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Alley Talk

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Fandom: MCU, Daredevil

Characters: Matt Murdock

Pairing: Reader X Matt Murdock

Notes/Warnings: violence, injury

Word count: 1.630

Imagine: Imagine meeting Daredevil one night and helping him. You two end up talking and you tell him you have a crush on your colleague, Matt Murdock.  [x]

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Moving Business Part 4

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Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Genre: Mafia!au

Warnings: Angst, um Violence? Taehyung swears a lot?

Summary: Part of you actually wanted to believe being around Taehyung meant you were going to be safe but after the one and only time he let you out. You slipped from his grasp but not the way you had intended.

(Credit to original owner of gif)

Part (1) (2) (3) (4)


When you woke up in the morning, you were met with Taehyung’s bare back sitting upright and you smiled warmly and sat up,while wrapping your arms around him causing a deep chuckle to emit from him “Well good morning to you too.” He breathed in his raspy morning voice.

You felt somewhat guilty knowing your plan to escape was falling through just because you simply loved him so much. He turned his head slightly and you smiled at his tired face but you gave him a kiss anyway and he turned his whole body and pulled your onto his lap and you giggled as you remembered when you guys would do this when you were younger.

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Fic: Talk Nerdy to Me (Bones x Reader) 1/1.

I don’t know what this is. I wanted to write a short little drabble. It got longer, I got tired, I’m pretty sure it’s ridiculous. But it’s my first foray into Star Trek AOS.

Title: Talk Nerdy to Me

Pairing: Bones x Reader

Summary: Academy-era. Bones isn’t the best flirt, but Jim is a great wingman.

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The pub was overcrowded, a usual sight on an early Friday evening. While you weren’t the biggest fan of crowds, you still found yourself weaving your way to the bar and stealing the last available stool, leaving Jim and Leonard to stand on either side of you.

Jim, all smiles, shouted his drink order to bartender as you and Leonard shared a wary glance. Letting Jim order for the three of you was not the brightest of ideas. Kirk was the king of drunken mistakes and always did his best to drag the two of you along. Leonard’s smooth talking was the only thing that kept the three of you out of lockup one night.

Kirk’s enthusiasm was contagious though, so you figured what the hell and downed the shot of who knows what that slid its way towards you. Whatever it was, it was strong as hell and you immediately started to cough as your eyes began to water. Jim cheered, downing his own shot, while Leonard patted you on the back stiffly.

“God, that’s good!” Jim crowed, slamming his shot glass onto the bar. “Hit me,” he directed the bartender.

“You might want to pace yourself there,” Leonard warned with a slight scowl, but Kirk waved him off.

“It’s a day of celebration, Bones! I will go down in history! No one has defeated the Kobayashi Maru! Did you see their faces?” Jim chortled. “Hell, you should have seen your face.”

“My expression was one of shock and suspicion,” he countered, not even bothering to hide his frown now. “There’s a reason no one has beat the Kobayashi Maru. It’s an unwinnable scenario.”

“No such thing—” Jim smirked, looking to you for support.

You raised your hands in defense; “Don’t try to use that smile on me, Kirk. You know the Admiral is bound to call you into his office. You’re not taking me down with you.”

“You are terrible friends,” Jim snorted, drinking another shot. “I did the impossible! You should be congratulating me!”

“Congratulations, Jim. You cheated on the most important test in Starfleet Academy and now you might get expelled,” Leonard said dryly, toasting his drink mockingly.

“I’m not going to get expelled,” Kirk rolled his eyes and you shook your head in amusement.

“Notice how he didn’t deny cheating,” you turned to Leonard with a laugh. His eyes sparkled with delight and you fought hard to not get lost in them. Not that he would notice, you admitted to yourself bemused.

“No point in it, darlin’,” you glanced down, trying to hide your blush at his endearment. “He may be a genius, but he’s also a damn fool.”

“You want to talk fool?” Jim smirked slyly. “How about you, Bones? Standing over there glaring at me when there’s a pretty girl right in front of you.”

Leonard sputtered in embarrassment, “Dammit man, don’t change the subject!”

“Consider the subject officially changed,” Jim announced gleefully. You didn’t know what to say, so you just glanced back and forth between Jim’s rosy-cheeked grin and Leonard’s flustered grimace with wide eyes.

“You two have been friends for three years,” he waggled his finger teasingly in your faces. “Do you know how many times I’ve had to watch her bat her eyes at you while you’ve had your nose buried in a book?” You blanched, but Jim continued on before you could shut him up, this time turning to Leonard.

“And don’t even get me started on you, Mister Cynicism,” he scoffed as Bones glared at him. “We share a room and you talk in your sleep.”

“Are you out of your corn-fed mind?” Leonard hissed, leaning in close to Jim, teeth clenched.

“Oh relax, Bones,” Jim sighed, clapping a hand on each of your shoulders. “She likes you, you like her. Just get together already!”

You were mortified, no way to hide the scarlet blush across your cheeks now. Bones, on the other hand, looked murderous.

“I’ll have you know—” Leonard attempted to argue, but Jim wasn’t having it.

“Forget it, I’ll do it.” Turning you bodily on the barstool so you now faced him, Jim tried his best to put on a serious face. “Pretend I’m Bones—am I moody enough?” he wondered, giving an exaggerated broody expression. His lips were pursed and tugged downward, and you had to stop yourself from letting a giggle slip out at the ridiculous picture. He took that as a good sign.

“So cadet, are you a phaser? Because you’re absolutely stunning.” You couldn’t resist a bark of laughter, as Leonard watched with confusion.

The doctor raised a bewildered brow. “Are you hitting on her for me?”

“You were taking too long,” Jim countered, quite pleased with himself as he turned to you. “Anything to add?”

Jim huffed when you shook your head no, not saying a word. “Right, where was I? Okay…now pretend I’m the lovely lady here.” This time he turned his attention back to Leonard and his expression become softer, almost woefully besotted as he fluttered his lashes. Bones resisted the urge to smile, but you could see the corner of his mouth twitching.

“Oh Doctor,” he sighed in a high pitch, more feminine voice, “Is your name Flecainide? Because I think you just made my heart skip a beat.”

Leonard couldn’t hold in an incredulous chuckle as you smacked Jim lightly on the arm.

“Seriously?” you eyed the blonde in disbelief. “Flecainide? That’s the best you could come up with?”

“He’s a doctor,” Jim shrugged with a lopsided grin. “He doesn’t like it dirty, he likes it nerdy.”

Jesus,” you muttered as Bones gave Jim a halfhearted glare, looking marginally less homicidal.

“Consider the ice broken,” Kirk declared with a bow. “Now I am going to go say hello to a rather lonely looking nurse over there, while you two—make out, or make moon eyes at each other—whatever,” he suggested with a playful wiggle of his brows. “I just better not see you in our room tonight, Bones. That’s all I’m saying…” he added, offering a teasing wink as he swaggered away.

“Well that was…” Leonard drawled.

“Something,” you finished with a giggle, glad to see the small smile on Leonard’s face. “Looks like you got kicked out of your room.”

“If it’s choice between sleeping on the couch in the common room or in my bed while Jim ‘entertains’ that nurse, I’ll gladly take the couch,” he admitted with a snort.

“The couch is nice and all,” you agreed cautiously, “but my bed is much more comfortable…”

Bones eyed you with intensity, considering your suggestion for a heart-stoppingly long moment before giving you that lazy smile that always made you melt.

“Now a man would truly have to be a fool to say no to that.”


Prompt: Keith leaves Lance handcuffed to a thing on a planet again, as a practical joke. What he didn’t know is that it was nighttime on the surface of the planet, and the sun was rising, and it’s about to get HOT. While he only leaves Lance there for about half an hour, it’s enough for him to come back to a nearly passed out, super dehydrated, boiling hot blue paladin.

“What was it you wanted to show me?” Lance asked, following Keith onto a semi-deserted planet. It looked as though the surface had been hit by some kind of asteroid and left only remains of trees and a strange terrain behind. But that was decades ago, if the thin sheet of grass covering the ground was anything to go by. The trees had new life growing out from their destroyed stumps. But there were no animals to be seen.

Keith led the way toward what used to be some kind of lake. It was all dried out but there was still a little foliage at the bottom. Just at the edge of the has-been lake, Lance leaned against a tree to peer down into the ditch. “Wow, it’s kinda cool. But we travelled a whole galaxy away from the castle on our day off for some dried-out lake?” He turned an unamused expression to Keith.

Without saying anything, Keith whipped out a pair of handcuffs and slapped them to Lance’s wrists and snapped them to the tree he was holding onto. A glowing blue chain zipped around the tree and connected Lance’s two cuffs. He blinked and looked down, pulling experimentally. “Seriously? Again?” He asked in a whine. Keith chuckled.

