” Luke chuckled, turning his back to me so he could change into a new pair of boxer briefs. As he did, i turned on my side resting on one arm and watched the way his back muscles moved with him. Although we had seen each other naked plenty of times, he still turned his back from me when he had to remove his boxers. I was working on it.
“You know,” i said, now getting up off of the bed, approaching his completely naked body. I took a step closer as he put one leg into a pair of fresh blue boxers, turning his head around to look at me. As he stuck the second leg in, I placed my hand on his left butt cheek, him giggling at my actions. “I kinda like your gross teenager butt.” Luke chuckled at me as i reached around him to grab his face and turn his naked body towards me. I pressed my lips to his cold ones as he pulled his boxers up all the way. We shared a lingering kiss before he spoke.
“I love you.”
“I love you more,” I smiled, pulling away and getting dressed myself.

Once we were both appropriately clothed, we exited his bedroom, his cousins immediately attacking his large frame in excitement. The day continued with us opening presents, laughing and eating, me getting to know Lukes family a little bit better. Luke had given me a trip to Disney World on my spring break as a gift, and I got him tickets to see a Green Day concert. Although my favourite gift was spending the holidays with the boy i was so deeply in love with, I couldt have pictured a better christmas gift than his love.

beautiful blue cursive

For ML appreciation week (day 1- reveal) 

Adrien stared at the beautiful blue Christmas Card, gold embossed patterns decorating the edges, beautiful cursive handwriting that spelt “Merry Christmas Adrien” in a metallic blue pen. His heart warmed at the sight: his first Christmas card, Adrien had never received any real Christmas wishes from anyone, maybe Chloe if you count the many times she tried to tackle him under mistletoe. Ever since then, his father has banned the decoration for his mansion. It stopped her attempts at trying to elicit a kiss from him, but… It made the holidays feel more… Empty. 

So you could imagine his shock when bubbly cute pink faced Marinette stumbled into class holding a big bag filled with cards. She had timidly whispered a Merry Christmas as she placed a thick blue envelope in front of him. He had been in such shock that he forgot to respond with a thank you, but his slight watery eyes seemed to have made up for that in Marinettes eyes. 

Adrien focused back on the card, opening it to see a small message beautifully written in perfect cursive handwriting. No matter how many times he read it when he got home that day, it always filled his stomach with butterflies and caused his heart to go pitter patter. 

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Klaine Advent Day 1: Anniversary

This might be slightly inspired by Ben and Ann and Waffle Day from Parks and Rec.  And by slightly, I mean completely.  Because Blaine would.  He would.  578 words


“Thanks for coming to the store with me, Mercedes,” Kurt said as he grabbed a basket from the pile as set off towards the bakery.  “I only need a few things.  It’ll be quick.”

“Are you kidding?  I’ve been home two days and I’ve already had enough family togetherness to last me through Christmas,” Mercedes said brightly.  She pulled off her gloves and shoved them into her coat pocket in time to grab a piece of cheese from the sample guy.  She gave him a grin and a wink… and grabbed a second sample before catching up to Kurt.  “Remind me again why I came back to Lima an entire week before Christmas?”

“Same reason I did – familial guilt,” Kurt replied.  “Actually, Cooper was in town, and Blaine wanted to see him, so why not come a few days early and let them brotherly bond.  Plus, Dad got an old Mustang he’s working on fixing up and, well, my bedazzled coveralls just haven’t seen the action that they used to in high school,” he chuckled.  

He stopped in front of the cookie display, cocked his head, and sighed.  “No, these won’t do.  I’ve done this before,” he murmured.

Mercedes looked at the display.  Brightly colored confections out the wazoo, with enough sugar to give someone diabetes just by glancing its way.  “They all look delicious,” she said.  “If you want cookies, we should get cookies.”

“Yes, but I’ve done that before,” Kurt groaned, turning and leading her towards the aisles.  “And I know he’s going to do something amazing, so I need a good anniversary present.”

“Anniversary?  You guys didn’t get married the week before Christmas.”

“Not our wedding anniversary,” Kurt sighed.  “It’s the anniversary of the first time we made Christmas cookies together.”

Mercedes just stared at him as he led her down the baking aisle.  “Are you for real?”

“Oh, god, have you not seen the calendar?” Kurt gasped. “Blaine has anniversaries for everything.  Our wedding anniversary, the first time we kissed, started dating, all the normal ones. And then add in the first time we made cookies together, the first time we made Christmas cookies together, the first time we had brunch, Buckeye Day, Talk like a Buckeye Day… which, I still don’t understand, but I do know that it requires two very different Ohio State t-shirts that I dutifully wear because I love him.  I swear, I love him.  And he has gifts and traditions and lovely cards for each of these days and it’s just… exhausting.”  Kurt stopped, glancing over his shoulder at her.  “I can’t believe I’m complaining about how thoughtful my husband is.”

