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Okay, so there’s the letter that Scanlan gave Pike, which we saw a glimpse of last night.

(“Scanlan, your letter to me was wonderful, and I want to do what you asked, but I can’t raise Kaylie alone…”)

But in re-watching the scene where Kaylie meets Pike (maybe 30 seconds of the whole of episode 56?), Kaylie tells Pike that “[Scanlan] made a promise”. And Pike replies with: “I’ll make sure that he keeps it.”

Pike made a promise to Kaylie, too, that she would keep Scanlan alive, so that he would be able to keep his own promise to Kaylie. And even though his letter said one thing Pike can’t do what he asks, she knows already, so she vows that she will never have to.

Bloody, Bruised & Broken but Still Beautiful_El Diablo x Reader

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Hi!😊 😊 I love your writing and I was wondering if I could get one when Diablo realizes that he loves you and you mean everything to him? Mushy, I know 😂 maybe a little love smut added if you do smut, of you don’t its fine 😄 Thanks!!!

Jenn’s Note: Hell yeah, way angsty than I think either of us meant.Also, no smut.

Word count: 1230

Warnings: Angst and suicide squad spoilers and of course swearing, sometimes in spanish.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.

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When Chato Santana turned himself in and then was shipped off to Belle Reve, he made a promise. He vowed not to let anyone in. People he let in always got hurt, without fault. Even when she was shoved into the cell with him, battered and bruised. He brushed her off, ignoring her attempts at conversation and staying silent. Still she spoke with him, one sided conversations that filled the echoing silence. He didn’t hate her though, he was afraid. Afraid of himself and what he could do. She didn’t give up though. That just wasn’t who Y/N L/N was.

“You have a problem with me or something?” She asked one day. “’Cause I’m trying here. We’re gonna be stuck in here for who knows how long and I’m trying my hardest to make the best of it.” She was frustrated and it was then Chato realized why she was on here with him. Not because they had run out of cells or because it was some form of cruel punishment. It was because she was cursed, same as him. Born with the devil’s gift. Too late he realized what was happening and the guards flooded the cell.

“Hold your breath. Two minutes. Now.” He spoke quickly, taking a deep breath and disappearing under the frigid water. She followed but a second after. One hundred twenty seconds passed, burning their lungs until they were left coughing on the wet rusty floor.

“What the fuck was that?” She grumbled, spitting out more water onto the floor.

Chato tried his best to stay away after that, cursed or not he was a danger to her, but he found himself slipping up. Smiling at her bed jokes and nodding along with her one sided conversations. Unintentionally pushing Y/N to try harder, to better try to get to know the mysterious man. There were days when he consciously pushed her away, gave her the cold the cold shoulder, but there were also days when wondered if it was worth it, and days that he didn’t think about it, getting too close without realizing. Involuntarily the cold shoulder days became less and less frequent until he found himself engaging in her conversations. She came to appreciate the sound of his voice when he did speak and he was grateful that he wasn’t alone anymore.

It was raining the first day he let her touch him. It was cold, not that either of them noticed, and once again they found themselves sitting across from each other, talking about whatever came up. The gloomy weather lead to conversations sadder than usual. It was that day he told her about his family, how when he was angry things happened that he couldn’t control. Things that he would always regret. He was staring blankly out the window, eyes glassy.  She smiled sadly and moved so she was sitting next to him. Chato sucked in a breath as her arm went around his shoulder, the first time someone other than a cop or guard had touched him in ages. He was scared, terrified of hurting her. After a moment he let out his breath and laid his head on her shoulder. There was no need to say anything.

He knew he was fucking everything up, getting to close but damn it felt good. He didn’t want to stop, he couldn’t stop. Everything she did was fascinating, the way she talked, the way she didn’t. The way she said his name, not Diablo, Chato. It was insane how well she could read him, knowing when he wanted to talk and when he needed to be left alone. She knew when it was okay to lay on the sorry excuse for a bed next to him or if she should sleep on the floor. They were like two pieces of a puzzle, peas in a pod… or something.

It was raining the day he died. He was still breathing, conscious and everything that technically qualified as living, but something had changed. It was one of those days where he just needed to sit and think, so she let him. A clap of thunder at the opposite end of the compound shocked him to a realization, the one that killed him. He realized why he let her touch him, why every time she was taken he worried for her. He realized why he let her use his real name and why he stupidly let himself get too close.



He loved her. Chato Santana had fallen in love with Y/N L/N. El Diablo had fallen for the Angel of Fire. He wiped away the stray tear that was making its way down his cheek, sucking in a breath through his teeth. She watched him from the other side of the cell, eyes filled with concern.