“Don’t worry you whiner. I’ll be back in a little bit. Just uh, gonna get some food. Maybe go to the space mall again,” he turned away from Lance to hide his smirk. No, what they were really planning was a surprise party for Lance. They had found out that his birthday was coming up and needed to get him away from the castle so the others could decorate. Keith volunteered to distract Lance. But his idea of a ‘distraction’ was a bit restrictive. Keith didn’t see anything wrong with it though. The planet was more or less cool, there was enough light to be able to see easily, and there was a nice breeze. Lance’s oxygen wouldn’t run out and he could survive for less than an hour if Keith were to go back and help decorate for a little while, then come back to get him. Lance would complain about it the entire ride back to the castle, but when he sees what a great job they’ll do decorating, Keith knows he’ll forget all about his anger.

Lance tugged more desperately on the handcuffs. “Keith, come on buddy! Don’t leave me here! Who set you up to do this, huh? Was it Hunk? Did he dare you to do this and see how I’d react?” He started rambling, getting louder when he saw Keith start to walk back to his lion. They had carpooled in Red, so Keith didn’t have to worry about trying to transport Blue away from the planet. “Wait! Don’t leave me! Keith!” Lance pulled hard on his handcuffs, but Keith didn’t listen and the cuffs didn’t give way. Then Keith was getting into his lion and taking off.

Groaning, Lance slumped. So he was going to be there for a while, he figured. Whatever, it wasn’t the end of the world. He just wished there were some kind of nature to watch. A bird or squirrel. He wished the lake was full of water and he could watch some fish.

He readjusted his position and settled onto his knees, hands to his face like he was praying. But he turned his face to the sky. It was a nice day on this planet! Nice and warm. After basking in the heat of the sun, Lance turned his eyes to the grass. It swayed ever so gently in the cool breeze. It didn’t look exactly like normal grass, but it looked close enough to it. There was a white stripe down the center of the blades, and they were a lot softer than grass on earth. Almost mossy in texture. But they had the appearance of grass. It was green and everything, which was rare, Lance had learned from their expeditions.

Lance shifted again, unsticking the back of his knees from his uniform and rolling his shoulders to try to loosen the fabric around his neck. A trickle of sweat beaded on his temple and tickled his neck. “Eugh, I’m sweating a lot,” he realized. Turning his face upward again, he was surprised to see a very bright, very large sun much closer than it had been less than a minute ago. His eyes widened. “Oh quiznak…” he breathed. Shuffling, he tried to scoot to the other side of the tree he was tied to, but the cuffs wouldn’t budge, keeping him on one side of the tree. “No no, come on!” He begged to no one, trying to see if he could break the cuffs or hack them off. But he wasn’t a tech wizard like Pidge or Shiro, or strong like Hunk or Keith. No, he was stuck here until Keith came back to unlock him.

With every passing second, the sun grew hotter and hotter, brighter and whiter. Soon Lance was panting for breath, sweat making the inside of his suit damp and humid. It was getting hot, but heat wasn’t something Lance wasn’t used to. Back home, it would get up to the 100’s on a particularly bad day. It was uncomfortable but it wasn’t unbearable. He pulled on the memory of spending time with his younger siblings and cousins, playing in the sprinklers while his mom served them all ice-cold lemonade…

Just the thought of something cool on his throat made him feel better. But he was still sweating up a storm. He pressed his eyes closed, trying to ignore it. But it was getting very bright and he could see red behind his eyelids, like he was looking directly into the sun rather than down into the grass.

His skin started to burn and a part of him wondered if the paladin armor had SPF in it or if he’d be affected by the light. It definitely started to hurt, and Lance’s breaths came in ragged gasps. It didn’t help that the breeze had completely stopped.

“Hello?” He called into his comm, hoping Keith was still online. “Keith, do you come in? It’s getting really hot out here, please man. Enough, come get me.”

No answer.

“Keith, please! Come in, Mullet, get me out of this death trap!”

Still no answer.

Panic started to set in. Lance felt himself start to hyperventilate and he tried to scoot into his own shade. But the white stripe on the blades of grass reflected the sun right back up at him and made it nearly impossible to hide in shade. He whimpered, feeling his hands and feet getting clammy and wet. Sweat was dripping off his nose every few seconds, and his hair was soaked at this point.

Vaguely, Lance wondered how long the days on this planet were. He suddenly realized why there was no life other than the nature. They had been killed by the immense heat from the sun. The plants developed their white stripe to reflect the sun that way they wouldn’t burn from the power. The planet hadn’t created its protective ozone layer yet, but the plants were working on it. But Lance had the unlucky chance to be stuck there before it had its protective atmosphere.

His legs felt like jello and he felt so uncomfortable and wet just sitting there in full blast of the sun’s dangerous rays.

Suddenly, he felt the wetness start to evaporate. The inside of his suit was still slightly damp, but his skin wasn’t making any more sweat. While he was relieved for a moment, a fresh wave of panic seized him. It wasn’t getting any cooler, but he wasn’t sweating? That’s gotta be bad. Heat exhaustion? Something like that. His mind was too muddled and unfocused, he couldn’t really assess his symptoms. But he knew that it was bad.

“Keith,” he rasped through a dry mouth, feeling the world spinning around him. He pressed his eyes shut tight and felt himself gag as the dizziness only increased. When nothing came up, he continued in a strained voice, “Come on man, it’s not funny anymore…”

Lance’s mind fuzzed out completely and the overly bright light dimmed to a pinprick.

Then it went out.


Smiling to himself, Keith hurried back to the castle. When he walked in, Shiro gave him a strange look. “Where’s Lance?” He asked. “I thought you were distracting him for us?”

Keith smirked. “Yeah, I’d say he’s pretty distracted,” he folded his arms. “I just chained him to a tree like Nyma did. I’ll go get him after we’re done. The more hands we have helping, the better, right?” Shiro seemed reluctant, but eventually nodded. Keith hopped up onto a chair next to Allura’s and started hanging up the streamers. Or…the Altean equivalent of streamers, with a bit of a human twist. Coran and Pidge had gone to the mall to get some balloons. Hunk was busy in the kitchen trying to bake a cake. Shiro was using his cybernetic hand to slice up a large colored piece of tissue paper into small strips for Keith and Allura to hang up.

They continued working for a while. Hunk finished baking the cake and was starting to ice it when Coran and Pidge returned with levitating colored orbs that could pass as balloons if you didn’t look too closely at them. Pidge started stationing them over everyone’s seats at the table with Shiro’s help, and Coran started making more Altean streamers for Keith and Allura.

Finally, it was more or less done. Just a few final touches. But the whole dining room looked like it was ready for a major party; balloons floated around the room, streamers hung cheerfully from the ceiling, there was a ‘Happy Birthday’ banner hanging on the wall, the smell of cake filled the room and Hunk’s masterpiece sat as the table centerpiece. Overall, it looked pretty decent for the strange resources they had.

“I think we’re ready for him!” Hunk announced, a proud look in his eyes. “Where was he again?”

Keith had already started to suit up once more, having taken off his armor while he was decorating. “Just a planet not too far from here. I pulled a Nyma on him and left. Thought he’d enjoy the reference.” Everyone rolled their eyes at the mention of Nyma. Lance had a habit of getting himself into compromising positions fairly often, didn’t he? Keith shrugged on the last of his armor and fastened his helmet to his head. “I’ll go get him. We’ll be back in less than ten minutes.”

As he started flying back to the planet, he opened his communication link with Lance. “Hey Lance, miss me?” He asked snarkily. But there was no reply. Keith rolled his eyes, thinking Lance was just too angry to answer him. “Come on, don’t be this way. Trust me, you’ll like what we have planned for you.” But there was still no answer. Keith frowned. “Lance?”

An alert startled him. Flashing on Red’s screen were the words, 'WARNING: SYSTEM OVERHEATING’ and he had to reread it a few times before it really clicked. System overheating? Sure, the sun was really bright, but— Oh god.

“Oh no, no no…” Keith swore darkly under his breath and pushed his lion toward the planet he had left Lance on. He thought it was far enough away from the sun that it wouldn’t affect him. But apparently the orbit was more elliptical than he had thought, and now the sun was nearly right on top of it. And Lance didn’t have a lion, just his jumpsuit and armor.

Keith landed the lion and tried to use his bio scanner to search for life. It was too bright to see clearly, with everything reflecting back up at him. But the scanner wasn’t working. He tried to reload it a few times, but it never finished scanning. The sun must have been overloading the scanner. Looks like he’d have to do this the long way. So he urged Red into a run, and together they searched for the blue paladin.