Mercedes, for her part, was trying not to laugh… and losing that battle.  “You know I want to see this calendar.  Does it have stickers?”

“How long have you known Blaine?”

“Long enough to assume there are stickers.”

Kurt grinned.  She was right, after all.  Of course there were stickers.  “He’s just too damn thoughtful – THERE!” he said, grabbing a bottle of gold glitter music note nonpereils.  “These are perfect.  Happy Christmas Cookie Day to us all, each and every one.”

“You realize that next year we’re going to celebrate Shopping for My Loving Husband’s Christmas Cookie Day Day, right?” Mercedes taunted him as she pulled her phone from her pocket and started to type.

“Please don’t tell Blaine – he’ll put it on the official calendar.”

“Too late.  He says he can’t wait to celebrate it with us.”


The Voice Inside Your Head Part 9

Parts 1-8

*Demon Jack Gilinsky*

Part 9

 Satisfaction. Such an underrated sensation. It is usually desire that is credited to the downfall of temptation. But what about satisfaction? That feeling in the pit of your stomach that indicates you have done everything right, in that moment everything is just how it is supposed to be. Desire and satisfaction may go hand in hand, but there’s just something about how satisfying satisfaction can be. The desire to achieve satisfaction is what drives everything.

 He sits on the steps outside the gambling house, shifting to adjust to his unfamiliar form. The cool black marble of the stairs contrasts the heat that radiates off the surrounding flames casting orangey shadows across his fair skin. The disparity of a boy with white-ish blonde hair and porcelain skin surrounded by dark bleakness and red-hot pain is stark and, to an extent, alarming.

 Jack jogs up the steps, noting that the vague smirk on the boy is somewhat unsettling on his angelic face.

“Leviathan?” Jack asks, his eyebrow quirking up at the corner.

“Actually, it’s just Levi now,” his smirk deepens.

“That… That’s the form you chose to take?” Jack gapes in astonishment.

“Well, my usual sea serpent alias isn’t very discreet and you made it very clear that I needed to be covert soooooo,” Levi trails off, waving his hand.

“Okay but do you have to look like that?” Jack says a bit exasperatedly.

“Why?” Levi’s smirk transforms into a full-blown Cheshire grin, “Do you find me attractive?”

“Honestly yeah and I want you to keep an eye on her, not seduce her,” Jack admits brashly.

“Relax man, I’m just fucking with you. I know what we agreed to,” Levi stands up, his frame about three inches taller than Jack’s.

“I just don’t get why you agreed to this. What’s in it for you? You don’t like humans and I highly doubt you feel like helping me out of the kindness of your metaphorical heart.”

“You see, Jack,” Levi begins descending down the stairs gracefully, stopping only to address the cambion, “There’s a certain satisfaction in undermining your father.”

Jack swallows a sigh, watching Levi’s figure disappear into the flames. He’s been warned against making a deal with the devil, and he hopes to God that making a deal with one of the nine princes of hell isn’t just as dangerous.


 She sits in the café, two frigid hands stained with various colors of paint grip the ceramic coffee cup while her gaze follows the people entering and leaving the place. This is the fifth day in a row she’s come here after work and every day Levi has been here also.

 He’s wiping down the surrounding tables, aware of her people watching. He’s noticed how she’s very observant of her surroundings. He’s also noticed how acute her attention to him is, leaving little room for error. Her attentiveness is amusing. Humans have such silly habits.

“You really do come here often.”

She jumps slightly at the sound of Levi’s raspy voice disrupting the quiet buzz.

“I wasn’t exaggerating,” she laughs softly.

“Usually when people say they go somewhere a lot they mean like two or three times a week, not every day. But I see you’ve found some time to paint,” he nods to her hands, “Are you a painter?”

“Oh, no,” she glances down at the mess of colors, “I’m a photographer. This is just a mocking reminder that my one attempt at artwork was a complete and utter fail.”

“I’m not surprised,” Levi laughs.

“Excuse me?” she recoils in offense.

“Oh, my bad. I didn’t mean that rudely or offensively. What I did mean was that artists and photographers see the world differently; you capture reality, painters create reality. Your brain is hardwired to see what is already there and present it in its most flattering form, but painters, painters turn nothing into something by seeing something that isn’t even there. It’s amazing really, and not easy to do so I wouldn’t beat yourself up over it,” he explains.

“Fair point,” she grins.

He pegged her as an intellectual the moment she first walked into the café, and the way her eyes lit up during his explanation tells him he’s right. Humans aren’t near as mysterious and they’d like to think they are. All the little things they aren’t aware of give them away every time. You just have to know what to look for. However, most people are too clouded by their own preconceived notions and bias that the hints are near invisible. If only they could learn to step outside themselves and see what is so painfully obvious. If only.

