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Who are you really? Part 1// SHAWN MENDES

Can you do one where Shawn and the reader are talking (like texting and stuff) but never met Shawn knows who she is but shawn made up a person and pretend to be him and when y/n found out she got mad for being lied too. And after week of being ignored Shawn tries make up with her and they got together y liked each other for a long time

Authors note: I hope you don’t mind that I kind of changed it also its kinda long so I’m posting 2 parts

Peter: I can’t believe you think Superman is better than Batman

Me: Hey! I did what you asked and I watched the movie- It’s not my fault superman is a cutie

Peter:  w o w

Me: what???

Peter: So you’re into brunettes?

Me: Oh yeah

Me: They get me hot + bothered ;)

Peter: Y/N


Peter: Y/N

Me: ….

Peter: Hey can I call you?

Me: …

Peter: ?

Me: Sure but I sound awful today

Peter: Don’t you always?


Peter: I’m joking

Peter: I’m ringing now

Peter: Why didn’t you pick up?

Me: You said I had an awful voice

Peter: I was joking! please don’t be mad :(((((

Me: Ring me again

I slid my finger across the screen, accepting the incoming call.

“Hello,” A deep voice greets and I feel my stomach flip.

“Hi,” I say, almost breathlessly and I hear Peter chuckle.

“Y/n, you picked up,” I can hear the smirk in his voice.

“Gotta let the guys know they can’t treat me like that Peter,” I grin, the phone falling silent.

“I was joking,” I hear him say seriously. 

“Peter its okay, I’m not offended,” I giggle.

“Don’t play me like that woman,” Peter sighs through the phone.

“Sorry,” I tell him, turning onto my side as I lay on my bed. “How was work?” I put him on speaker.

“It was awesome, very productive day,”

“You still haven’t told me what your job is,” 

“You won’t find it that interesting,”

“Try me,”

“Hey Y/n, sorry to bother you but have-” I glare at my friend Rebekah, who just walks in.

“I’m on the phone,” I whisper sharply to her and she immediately runs towards me, jumping on the bed beside me and listening intensely to Peter on the phone.

“Is this a guy?” she asks, smirking at me.

“Maybe,” I feel my cheeks heating. I can hear Peter asking me something but due to Rebekah’s presence I missed it.

“What sorry? What did you say Peter?”

“I said how was your day?” 

“Oh my god,” Rebekah mumbles, turning the volume up and I send her a confused glance. “Keep him talking,” 

“Uh good, boring, um what are you thinking of having for dinner?” I stutter out, cringing at what I just asked. My first phone call with Peter, a guy who I’ve been texting for a couple weeks, and I ask him what he’s having for dinner.

“Dinner? Well, Y/n what do you think I should have?” He asks.

“Um well do you like burgers?”

“Yeah, burgers are awesome,”

Rebekah motions me to continue.

“You should get McDonald’s then,”

“McDonald’s hmm? What burger?”

“What one would you want?”

“Maybe just the McChicken one, with fries,”

“I knew it!” Rebekah exclaims suddenly. 

“What?” I hear Peter ask.

“Um hang on a second Peter-” Rebekah rolls her eyes when I say his name. “My friend just walked in I’ll be one second,”


She puts him on mute before turning to me chuckling.

“You’re the girl!”

“What are you talking about?” I raise an eyebrow at her.

“Shawn told Dave that he was talking to some girl he really liked and he gave her a fake name- which was Peter by the way- and Dave told me,”

“Sorry but whose Shawn,” I ask, unsure where this was going.

“Damn you really do live under a rock,” she teases and I punch her arm lightly.

“Do not!”

“Here,” She turns her phone around, showing me a picture of a boy, around my age which dark brown hair whose smiling at the camera.

“Oh my,” I mumble, looking back up at her. “Is that Shawn?”

“That my friend, is Shawn Mendes, also the guy you’re chatting on the phone to?”

“No!” I exclaim, letting my head fall on my arm. “He so.. and I’m so.. No!” 

“I wanted to know who the girl was, I can’t believe its you!”

“Its not me!” I say, my head raising.

“Really? Face time him right now and if his face comes up, then I was right and you are the girl.”

“Fine.” I grab my phone hitting the face-time button. He picks up after 4 rings. The camera’s facing upwards of a ceiling, no Peter in sight.

“Peter?” I ask hesitantly. The camera on my side on my face.

“Hey,” I hear him murmur, I tilt my head.

“Can you show me your face?” I hum, smiling. The screen tilts and my draw drops. There on my phone was the same man. The curly brown locks, dark eyes, just perfect in every aspect.

“Y/n?” he asks, looking worried.

“Shawn?” I ask, gulping. He bites his lips, looking away from me.

“Or maybe I should say Peter but who are you really?” I snap ending the call, the screen reflecting my face as hurt consumes me. 

I turn and face Rebekah, “Why would he lie?”

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unexpected things from s3 that still make me really really happy and smile: isak and sonja’s conversations, whether it was in the minutt for minutt clip or via their texts, all throughout episode 10.

Surprise (3/?)

Summary :  You die while being on a mission with the team. At least , that’s what you thought. What happens when you suddenly wake up alive ? What do you do now? & how will the team handle the news after thinking you’ve been dead for months?

Warnings : swearing, angst, violence , fluff( tiny, tiny bit for now).

Pairing, (so far) : Avengers x reader, Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader( No permanent pairing yet!)
* Bold is readers thoughts,  &  italics are memories. *

Surprise Master List          Marvel Master List


 You laugh at Tonys outburst as he pulls you to him, returning the tight hug. ” Welcome Back Y/n. “ He whispers into your ear . 

The rest of the teams welcome was the same, except Steve, Sam and Buckys. 

  Sam lifts you off the ground, swinging your around .” I fucking hoped it was you ! “ he cheers as he sets you down. You kiss his cheek and giggle. Bucky tugs you into a bonecrushing hug as he swears under his breath .  

” Hi Buckaroo “

  ” I cant believe its you Y/n. “ he admits as he steps back to look at you . A smirk forms on his face, ” Damn, looking as good as ever darling .“ he flirts. A blush blossoms over your cheeks.

 ” Bite me Barnes. “

” With pleasure .“ he shoots back with a wink. You roll your eyes .

Steve is still standing there with his eyes bugging out of his head.  ” Hi Stevie .“  your voice shy & quiet . 

” Oh my  God. “ he whispers, still staring at you .

Is he not happy to see me?

  Tears start flowing down your cheeks at the thought. When Steve sees the first one fall he steps forwards, swiping It away gently. He pulls you to him, wrapping his arms around your waist and burying his face in your hair. You swear he sniffs your hair, but you ignore it , hugging him tightly to you .

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All too quickly his arms disappear , and he is stepping back from you . He doesn’t say a word, just walks out of the room like his life depended on it.You , Bucky & Sam all exchange confused glances at Steves behavior .What the hell? Bucky races after him, while Sam pulls you towards the bar.