The search was in vain for a little bit, but then Red sent a warning through Keith, and when he looked where she was focusing on, he saw that there was a small splash of blue against the blinding white background. Without thinking twice, Keith unbuckled himself and leaped out of the cockpit and rushed to Lance, who was slumped to the side, hands still tied to the tree.

Keith released the handcuffs instantly and Lance fell into Keith’s waiting arms. “Lance! Oh my god, Lance come on, wake up!” But Lance laid motionless and limp. Keith was about to rip off his helmet to see if he was breathing, but thought better of it when Red sent a rumble through his mind. Right, do this in the lion. He hooked his arms under Lance’s knees and behind his back, hoisting him up bridal-style and rushing back to Red, who had her mouth open and ready for the two paladins.

She made a worried whine when she sensed that only one of her two passengers was awake, and immediately took off and started to fly back to the castle while Keith tended to Lance. He pulled off their helmets and put his ear down to Lance’s mouth. A wave of relief washed over him when he felt a tiny, ragged puff of breath on his cheek. But his hand hovered over Lance’s forehead. Heat radiated up through his glove and Keith’s mouth pressed into a line.

Ripping off his gloves, Keith pressed his hand to Lance’s forehead and recoiled like he’d been burned. Which he honestly thought had happened. He looked at his hand and saw no visible burns. But Lance’s body was definitely overheating. Keith carded his fingers through Lance’s hair to get it off his face, and was surprised to feel that his hair was stiff from moisture, but it felt completely dry to the touch. He had even stopped sweating. Keith was no stranger to heat. Living in the desert, he had had his full share of heat exhaustion and bouts of hyperthermia. He knew all about it. But he had never reached heat stroke status. But it seemed Lance had.

Quickly, Keith pulled Lance from his suit, laying him out on the cool metal of the floor of the lion. His mind was short-circuiting. What did he have that he could give Lance to help him feel better? Water? No, he only planned on being in the lion for a little bit. He didn’t bring anything other than his armor. He had literally nothing to help Lance with.

Keith chewed on his lip and crawled up to Lance’s head, supporting his upper body on his lap. He looked up to Red’s view screen and squinted at it. “How much longer?” He growled in agitation. Red growled back and sent him a calming vibe shortly after. “We don’t have a few more minutes, Red! Hurry! Full thrusters, Lance isn—!”

A sudden intense pressure on his lap made Keith look down. Lance’s eyes were screwed shut and his back was arching, head trying to throw itself back but being blocked by Keith’s support. Then his arms and shoulders tensed up and Lance began to convulse. Keith cried out, trying to keep Lance from bashing his head into the metal floor but not knowing what to do. Lance’s jaw worked and then a bit of blood trickled down his cheek. Keith felt useless, supporting Lance’s head on either side as the seizure continued. His hands ached from where they were touching Lance, his skin felt like it was on fire. But Keith held on until Lance was done, the jerking motions slowing down to nothing. Then he was limp again in Keith’s lap, breaths labored and shallow and fast.

Keith just continued to hold onto Lance’s head, heart racing as he tried to figure out what to do. There was still a bit of blood coming out of Lance’s mouth, and his breathing sounded painful. Keith gently pushed Lance to his side and stood up on his knees to see how much longer. Thankfully, the hangar door was open and Red was flying in. Thank god, Keith would be getting help soon.

He looked down to Lance and saw a small puddle of blood and foamy spit pooling at his mouth. Keith  was about to lay him on his side again, but heard Lance breathing just the tiniest bit easier. He also felt like it was good that whatever was in his mouth was coming out, so he kept him on his side and just rubbed circles on his back to soothe him, trying to ignore the heat radiating off him. “Hang in there Lance, help is on the way.”

On cue, the door to Red opened and the others rushed in with Shiro in the lead. “Keith, what’s going on? You didn’t answer us when we tried asking where you were, and— Good god, what happened?”

Keith gathered Lance in his arms again and stood, looking remorsefully at his team. “I-I didn’t realize the planet got so hot during the day. He’s got heat stroke, we have to get him in a healing pod NOW!” Hunk ran forward without asking any questions and took Lance from Keith, rushing him to the infirmary.

Shiro watched as Pidge ran with Hunk, then placed a reassuring hand on Keith’s shoulder. “It’s alright, don’t worry. He’s going to be fine. He’s been through worse.”

“But it’s my fault… This was supposed to be a fun day for him. Not for him to get heat stroke, of all things…”

“Maybe, but I know he won’t blame you. He’ll understand that it came from a good place. And when he sees what an awesome job we did decorating, he’ll forget all about it. You’ll see.”

Keith sighed, slumping to the ground and gripping his head in his hands. “I really hope so…”

Shiro squeezed Keith’s shoulder, but then frowned, raising his human hand up to Keith’s forehead. “I think you’ve got a bit of heat exhaustion yourself, Keith.” He said worriedly. Keith was about to argue, but felt a wave of nausea rise up and send a full headache bursting through his head. He winced.

“Maybe you’re right.” Keith leaned on Shiro, who helped him to the pods. While he just had one arm around Shiro at first, with every step he grew more and more exhausted and his brain became slower and slower.

But eventually they made it to the infirmary. Just before he climbed into his own pod, Keith caught eye of Lance’s pod. His temperature was 105.7 and he looked very flushed and tired. But at least he was in a pod and he was healing. Keith slumped into his pod and started to relax.

They’d both get better.

And then they’d have Lance’s party.

A/N: So it’s not EXACTLY like the prompt, but it’s very close to it ^^ I hope you enjoyed! Sorry for any errors, I just wrote it and sent it as fast as I could. No rereading or editing xD

Missing You (M)

Request- Hi sweet pea! I would like to request a namjoon smut about public sex!!! Love youuuuuu!! 

Sorry this took me so long. I love feedback! I would also like to say, thank tou all so much for the 700 followers. We passed that mark a couple days ago, but I forgot to say something. So, I just want to say thank you so much, I really appreciate it. Truly thank you all so much x 

This scenario contains sexual and mature themes, you have been warned! 


Originally posted by nikatato

It has been three months. Ninety-four days. two thousand, two hundred and fifty-six hours since you left Namjoon. Your four year relationship with Namjoon was a whirl wind of emotion. 

Those four years consisted of some of your most cherished moments. When you left, you not only walked out on your love, your person. You walked out on your best friend. Months before the break up you and Namjoon had started to fight. You lost yourselves. You both were running away from one another, rather then confiding in one another. 

It wasn’t like you both. You had a close relationship, but it started to crumble. And you hated. Namjoon was there through some of your hardest times, as you were for him during his. 

You missed him a lot. You missed his smile, his laugh, the way he talked.. and everything in between. Going from being with someone everyday, to not seeing them at all. Was extremely hard, especially when its someone you love. 

Namjoon was going up and up in the world, you didn’t want to hold him back. The fighting had been draining him physically and emotionally, has it had been to you. That you walked out. Kissing his lips, for what you thought was the last time. 

You locked your feelings for Namjoon away, trying to get on with your life. It was probably the hardest thing you ever had to do. When you were having a bad day all you wanted to do was run into his arms, but you couldn’t. Which always made that day worse, knowing you couldn’t run to him anymore. 

Three months. Ninety-four days. two thousand, two hundred and fifty-six hours and you decided to get back out there. Not romantically looking for anyone, but to have a good time with your locked away feelings. 

The night was going well for a start. You watched your friends try to sexy dance with a group of very horny men, they weren’t hiding there boners. You stood next to the bar giggling at the sight in front of you. You were sipping on your drink slowly, not wanting to be to intoxicated. 

“What’s a pretty girl like you standing here alone?” You cringe at the strangers opening line. Turning with an awkward smile, he was much taller then you and very buff. 

“I’m just taking a break from dancing.” You turn back to the bar, taking another swing of your drink. 

“Let me buy you a drink. I promise I don’t bite, and I’m gay so I’m not trying to get in your pants. I’m just bored.” He sighs, taking a seat on the stole at the bar, you follow suit, sitting beside him. 

You learn his name is Minho and is a really nice guy. He makes your night, he shamelessly commented on anyone that passed by. Commenting on their clothes, looks and dancing. He even showed you have a slut drop is done. 

“Oh my god!” You scream with the laughter as he comes back up from the floor so fast. 

“And that’s how we do that.” He chuckles, taking a big gulp of his drink. “Oh honey, that guy over there is shooting heart eyes at you.” Minho squeals in an excitement. 

“How do you know hes looking at me and not you.” You giggle, eyes trying to find the man hes talking about in the crowd. 

“Honey, trust me, I know. This guy is looking at you how I look at nuggets. Now that’s real love.” You cackle at his statement. “He’s the one in the white shirt, beside the Dj.” Your eyes scan the floor, landing on a white shirt. Your eyes drift up to the man wearing the shirt. His eyes already on yours. It can’t be. 

