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NANA Week - Day 4:  Cake


#16- Pajamas

You know, this started off all nice and sweet and cuddly. Coffee, couches, cuddles- lazy morning type stuff. Idk what happened. 

Sorry, my dear anon >w<

【ダイヤのA】 day 1: childhood → smol!miyumei on cleaning duty °u°


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ESSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!aka @essiesims!!!!!

ESSIE YOU ARE LOVED!! I’m so glad that we’ve became so close this year. You’re the magnifying glass to my sleuthing #DAREALONES. You’re an amazing person and I love everything about you. Never stop being the amazing individual you are!! #staywOKE I’m still waiting on the day we all move to Tokyo so we can turn up whilst eating all of teh sushi. I hope all of your wishes come true because you deserve it all bb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *is hugging u telepathically* I LOVE YOU!!!!!! I’m taking a shot as a toast to many more years of friendship bc I’ll never leave u alone!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOOOOO

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Hey beautiful! May I please make a request for a smut scenario with Seo In Guk and he's celebrating Y/N's birthday with her. Also it's been weeks since y/n has seen him so she's really desperate for him but he teases her. -😤thirsty anon

Birthday Princess:

“Wake up birthday princess.” A deep voice rumbled next to your ear causing your body to jerk you wide awake. Looking around all you could see was pitch black and you felt a bit scared. Terror gripping at your heart it took you a minute to settle down. “Aww, I can’t believe my princess has forgotten me. It’s only been a few weeks and you’re this way. I suppose I’ll have to kidnap you and start bringing you with me.” Seo teased you, his husky voice ringing through your half sleep ears. Whining softly, you ended up sitting up on your ass tilting your head lifting your hands up to feel the lace fabric around your eyes. Smiling sheepishly, you tilted your head to the sound of his voice.

“It’s not nice to scare people like this daddy.” You reminded softly, your voice wavering as you reached up to let your hands untie the blindfold but his larger hands stopped you from doing so. He smiled down at you though you couldn’t see it.

“It’s not my fault you slept like a bear this morning. You didn’t even feel me move your body or hear the pots and pans falling down as I so horrible tried to cook for you. And I’m more than thankful that my fiancé is a heavy sleeper.” Seo teased leaning forward to brush his lips against your burning cheeks and then against your soft lips.

“It’s my birthday, no mocking me.” You whined softly lifting your hands up to his strong chest feeling every defined muscle. Your mind had only one thing on its mind right now and that was how to get him in the bed with you at this minute. Your lips pressing against his again without much thought, you weren’t hesitant to let out a loud seductive moan against his lips as he gave a soft growl to harshly press his lips back against yours. He chuckled pulling back from the kiss leaving you whining and weak, frowning because he had essentially told you no and didn’t he want you as much as you had been wanting and craving him since he was gone?

“If I touch you now.. There’s no way this little pussy won’t be sore and you will be able to move out of this bed. Let’s wait and I promise it’ll be worth it. Besides, your pancakes will get cold.” Seo moved the blindfold off your face causing you to squint from the bright light smiling nervously at him you looked around to see the room decorated in your favorite colors. Balloons everywhere and rose petals on the floor, it looked like a scene out of a movie. Seo chuckled at your reaction going to get the tray of food he had you. Moving your body to rest against the headboard you watched him sit the silver standing plater on either side of you. The plates were filled with eggs, pancakes hash-browns, sausages, and fruit. Orange juice on the night stand beside you it was a simply perfect breakfast. “Enjoy princess while I freshen up.” Seo kissed the tip of your nose walking off into the bathroom stripping off his clothes knowing you loved how sexy his body was whenever he was naked in front of you.

“Tease!” You mumbled forking pancakes in your mouth pouting. He only laughed and cracked the door leaving you there with your food which you gobbled up like you were starving. Usually you didn’t eat like that and even in front of him you had gotten comfortable with him but not that comfortable enough to eat like you were a starving woman, his food was so delicious. He cooked it like he had love in his heart. It didn’t take you long at all to eat your food, sipping on your orange juice you had it in your mind to go ahead and clean up because he had already done so much for you. It seems your boyfriend had other plans as well, coming out with just a towel around his waist he picked you up and plucked the plate from your hands setting you down in the bathroom.

