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Yūri Ep7 gifset process

A little process overview of the Yūri gifset I made:

1) Find the scene you wanna edit. bless this face

2) THE MOST TIME CONSUMING PART: masking out the background. After Effects has a roto tool you can use that auto generates a mask.  SAVES A TON OF TIME, but you still gotta go through each frame to make sure it caught everything (hair is a pain lemme tell you..) You can see me using the roto brush to fix up the mask (right side) in two of the frames, which translates to the actual gif (left side). You can also use Photoshop to mask manually through each frame with the lasso tools but… that’s gonna take way too long especially if the scene has a lot of movement LOL

Result with the background gone (some minor errors later effects will fix):

3) Add your effects, adjustments, and text

And now you have a precious Yūri looking for some praise:

Be sure to check out the full gifset here!

things to remember when you move out

•always have bottled water in your house/apartment
•pay your bills on time
•wash your dishes everyday
•don’t tell anyone you don’t trust you live alone
•call your mom and tell her you love her
•make sure you have extra toilet paper
•remember to close the curtains when changing
•lock all the windows and doors at night/before leaving the house
•double check that the stove is off
•don’t leave lights on too much
•use real plates instead of throwaways
•have flashlights in every room
•fruits and veggies are important
•night lights aren’t just for babies and kids
•electric and water bill are more important than cable
•don’t eat out too much
•do your laundry
•it’s okay to ask for help
•own at least two recipe books
•never lock yourself out
•but don’t hide a spare under a mat/plant
•don’t open the door without knowing who it is
•wash your bed spread a lot
•make sure you always have food in the fridge
•if you feel unsafe call someone
•candy/snacks are not meals




The Signs At The Fair:

Aries: Has their arm stuck in the ski-ball machine up to the elbow. Several workers are attempting to help. They cannot. The ski-ball machine has them.

Taurus: Scaling the tilt-a-whirl with a socket wrench in their teeth.

Gemini: Springing from the shadows and stealing funnel cake from fair-goers. They have a horde in the hall of mirrors.

Cancer: In a fistfight.  

Leo: Waiting in line for something. A cloud of dust circles them continuously. Its hard to get a good look at them.

Virgo: Comforting a crying child by telling them about the fair catacombs.

Libra: Mesmerized by the glass blower. They’ve been there for days. 

Scorpio: Makes sure the haunted house is properly haunted. None of that store bought shit.

Ophiuchus: Stole a horse.

Sagittarius: Has a hotdog. Overjoyed. 

Capricorn: Constantly lost in a crowd. They are effectively invisible. They move among the fair unseen, yet seeing all.

Aquarius: Sitting atop the pancake stand and people watching. Several people have told them to come down. They do not. They are lost in thought.

Pisces: Still in the parking lot. They think that’s the fair.


Chanyeol will protect Baekhyun from the cold with his ’gentle giant hugs

Kyoutani having a hard time showing affection in the beginning of his relationship with Yahaba. 

  • Kyoutani walking close enough that he can pass off the occasional brushes of their shoulders as an accident. 
  • Kyoutani holding onto Yahaba’s shoulder as he balances on one foot to put on his sneakers. 
  • Learning to not reflexively pull away at Yahaba’s more forward touches. 
  • Interlocking pinky fingers while they sit together, because Kyoutani doesn’t have the heart to weave his fingers between Yahaba’s in public. 
  • Yahaba telling Kyoutani ‘its okay’ when Kyoutani pulls his hand away from Yahaba’s face suddenly. 
  • Kyoutani leaning his head against Yahaba’s back after a hard day of classes and practice. 
  • The millisecond of panic when Yahaba nuzzles into Kyoutani’s shoulder and oh my god, what do I do??
  • Kyoutani hating himself after accidentally bruising Yahaba’s waist when they were getting a little heated. 
  • Yahaba covering Kyoutani in kisses because he shouldn’t worry about such things. 
  • Kyoutani waking up from a nightmare and reaching out to touch Yahaba. To make sure he is still there, and twining their fingers together gently. 
  • Kyoutani learning little by little that touch isn’t always a bad thing. 

i found cute the pirate thing so (btw the song is this one)


Anita Sarkeesian vs Rise Kujikawa: or (Why Modern ‘Feminism’ Misses the Point)

I’ll start this off by saying that I am not against feminism in any way… or at least real feminism. I am however, against blatant agenda pushing and the misuse of a term that is meant to signify equality. 