  ” You know, he wasn’t the same after that mission.“ Sam tells you as  he knowingly watches you look for your friends.You sigh, bringing your glass to your lips. ” He blames himself for losing you . Me & Barnes have caught him sleeping in your old room a handful of times.  He wouldn’t let any of us pack up your things. “ Your heart breaks at the information sam feeds you ,I never wanted him to blame himself, dammit.

 ” Its not his fault though . He didn’t know-“

” You know you told him you loved-“

” Shut up Sam. “   

He starts laughing loudly , ” Damn , I missed you.“ 

” Yeah yeah , I missed you too bird butt.“  You hear him groan . You giggle, and pull him to the deserted dancefloor.  

” Come on Sammy!“ he doesn’t fight it, just lets you drag him  . The song changes to something a little more upbeat, and he starts twirling you around the floor. You giggle as you two dance, knowing you look anything but suave . 

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  The team surrounds you two ( minus Steve and Bucky) and laughs while they watch you and Sam horribly dance. You manage to coax most of them into dancing, and before you know it the dancefloor is filling with people.   

    You take a break from dancing and weave through the crowd and back to the bar.  You see Steve and Bucky leaning against it ,so you dart towards them . 

” Can we talk?“ you ask Steve as you approach  .  He sighs, and nods towards the door leading to the balcony. Bucky sends you a symphathetic  look before you follow behind Steve.  When the door shuts behind you , you decide to make the first move ,

” Steve -“

” You died. I watched you die in my arms from bullets that were meant for me.“  You don’t know how to respond, so you don’t. 

” You’ve been gone a year , and ive spent every god damn day blaming myself.“ "It wasn’t your fault !  I- ”

“ Your right ,it wasn’t my fault. It was yours. What the hell were you thinking  jumping infront of me like that ! ” he bellows . You’ve never seen this side of him, hes never been angry with you before and its terrifying.

 " I was saving your damn Life Steve!“

” No one asked you to y/n! You aren’t enhanced, you weren’t even a part of the damn team! , I didn’t need you to save me!“Tears escape your eyes, his words sinking in .

 ” I couldn’t watch you die Steve.“ you whisper  

Steves POV

  I let out a dry laugh at her statement, ” So you made me watch you die instead? You were selfish and naïve. You had no place being there that day. You aren’t special  like the others on the-“ As soon as the words leave my mouth I realize just how bad they sound. Before I get a chance to rephrase she speaks,

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 ” I’m so fucking sorry , did I hurt your fucking ego saving your life?!“ she spits, her voice dripping with anger. 

 Fuck , I didn’t mean to - ugh I really need to learn how to not look like an ass.

” Y/n I didn’t-“

” Fuck off Rogers. I thought we were friends, i thought youd be happy to see me but clearly i was fucking wrong. “ She says before storming back into the party . ” I’m an idiot.“ i say to myself,

” Yeah you really are.“  I look seeing Bucky in the doorway . ” What the hell were you thinking ?! That girl saved your ass because she loves you ,Did you forget that ?  Or are you still trying to deny your own feelings . “ he barks  at me.

 ” I need to find her. “ I say as i push past him , I know he is right, i think about the fact that i never got to tell her how i felt about her everyday  .  I search through the crowd of people, but come up empty .

 ” Her and Pietro just left, it was a big night for her . Let her sleep it off.“ Sam says as he approaches me.

 Son of a bitch .


 You’re thankful Pietro is just as exhausted and overwhelmed as you  .He jumped at the chance to head to bed when you announced you were calling it a night. You’ve spent a lot of night together back when it was just the two of you , never in a sexual way though .    Tears start falling the second you step foot in your old room .  Everything was the same way you left it that day , except your bed. You always made your bed before you left,   right now though the blankets tossed to one side and the pillows are strewn across it. You step closer and Steve scent find your nostrils. He really has been sleeping  in here.

    You shake off the sadness that starts to form, and begin digging through your drawers for pajamas. You both switch from your party clothes into pj’s , then fall into your old bed. 

 ” P, even though its not just the two of us anymore, we are still going to stay close right? “ you question .

He pulls you closer to him , placing a light kiss on your forehead, ” You cant get rid of me that easily Y/n . I never really thought id be this close to someone other than Wanda , I don’t plan on giving it up.“    You lean up to kiss his cheek,

” Neither do I “ .    

  ” Sex must not have been that good, we didn’t even hear you doing it.“  

You groan , rolling on your back as you look towards your open door. Tony is standing there with a smug look on his face . You hear Pietro mumble as he stretches next to you .

"  For all you know Tony, I’m a quiet lover. ” you say through your yawns . 

He lets out a loud laugh , “ I’d love to find out. ”

You fake gag as you stand , all your bones cracking as you fully stretch  .“ What do you need ironballs?”

 " I wanna run a few tests on you two, see how your insides are looking.“ he simply states, you watch as his eyes go to your bare legs .

” Eyes up here perv. You want to do this now?“  You slide on the first pair of shorts you find. 

” Yeah , might as well get it out of the way .“ he shrugs  .You hear Pietro lightly snoring then look to see him asleep again and wrapped in your blanket.

"Seriously?"    you yank Pietro out of bed by his foot . He yelps as he lands on the floor. A strong of curses flows from his lips as he stands .

” We have to give Tony blood, stay awake for like 20 minutes then you can go back to bed ,lazy ass. “ He mumbles but follows after the both of you .      It doesn’t take long for Tony to poke and prod at the both of you. You decide to head to the communal kitchen,  your stomach kept grumbling while  you in the lab . As soon as you step off the elevator you hear laughter echoing through the floor. 

 You keep walking towards the sound, finding Sam , Bucky and Steve sitting on the couch watching cartoons. Are they watching Scooby doo? !

  You fight the urge to yell at them for not inviting you , you still don’t want to speak to Steve after last night. You walk straight to the kitchen  ,but since you have to pass by the couches Sam sees you .

 " Well good morning Sunshine!” he calls, you wave but keep moving.  

You go right to the fridge, finding a bowl of fresh cut fruit.God yes.

You grab it then hop on to the counter as you begin eating.  You moan at the taste of the strawberry ,

 " so that’s what gets you hot & bothered, huh?“  Buckys voice startles you ,causing you to almost drop your fruit.

 ” I’m putting fucking bells around your neck.“ you playfully threaten .

 He lets out a booming laugh while he walks closer to you . He opens his mouth , silently asking for a piece . You roll your eyes as you feed him a grape.   

" Why don’t we go  out and do something today ?” he asks,  you hum in agreement before adding,

“ If I don’t eat right now Barnes, ill be your worst nightmare."  He rolls his eyes at you with a chuckle.