“I need you to go ahead and get dressed. We have a long day ahead of us.” He nodded moving to shut the door as he walked from the bathroom. “Also, don’t try to be slick you’re not allowed to touch yourself in the shower. I know how long you take.” He threatened closing the door with a thud sound. Sticking out your tongue at him, you stripped yourself of your clothes stepping into the tub humming as the water hit your skin. The hot water falling onto your skin steaming up the bathroom was the best feeling in the world. You wanted to test Seo, to quickly rub one out because how would he know if you did it? You’d be cleaning yourself soon after. Going back and forth with this debate you decided to go for it only for the door to open and your fiancé to walk in winking at you like he knew what you were up to. Sighing heavily, you shut off the water. Getting out and wrapping your own towel around your waist you were caught off guard when Seo pulled you close to his body.

“You’re so impatient minx. I know you want that pussy bust wide open. Just let me build you up this once and I promise I’ll fuck every ounce of strength that you use to be angry with me.” He kissed your lips slowly, your knees bucking and stomach clenching harshly at his words. You were convinced he was the devil himself teasing you like this. He pulled away from your lips and ushered you into your cold room where you saw a box on the bed. Groaning out loud causing him to laugh you opened the set turning red once again. In the box was a see through pink shimmering dress that stopped at your bare thighs, pulling it out you noticed it was low cut and had a two ribbon strands on the back of it that Seo would need to tie. Along with that outfit, you had baby blue lace matching sets. A bra with soft ribbon decorations underlining the underside of your breasts and blue lace panties that had a tiny bow in the front. There was a blue garter belt and light blue thigh highs that connected to the garter belt. Once you had everything on you looked in the mirror biting harshly on your bottom lip. The dress was tight fitting showing off your curves and breast that didn’t leave for the imaginary. You wondered how he was going to let you walk out the house today in this and not rip you apart. Looking back in the box you saw a baby blue collar with a pink heart on it and on the inside of it you had on your name on one side and ‘daddy’s’ on the other side. Smiling you clasped it around your neck, going to your curlers and curling your hair before you pinned it in a high bun with pieces of your hair down by your ear. Putting on the pink studs he brought you, your hands worked together to quickly to put on your makeup for him and look presentable. Seo emerged from the bathroom his eyes staring you heatedly up and down biting on his lip and it made you nervous.

“Damn, I knew you would look good but. I didn’t know.. Fuck I’m teasing myself too with this.” Seo almost gave a husky whine pressing his hips into yours. He only had on black slacks his semi-erect bulge pressing against your ass. His hands gripped at your hips harshly, he moved you to bend your body forward your ass sticking out more, his fingertips trailing up and down your legs and inside thighs against your thigh highs and lace.

“W-we can’t I’m still really tight from not having you inside of me and I don’t want to be sore if you’re dragging me around.” You tried to reason though you really wanted him to tear it up from behind. It took you all this work and you would be damned if you didn’t go out with him and get shown off. Seo nodded rubbing his bulge against your panties. He leaned over with his chest to your back whispering in your ear.

“Fine, but I swear as soon as I get you back into this house your ass s mine and I’m going to keep going even after your screaming and digging your nails into my skin begging me to stop.” Seo bit softly on your earlobe before he pulled back to slap your ass. You chewed on your bottom lip hooding your eyes and you nodded your head huffing. “Oh and here.” Seo gave you another box, a shoe box he didn’t wrap and you smiled sitting down on the bed. Opening the box, you saw the pink high heels with the heel part decorated in blue gems.

“I look like cotton candy.”

“Well now you will have no problem with me eating you, up, will you?” He asked rhetorically before he watched you get ready for him. Standing up once you were done he turned you around tying the black bow on your back slapping your ass once again. He grabbed your hand holding it as he led you out of the house and to the car.

The whole day was filled with laughter and love between the toy of you. You were so happy that he was here for your birthday the love of your life just continued to surprise you. First, he took you to the old antique shops that you loved to buy little things from. And then he took you out to an art exhibit attached to a museum. Taking you to the malls there and even out to two restaurants if he even thought your stomach was growling. Laughter was one of the things you had always had when you were with him. He was your everything, your twinkling star and though he was famous you loved how he showed you off and took you everywhere. Of course, people gave you looks but who cares when your boyfriend is the greatest eye candy every? When the night was setting, your stomach started to feel like butterflies were escaping your tummy because you were so nervous about what was going to happen. He drove you back home and the car was filled with music but the air felt thick and heavy.

