it's her bday tomorrow!

Happy Birthday! by 0ye | Pixiv ID 10341295

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yo this is for @zeldaofhyrule bc its her bday tomorrow!! and it was supposed to be fluff but i am absolute shit at plain fluff so it turned kinda sad at the end so !! sorry wh o o p s

so heres some hylink for yall hope u enjoy

She’s never taken such an interest in a mortal before.

Of course; she loves all of her mortal subjects. They are her children and she loves and protects them all equally, for that is her duty. She prides herself as being a Goddess who lives for the people, unlike her older sisters.

She has never experienced this sort of… favoritism, she supposes is a good word, before.

It’s a strange feeling.

She likes it.

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happy birthday yuri! #HappyYulyulkDay