 ” Shes not kidding, I’ve seen her up close when she hasn’t eaten Buck. I’m glad you found the fruit I left you . " Steve says as he enters.

Oh so now hes friendly? Fuck him and his dumb delicious fruit.

 You don’t acknowledge Steves words, or even his presence . You place the bowl of remaining fruit on the counter , hopping down from your seat . 

“ Y/n , can we -”

 " No, I don’t think we can Captain Rogers. “ 

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Bucky sighs at the two of you .

 ” Told you she wouldn’t talk to him !“ Sam yells from the couch . You snort, and grab an orange off the counter and lean towards the doorway to toss it at him. You hear a thud then Sam grunt.  Bucky bursts out laughing, and you can see Steve shake his head at your antics.

 ” I’m still kinda tired Buck, maybe we can go do something another day .“ you offer

 ” What about a movie day ?“  His puppy dog eyes on full display as he asks.Jesus, I don’t think anyone can say no to him.

” Damn it Barnes.  Fine. “   You invite the rest of the team for a movie day , but only Sam, Steve , Pietro and Wanda join the two of you .  The twins sat next to each other , laughing and teasing each other the entire time.  Watching the two of them made your heart swell with happiness. They both looks so complete in each others presence, you’ve never seen Pietro so happy  .   

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” Mr. Stark is requesting everyone in his lab in 5 minutes.“ FRIDAY announces.

I wonder what new toy he wants to show us  .

    You make your way down, sitting next to Natasha on a stool .

 ” What did he build now?“ you whisper to her

” I have no idea, but whatever it is better not be alive. “ she hisses. You cant hide your snort at her comment. The team breaks out in smiles at the sound 

 ” I cant believe I’m going to say this , but I think I fucking missed your laugh snorting. “ Clint says . You hear everyone agree , making you blush  .

” Guys stop .“ you say bashfully.   

” So get this , “ Tony says as he strolls in .

” You know you’re the one that called us here , and YOU were late. “ you point out

” I do what I want.“ he says with a shrug. Of course you do Tony.

He has FRIDAY pull up two screens, one showing your blood cell samples, and the other Pietros . They looked drastically different, yet with some similiarities.  His have specks of silver in them, along spikey balls attached to some .Ewh is that normal?

  Yours is what makes your eyes nearly pop from your head, you had the same spikey balls , but they are blue, & multiplying every few seconds.

 ” Tony what the hell is that !“ You shriek

 ” Calm down .  Pietros looks the way it does because the particles that came from your TAHITI bonded with his already mutated ones from his enhancements. Weird bonded with weirder and seemingly complimented eachother well and balanced him out. You my dear, didn’t have the prior enhancement, but the program seems to have created some. “ It did what now?

” I’m sorry what? “ He clears off Pietros screen and zooms onto yours.   

” Tony what are you saying ?“ Steve asks as he watches your screen . 

” I don’t know how to make this anymore understandable. Speedy over there, already had mutated cells when TAHITI was administered. He is already enhanced so his cells were trying to heal him the minute he was injured, the program only slightly helped since they were already laced with all the mutation possible. Y/n, had completely normal cells , hence why TAHITI helped her heal so much faster. It seems it also mutated her cells. “  

 You all are still sending him ’ wtf ’ looks, Tony pinches the bridge of his nose in frustration . ” English Tony.“ you say, annoyance clear in your tone.  

” You . Are.Enhanced. Whatever abilities you have just haven’t surfaced yet.“   

  Your mouth drops open,  ” you- I - but - what?“  Your mind cant seem to stick on one question ,the team stays silent as they watch your face scrunch in realization .

 ” It’s going to be alr-“ 

” What the hell Tony !“ you bellow ” How did SHIELD miss this !?!“   

” They didn’t miss it , they sent it over to me  so I could get a closer look and see if I could trigger-“ 


  You hate this, you hate being left out of the loop , and you especially hate being left out when its concerning you . 

   ” Y/n, calm down -“ Steve starts, he puts his hand on your shoulder but you rip yourself out of his grip .

  "  Back the hell off Steve. ” you growl   

 " Sir, it seems Miss Y/n’s vitals are skyrocketing into dangerous numbers .“ FRIDAY announces.

  ” Y/n, you need to relax. “ Tony says as he slowly approaches you .   

” Wait , Tony did you know about Y/n and Pietro all this time?“ Natasha asks suspiciously .  

He hesitates before answering, ” I didn’t know about Maximoff, but I was informed about Y/n when she woke up and they saw the abnormalities in her cells. They sent me her bloodwork when their team couldn’t- "  

“ You knew ? ” Steve slams his hands against one of the tables.   

“ It was confidential ,and even if it wasn’t, I couldn’t risk telling anyone. What If something went wrong and she didnt come back? You’d all be heartbroken  !” Tony defends.

 " I WAS ALREADY HEARTBROKEN!“  Steve snaps at Tony.  At this point, all you feel is pure rage flowing through you .

How could Tony know ,and not even call me ?  I sat in that damn facility for months, and he fucking knew?! And who the hell is Steve to say he was heartbroken! Did he forget our conversation from  last night already! 

  You try to even your breathing ,but nothing seems to help .  You register your name being called but you’re so focused on not trying to kill Tony or Steve that you cant answer. They are still bickering about you like you aren’t even in the room .   ” SHUT UP. BOTH OF YOU , JUST SHUT THE HELL UP !“ You scream at the two infront of you .  They go silent, locking their eyes on you.

 ” Miss Y/n, I advise you take a seat your vitals are showing-“  You don’t hear the rest, everything goes silent  and your vision fades to absolute darkness.

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  • Clara: You absorbed the time vortex, merged with the Tardis, became a goddess, destroyed all of the Daleks including the emperor and made someone immortal?
  • Rose: What? Like it's hard?

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Can you do anyone of your choice swooping in for their s/o with someone who is flirting heavily with them and obviously making s/o uncomfortable


Shifting from foot to foot, you stood there trying to keep up your smile as a new trainee stood there leaning on the door and was relentlessly flirting in hopes of getting your number. It would have been cute if it didn’t feel so uncomfortable to you. Most of his comments had been on your butt during the mission, and honestly you kind of wanted to punch him.

“So,” the guy said, winking at you. You didn’t like how his eyes kept wandering lower, and tried to keep your temper. “ A girl as good looking as you deserves an equal. I was thinking maybe…7pm, my place, tomorrow night?”

Taking a slow breath, you forced yourself to keep up the smile that you’d plastered over your face. “That’s…really nice of you, but I’m busy tomorrow,” you said. You have been trying really hard not to make an argument or to plant your first in his face.

Honestly, you wanted to tell this kid off but he was a new recruit. And you didn’t like being mean to people if you could avoid it. The guy was just doing some…harmless flirting, you thought with disgust.

“Besides, I-,” you started to say but you were cut off.