“Namjoon.” You breathe out, not taking your eyes away from his, till Minho takes you out of your trance. 


“The guy, his name is Namjoon. I dated him, we broke up three months ago.” You say sadly, you glance back to where Namjoon was standing moments ago but hes gone. 

The box of stored away feelings as been opened. Just seeing him made all those feelings rush back to you. Even you were fighting a lot at the end of your relationship, you still loved Namjoon. It took a lot more then a few tubes of ice-cream and time to get over a lover. A lover that was truly amazing. Those sappy movies don’t let you know how hard it is to get over someone, it was a faux ami, (a false friend.) 

You decided to take to the dance floor, let loose. It is what you came to do. You thought Namjoon wouldn’t want to see you. Namjoon was always quite to forget and move on. It was his way of coping. 

You swayed your hips to the beat of the music, Minho krumping making you giggle. A few men took interest in you, but you shook them off. Your eyes kept drifting around the room looking for a certain long legged man. But he was no where to be seen, so you ignored the tightness in your chest, the want to see him. The need to. 

As you were getting into your grove, because the Dj played ‘Wonna be’ by the spice girls, you bumped into someone. You turn to say your condolences, but his hands on your hips keep you in place. His hot breath on your neck. You know exactly who it was.  

“I missed you, I do miss you.” His hands tighten around your waist, keeping you close to him. His lips pressing to your neck in a sweet kiss. It was like Namjoon was trying to show you how much he missed you through the small kiss. 

You moan for the little pleasure you were getting, you had missed Namjoon so much. Not just as a person, but sexually too. Namjoon knew his way around your body like the back of his hand. He spent so long studying your body, he still remember all your sweet spots. 

Songs begin to pass one by one, you still remain in Namjoon’s hold grinding up against him. His mouth kissing your neck and shoulder blades, his hands holding you tight. He grunted in your ear the harder you grind up against him, feeling his hard dick up against your ass. You moan when he sucks hard on your neck, loving how his lips were so soft on your neck. 

“Fuck, I need you.” Namjoon groaned, his hands on your hips, guiding you through the crowd on the dance floor. Leading you to the bathroom in the club. He ushers you into the little room, your happy to see its clean. Namjoon locks the door behind the both of you, hoisting you up on the counter, he spreads your legs standing in between them. 

He gazes into your eyes. looking into yours with a deep lust. His hand comes up to your face, putting his fingers through your hair. He kept his hand on the back of your head, pulling you forward to connect his lips with yours. 

You could feel all Namjoons feelings in this kiss, you loved it. You wrapped your arms around his neck, fingers smoothing over the hair on the back of his neck. You were kissing Namjoon back with just s much passion, as he was kissing you with. Namjoon’s hand leaves your hair, moving to wrap around your waist, as his other hand his griping your thigh. 

“I missed you so so much.” He mumbles against your lips. Swiping his tongue over your lip, you part your lips. Letting his tongue enter your mouth playing with yours. Everything about Namjoon you missed. The way his hands danced over your skin, his kiss, his scent, his deep voice in your ear. Having him back was blissful. 

The hand that was resting on your thigh started to inch closer and closer to your core. Rubbing fast circles into your core, letting moan slip past your lips. You run your hands down along his torso, before you get to his pants. Popping open the button, opening the zip and pushing them down his legs, along with his boxers. Namjoon kisses your neck. 

“I missed you too, Joonie.” You wrap your hand around his hard erection, pumping him slowly. Running your thumb over the tip, making Namjoon groan into your neck. 

“Fuck, I need to be inside you.” Namjoon lifts you off the counter, turning you to face the counter. He hoists up your dress to lay around your waist. He swiftly pulls down your panties, letting them fall to the ground. Namjoon rubs the tip of his dick up and down your slit, teasing you. 

“Namjoon, please.” You moan out. He positioned himself, slowly pushing his dick into your throbbing pussy. He halted any movements when he was balls deep in your pussy, letting you adjust. 

“Y-you can move now,” You pant out, loving how Namjoon fills you up. Namjoon doesn’t waste any time, before his hips are slamming into your ass. Namjoons trusts are fast and hard, you’re sure any one in a 20 foot radius knows whats happening in the bathroom. 

“Mhmm, I love your tight pussy wrapped around me.” Namjoon pulls you up against his chest. One of his hands cup your breast, as the other plays with your clit. 

Namjoon was fucking you like hes trying to make up for lost time, whispering dirty comments in your ear. Your eyes roll back in your head in blissfulness, your head tilting back. 

“Baby your are so so beautiful, looking all fucked out. Did you miss having my cock?” Namjoon whispers in your ear, biting your ear lobe. He pounds into your harder, but slows down the pace, hitting your stop just right. 

“Oh, fuck. Joonie right there, keep going.” He trusts a few more times, before your walls are clenching around him, hard. 

“That’s it baby, cum all over my dick.” Namjoon grunts in your ear. Your moans are louder, as your orgasm takes over your body, making you shake. Namjoon thrusts hard into a few more times, pulling out and cumming all over your ass, grunting out your name. 

Namjoon grabs tissues cleaning his cum off you, pulling down your dress. He pulls up his pants butting them, taking off his jacket. 

“Here.” He wraps his jacket around your shoulders. He leans down to the floor picking up your underwear and putting the lace in his pocket, he smirks. You turn around to him, looking into his soft eyes, he pulls you into him, by your hips. You look up at him. 

“What does this make us?” 

I hope you enjoyed! I love feed back, so please don’t be a stranger x I don’t even know if that made sense, but okay. And Minho is gay in this fic~ I love Minho hes my heart <3

-Admin Abe x

The Three Stages of Obsession

Originally posted by okayoongz

‘Jimin was a chronic user of (y/n),

                                           and there was nothing seasonal about his interest.’ 

Featuring: Jimin (bts)
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 2k


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Victuuri Fanfic Recs

bc I’ve been camping out on the Ao3 tag, and @cookiecreation​ is on a roll and asking for fic recs :)

Also, I tried to leave out multi-chaptered fics with only 1-2 chapters bc it’s hard to grasp their quality/plot with so little material.

UPDATED: (1/10/17) Added some new fics in Multi-Chaptered and One-Shot sections, added completion notices to recently completed fics

Listed in no particular order:

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When You Take the Mask Off (Part 2)

Series Summary: Fank’s one-night-stands turns into more than he thought, and this girl is more than she seems.

A/N: Said it once, gonna say it again: this series is going to be under the tags “when you take the mask off” and “wyttmo series”.  Also, this series will have a separate tag list, feel free to message me if you want to be tagged!

Frank Adler x reader

Word count: 1439

Summary: Frank and (Y/N) run into each other, and get to know each other as more than a wild night.

Warnings: alcohol, bad living condidtions?  Idk…


(GIF not mine)

Originally posted by beardedchrisevans

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My Child From The Stars (Alien AU! Jooheon) Pt2

Originally posted by minhyuk1

Type: Angst Fluff

Part 1

“What do you mean?” he asked “your daughter is on record with you already” the nurse said as she looked closer at the document “but the mother’s name is removed completely from the certificate” she tells him as he looked confused. “Lee Sori is your daughter sir” she says turning the computer screen towards him. He glanced at the little girl who smiled at him.  “Do you know what’s going on?” he asked her softly as she simply made a noise in his arms. “She’s got lovely eyes though” he was told as he nodded “I know. They’re just perfect” he says proudly as he smiled holding her close. “I guess you’re all mine Sori” he hummed as he and his daughter began their journey back home.


As she was turning a year old, he really noticed something was a little off about her. The hairs on her head were not the dark black, they were almost grey now. But she was still his little precious baby. She loved story books, she could sit in his lap for hours just listening to stories. He would never say no to the stories either. He loved the bonding. His friends found it weird how willing he was to be a dad to some random baby.

During bath time Jooheon though he was crazy as he stared at her face, he saw himself. They have the same eyes and the biggest was the smile. “You and I look so alike. Its hard to believe we aren’t related at all” he whispered as he kissed her wet forehead. “Dada” she said as his ears perked “I’m dada right. The bestest dada in the world” he cooed in his baby voice as he grabbed a towel and wrapped her up holding her close. “I’m the luckiest daddy in the world” he told her as she giggled. He let out a sigh as he headed into the bedroom getting her ready for her ready for the night.


“I can’t I have daddy daughter classes tonight” Jooheon says as he and his friends Changkyun, Minhyuk, and Hyungwon sat for lunch. Jooheon was making faces as he fed Sori. “Dude you aren’t even human anymore. You live to serve that girl” Hyungwon says “you’re correct” Jooheon doesn’t deny it. “You guys don’t get it” he told them. “You haven’t been to a bar in years” Changkyun tells as Jooheon nods. “I shouldn’t be out drinking, I have a little human who depends on me” he cooed. “Can you even call her human?” Minhyuk asked as Jooheon glared at him.