“You okay, Chato?” She asked

“Si, I’m good.” He nodded. She was skeptical but let it go. He took a deep breath, silently cussing himself once more. He was naive and alone and let himself do something he swore he wouldn’t. It was raining the day he realized he was in love.

That night he found himself looking at her through tired eyes at a time well past when he should have been asleep. She was sleeping though, laying on the slab next to him. She was relaxed and her face was the visage of peacefulness and contentment. Chato looked upon her like she was a masterpiece so artfully crafted by expert hands. She yawned, rousing from whatever dreamland she had been occupying, her eyes fluttered open and she looked at him with furrowed brows. Chato hadn’t even realized he was crying until Y/N’s soft hands wiped the tears from under his eyes.

“You wanna talk about it?” she asked, sleep slurring her voice. He didn’t answer for a few seconds, holding her gaze. Laying face to face with him was a woman whose skin was just as hot as his, someone he wasn’t constantly afraid of hurting, and she was worried about him. So he did something he might regret later but at this point he decided it honestly didn’t matter. It was worth it. In a second he ghosted his lips over hers. He stayed there for a moment, waiting for her to push him away, but she didn’t. In fact she closed the sliver of distance between and kissed him.

They kissed in a gesture so meaningful and intimate that it caused a flurry of butterflies in Y/N’s stomach. Their eyes fluttered shut, getting lost in the moment. She kissed back with just as much emotion as him, as much love, because somewhere between the near drownings and the silent days she had fallen for him too. They understood each other in a way no one else could fathom.

“I…” He couldn’t find the words after they pulled apart.

“I know.” She whispered, smiling. “I love you too.” Her voice was barely audible. His hear soared as she pressed a kiss to his shoulder before curling up against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her protectively and he sighed contentedly. As she fell asleep he replayed her words in his head over and over again until he realized something.

It was raining the night Chato Santana realized, nearly a year after Y/N had been dumped in his cell, that he wasn’t alone anymore.




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My mother loved me, but she was never supportive, never there when I needed her, and never understanding. She was always right, and I was never good enough. She tore me down, made me feel worthless and stupid every day of my life, and responded to my insecurities and needs with sarcasm and insults. I know that she loved me. But she was never there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry on or a problem I needed help with. “What the fuck do you want me to do?” Was her favorite response to me.
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I will say though, that I didn’t like how Iris doubted her contribution to the group. Literally my heart broke for her. This is mainly due to the show’s glorification of science, being a meta and having powers (which I think they realized this episode?). Iris is so brave, and so so smart - so I didn’t like how she doubted herself but I felt for her. It’s been shown that her career has contributed to the team many times. But I’m glad Barry reassured her, again, that literally the only contribution that he has to the world (as in being The Flash), is because of her contribution to him. 

rainbow valley

Summary: “As I’ve made very clear, Detective,” says Treville, strained, “I don’t make it a habit of getting involved in my employees’ love lives. But considering this precinct’s utterly abysmal and somewhat dangerous track record, you really cannot fault me for being concerned when you walk into work with a split lip that was not present the night prior.”

“Track record?” asks Constance weakly, and God, this really has just been the weirdest conversation.

“Athos’s wife is a wanted criminal in twenty-two states who only last week evaded arrest yet again, d’Artagnan’s spent the better part of the past year pining after you, and Aramis has gone and fallen in love with the very married wife of a European nobleman who has somehow gotten himself accidentally involved with the Spanish mob!” 

“At least Porthos is doing alright,” offers Constance lamely. 

“Yes,” says Treville, looking harried. “There is that.”

I wrote a shameless fic for @hansolosbutt‘s modern detective b99 au about the circumstances surrounding the day after constance leaves bonaciuex, which we decided were basically exactly like that one post where that personal trainer’s students all commiserated and went together without telling her to retrieve her things from her asshole ex boyfriends house. a good post, friends. a very good post. also, constance’s last name is baudin bc fleur, her niece (?) had that last name and i needed a maiden name for her. also also, trigger warnings for very brief mention of domestic violence. anyways, here’s this thing. this truly is like … my favorite au on the planet, right now,

Constance has always thought that Captain Treville’s office is somewhat spartan in decor. The desk is almost always immaculately clean, the commendations on the wall completely aligned and straight in their frames, and the clock above the doorway minimalist on charitable days. Aside from the small rainbow flag sitting among his pencils (all perfectly sharpened, all neatly arranged), fitted into his favorite fleur-de-lis-patterned mug at the edge of the desk, there really isn’t anything in the office that makes it particularly warm or welcoming or personable. Constance remembers only a few months before when the poor guy Deputy Commissioner Richelieu had sent down from human resources came to discuss Porthos and Aramis’s (convoluted, nonsensical, wildly work-inappropriate) email chain; he had entered Treville’s office looking apprehensive and left looking somewhat concerned. Constance, who had been privy to The Email Chain only once over Aramis’s shoulder, knew that it had somehow devolved from its benign origins of subject line: check out this guy’s suspicious-looking mustache to classic French literature-related memes. Quite frankly, unless one was particularly well-versed in the minds of Detectives d’Herblay and du Vallon, any poor fool tasked with reading through such an atrocity would likely as not emerge somewhat traumatized.