“How about right now then?” The guy winked, stepping closer and into your bubble. Holy fuck, did you hate strangers in your bubble and the arrogance of this guy was starting to wear your patience down. “I have the time.”

Before you could speak, you saw the trainee’s eyes catch on something behind you and he took a slight step back. Footsteps walked over, slow and without hurry, before you saw the shadow cast over the wall.

“Hey darlin’,” you heard the deep, husky Texas accent of your fiancee, as an arm slipped around your waist. The scent of cigar smoke was heavy and you glanced up to see he was smoking one, his eyes locked on the kid. “This guy bothering you, sweetheart?”

“Hey baby,” you murmured, relief flooding you as you half turned your body into his side, sliding your arms around his waist. You were glad he was here, even though worry filled you at the same time.

“Don’t worry about him, Jesse,” you said softly, voice a bit low with warning and Jesse’s eyes flickered to yours.

Jesse McCree was by far one of the most protective men you’d ever seen. Although it didn’t matter when other over watch members looked or spoke to you, Jesse always got a bit irked when other men would look at you. After all, you were his baby doll and Jesse McCree took care of his own.

No one who had ever touched you survived, and no one who had ever flirted with you (Other then Mercy and Tracer) ever left without a broken tooth or a black eye. You loved how protective he was of you, knowing that of everything in the world he was just afraid he’d someday lose you, but you also didn’t want this kid to get hurt…

The trainee was looking back and forth between you both incredulously. “I…uh, didn’t know you had a boyfriend,” he started by saying, looking a bit uncomfortable now himself.

“Fiancee,” Jesse growled slightly, and you pinched his butt in warning. “If you were half as observant, or even just had half a brain, you’d ‘ave noticed the ring on her finger.”

The trainee’s eyes dropped to your hand and locked on the gold ring on your finger. It was obvious that he had NOT seen it.

“Its not my fault she didn’t say anything about it!” The trainee blurted. It was clear that Jesse’s presence was much more intimidating as you noticed that there was the barest tremor running through him.

“I tried to tell you!” you said with a scowl, annoyed now.

The trainee made a face at you. “If you really wanted me to know, you would have gotten it in,” he said, lip curling slightly. You found your hand itching to slap him. But thats okay, because Jesse was far more pissed then you.

Jesse let go of you and stepped forward, looming over the guy. He was rather tall, and the trainee was unfortunately a head shorter. The look in his eyes was terrifying.

“Excuse me?” Jesse growled, grabbing the guy by the front of his shirt and lifting onto his toes. “Don’t talk to y/n like that. Do you got it?”

The trainee nodded quickly, fingers gripping Jesse’s wrist and he looked terrified out of his wits. now. “If I ever catch you flirting with my baby again, you can bet high noon will be coming a bit early,” Jesse growled, his face close to the trainees. Their eyes were locked. There must have been something extra scary about Jesse because the trainee looked like he was going to faint.

Dropping him, the trainee fell to the floor and scrambled to get up. Jesse turned and immediately tugged you against him, uncaring if the trainee was still there as he pressed a hot, possessive kiss to your lips.

Your heart melted a bit. You couldn’t help loving him when he was like this…and the fact that he hadn’t just beat him to a pulp made you love him more.

“Well, Darlin’, guess we better head up for dinner,” Jesse said, starting to calm down. Without another word, you pulled him down for a second kiss before the two of you started to leave.

Except then, to everyone’s horror, the trainee muttered a little too audibly as he was hurrying away.

“Stupid bitch, getting me in shit…”

Cringing, you felt Jesse freeze and instantly you grabbed at his waist, moving in front of him to stare up at him. His eyes were icy and you could see he was biting the cigar hard.

“Baby, don’t do it. He isn’t worth it Jesse, right-?” you started to say, but Jesse turned and took a single shot.


The good news is the trainee is alive. Of course, it hadn’t stopped you from panicking and calling Mercy and Ana. Jesse got a massive lecture from Ana, who was just thankful that he only shot the trainee in the ass. Literally.

You couldn’t help wishing he had the barest bit more of self control, but in the end you were still thankful that Jesse had come to save you.

So that night, cuddled in his arms, you couldn’t help pressing a kiss to his forehead as he slept, watching him with adoration.

“I love you, you darn oaf,” you murmured, stroking the brown tresses from his face. You hadn’t realized he was awake till Jesse dragged you closer, burying his face in your hair as he sleepily yawned.

“Love you too, darlin.”

Sober (Part Eight)

Characters: Kwon Jiyong a.k.a G-Dragon (BigBang), Song Mino (WINNER)

Genre: Angst

Part One Part Seven

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Jiyong runs his hands underneath the water, washing away the blood that was rolling out of the deep cut he had accidentally inflicted on himself. The sudden jolt of pain had woken him up from his luminescent thoughts and managed to jerk him back into reality.

Youngbae rushes towards Jiyong, his hair still drenched with shampoo because as soon as he had heard the sound of glass breaking he had jumped out of the shower and came to see what had happened. A look of panic goes through his face as he sees the immense amount of blood.

“Jiyong, what the fuck? Are you okay?” Youngbae grabs a clean rag from the drawer of his kitchen and presses it on the wound which tainted the white rag red in a matter of seconds.

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Your Color

Word Count: 5701

Summary: Bucky thought he finally found the one but it turned out to be your sister. And being the big sister you are, you went to talk the bastard who played with your sister’s feelings. Unbeknownst to him, you are his superior in the army and is more than prepared in giving him a hard time. 

Pairing: 40s!Bucky Barnes x bamf!reader

Warning: Language that Cap doesn’t approve of. Extremely long. Probably going to have a part 2. 40s!Bucky is not my specialty. Tell me if you want more oneshots or not please. This is a Soulmate Au where everyone has two different eye colors, one of their own and one is their soulmate’s. Once they meet each other, the eyes revert back to their own color. (bucky has brown eyes in this fic) ([Y/N/N] means your nickname)



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“You know, Buck. When my Ma and Pa first met, their eyes changed instantly.” Steve shrugged as he murmured his words. 

“I know that, Steve. It’s kind of hard to forget when you mention it every single time I’m with Nancy.” Bucky sassed as he leaned back to his seat in the booth. It was the same diner where he and Nancy first met. It became their agreed on place to meet. The first time they saw each other, it was a sight. They both had one brown and one [Y/E/C]; it was a perfect match.

“You’ve been together for more than a week, Buck. And your eyes hasn’t change a single shade.” Steve tried to knock some sense into Bucky’s head. He has been trying to for a while now. He was there when Nancy and Bucky met. 

“I’m aware. But my folks, it took 2 days, Steve. Two whole days.” Bucky, unlike his friends, still held on to the slither of hope that Steve was just being impatient.