 The high-pitched ring of tinny bells makes them both turn their heads towards the door. Sam walks through the threshold casually, an envelope in his right hand. Levi straightens up quickly, getting a read on the new boy as quickly as he can.

“Hey, I figured you’d be here,” Sam says, slipping into the chair across from her.

“Am I really that predictable?” she giggles.

“It would appear so,” Levi interjects.

Sam twists his neck to look at the barista, giving him a confused look.

“Can I get you something?” Levi adds quickly.

“Just a medium black coffee would be great, thanks,” Sam gives Levi a short nod of appreciation.

Levi smiles tightly, starting for the counter area.

“Who’s he?” Sam asks.

“New barista, he started last week.”

Sam makes a face that says something along the lines of ‘you creep much?’

“I’m here all the time alright? I notice when something is different,” she shrugs.

“The fact that he’s not bad to look at has nothing to do with it?” Sam smirks.

She rolls her eyes, kicking Sam under the table. “I’m not interested like that, he just gives off a vibe.”

“A vibe?” Sam stifles a laugh.

“Yes you fuckass, a vibe,” she whisper-hisses as Levi returns to the table with a coffee cup in hand.

“Here you go,” Levi sets the cup down, smiling politely, “That’ll be $2.06.”

Sam hands Levi the money, putting in a quick ‘thank you’ before he returns to his spot behind the counter as a rush of people come in.

“Alright you can explain whatever the hell you mean by that later, I want to tell you about this envelope!” Sam grins excitedly.

“Explain away,” she smiles back at him, his enthusiasm contagious.

“I was asked to model for this campaign,” he slides the envelope over to her so she can read the information for herself.

Her eyes drift over the inked words, her chest expanding with pride after every sentence.

“Oh my god, Sam,” she whispers in awe, “This is amazing.”

“I know right?! It’s not until a month from now, but I want you to go with me. It’s the shots you took that got me the job so I literally could not have done it without you.”

“I would love to go with you,” she beams, “I’m so proud of you, Sammy.”

“Not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud of me, too,” he laughs, not beating around the bush with modesty.

“You deserve this, you really do.”

“Thanks, babe,” Sam nudges her knee with his.

Levi cringes, his face out of their line of view. Pet names have always grossed him out, even in a friendly manner. Human behavior is so odd to him, so many unnecessary things they do.

 He watches them get up from the table, laughing and smiling as they exit the café. For a brief moment the demon wonders what it would feel like to feel a sense of satisfaction for someone else, but empathy is not something he posses so the feeling goes as quickly as it came.


Jack stands in front of a pool table inside the empty gambling house. Rolling billiard balls into the pockets is how he chooses to pass the time while he waits for Levi. He can only stand to be inside when nobody else is around since the energy in the room when it’s filled is overwhelming. Lucky for him, there’s some big commotion on a different level of hell this evening.

 Levi slips through the doors soundlessly, approaching Jack as silently as he entered.

“Hey,” Levi whispers in Jack’s ear.

“Jesus!” Jack jumps in surprise, his hand flying to the place on his chest where his heart may or may not be.

“He can’t help you here,” Levi chuckles, sitting on the edge of the pool table.

“Was that really necessary?” Jack scowls.

“It’s the little things,” Levi grins.

“You’re late.”

“I wasn’t aware I had a curfew, sorry dad.”

“Never mind. Was she there again?” Jack inquires.

“Oh yes. And I’d bet that she’ll be there again tomorrow. Creature of habit that one is. But there was something different about today,” Levi baits him.

“Go on,” Jack presses.

“Her friend Sam showed up. Something about him reminds me of a puppy. He seems loyal. He also has those big eyes that make him seem a lot more innocent than he probably is. Do we like him?” Levi inquires.

“Sam uh… He’s a good friend to her,” Jack scratches the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Sam. Good. Got it,” Levi gives a thumbs up, “I’ll remember not to kill him.”

“Oh my god don’t kill anybody,” Jack’s eyes bug out a bit.

“You’re no fun,” Levi pouts.

“You’re psychotic.”

“I’m a demon, dumbass.”

Jack pinches the bridge of his nose, exhaling slowly as he turns away from Levi. He knew this wouldn’t be an easy arrangement. Demons don’t have feelings and emotions are trifle so the importance and fragility of a situation like this is lost on them. They don’t care what the outcome is and the moment they stop having fun all bets are off. It’s a risky deal to make since there’s no security in it. But right now it’s all he has.

“Relax little cambion,” Levi stands behind Jack, “I’ll make good on our deal.”

Jack nods, too vexed to reply verbally.

 Levi starts for the doors, leaving Jack to toil with his feelings. Before he can reach out to push on the metal panels he pauses, scrunching his face up in a peculiar way.

“Something wrong?” Jack questions, noticing the hesitation.

“When Sam and your girl were leaving the café they were laughing,” Levi furrows his brows, “And I can’t get the sound of it out of my head.”

Part 10

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