Joubert’s apprehension, however, had been surprisingly directed towards Treville himself; he had meekly suggested on his way out of the captain’s office, fiddling nervously with the bottom of his tie, that maybe he might consider putting a couch with earth-toned upholstery in the corner, just to make the place feel more welcoming?

Trevill had blinked at him, uncomprehending.

Aramis, who’d been trying to distract Athos from where he had his nose buried in case files by flinging paperclips at him across the room, had said, “Flower-patterned would make it even more welcoming, don’t you think Captain?”

Porthos had choked on his own laugh. Athos, engrossed in his case files, had tried to drink out of the communal bullpen pushpin mug and started spluttering in a most undignified manner.

D’Artagnan, bless him, had been the one to finally take pity on the aggrieved Joubert, leading him out of the bullpen and straight into the elevator with a comforting pat on his shoulder and a cheerful, “Come again soon!”

Constance remains standing in front of Treville’s desk, now, noticing that he never did take Joubert’s advice into consideration and get an earth-toned couch installed in the corner.

(There is, however, a small framed photo of the squad from last year’s Christmas party, the lot of them grinning like doofuses at the camera and more than one of them with their eyes half closed, perched neatly on the far right of Treville’s computer, and Constance feels a trickle of warmth expand in her chest despite everything.)

The door to the office clicks shut behind them and Treville comes to stand behind his desk in front of Constance, looking uncharacteristically apprehensive.

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Creepypasta rant

Remember when creepypasta was scary and enjoyable? Before the cringey fanfucks ruined it and made them all freaking sex idols. Remember when creepypasta wasn’t all this cheesecake, waffle, bullshit? Not every fan is like this but seriously that’s why so many people hate the creepypasta fandom. Cringey fanfucks ruin everything :( I like Jane the killer, Toby, Russian sleep experiment, etc.. Though I absolutely despise clockworks story and guess what? I got hate for stating an opinion. Because dear god I insulted someone’s waifu, the worlds gonna end. For the love of the stars and stripes get over yourselves! Its not my fault her story sucked ass. She’s beautiful? yes. but good story? Absolutely not. And of course for liking Jane I got hate like crazy by those cringey Jeff morons. If you were in Jane’s shoes I’m sure you’d feel the anger towards him too. But appearantly you can’t have a fucking opinion in this damn fandom. Forgive me for ranting but seriously these cringey fanfucks are absolutely wretched and are reasons why the creepypasta fandom went down hill.

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i just read like 7 issues of the 1996 nightwing and ive literally already counted 2 instances where dick was made uncomfortable by sleazy advances or blamed for them 

he was shot and sitting in a hospital bed and a reporter came in and sat uncomfortably close and started hitting on him. later, he made an excuse to leave and literally called her creepy. 

then, after tarantula fought him when he was in civvies (on a date with barbara!), tarantula kissed him, and then later barbara broke up with him

–and one of the reasons she broke up with him was because “he always looks so surprised when a female villain plants a wet one on him” as if its his fault ???? 

i mean its not like its not like its the first time that a girlfriend broke up with him because he was sexually assaulted though (looking at you, koriand’r, for what you did after what mirage did to him)

listen @ dc im really getting tired of this … like can i read 10 whole issues without dick being ‘even a little’ sexually assaulted or made uncomfortable advances on … like holy fuck, guys. why does there always have to be this low level of objectification going on. especially when it makes him visibly uncomfortable. 

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I was best friends with this girl for seven years when we finally fought i realized how much she hurt me,, like. Whenever we hung out she would always get really violent and usually hit me and then make me think it was my fault so i would apologize. It made me scared whenever people tried to touch me because i thought they would hit me too. I didnt really know how friendship was supposed to work so now im kinda accidentlly violent sometimes and i feel rlly bad abt it, sorry im upset rn

Its ok. Im sorry, but without her i think things will be better

-mod j

drums beat deep beneath

(btw if you haven’t caught on this write a poem for Swung by Serafim is now a traditional OMG CHAPTER YAY thing and will continue to be so until it is done.  I’m tagging them all with “swung by serafim” if they bug you.)

Anyway tagging @deadcatwithaflamethrower because this is still all her fault <3  References made to events from Chapter 20 - under a cut for that reason.