“It’s been 10 days, Bucky. I don’t think she’s the one,” Steve lowly murmured. Bucky opened his mouth to answer but whatever he was supposed to say faded away. He took a deep breath. He knew, deep down, that Steve had a point. “You think I haven’t been counting?“ 

“You’re going to be drafted in a few days.“ 

“Are you really going to let her think you’re soulmates and make her wait for you until you come back to tell her the truth?” That sentence made his chest tighten. 

“No.” Bucky knew exactly what he had to do, no matter how hard it was, he had to do it. It was unfair to Nancy and he knew that. All he wanted was to meet his soulmate before he gets shipped to England. That was his only wish and that was enough to blind him on obvious facts. That Nancy [Y/L/N] isn’t his soulmate. He had to set things straight, even if he had to hurt the woman who has done nothing but want to meet her soulmate but met someone like him instead.

“Oh, you should meet him, [Y/N]!“ 

Nancy twirled around in her dress as she removed the curlers in her hair. There were clear happiness in her eyes and [Y/N] couldn’t help but smile at her sister. Nancy was such a hopeless romantic, the state of the war not affecting her carefree personality one bit. [Y/N] sat on the bed and grinned at her little sister. Nancy sat beside [Y/N] then placed her head on her older sister’s shoulder. “He’s amazing! He’s funny! He so gentlemanly and very suitable for the war! He has a rank too!“ 

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I really want Kara to stand up to Eliza for Alex. It's not Kara's fault that Eliza put so much pressure on Alex and she had her own very considerable problems to work through at the time, but those sisters would go to the wall for each other and I can't imagine Kara not calling her out for it once she'd twigged what was happening. Especially with Maggie's backing.

She loves Eliza.

She always has.

She’s loved her since she took her face into her hands and first called her sweetie.

Loved her since she introduced her in public as her daughter, but made sure Kara knew that she would never, ever, ever pretend to be replacing her mother, because her mother would always be special, always be cherished, always be alive in Kara’s memories, in Kara’s heart.

She loves Eliza, and she thinks, now, that her love for her – her need for her, for an older woman’s arms to wrap around her tiny body when she had a nightmare [and Rao, she had so many of them], to tell her it was going to be alright, that there is no shame in surviving – might have made her miss certain things.

Certain things about how Eliza treats her older daughter.

Certain things about how Eliza holds Alex to superhuman expectations.

Superhuman expectations that have made Alex drink. That have made Alex suppress herself. That have made Alex isolated and self-destructively reckless and, until Maggie, almost completely unable to assert what she needs, what she wants, beyond when she needs Kara to be safe, beyond when she wants to protect Kara.

And of course she wants to protect Kara, because Eliza has made her believe that she, as a person, is worthless without doing so.

Without being perfect.

So Kara keeps her eyes, her ears, extra open the next time Eliza comes for dinner.

She tries to keep a lid on the shame burning inside her that it took her so long to realize, took her so long to realize that Alex’s extreme anxiety, extra drinking, around Eliza was actually a response to emotional abuse wrapped in love, not an overreacting paranoia that was kind of cute but not that serious.

She tries to keep a lid on her own shame, because she’s been talking with Maggie about it – drinking with Maggie about it – and Maggie is nothing if not straight-up with her.

“Should you have realized when you got older, Little Danvers? Sure. But when you were a kid? Kara, your entire planet had just died, you had no one. You had to restrain yourself in ways I can’t even begin to imagine, and it… of course you just wanted someone to care for you like Eliza did. And you know what the point of beating yourself up for not realizing it sooner is? There is none. Absolutely none. Point is, you’re realizing now, and you can validate Alex now, and that’s what you’ve gotta focus on, okay?”

So she tries to keep a lid on her own shame, so she can be at her best when Eliza comes over next.

She brings pie and Kara groans in ecstasy, and she brings tiramasu and Maggie thanks her profusely, but both little sister and girlfriend exchange tense glances behind Eliza’s back when Alex’s face falls, because Eliza hasn’t brought anything for her.

“You’re always going through so many different food phases, Alex – almost obsessively healthy some weeks, carelessly unhealthy other weeks – I can’t keep track of all that, dear.”

Alex grimaces and Kara steps forward. “Next time just ask me, Eliza: I always know what Alex is eating these days, so if you want to surprise her, I can help!”

“You’re so thoughtful, Kara dear,” Eliza praises, and Maggie squeezes Alex’s hand as Alex rolls her eyes and bites her lip.

Kara flushes.

That didn’t work.

She’ll have to try harder.

Eliza gives her the opportunity again when they’re sitting down to dinner, and Eliza wants to know why Alex could have not recognized Rick Malverne until it was too late, how she could have let herself get her sister put into such an impossibly position, and of course she did a wonderful job keeping herself alive until Kara and Maggie could rescue her, but really, Alexandra, how could she have let it come to that in the first place?

Alex guzzles root beer like it’s whiskey and Maggie is about to speak, her hand on Alex’s thigh, but Kara beats her to it.

“Eliza, Alex has been through hell and back, and I love you, Eliza, you know I do, but you don’t get to speak to my sister that way. She did things that you can’t even imagine to keep herself alive, to keep me safe. She would have died for me, protecting me, and she almost did. And if there’s anyone to blame for all this, anyone whose fault this whole Rick Malverne thing is? Other than him? It’s mine.”

“Kara, don’t – “

“No, Alex, it’s true.. It’s true and it doesn’t matter how many times you tell me it’s not my fault: Eliza clearly wants to assign blame, and I understand that. I do, too. And it’s Rick’s fault. But it’s also mine. Mine, because I was the one who didn’t listen to Alex – Alex, who you unfairly put in the position of caring for a devastated child when she was just a child herself – and ran to the scene of that car crash. I exposed myself to Rick, and I was the one he was using Alex to try to manipulate. Alex is a hero, Eliza, and I know you love her, I do, I know, but you need to start talking to her like you do. Or you can leave my home until you’re ready to give Alex the respect she deserves.”

Her voice trembles and she adjusts her glasses with trembling fingers, and Alex is crying and Eliza’s eyes are wide and Maggie is holding Kara’s shaking hand under the table, biting her lip because Kara is nearly breaking her fingers, but she doesn’t mind because god, Alex’s kid sister really is a hero, isn’t she?

“Kara, I’m sorry I – “

“It’s not me you have to apologize to, Eliza,” Kara interrupts, her voice soft and her voice coated with love. For Eliza, but mostly, mostly, for her sister.

Her sister, who she would die for without a second thought.

Her sister, who would die for her without a second thought.

Her sister, who she lives for, every day.

Her sister, who lives for her, every day.

Her sister, who Eliza spent years emotionally abusing in Kara’s name.

And Kara won’t have it anymore.