“That’s not an eye color anywhere. Amber is a color, her eyes are like a wolves. She’s graying at a year old. I’ve never seen a baby with salt and pepper hair in my life-” “you saying my baby is an alien” Jooheon laughs at the statement. “Open your mind man, you’ll see a whole new world” Minhyuk told taking a big sip of his drink. “Say I’m not an alien. I’m a little pretty human girl who was blessed with such pretty features” “gray hair isn’t so cute” Jooheon raised his fist threateningly as Hyungwon. “I know it’s a big change for all of us. The past 6 months though guys, I feel so much better about myself. I have confidence and pride for being a protector of something so innocent” he hummed as he looked at Sori who’s eyes were linked with someone outside.

Jooheon looked up as he could see someone standing right by the window looking at her. He jumped as the man looked at him, his eyes were ice blue compared to his. “Dude is a pedo” Changkyun says as someone walked passed the man and he was gone. Jooheon picked Sori up and brought her close. “I’ll give you a ride home” he was told by Minhyuk as the situation was much too odd now.


“Say we had a fun day didnt we” he cooed as the elevator in the lobby dinged. He was greeted by a taller male who gave a smile. Sori smiled over at him in Jooheon’s arms as he laughed. “She’s normally not like this” Jooheon says as the man cautiously reached over as Jooheon nodded allowing him to actually touch her and Sori took his finger. A warm smile crossed his face “she’s a lovely baby. She looks just like you” he was told. “Are you new to the building?” Jooheon asked “oh um just visiting” he was told “well I’m Jooheon and this is Sori” he told. “Hyunwoo” he was told as they shook hands.

The elevator dinged as Jooheon sighed “well I’ll see you Hyunwoo” he spoke as Sori let go of the man’s finger. He waved them off as he touched his watch and a hologram came up. “She’s doing well” he spoke to you as you nodded. “She seems to remember us. She responded to Hoseok’s presence earlier in the day. I think it will be time soon for you to see her again” he explained. “For a random specimen, he it a well fit father” he comments. “Jooheon is a good father” you tell him. “You keep up with him?” Hyunwoo asked “of course” you say softly as you two said your goodbyes and the bell dinged to the main floor again. He turned the image off and got out of elevator like nothing happened.

Saw Her Standing There

So this is my 2nd eye contact story for Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-Thon organized by @thebookjumper. I wrote this while watching the hockey game last night with no beta so be kind. Also available on AO3.

Oliver couldn’t help it, he just wanted to go home. If he was honest, he was becoming tired of going out every night with his best friend Tommy. There had to be more.

He looked around for Tommy to tell him he was heading out when he saw her. She was dressed all in black with black hair, she was so dark she would have blended in with the wall in the dark club, if not for her piercing blue eyes. He’d never seen eyes like hers. He was drawn to her.

He noticed she noticed him too. She gave him a sly smile.

Oliver began walking toward the mystery woman. All thoughts of leaving gone. He was almost there when he was suddenly stopped by Tommy.

“Hey man, you aren’t leaving already? Things are just getting started!”

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ketchuptae  asked:

Hello love~ May I request a cat hybrid au! With Hyungwon? Idk why but I'm obsessed with cat Hyungwon right now omg. Oh and if you need a story line... how about You're walking out late at night and hear a loud sound from an alley and being curious you walk in and see a large tail which you think is somehow a regular Cat and HW jumps on you and scares you but he runs away and then you see him in a more normal form on the street and chase him blah blah blah lol I hope that's enough info! Thanks!

Originally posted by minhyuk1

a/n: omg hiiii! yeah sure thing! i hope you like this and ehehehe this is pretty interesting and fun to like to be honest! 8-) Thank you so much for requesting this @ketchuptae ! :-) I hope you like it!!

hyungwon cathybridau!