“You know I’m ready to fuck you into the mattress, right?” His voice was deep and you could feel the lust drip off every word that was spoken to you.

“Mmm..” You moaned in agreement moving to press your legs tight against each other.

“I’m just glad you know. But when I let my tongue press deep into your walls I don’t want you holding back those cute little whines for me.” Seo gripped at your thighs spreading them wide open so that you couldn’t shut them. You whined grabbing at his hand but you didn’t move your hand to stop him. His fingertips traced soft circles on the inside of your things, the pads of his fingers pressing down against you close to your heat causing you to squirm and let out a loud moan because his teasing was the best. Hearing you lose yourself however caused him to press his foot down against the pedal harder getting you both to the house quicker. Once you were there he made no move to wait getting you out of the car. He carried you towards the house, unlocking the door as his lips found your neck sucking harshly on the skin, his fingers fumbled to hold the keys steady. You laughed but that was something wrong to do because he paused staring at you. “If I don’t get in here in the next few minutes I’m fucking you outside in front of everyone to see.” He admitted but it was lucky for you that the door pushed open at the same time.

Once he was in the house he slammed the door with his foot taking off his shoes he led you towards your shared room dropping you on the bed. He rolled you over to undo the bow tie that was around your waist his hands stropping below to rub against your lower back. He moved back taking off his jacket and shirt. Undoing his pants, he climbed on the bed helping you get undressed quickly letting you stay in the undergarments that he chose for you and your heels. Moving to the head of the bed he grabbed at silk ties, tying up your wrists to the headboard and then dropped his pants on the floor. He moved to press your legs wide open, down against the mattress he stare up at you tilting his head. He leaned down to lick your wet pussy through your panties causing you to whine. He smirked biting down on the fabric gently nuzzling his nose against your clit through your panties. He pulled them down with his teeth after he felt enough teasing was done, using his hand to undo the thigh highs that you had on stripping you down to just your bra.

“The thing I love about this bra.” He started as he leaned down with his chest against yours, his toned legs against your inside thighs. His hands worked to unclip the straps from your bra making it completely strapless before he took it off you and tossed it aside. “It functions greatly for situations like this.” His hands groped at your breast and he let his index and thumb pinch softly against your nipples. His fingers flicking over the flesh he smiled down at you teasingly. Your heart was beating hard in your chest, and your legs would give a quiver every time you felt his warm flesh going against your hardened nipples. He leaned down latching his lips onto your breast sucking on them and kneading them. Your back arched, loud cries of his name rolled off your lips as he teased you. His tongue flicking against your heated flesh. He leaned closer to your body starting to grind his hips down against yours. Your reaction was to moan even louder balling up your hands your fingertips digging into your flesh. Your hips were needy and quick your breast hard and body needy for the man that was on top of you. He pressed his hips down harder against yours and you could feel the wetness from his bulge. His precum staining against his boxers. Seo pulled back kissing down your body throwing your legs over his shoulder. His tongue immediately pressing deep into your pussy. He started to waste no time eating you out sloppily letting his tongue graze against every inch of your pussy. You were a panting mess your hips bucked up harshly to fuck his face, your orgasm felt like it was coming soon. It didn’t matter that he had been gone for some time the way that his tongue curved and flicked against your spot made you realize that he hadn’t forgotten your spots or how you tasted. He ate you out like he was starving trying to get every last drop of you, his hands gripping onto your hips his lips wet with your essence as his head shook side to side. He moaned against your pussy causing the vibrations to hit your clit and shoot up your spine. Crying out you jerked harder feeling yourself lose control but before you could cum he pulled back looking at you with a wild grin. He cleaned his mouth with the back of his hand chuckled lightly.

“Soon princess. But only with me.” He nodded his head, pulling down his boxers to reveal his hardened shaft that hit his lower stomach and he looked at you tilting his head. He moved to rub his hips against yours his tip pressing against your clit as he rubbed his shaft up and down your slit circling his hips. “Can I cum inside? Or is it too soon?” He asked leaning down to bite on your bottom lip.

“I want.. A creampie daddy.” You teased with your own husky moan lust filled eyes meeting that of the beast.