“Alexan – Alex – I – Kara’s right. Your sister – you’re sister’s right. I’ve never been fair to you, Alex, and I’ve never… I told you last year to take care of yourself, and I told you I’m not disappointed in you for being gay, but Alex, beyond that, I haven’t… I’ve quite failed you, haven’t I?” She voice quakes and she closes her eyes, counting to ten, a habit she’s acquired when interacting with her oldest daughter over the years.

“I love you, Alex. And I know I haven’t been nearly good enough at expressing it. But I’m going to do better. And when I fail – and I will fail again, I’m sure – I want you to tell me. And I want Kara to tell me. And you, Maggie, sweetie. And Alex, I… I am so proud of you. Of the hero you’ve become. The hero you’ve always been.”

“It took Kara telling you to get you to say all that,” Alex whispers, and Eliza nods sadly.

“Yes. And that isn’t right. I know. But let me try, Alex? Let your mother try?”

Alex grips Maggie’s hand, swiping comforting circles onto her thigh, and Alex leans into Kara’s strong arms. 

“I’ll think about it, Mom. I’ll think about it. Okay?”

Eliza nods, a small, hopeful smile on her face. “That’s all I can ask for, I suppose, isn’t it?”

Alex nods as her lips tremble, and she breathes in her little sister’s scent, focuses on her girlfriend’s touch.

She’s going to be alright. Because these women think she’s perfect, including all her imperfections, even if her mother is still learning that.

Hi, I’m really sorry to bother but I’m extremely worried about Bri (voltron-and-chill67). The anti-shipper that has been harassing her just posted this a little while ago. Is there a way we can contact Tumblr staff about their suicidal thoughts?

There is. I’m sure you’re familiar with the report function, and you can report a Tumblr user as a danger to themselves. This will alert the staff and resources can be sent their way.

But beyond just doing that, and don’t get me wrong I’m not singling you out here because you haven’t done anything wrong, you know what we can do? Not tell people to kill themselves. Not trivialize it when they say they’ve tried or will try. Or how about we just don’t take fandom and made up characters SO FUCKING SERIOUSLY? Look, I don’t give a single fuck what your thoughts on otayuri are. I don’t care if you’re an anti or one of the biggest shippers on this website. This, what’s happening? This is toxic. I almost lost a friend last night to this toxicity. I almost relapsed myself because of it. In fact, several of our mutual friends were in a similar headspace as me. In other words, much as I love her and was beyond worried about her, and as glad as I am that she’s okay, Brianna wasn’t the only one that could have been a victim here.

Because of one asshole who thought that trivializing suicide because of two made up characters was a good idea.

I’ve been lucky enough not to get antis on my blog, and I’m sure that after posting this, I’ll be getting some, but my point still stands. Otayuri, or any other ship for that matter, is not worth someone’s life.

Lets talk a little bit about her.

She’s insecure and overeacting all the time, because she was a housewife her entire life and knew little about the world. But when everything falls apart, she pulled herself together immediately because she still has this sorry ass of mine to take care of. She took over my father’s company, worked through its crisis, became a manager at the age of 46 without any knowledge about construction and architecture. It means she had to learn everything from the scatch, with plenty of help from others but still, her will to raise me decently was the only motivation she has.

She’s also very beautiful and charming, which I inherited none (lol) Sometimes I think if I resemble her more perhaps I will be more attractive? She totally agree because she thinks Im so stubborn but she said Im the most beautiful creature she has ever known. She never once thought of me anything close to ugliness, ever. I’m her pride and joy.

She doesn’t believe in drawing can earn a living and pressure me to get a decent job all the time, which I did. But thats also the reason why I’m not so close to her, I dont really share much with her though I know she is there 100% for me. In her time it was so different as she was raised in war, when everyone has to struggle to survive with everything and living a dream is something unrealistic. It’s not her fault to think that way, and I understand that well.

She likes to spoil her children rotten and wants me to rely on her more. Honestly, with my tendency to be fiercely independent and lonewolf, I hate cring to others and vice versa. I am a totally ass if I feel that my freedom was restricted in any way. We fought a lot when I was younger, she wants me to stay close to her, I want to leave. I made her cry a lot. I think if its not because of her great love, anyone would have left me already. Theres no point in reasoning with people like me, but she tried her best. Now I had already left, she just learnt to accept the fact that Im all grown up and take care of my own life. She would sigh sometimes “Why do you have to be so stubborn you can have a easier life you know? I’m so worry”

She’s a super being that I can’t never compare myself to, and will always respect with all my heart.

She’s increadible, kind, strong, loving mom of mine.

How Anatole Fucked Shit up for every War and Peace character who shows up in Great Comet
  • Natasha: Manipulated her and used her and tricked her into ruining her life and nearly ending it. Destroyed her life. Seriously.
  • Hélène: Alright, take a second and think about Hélène. Why do you think she married Pierre? Love? Nah. She married him for his cash and neither of them were happy. I don't hold this against Pierre, who at least at first, truly tried to be a good husband. In the book, it's made evident that the whole reason Hélène needs to marry a man as rich as Pierre is because her father is broke. Why is his father broke? Cuz Anatole has spent all his money gambling and seducing women. So yeah. Anatole's fault.
  • Andrey Bolkonsky: Okay this one is easy. It's pretty straightforward but it's even sadder if you look at War and Peace, where it's abundantly clear that Andrey is a profoundly unhappy man and some of the only happiness he has in the book is with Natasha. And Anatole was at least partially responsible for taking that away from him.
  • Balaga: Never pays him? Like I know Balaga doesn't ask for pay but I still feel like paying him would be good. Also he gets him really drunk while he's driving. Honestly he doesn't do much to be responsible for Balaga's problems because Balaga is not important enough to have problems.
  • Fedya Dolokhov: Well in the book he never really gets his shit fucked up by Anatole but I'll say two things, one of which is that, Anatole doesn't listen to him when he is like the only person who tries to help him and keep him from being a bag of shit, and secondly, in the musical, since the duel was moved from Volume II Part I to Part V, it creates the implication that Natasha's love letter from Anatole was written by Dolokhov while he lay ill at his mother's recovering from a gunshot wound which is not, I'm sure, the ideal time to write a love letter.
  • Marya "Mary" Bolkonsky: Um alright this wasn't totally his fault just cuz it would have been a terrible situation for everyone but Anatole was supposed to be married to Mary but within like ten minutes of meeting with her already started hitting on her friend which was generally just a really mean move, and really hurt her already poor self image.
  • Marya Dmitrieva Akhrosimova: Marya is really a strong protective figure and she tries really hard to be good to Natasha and it's really sad that she has to feel like a failure because Anatole is a lying manipulative ass.
  • Old Prince Nikolai Bolkonsky: (I put in his name cuz I just like to note @ tolstoy fight me for including three separate Nikolais two of whom are named Nikolai Andreevich Bolkonsy. Fuck you.) Doesn't really have a lot of problems but I'll say even though he's batshit and not the best father that is really the only job he has at this point is being a father? And just like. Look what Anatole did to his kids.
  • Pierre Bezukhov: Okay, I know I've already said Helene was unhappy in the marriage, but Helene was a terrible wife who cheated on him a lot and wasted his life away and make no excuses was the main cause of his alcoholism and depression. But she never would have married him if Anatole didn't make Prince Vassily (his father) broke. Also the first person in the book to put a drink in his hand is Anatole, who says "finish it" even though Pierre says he does not want to.
  • Sonya Rostova: Endangered her closest friendship, with Natasha who I say again, though she still shared responsibility for her infidelity, was manipulated.
So I did a thing...