  • it has been a stressful day 
  • and the last thing that you could ever wish for is to take a breather 
  • from all the workload that you’ve been dealing with for the past few days
  • soOooOoooo!! you decided to take a walk….
  • late at night since that’s how you roll….. i guess??
  • sO aNyways! 
  • you made your way to the nearest convenience store to get yourself some ice cream
  • in the middle of your smol journey, you heard some noise from the alley just 5 meters away from you
  • and being the curious cat i mean person that you are, you carefully made your way to the alley and stood there
  • only to narrow your eyes at this large tail wagging 
  • like it’s just 5 meters away from you
  • oh! it must be a stray cat! looks normal….. since cats have huge tails right???
  • you innocently thought
  • until this guy came jumping on you, making the two of you fall hard on the ground
  • the moment you got the chance to see his face, you were flabbergasted and scared at the same time
  • but before you could even speak up, the guy went running away from you 
  • which had you bewildered when you saw that he was a normal guy…..
  • with a LARGE CAT TAIL
  • intrigued by his……. appearance, you decided to chase him….
  • only to end up with you tripping on your own foot
  • “oH freAkInG cheesebUrgers!!!” 
  • and that was enough to catch the attention of the man cat
  • yes, man cat
  • he came to an abrupt stop and looked behind him, only to see you face flat on the ground
  • he felt bad actually… well, not really.
  • quietly hiding behind this lamp post, he watches you get up and heave out a sigh
  • showing that you’ve completely given up on the thought of going after him
  • since you literally scraped your knee and elbow 
  • you dragged your whole body into the convenience store 
  • and immediately bought a pack of some rubbing alcohol and some bandages to patch up those scrape
  • grabbing a strawberry milk on the go, you paid for the said items and went out of the convenience store
  • plopping the things that you’ve bought on the table prepped outside of the store
  • you were in pain to notice the pair of cat eyes staring at you in a distance
  • what is she doing???
  • when you finally got all those wounds patched up, you poked the straw onto your carton of strawberry milk 
  • and was about to take a sip when you saw in the corner of your eyes
  • the figure of that man cat 
  • slowly turning your head towards its(???) direction, you raised a brow and asked
  • you want some? *offers the milk towards him*”
  • the man cat kind of hesitates but then nods his head after giving it some thought
  • however, the man cat didn’t show any signs of going towards you nor leaving his spot in the first place
  • which resulted in you standing up from your seat and walking towards him with ease
  • here, drink up. *offers the strawberry milk to the man cat*”
  • “*looks up to you and just stares at you*”
  • “*sighs* it’s okay, i won’t bite or anything. *carefully grabs his hand and places the milk in his hand* i’m [y/n].”
  • “*looks down at the strawberry milk*”
  • “well… i guess… you won’t talk to me tho… but i hope you’ll enjoy that drink. bye, man cat or cat man.”
  • you just kind of walk away since you knew that he wouldn’t be giving you any response
  • and besides, it’s already getting late 
  • your whole walk back to your apartment was kind of depressing
  • why? 
  • because you kind of got your hopes up in befriending a cat
  • well, a man cat to be exact
  • just give it up, [y/n], at least you gave that man cat a drink right?”
  • you tried to cheer yourself up but just couldn’t…
  • since you somehow grew intrigued and curious about him
  • and who in the world would ever get the chance to meet a man with a cat tail in this time??? 
  • well, you did but you just messed it up—
  • “…wOaAHH there– you almost gave me a heart attack.”
  • the man cat somehow followed you and decided to appear right in front of you
  • and he was clearly sipping on the straw, enjoying the sweetness of the strawberry milk dancing through his taste buds
  • you couldn’t help but wonder why he was there
  • when in fact he didn’t even want to talk to you 
  • and he even RAN away when he saw you
  • i thought–”
  • “it’s finished… *hands you the empty carton of strawberry milk*”
  • “-____-…. ohkay….. that’s good….”
  • and with that, the man cat then leaves 
  • or so you thought
  • you decided to wrap up everything and go to sleep as soon as you got in your room
  • morning finally came and you stretched your aching limbs and greeted the sun with a frown
  • oh, it’s morning– wait… hOW DID YOU GET INTO MY ROOM?!”
  • the man cat was lying down on your bed, balled up with his huge tail tucked in somewhere in his body
  • his eyes slowly opened, his pupils getting dilated as the sun immediately meets his eyes
  • through your balcony..”
  • your head immediately turned to the right and saw your balcony door open
  • but why are you here?”
  • “i’m your new pet.”
  • “my new wHAT?!”
  • you don’t know what a pet is? *sigh* i thought i found a smart–”
  • “i know what ‘pet’ means but who are you to make such decision?”
  • “i am hyungwon and i am your pet- wait no, scratch that, i’m your new master and you’ll be my pet.”
  • knowing that you wouldn’t be able to retort to any of his answers, you decided to just let it be and go with the flow
  • and that is actually the reason how you’ve gotten so attached to hyungwon
  • ever since that day, hyungwon and you just clicked despite how opposite both of your personalities are
  • like for example
  • that one time when you finally got a week off from your work and knowing the person that you are
  • hyungwon has already ordered tons of takeouts 
  • by the minute you stepped foot in your apartment
  • and he used your card to pay for all of it
  • well, i have a good reason for buying all of these take outs.”
  • “go on.”
  • “we’ll be having a movie marathon to commemorate your week off.”
  • “you do have a point..”
  • “so, what are you waiting for, come on and get your butt here on the couch, wait no, i’ll be taking up all the couch, you get the floor.”
  • but let’s be real, that night was a blast despite your bank account crying from all the money that’s been used to pay for all the take outs
  • you didn’t have much of a problem in finishing a couple of the take outs since hyungwon already started munching on them before you even got home
  • and throughout the movie marathon, hyungwon already had your hands making up to his hair, making your pet him by running your fingers through his brown locks
  • or
  • when you felt him crawl up to your bed and squeeze himself beside you since you’re his favorite person (such a miracle) 
  • well, it has been like that always, he’d always take up all the space when it’s already time to sleep
  • but anyways, enough with this examples examples
  • back to reality!!!
  • finally, you’ve gotten a promotion and that promotion gave you the chance to finally have the time to spend more time with hyungwon
  • whenever you had work during the day, 
  • you’d either be gone before hyungwon wakes up 
  • or be home really late, only to have a couple of minutes to have some catching up with hyungwon
  • guess what hyungwon, i’ve got a promotion–”
  • *ding dong!*
  • “oh? who might that be?”
  • “that’s weird, you rarely get any visitors– *ears perks up when he hears a small mewl from the hallway*”
  • “minhyuk! come in, come in and who might this be?”
  • “this is chim chim, jooheon’s kitten.”
  • “my, isn’t she a beauty? but why do you even have jooheon’s kitten?”
  • well– omo, you have a guy living with you?”
  • minhyuk comes to an abrupt stop and sees hyungwon glaring at him
  • but then minhyuk didn’t seem to notice the glares that hyungwon was shooting at him
  • nor did he notice hyungwon’s tails
  • nor his beautiful cat like eyes and maybe the cute fangs
  • oh, minhyuk, i want you to meet hyungwon my p–”
  • “boyfriend.”
  • “what?!/really?”
  • “hyungwon *stands up and offers minhyuk a hand* nice to meet you.”
  • ohohoho, nice to meet you too. *shakes hyungwon’s hand*”
  • “he’s not my boy–”
  • “there’s no need in denying, [y/n], ahihihi. anyways, i was just passing by to give you this cactus to congratulate you on your promotion.”
  • and with that, minhyuk left with a big goofy smile on his face since he has some juicy story to tell the boys
  • but then you’re left with hyungwon, who is currently sulking
  • since his favorite hooman never told him about a boy named lE3 m1nhYuk
  • what was that for, hyungwon?”
  • “*ignores you*”
  • and that’s the start of your first fight with your man cat
  • geez, now you’re the one who’s ignoring me??? ?aFt3r $p0ut1nG oUt lIE$?!?!?!”
  • “*continues to ignore you and goes to the corner of the couch, curled up with his head resting on the arm rest while staring at the view outside*”
  • “Wow, just wow, you’re being so immature right now Hyungwon”
  • “*still ignoring you*”
  • “You know what, if that’s what you want then fine! God, why did I even try and bother telling you that I’ll be having more time to spend with you after getting this promotion. *walks off towards the kitchen to grab some drink to calm your nerves*”
  • and that’s when hyungwon realized that he messed up
  • but being the cat that he is, he was torn between his pride and guilt
  • “that good for nothing ca– WOAH THERE!”
  • looking down at your foot was hyungwon wrapping his long limbs around your feet with a pout
  • what do you want?”
  • “i’m sdjsldjsijfsihsorrysdkldjfslkjfdslj….”
  • “what?”
  • “i’m…sslkjfsdlkfjs sorrry sjrfsfskldfs…..”
  • “hyungwon, if you keep on eating your words—”
  • “i’m sorry, okay??? i’m sorry for acting like this.’“
  • “why?”
  • “because….”
  • “because???”
  • before you knew it, you’ve been shut up by hyungwon
  • by abruptly standing up
  • and pressing his pUmp liP$ on yours!!!!!!!
  • but before you could even react, you’re more stunned to hear his response
  • because my favorite human never told me about some guys named l3E m1NhyUk.”
  • facepalm.
  • that’s it??????
  • like really?!?!?1
  • so you’re telling me that you’re jealous…. and that you kissed me because???????”
  • “b-because….. *mutters under his breath* i like you….”
  • even though it’s weird to hear a confession from a man cat
  • it made your heart flutter
  • flutter like a bootiful butterfly
  • and that’s how….
  • the two of you
  • started loving each other
  • but despite all of this, hyungwon is still the man cat that you’ve found way back in the streets
  • but his affection level went up by 0.000001%
  • since he’s still a sassy little hybrid man cat
  • that still gave you those headaches
  • and sweet little flutters
fic: hush, be still

“No doubt about it,” Dan says; sure, definite. “Family, after all.”

Snippets of the Lesters on the Isle of Man through the years; right from the beginning of something special. 

Word count: 1k

Extra tags: Grandparent Lesters, too much about the sea, fluff & fluff 

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Um, if it's too much to ask can I get some Harrison imagine where maybe during parents day the readers parents didn't come cuz the same reason as Max but when they see Harrison sad that his parents are so scared of him they try to cheer them up and it's just like rlly cute??

I’m sorry, this one isn’t my best work. I don’t know why, but it seemed impossible to get any words down for it, no matter if I knew what I wanted to say. Regardless, I still hope you like it, and if you’d like me to try again, I wouldn’t mind!

Triggers: Cursing

When Y/N’s parents had first said they were going to be sent off to camp, they were slightly excited about the prospect. Their parents had never really shown any attention to their interests, so with the aspect of going to Cooking Camp, it was a sign that they were actually trying to be involved.

However, as Y/N looked into Camp Campbell to try and find out more about it, with just one simple search online, they could immediately tell the whole thing was a sham. There wasn’t a single reliable piece of advertising regarding the camp.

It just proved their parents were simply trying to shuck off the responsibility of watching them over the summer for the cheapest was possible.


Y/N had spent the first week of camp mostly moping. While they really appreciated David and his positive attitude, the place was less than preferable. The promised culinary equipment was nothing more than play cooking set, and the thought of sleeping in a tent all summer already had Y/N’s back hurting.

However, it was hard to keep a pessimistic viewpoint when the people at the camp were just so entertaining and welcoming.

Y/N’s first friend had been Max, seeing as how almost the second they had step foot in the camp, he was trying to get them to run away. They’d be a liar if they said they didn’t try and leave with him.

The plot wasn’t very full proof anyway, seeing as how it was majorly based on calling a Taxi out, and the moment the driver arrived and requested the confirmation of a parent or guardian, David had instantly been on the pair lecturing the two about the dangers of getting into a car with a stranger.

Since that point, Max and Y/N had been pretty close, but that didn’t mean Y/N didn’t hang out with the other campers.

It seemed as if the camp was a breeding ground for the quirkiest of people.

Y/N had attended more than one of Preston’s plays and even helped write one of them. They helped Nerris sew a new cape after they ripped the first one on accident. They had even connected with Nurf after the boy had forgotten he was lactose intolerant once more and they reminded him to help him avoid taking part in an ice-cream eating contest.

The person they had definitely become the closest with had to be that of the magical boy Harrison.

After his first magic show, they were thrilled by his whimsy, and Harrison agreed to take Y/N on as an apprentice.

Though, the two hardly ever got anything done. Unlike Nikki, Y/N didn’t wanna be taught how to do tricks though, they merely enjoyed watching Harrison do what he did best.


Y/N laughed slightly at the antics of their “family”. They’d been lumped together as a family at the hands of Mr.Campbell as the man tried to keep his camp running.

Of course, Y/N’s parents hadn’t come. They didn’t doubt that they’d been contacted, but they probably never even read the letter containing the information about Parents Day.

So, now Max, Y/N, David, and Gwen were all supposed to be a family. Max had found the day less intolerable knowing that someone as nice as Y/N was having to deal with the same shitty situation as him, and agreed to play nice.

As of current, the two “siblings” were showing their parents how their cooking skills had improved since camp had started. Mr.Campbell sweating under the watchful eye of Ered’s fathers to ensure that everything went right.

“And this is where we get to cook every day,” Y/N said with a dramatic flourish, hands spreading out across the little station as they refrained from laughing. Max rolling his eyes and joining in with a repressed smile, picked up a slightly bent spatula. “Oh, yeah, it’s the most high level of culinary challenge we’ve ever faced.”