This is a really dumb tweet.
Let’s dissect it. 

A quick analysis tells me a few things:

  • Anita Sarkeesian has clearly never played Persona 4
  • Anita Sarkeesian is judging this character purely by her looks
  • Anita Sarkeesian has absolutely no clue what she is talking about

The character on the press badge is Rise Kujikawa, one of the main characters of the video game Persona 4. Rise, is a 15 year old former Japanese idol who has starred in films, television series, and commercials. Oh, and she’s also a pop star.

Now surely its not too hard to imagine that a pop star would be dressed that way, right? Especially when considering that this is all an advertisement for a DANCING game.

“We idols aren’t just dolls to be gawked at! – You just can’t connect with anyone unless you let them in to see the real you!” - Rise Kujikawa

Rise’s entire character arc throughout Persona 4 revolves around her realization that she is much more than Risette (her idol name).
She gives up all fame and fortune because she is tired of being a sex object and wants to be respected. 
Near the end of her arc, Rise also realizes that there is a part of her that wants to be Risette, and that is perfectly okay.

Rise is perhaps one of the most well written female characters in video game history and to judge her at face value is to spit in the face of all that feminism stands for. 

True feminism is about empowering woman, telling them that they can do anything they want regardless of what society says. Not slut-shaming a fictional character because she has a bit of her midriff showing. 

Okay so it’s safe to assume that Caleb is beefier than Adam. I mean, cmon the boy plays fuckin football; idk if it’s ever been mentioned what position he plays (I’m thinking fs, I really can’t see him not playing defense. Except for maybe wr but still it’s a hard maybe), but like no matter what the boy is probably mostly muscle. And like naturally larger muscles means larger hoodies……I think y'all see where I’m going. I’m not saying that Adam wears Caleb’s hoodies, and that they’re big enough that he can do the whole “sweater paws” thing, and that Caleb may or may not find it fucking adorable, but that’s literally exactly what I’m saying IM TRASH BYE
(also id just like to say that I don’t know everything that’s been confirmed outside of the podcast, I know some stuff but there’s just so much, so if this is actually canon idk. If it is thank u Lauren for blessing me and also I’m gonna lose my gd mind)



hi. sorry about that catchy title, but you have something i need. you speak a language, maybe even multiple languages. you use emotions words everyday.
i’m sure you know that languages have their own emotion words that are very hard to translate to other languages, for example, the word ‘anxiety’ doesn’t really exist in Polish, it is always a challenge to translate it in such way to convey its true meaning. Polish people don’t really feel anxiety, because they don’t have the word for it. i need your help with something: tell me an emotion word that is unique to your language or hard to translate. i’ll ask you a few questions and maybe i’ll write an essay about it using the natural semantic metalanguage (NSM). it’s a linguistic theory, whatever. please help a linguist out. i need an A. i promise i won’t get an F on your precious word. 

i am interested in emotion words from every language except for Polish and English.

you can reply under this post, you can message me privately, i can give you my e-mail, whatever works for you. it would really help me if you reblogged this post, but no pressure

help education.. pretty please? (i am done writing my paper, thank you for your help!)

To all my lgbt, and poc followers please stay safe and if you see any suspicious looking white people- just walk away, call a friend and tell them your location, and ask them to call to check up on you. make sure you have a back up buddy. get pepperspray if its legal. look up selfdefense. we’re about to hit a HARD four years. stay aware. stay safe. 


Request:  Would it be alright to request something? Maybe an Eyeless Jack/Reader where they’re dating but because Jack isn’t the most affectionate/lovey dovey person (in front of others at least) nobody knows and another pasta (Toby or Ben?) tries to innocently ask the reader to date them and Jack gets jealous and possessive over them because they’re his? Or just, possessive/clingy Jack in general really

Requested by Anoymous

A/N: I hope its okay I used Jeff instead of Ben or Toby, it just fit better to me XD So sorry if you dont like it.