And now I’m broke…

A bit of background. I have been a Kpop fan/Shawol since around Summer of 2014. And, of course, initially, I was not gonna buy merch. “You don’t need to start all that mess, miss extreme emotional dependence on objects. CHILL.” 

………Clearly this resolution was not successful. 

Last month, I was diagnosed with endometriosis, which explains the pain and declining health I was experiencing over the course of my time with SHINee. So, if you can, just picture me, rewarding/bribing myself for functioning… with SHINee items. This is how a cabinet like this comes to be.

So I thought I would share a few of the process pictures because I’m a ghost and I never talk to you guys even though, I love all of you with all of my whole heart. Attn: Everyone I follow and have never talked to. 

Ok, so… a story of me and shawol mom. I was gonna buy a janky $130 cabinet that was broken and probably not structurally sound at all, but my mom was like, “you can’t put SHINee in a janky cabinet, SHINee deserves better than this.” So she made me go to 6 stores to look before I made a decision, which of course, this beautiful cabinet, which was exactly what I had envisioned, was at the first one, and that is how I ended up with an $800 cabinet. My mom matched my half, because its pretty much her fault I spent all my money. 

(My room is in transition so please ignore my weird bed stuff.) 

I laid out all my smalls in preparation for cabinet loading. Although, I was not going to collect merch, you can now count among the things I collect: albums, posters, lightsticks, photocards, magazines, seasons greetings, photobooks, plush dolls, photos, sticker sets, postcards, polaroids, buttons, banners, balloons, and miscellaneous. 

Some were blurry, I left those out…

Fun Fact: My mother, who hacked into my bank account to do my taxes because she was bored, calculated that I spent 40% of my income on SHINee last year. 

That’s about $10,000.

but includes travel expenses for when I lugged my entirely not ok self all over the country and saw SHINee 4 times…

Here is a video: You can hear authentic sounds such as my mom’s murder shows and me humming because leaning over is hard for me, so I make noise. 

Loaded cabinet images:

Technically my neck pillow is not SHINee but it holds Jinkibunny up. Foxkey has a bib. 

Lightstick collection. 

The greatest photo in the history of forever.

I like to call this the flat stuff pile.

Magazines, Photobooks, Seeks, and that one freakishly large album….

Jinki peeking. Those black binders hold my photocard collection, they are both bursting full. I need another one. 

Smalls I couldn’t figure out what to do with…

Special shout out image for my beloved jinki-bunny, Rinn. My first real shawol friend. That bracelet has been in the presence of SHINee 5 times. Also, jink-is, excellent shawol bud. 


If anybody cares or even got this far, I was really exhausted by this point so I just stuck whatever album I grabbed on there and called it good. I’ll organize at a later date. 

and because I probably won’t post again for another 2 years, let’s end on a selfie or 5. 6?

Surgery selfie!

Puppy selfie!

Lena vs. the gigantic fork for NO REASON DALLAS!!! selfie.

Pretending I ever looked this good in my life selfie.


Excruciating pain for over a year could not stop me. Surgery 9 days before I took this picture did not stop me. I will go and ooze love out of my pores and beam love and pride and happiness out of my soul so hard that it hits SHINee and they fall down because they are worth everything. This is the only picture I took in Dallas and its the only one I need. 

You’re Not Stupid

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Request: @lani-lira

2) It’s not my fault your stupid 

36) What did you just call me?

Authors note: I am so sorry it took forever to get this published, and I hope that you think it its kind of ok. I think its ok, but this was my first request so I hope I did alright. 

Come on y/n this isn’t too hard!” Barry yelled at her. She groaned frustrating as she carded her fingers through her hair. “Stop yelling at me! You’re not helping me!” She cried out, staring down at the paperwork that laid on the desk.  There was nothing on that paper that made sense to her, and it made her feel useless every second.  Barry groaned and pushed him off the desk chair, obviously very discouraged from y/n’s inability to learn the material he was trying to teach her. “Y/n you have to try to learn this stuff!” He scolded at his intern.

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This Isn’t Happening- Chapter 1

She was absolutely certain that Jared freaking Leto was staring at her. Then she shook her head and pinched herself because of course he wasn’t. Was he? No. That’s ridiculous. Just stop. Was he pointing in her direction? She turned her head slowly, trying to see what he was pointing towards, but there was nothing behind her but empty space. The guy he was talking to laughed and Jared lightly punched his arm. Jennifer kept walking down the path, eyes down, focusing on the packed dirt beneath her feet. The fangirl side of her brain was obviously giving her delusions.

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// things i’m gonna ignore: the fact that milestones usually happen every 100s, me missing what should have been raka’s second milestone at 300 because i do mine every 150 (because i can), and taliyah being ahead by ~30 on what should have been her first milestone. oops.

// but holy chucklenuts you guys. i’ve only been here for like, a month and a half ?? but i already know that coming back to the league rp community, despite all its faults, is the best decision i’ve made to close off 2k16. so here’s a bit of an appreciation to show everyone who’s stuck with me so far, with special mention to a couple of amazing individuals i’ve come to know.

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// pretty sure i missed zillions of people i should have tagged, but i’m afraid i’m only human!! if you think you should be on either list but aren’t there, it’s not because i think you’re bad, or don’t like you. i’m just a horribly forgetful person! i swear, i love every single one of you <33

// also throwing out a special mention to @eternal-life-endless-torture. it’s me, buddy. i’m back.