“Overflowing that pussy huh? You got it baby, I’ll fill you up to the brim.” He grinned happily as he moved to press his tip against your entrance. He slowly pushed inside of you letting his eyes rest into yours. He groaned softly feeling how tight your walls wrapped around his dick as he pushed back the tight opening. “I’ve dreamed about fucking this pussy back open. I want to make sure you mold yourself against me again baby.” He smirked but it was cut quick with you tightening around him. He growled moving his hands up to grab at your hips as he buried himself to the hilt looking down at your body. He started to thrust his hips against yours slowly making you gasp out in slight pain. He leaned down to kiss your lips sucking on your bottom one, he tried to distract you from the pain giving you time to adjust of course because he didn’t want to make you too sore. He felt you nod your head against his forehead. He started to slam himself into your tight pussy, he went slow at first letting you feel how deep he could enter inside of you. He rolled and ground his hips down against yours moaning your name out every time he pressed in with his balls slapping against your ass. He started to pick up speed quickly slamming into you with powerful thrusts that pinned your hips down against the mattress. You couldn’t keep up with him you just had to sit there and take it, your breath failing you because he was hitting all the right spots. Your quick pants that were turned into louder cries. He enjoyed it basking in it and every moment and not letting his eyes break from your face that twisted in pleasure. Your eyes screwed shut and your eyebrows knitted together as you willingly let your pussy wrap tighter around him. You were close your stomach tightening and back arching off the bed. He teased you with his sinful words, his fingers pressing against your clit he rubbed fast and hard helping your orgasm shoot through your body. Your mouth dropped open and his name left your lips like a mantra. Everything felt like fire. In a few more thrusts Seo was joining you mixing your cum together as he lost himself in you. Slowly he brought the down the pace riding out your orgasms together. He leaned over you letting his body rest on his elbows so that he didn’t press too hard against you.

“Happy birthday princess.” He said once again kissing you sweetly pushing his hips against yours burying himself even deeper inside of you.  


My Freckled Lady
Julie Andrews by George Konig, 1954

One of our favourite images of the young Julie, aged 18. This charming portrait by freelance photographer, George Konig, was taken just before Julie departed England for New York to star in The Boy Friend

Freckles and pearls, the shot enchants with its arresting liminality. Barely weeks away from her nineteenth birthday, Julie is poised here on the cusp of both womanhood and extraordinary stardom. The young girl from Walton-on-Thames may not yet realise it but her life is about to change forever.

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Art prompt: something from one of aenariasbookshelf's fics please. It's her birthday this week so it would be a nice surprise if you drew something inspired by her words. She may cry though. She will definitely cry.

From @aenariasbookshelf‘s Cruel, Cruel World as an extraordinarily late birthday gift from @typhoidmeri. Typical me, picked the least porny scene from a highly porny fic but I really loved the homeliness of Darcy arriving in horrible weather to Bucky snoozing on the sofa, like they were just in their own little burrow. 

Thank you for your prompt! idk if aenaria will cry but i definitely did doing the staircase. 

im drawing nasty clown troll for my friends late birthday present

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what about flying?? like, the flight to copenhagen. where one of them is surely scared of flying and the other has to chill them tf out :D

“Becs, are you, like, okay?” 

Beca heard Chloe’s voice from somewhere outside the world she was currently paralyzed in, and when she blinked through the haze of panic, Chloe’s features slowly became clearer until Beca found herself latching onto the dark blue speckles in her eyes to stay grounded. 

She tried to speak, tried to respond in some way to the worry on Chloe’s face, but when she opened her mouth, all that came out was a croak. She swallowed, shaking her head and trying again. “Yeah, no, totally fine. Nothing to see here,” she said, fiddling with the seams of the seatbelt and letting out of quick breath of air to reward herself for getting the sentence out in a semi-convincing manner. 

She forgot, however, how her tendency to word vomit was nearly as strong as Aubrey’s tendency to actually vomit. So the breath she exhaled quickly became a nervous mumble. 

“Just, like, a girl sitting on a flying metal death-trap who’s not thinking at all about the fact that she’s about to fly over hundreds of miles of ocean, where, were the plane to crash, they could disappear completely without a trace.” When she paused, she realized what she’d said, coughing and sending a shaking hand to scratch at the edge of her temple. “But, like,” puffing out her cheeks to breathe out casually, Beca glanced up at the ‘fasten seatbelt’ sign, “Nothing to see here.” 

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Hello! Both my friend and I LOVE your art style, and it's going to be her birthday next week, and I was wondering if you could draw Marth with a happy birthday cake or something like that ^^ thanks in advance! :)

sorry i took a few days to reply!! tell her i said happy birthday!!