Your boyfriend loved you, you knew that. True it was hard to tell to outsiders from lack of affection, but you knew. He showed it in other ways, like making sure you ate after work or making you drink enough water, and things of such nature. He was kind and caring, he simply just didn’t touch you very often. Maybe a mindless hand on the knee during a movie, or a kiss good Morning, but that was it. Many people questioned it, whether he actually gave you what you needed, and you always stood to his defense, telling wondrous stories to prove his love. But all in all, you didn’t care what they thought, you loved EJ, and that’s all that mattered.  

You were currently at the Mansion, sitting in the living room on the couch watching BEN ply video games.

“Hey babe, I’m gonna run out with Hoodie for a bit. Okay?” EJ asks from behind you, you turn and smile, nodding. He smiles back and heads out, you turn your attention back to the TV, ignoring the staring from Jane. She was the worst about questioning you, pushing you about your relationship with EJ. She swore she knew better.  

“Don’t, Jane.” You say, keeping your eyes on the TV. She scoffs, but lets off.  

“MoTHER FUCKER” Ben shouts, throwing his controller down.  

“Hey, calm it kid.” Jeff’s rough voice barks as he walks into the living room.

“Hey sweet cheeks,” He says, walking behind you and touching your shoulders. Jeff was a player, so you never bitched him out for his harmless flirting. You knew it wasn’t personal.  

“Wanna go out with me sometime? I think you and I would make a bitching team.” He says confidently, leaning down to whisper in your ear.

“Just imagine the sex.”  

You scoff and pull off, standing from the couch. You stop immediately when you turn to him, seeing EJ standing right behind Jeff. Suddenly, EJ reaches out and grabs Jeff’s shoulders, pulling him back and shoving him to the floor.

“Listen here shithead.” He growls, standing over him. He presses his shoe into Jeff’s throat, making him sputter and choke.

“Y/n’s mine. MINE. Back off, or I’ll skin you alive, Woods.”  

The room is so quiet you could hear a pin drop, everyone’s holding their breath waiting to see what happens next. EJ sneers and removes his foot, leaving Jeff coughing on the floor. EJ stalks over to you angrily, wrapping his arm around you.  

“Mine.” He whispers, kissing the top of your head. You smile, loving this side of him, and wrap your arms around his waist.

“Forever and always.”

Credence Barebone x Reader Imagine

Originally posted by successfulling

“Imagine to bump into Credence while running away from an arrangend marriage.”
>Requested by Anon<
Today was the worst day in your whole life. You were supposed to marry a man you‘ve never seen before and even worse, your own parents arranged the wedding without telling you. You never expected them to plan something like that but it seemed that they cared more about their reputation than your feelings.
The only way to escape the wedding was to run away and so you did. You didn‘t care about the man you left on the altar and you also didn‘t care about the reputation of your parents, you had to think about yourself and your own luck !

You were lost in thoughts as you ran, still not able to believe what your parents planned for you. Tears in your eyes blurred your eyesight and it didn‘t take long until you bumped into someone. You fell to the floor and the person you ran into dropped a bunch of flyers. You wiped away your tears to clear your eyesight.

„I‘m sorry, I didn‘t see where I was going and I was in a hurry,“ you explained.
The young man which you bumped into didn‘t reply to your excuse, he tried to avoid eye contact and started to collect his flyers before the wind would blow them away.
You helped him to pick up the flyers, then you reached them over to him when you were done.
„Thank you…“ he mumbled quietly.
„No need to thank me, it‘s the least I can do after running you over.“
„It‘s okay, I‘m used to that…“
His words made you feel bad.
„I‘m sorry to hear that.. uhm… listen, I feel really bad for what happened… would you like to eat a piece of cake with me ? I‘ll invite you ! I know a great confectionery in the city.“
The young man hesitated a moment.
„I‘d love to, but the flyers… I get in serious trouble if I don‘t hand them out.“
You took away his flyers and he looked at you with wide eyes, not trying to stop you.
„I‘ll take care of them for you, don‘t worry. So, how about cake now ? Oh, and I didn‘t ask for your name yet ! My name is Y/N, and you are …?“
„My name is Credence.”
“That’s a pretty name, I like it a lot. Want to go ?”
Credence nodded at you and gave you a small smile. He was quite nervous to eat cake with a stranger but he was also happy that you invited him. He hoped to find maybe a friend or more in you.