  • Aaron: Carry on without us, why don't you?
  • Chas: Sorry, we were starving.
  • Charity: And gasping. Soz.
  • Harriet: Er... am I up?
  • Aaron: Erm, well, no offence, but we kind of did our own thing.
  • Harriet: Wow. Well, then in that case, I'll bless you with gin and tonic and enjoy the party.
  • Chas: Your own thing?
  • Robert: Yeah, we did it somewhere a little bit less...
  • Chas: Hideous?
  • Robert: Yeah.
  • Aaron: Sorry.
  • Chas: No, I'm sorry we... we put you off. Oh, come here! Mmm, oh, baby! Aww... (hugs Aaron and then Robert)
  • Robert: Liv doesn't think it's her fault or anything, does she?
  • Chas: No, no, no. I er... Well, I caught her with the bubbly. So she's gone for a lie down.
  • Aaron: Mum!
  • Chas: What? It was one glass on an empty stomach. I watched her like a hawk but you know what she's like, she's sneaky.
  • Charity: (rings bell) Good news, everybody. It wasn't a barney, and they got wed!
  • (cheering and applause)
  • Adam: Get in, mate, nice one!
  • Aaron: Mate? You're no mate of mine, you liar!
  • Adam: Oh, come on, Robert made me do it, don't be like that!
  • Vic: I am made up for the pair of youse.
  • Diane: Me, too. Congratulations, pet. Oh, do you know, if your Dad could see you today...
  • Aaron: Oh, Diane, you haven't got a drink, come on. No good, is it?
  • Diane: Ooh, brownie points to the new son-in-law. Break his heart and you're dead, though. Just saying.
  • (chuckles, cheering)
  • Zak: (bringing the welly) Come on, son. Let's be having you.
  • Robert: Eh?
  • (laughter)
  • Chas: Now the welly!
  • All: Drink from the welly! Drink from the welly! Drink from the welly!
My mother loved me, but she was never supportive, never there when I needed her, and never understanding. She was always right, and I was never good enough. She tore me down, made me feel worthless and stupid every day of my life, and responded to my insecurities and needs with sarcasm and insults. I know that she loved me. But she was never there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry on or a problem I needed help with. “What the fuck do you want me to do?” Was her favorite response to me.
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Forget Me Not - Bambam

I got some inspiration from an episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ it’s a great show btw.

Hope you enjoy <3

- Admin

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I listened to this while writing, it adds to the angst effect <33

You felt the familiar strange feeling, the second you stepped into the building.

It had become a second home to you now, just not the one you want to go to. You knew who were behind these many doors. You’d made some friends, while staying here. Some were for life, some were to avoid the thick loneliness, and the haunting thoughts, of thinking that you were dying, and some of them were.

Nurses, dressed in white from head to toe, were rushing by. You bit your lip as you walked down the hall, that smelled like plastic and new magazines. Stopping in front of the door, you took a deep breath before gently knocking.

“Come in” His raspy voice said, making you turn the handle and step inside the room.

“Hey” You said as you closed the door, and leaned against it. Your eyes fell down on his body, that were laying on the bed, covered in the thin comforter with blue dots.

His silver hair had lost some of it’s color, and the circles under his eyes were heavy and dark.

“Hi” He said as he slowly sat up.

You neared him, sitting on the edge of the bed, 2 feet from him.

“Are you” You cleared your throat. “Better?” You finished as you repositioned yourself on the bed.

Bambam took the pillow that was behind him, and hugged it close to his chest.

“I guess, the food is still horrible though” He chuckled, his eyes wandering the room, avoiding your boring gaze.

“Are the nurses nice?” You pushed, feeling the need to keep the conversation going.

“They’re okay” He trailed off. You sighed and looked towards the door. You patted the bed and got up, heading towards the door.

“I uhm, I have to go” You smiled awkwardly and opened the door.

You quickly stepped out, but caught his quiet “goodbye” before closing the door. Running your hands over your face, you pressed your back against the wall. Ever since the accident, he’d been like that. Everyday. For 3 months. Some days were worse than others, and the last couple of days, had been pure hell. You knew deep down, that it was all your fault, and you still woke up at 3 am, reaching over to his side of the bed, hoping he was there to comfort you. 

But he never was.

The nightmares were constant and the need to feel him was constant too. You missed him so badly, even though he was right in front of you. 

But he wasn’t the same. And he would never be. That was what the doctors had told you, when you were stable enough to have a normal conversation.

“Ms, are you okay?” A gentle, feminine voice asked, making you open your eyes and retreat your hands from your face. You looked at the woman in front of you, and recognized her immediately. She was your nurse from when you were hospitalized. And your favorite one at that.

“Y-yes, I’m fine” You replied, your voice cracking.

She scrunched her eyebrows and looked at you.

“Sweetie, your mascara is running and you look like a mess. Come with me” She said and quickly grabbed your wrist and dragged you with her.

Confused to say the least, you were as you sat in front of her, in a room that apparently was her office, considering there were pictures of her, a man and 2 beautiful children.

“Do you want some water?” She asked, and held a glass of water out in front of you.

You gratefully took the glass and took a sip.

“Thank you” You said, looking around the room.

“How are you doing, Y/N?” She asked, folding her hands on her desk, as she was looking at you.

You looked at her.

“I’m, okay I think”

“You don’t have to lie to me. I do know you a little bit” She said, her tone cold and hard.

You felt your lips wobble and a tear made it’s way down your cheek.

“It’s-its-I’m sorry. It’s my fault. All my fault” You whimpered, looking at her through your blurry vision.

“What do you mean, dear?” She asked, reaching out and taking your hand in hers.

“It’s my fault, he’s like this. He doesn’t even remember me! I tore his future and past away from him” You cried, your voice breaking. Your cheeks were itchy from the salty tears.

“You are not responsible for a drunk driver Y/N, it was not your fault” She answered, squeezing your hand tightly.

“He doesn’t know who I am. He doesn’t know who his own f-fiancee is, Doctor” You choked on your own words, feeling your face getting hotter.

“But who says he won’t Y/N? He needs time”

You pulled your hand from hers and got up from the green chair.

You lightly bowed and hurried out the door, ignoring her calls after you, and ran out of the hospital.

You were about to knock, before the door opened, revealing a nurse, a clipboard in her hand a a tray of half eaten food in the other.

“Oh! Hello Y/N” She smiled brightly at you. You smiled back at her and was about to enter before she stopped you.

“He’s happy today” She simply said, before running off. You shook your head at her comment, before entering the room.

True to her words, there he was, a big smile plastered on his face. He was almost too worked up to sit still. You closed the door and walked towards him.

“What’s gotten to you Jag-Bams?” You froze at the thought of all the things that could’ve gone wrong in that moment. You balled your hands into fists and tried to loosen up, repeating in your head, that it was only close.

“Yah Y/N!” He quickly said, as he got up and jumped towards you. He looked you deep in the eyes before getting even closer.

“I can trust you, right?” He whispered, and looked around the room was if someone was listening.

“Of course” You stated, chuckling at the question.

Bambam quickly ran behind the bed and bowed down. He got up and ran back towards you, his arms behind his back.

“What are you hiding Bams?” You asked, your curiosity getting the best of you.

Bambam looked down and bit his lip, before pulling a red, heart shaped box out from behind his back. A light pink card was plastered to the little bow, that was tied around the box.

“What is it?” You asked and took the box from his hands.

“Uhm, you see”

He giggled before turning the card around for you to see. You brought the box closer to your face, and saw a name written on the card.

‘To: Yung Soo’ it said.

“Bam, wha-”

“Y/N, I think I’m in love”