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I just have to rant for a second

i see a lot of people who defend Anakin on here and thats awesome because i too love that fuck up of a human being but theres always one thing that bothers me. When it comes to Palpatine, Padmé, and Obi-Wan the blame can be placed and is somewhat deserved. They are adults who made decisions as adults and even though its mostly Anakin’s fault because it was his choice, everyone mentioned prior and the entire jedi order can all take tiny slices of the blame cake. Palatine gets a big ass slice of course and the order does too more than likely. But you know who should never be included in the blame? Ahsoka.

 I see it sometimes, people saying he needed her and she left when it was most crucial that she stayed by his side. Or that her leaving was the first part of his downfall and perhaps it was but none of that was her fault or her responsibility. Ahsoka was 14 when the clone wars began, when she became his padawan and she was around 16 when she left the order. 16. In no way, shape, or form is Anakin’s fall her fault because he was the adult in the situation and he failed her first. When she needed him to be her hero, he wasn’t there and then everything else happened so quickly. Ahsoka was cast out of the order and Obi-Wan and the council let her the fuck down after Anakin had let her the fuck down. Everyone let her down except Padmé. She was put on trial and almost executed and yes Anakin saved her but the trauma had already occurred and she was scarred and humiliated, no matter how much Anakin wanted to be her savior. To expect a 16 year old girl to stay behind and pick up the pieces of her father/older brother figure is ridiculous. Anakin can take a whopping piece of the blame cake in Ahsoka’s case but she can’t take any from his. 

Leave my child alone, she was cast away at 16 and had to learn to fend for herself. You know who never had to that shit? Anakin.

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Idk if U made another blog but there's this blog called rebecca-progress24, and he/she's posting your stuff but the posts are like they found it online and reposted it. I'm telling this because I don't want them taking credit for your stuff. I'm probably wrong so I'm sorry for bugging you. I'll keep u in my prayers btw!! I'm sorry to hear about your situation with ur husband!

You are so very kind for keeping an eye out for me and contacting me and its my fault for not addressing its sooner!

Before I found out about my husbands affair, my friend @katherinehowardrose-blog, took over my social media accounts as far as Twitter, Facebook and making that second blog here. She even made me an Instagram! She does this for a living and was gracious enough to me to volunteer her knowledge and expertise to help spread and advertise my original comic L and L while reposting my older art from time to time as filler.

Unfortunately because of my husbands infidelity its left me too broken to go back and continue that original comic for now so she has had to post my other fan comics to keep traffic coming in (and Alice if I am wrong please correct me on that.)

Thank you for bugging me btw because talking to people really distracts me 

Thank you so much.

Basically Hunt & the MC's whole relatioship is like :

Hunt : I don’t know who you are but I secretly feel like I know you because you’re sure not my student and I love you and I want to kiss you- wait what you seduced me into this- THIS NEVER HAPPEND- Oh shit I regret what I said- I uh come follow me so we could talk in a place that could really possibly get locked after we get it inside- Great we’re stuck and its your fault- No I don’t have feelings for your- Dammit yes I do- remind me again why did I join this charity event and why two of my students are biding over me?- I’LL TWICE THE BID SO I DONT GO WITH MC- fuck I made her sad- fuck I almost kissed her- FUCK I KISSED HER- but she’s my weakness so yolo- OKAY Class there will be a dinner party where I placed MC’s name into just to ignore her all the damn time and probably act like a jerk for the sake of my job and make her jealous by chatting up nicely with one of my ex girlfriends, I repeat “Nicely” & “Ex girlfriend” - you know what? MC’s my problem and I want her to stay away from me- Great I made her cry- Wait what is she doing in my room and did she just pull me by jacket into my room- Fuck that’s a turn on- Focus Hunt you’re supposed to hate her for your job- now she’s making me feel guilty- wait she’s serious about this shit- fuck no- YOU KNOW WHAT FINE I’LL KISS YOU FINE I’LL DATE YOU BUT YOU BETTER KEEP THIS SHIT A SECRET.

MC : I just came to say hello…

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: I feel that Rumpelstiltskin from Shrek 4 was such an inferior villain. I dislike him so much. He's just a lesser Farquaad- Lord Farquaad of Duloc was a self-made man, whereas Rumpelstiltskin makes his living by conning people. He also had the least right to blame Shrek for his problems. Really. The fairy godmother spent years crafting her plan to take Far Far Away so she is justified in her motives. She also went through with her end of the bargain with King Harold. Prince Charming at least tried to take Far Far Away through force and sheer willpower. Rumpelstiltskin did nothing but offer a paper contract that gets shit done. Get a job, asshole.

cosplayers have made better belle dresses dosfjndlffdsfsdds

and i know its not the teams fault because it was all emma lmfao she singlehandedly opened her big mouth and complained abt it so now it looks like garbage