Y/N let a laugh out at this, the two not entirely taking their facade seriously. Before Y/N could continue, they were cut off by Harrison’s parents gaining David’s attention.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to interrupt you and your kids, but hy does it seem like my son hasn’t improved at all? We sent him here to get help. Have you figured out what’s wrong with him?” Harrison’s father spoke in an almost apologetic tone, surprise lacing both David’s and Y/N’s features.

“I’m sorry? Harrison is a pretty fine kid, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with him.” David tried to smooth out the situation, smiling as he praised one of his campers.

“Nothing wrong?! You’ve gotta agree, he’s unnatural!” The man was cut off by his wife’s slightly hysterical cut in of, “He made his brother disappear!”

David attempted to calm the pair, but Y/N could only focus on Harrison’s dejected look. It was as if his parents didn’t even realize he was there, talking about the boy as if he were more of an object than a person.

With that, Y/N perked up as an idea hit them, quickly moving to tug Harrison over beside them. “C’mon! We need you to light the fire so we can get started!” They spoke enthusiastically, brushing past his parents as he sputtered. “Since your parents didn’t bother showing up, you can hang out with us!”

“But, Y/N my parents are right ther-” Y/N cut him off by throwing a glare at the two people in question. “I only see two assholes who are making their son feel worthless without caring. They don’t seem to realize that he’s talented and amazing, and they are so absorbed in their own fear they seem to have forgotten that they should love their child no matter what.” As they finished, a satisfied look on their face and shock on Harrison’s, David chastised them for their language.

Harrison was stunned as well, looking down at where Y/N still had his hand in their’s, a blush rising to his face.

“Alright, everyone! Let’s break for lunch!”

The voice of Mr.Campbell broke through the air, and everyone started making their way to the mess hall.

Y/N found themselves being tugged back by Harrison, who was still rooted in place.

“Ah, I’m sorry Harrison, I really should’ve made sure it was alright with you before calling out your parents like that,” Y/N started, assuming the boy was upset about their impulsive actions.

“What?”Harrison started, snapping his gaze to meet their’s and shaking his head rapidly, a large smile on his lips. “No, no, Y/N! I wanted to thank you… That was really amazing. I’ve never dreamt of standing up to my parents like that. I really appreciate what you said.”

Y/N smiled brightly, “I spoke only the truth, Harrison. Someone as great as you deserves to be loved and admired.” With that, they placed a quick kiss on the boy’s cheek and started pulling him towards the mess hall. “Now, c’mon, we’re gonna miss that Cameron guy making a fool of himself!”

With their back turned, they missed the dreamy smile that lit up Harrison’s face as he brushed his fingers over his cheek, his spare hand tightening its hold on their smaller one as he allowed himself to be tugged along behind them.

In that moment, for the first time since he had woken up this morning, he was thankful for it being Parents Day.

anonymous asked:

sorry to bother you!!! but i see you talking about kingsman sometimes and do you have some favorite fics to rec?

Hi Nonny! You’re not bothering me at all–you’re actually prompting me to finally publish a post that has been sitting in my drafts since May 24th, 2015, when I thought it’d be fun to make a rec list and then forget all about it. Under the cut: 14 fic recs, organized by word count, all Hartwin, all finished, mostly posted in the early days of the fandom. Enjoy!

(If you read and enjoy any of these fics, please remember to leave a comment. Kudos are fantastic, but even something as simple as “I loved this” can make an author’s day.)

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James, you say with your chin on my chest, let’s go live in the moon.


I laugh and say of course and you tell me of your plan, how you are going to buy the world biggest ice-cream scoop and hollow out in inside of it. Sirius can live on Mars right next to us and you will steal the common room couches for us to sit on and watch all of the dead stars.

I laugh and you lean to kiss me and then your lip is turning my teeth scarlet. I can feel the pulse in your neck charging like a train and I am standing right in front of it. You are the ocean and I am drowning. You are Venus and I am burning up in your orbit. You are too good for my shitty metaphors and I can never tell you so because you will never believe me.

In class you put your hand straight in the air and I can see all of the blue ghost veins in your forearm stretching upwards like sunflowers. Remus rolls his eyes and I count the freckles on the back of your wrist. The bell goes and you ram me into the broom closet on the third floor and kiss me like the ground is going to eat us. You’ve got to top staring at me in class you pant, taking of your shirt and wrapping both your hands around my neck, it’s distracting.


Stop being so damn distracting and I wouldn’t have to I whisper into your ear and a blush crawls up your neck, seeping into your cheekbones and making me groan against your shoulder. I think about you in the way that seventeen year old boys should not be thinking about seventeen year old girls; I see pretty houses and all I want is you and me in them until we decay into the carpet.

You get drunk at the Quidditch final after party and make Peter have a running race with you down the pitch. I am lying flat on the grass staring at your vicious hair that twists on the air as if it is spilt wine, I am thinking about the way it feels in my hands when you try to jump on me but miss and get Sirius. He piggy backs you arounds the stadium and you scream at the goal hoops while I laugh so hard a flower grows in my chest and I pick it out to curl it in your hair.

You sit on your bed and tell me stories of your sister and when she used to love you, I tell you about how Sirius wakes up screaming some nights and that time Peter found Moony on top of the astronomy tower and he didn’t know how he got there. Your body lying next to mine is a miracle that bursts against the underside of my jaw.

There is a dance and we go to it, you step my feet and I spill Butterbeer down my front but the lights are so hazy and you are so pretty and I am so gone. I feel drunk when you look at me like that, you’re a warm bleeding heart that I took from God and I keep waiting for him to ask for it back.

I tell you I hate pears and the next day I wake up to find you’ve transfigured my bed into a mound of them. You walk into Charms the next day and see that I have sliced each peer and stacked them into a tower on your desk. You give me a grin that could power cities and flip me off before levitating the entire thing onto Sirius’s desk and putting your index finger over your lips. I want to marry you right there.

We sneak out to the Forbidden Forrest and lean against the trees, your legs are over mine and I can feel the thrum of your heart as you lean your head against my shoulder. The moon is three days from being full and I am certain there is parallel universe or maybe three where it is made of pears.

James you say into the dark, how will I find you when we are living in the moon? What if I lose you in all of the space?

You won’t I say. I would find you if you were on Neptune and I was stuck inside a whale. I would find you if you were in the centre of the world and I was on a cloud. I would find you if you if you were an icicle and I was living under a spoon. I would find you and say oh, there you are because there isn’t a parallel universe, including the three with pear moons, where I wouldn’t know your name.

Shooting Stars.

Pairing: Kirk x reader

Titled: ‘Shooting Stars.’ 

Warnings: Kirk feels, fluff, 

A/N: I love writing for Kirk even though Bones is my favorite, and this is  a  combination of two requests I received for Kirk because they were so similar!  This one shot is the full package!! 

Word Count: 1,105

Tagging:    @aprofoundbondwithdean @bkwrm523 @feelmyroarrrr @imaginestartrek @ladyxdezi @bgarrow1013 @unsinkthetitanic @stargirlhorse @mysupernaturalfics @ivvitm1109 @blacktithe7 @sincerelysaraahh @mysteriouslyme81 @my-amazing-nerdyness @stargirlhorse @uss-lesbian @castielohcastiel @serenityspiral @indominusregina @chaosmieu @girl-next-door-writes (this is your request) 

You didn’t know what it was about them, but you never got tired of looking at the stars. You loved stars, and when you were a kid forget about it. You would get easily distracted at nights when you went outside completing a simple task. The stars took your breath away and to this day you still think to this day that it’s seriously thanks  to the stars that you and Your Captain, Jim Kirk your current boyfriend, your worlds collided with one another. 

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a pint of ice cream

ship: ten/rose
length: 2.5k~
Hi guys!! It has been forever since I’ve written, so please go easy on me! I really hope you enjoy this though :D I got the prompt idea from this list

Dried tears on her cheeks, tissues scattered across the floor, and puffy red eyes.

Rose Tyler was in absolutely no state to answer the knocking at her door.

Whoever they were, they’d knocked once, twice, three times now. She finally picked herself up off the couch and dragged herself to the door, brushing her hand through her hair to make herself look somewhat more presentable.

She thought it could be a neighbor complaining about the noise (she’d been sobbing for hours, but she’d kept it pretty quiet, at least) or maybe Mickey or her mum checking on her (she honestly would prefer the first over the latter).

But when she finally looked through the peephole, it was not at all what she’d expected.

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Pure as New York Snow

         Dark lay horizontal next to Anti on his couch/bed, his back turned to the sleeping glitch, his head propped up by his arm, watching The Game Grumps play LoZ: The Wand of Gamelon. Dark didn’t sleep; he didn’t need to. He wondered if Anti needed sleep, or if he just did it because that’s what he was used to seeing from Jack. The grump episode ended and played on to the next one automatically and Anti shivered in his sleep.

         “Must be cold.” Dark said aloud, turning back to look at Anti. He snapped his fingers and a blanket appeared atop the one already draped over Anti. Dark never felt the effects of cold weather- his body was already unnaturally warm. He sat up and stretched and scratched at his chest. He snapped his fingers and in the blink of an eye his pastel pink pajamas turned into a black t-shirt and dark blue jeans. He looked out the window and saw flecks of snow graciously play through the air. “Oh, that’s why.”

         He got up and walked to the window. The street bellow was covered with a thin sheet of snow; people walked by in thick coats and scarves, wool beanies. He saw the young man that worked in the lobby of Anti’s apartment, Jason, skidding away from the apartment building, lugging a few of his schoolbooks in his arms. “That kid needs a break.”

         Anti’s eyes flickered open. He looked at the second blanket, then to Dark. “Hey. Thanks, Dark.”

         “Morning, green bean.” Dark walked to the bed and pat Anti’s head, then headed to the kitchen.

         “I’m not a dog.” Anti laughed.

         “Look out the window; I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!” Dark hollered from the kitchen. He began to make a pot of coffee and let it brew, then walked back to the living room eager to see his reaction.

         Anti glanced to the window and beamed. He leapt from the couch to the window in one fell swoop. His eyes sparkled like a kid on Christmas morning. Snow! Real life, snow! It was so interesting how it fluttered about like tiny, round feathers in the air. It made the dull, grey street he lived on look so much more lively. He opened the window and leaned his head out. Snow landed on his head and shoulders like dandruff. This wasn’t through Jack’s eyes. This was through his own. Real life snow.

         “It’s so pretty!” Jack laughed, coming back inside. He closed the window and shook the snow off him.

         “Though you said you weren’t a dog?” Dark crossed his arms and snickered. “You know, if we’re lucky, it might have been cold enough last night for water to freeze over. The pond at the park might be solid enough for you to skate on.”

         “Ice skating?!” Anti turned back to the window; it was so hard to not keep his eyes off the snow.

         Dark walked back to the kitchen and poured Anti a cup of coffee. He walked back to the living room and handed the cup to Anti. “Put on somethin’ warm. Lets spend the day out in it. See if you like it.”

         Anti took a sip of his coffee. “Sounds great!” Anti glanced at the TV. “Have you been watching the Wand of Gamelon playthrough without me?”

         “Maybe- get dressed and let’s go!”

         Anti finished his cup of coffee and went to the closet in his bathroom. He found a dark brown wool field coat and long sleeved grey undershirt; that must have been something Jack let him have. He paired that with black denim jeans and leather boots and poured another cup of coffee. Like an impatient child, he dragged Dark out of the apartment.

         Once outside, Anti looked up to the sky and let the snow fall on his face. “Dark, look up! When you look up, it’s like we’re whizzing past stars in space!”

         Dark looked up and, as the snow fell on his face, it melted immediately. The snow around Dark melted as well. Anti was too transfixed on his star- like snow to notice. “Yeah, pretty neat.”

         “I want to paint this. When we get back, I’m painting this.”

         Dark put his arm around Anti and they walked to the sidewalk, making their way to the park. “Look up Bob Ross later. He was a painter with a show called ‘The Joy of Painting’. He’s nice to listen to.”

         “Neat!” Heat radiated from Dark’s arm. “Huh…you probably won’t be able to ice skate, will you?”

         “Eh, it’s alright. I’ll have fun watchin’ you slip around.”

         It didn’t take them long to get to the park; Anti passed it every day on his way to work. Children threw snowballs at each other and made snowmen, and parents looked on from afar. Couples strolled on the snowy landscape, hand in hand. Anti wanted to live in this moment forever. They walked to the pond, Dark’s arm still around Anti’s shoulders and, as they walked, a small radius of snow melted at Dark’s feet. A few folks couldn’t help but stare.

         “It’s…a lot harder to explain you in public.” Anti laughed, looking behind them at the trail they left.

         The pond at the park wasn’t anything grand but it was big enough for a few people to skate on. A little girl and her mother slid on the frozen water with their winter boots while one couple had ice skates and danced on the ice like it was second nature. Dark sat on a bench just on the edge of the pond. “Try it out.”

         Anti did not hesitate. He walked right onto the ice and slipped, laughing. “Why did I do that? Of course it’s going to be slick!” He tried to stand up again, legs wobbling like a new born deer walking for the first time. He gained his footing and his legs moved back and forth, slow at first but then picked up speed and he fell again, sending Anti into a fit of laughter.

         Dark had a gigantic smile on his face, watching Anti slip about. He didn’t even notice the other people skating until one of them shouted out, hissing in pain.

         “Oh, babe, you okay?!” The young woman skated over to her fallen girlfriend and inspected her ankle. She had fallen and accidentally cut her ankle with her ice skate. “I’ll go see if anyone has a first aid kit, ‘kay?” The other nodded, holding onto her ankle.

         That smell.

         With no trouble at all, Anti stood on the frozen pond, glaring at the wounded girl.

         I’m so hungry.

         Anti stepped closer, effortlessly.

         Dark could only see the back of Anti’s head as he inched to the girl. At first the thought he was just going over to the young woman to help her; “Man, he got better at this fast,” was his first thought.

         Then he saw Anti’s claws twitch.

         “A-Anti, hey, come over here.” Dark suggested, compulsorily standing up from the bench.

         Anti stopped in his tracks.

         What are you doing? Stop this. You’re better than this.


         Anti lunged to the young woman but Dark grabbed his jacket and pulled him away, lightning fast. The ice around them slowly thinned. Dark pulled them both away from the pond and to a hedge maze in the park. Dark straightened him but Anti stood, frozen, unblinking.

I’d been doing so well. Why, why, why—fucking WHY?!

         I can feel my blood boil. Like lava. I can feel it bubble up inside me, wanting to find its way out. It hurts so bad and I don’t know how to make it go away. I want to throw my body against the wall, I want to make the pain stop. My fangs are burning. I’m so fucking hungry. I’d gotten so good at cooking human food—why isn’t it enough?! I’m sparring with Dark, I’m using my glitch…why?!

       Dark moved Anti’s hair from his eyes, “Hey, woah, Anti, it’s okay. I’m here, man, calm down.”

         Drips of blood began to trickle from his eyes. A battle raged on in his mind; he didn’t think of where he was, what he was doing prior. A chilled wind flittered by and he didn’t feel a thing. All his focus was on not going berserk.

         Dark, where are you?

         I need you.

         Help me.

         Someone held him tight. He let go and held Anti’s face, cautiously, delicately. What…who was that? He was saying something to Anti. He wiped the blood from Anti’s cheeks. He caressed the back of Anti’s head and held him tight again. It was muffled, but Anti could hear him, this time. He couldn’t hear what he was saying, but knew for sure he heard something.

         Red and black hair. Tanned skin. It was so comforting and warm. It was…


         “Hey, yeah, it’s me Anti.” Dark whispered, rubbing his back as he held him tight. “It’s me, it’s okay. You’re okay. Okay?”

         Anti’s voice felt rough…horse. Why did he find it so difficult to talk? Why did it take him so long to recognize Dark? “…how…how do I know you’re not a nightmare?” All the color left Anti’s eyes and all that remained were black, lifeless spheres. He ripped his jacket off of him and grabbed the top of his neck and shoulders with his clawed right hand.

         It hurts so bad.

         Stop this. Stop doing this.

         Don’t hurt him. Don’t hurt that girl.

         STOP THIS.

         Anti dug into his skin and began to drag it from atop his shoulder and neck down to his chest; Dark had a hold of his arm trying to pull it away. He could not; how strong had Anti gotten? “Anti, STOP!”

         He stopped cutting into his skin and let his arm fall to his side. The blood that dripped from his claws stained the snow beneath them.

         Dark gingerly held his face again, staring into his eyes. “It’s me, Anti. I’m not a nightmare.” Dark had no idea how to tell him he wasn’t a figment of his imagination. He felt helpless; the only thing he knew to do was hold him. He fought back tears, “You’re just fine. This isn’t a nightmare. Lets go home, okay?”

         If this is a nightmare, I can give in. I gave in once before, in my dreams. Maybe that will stop the pain.

         “No, no, no, Anti- Anti, look at me.” Dark panicked, shaking Anti’s shoulders. This was much different than the last time Anti went berserk. Last time, Anti was aware of his surroundings. Aware of the fact that this was something he didn’t want to do. Now, it was if he was falling prey to his instincts. “Hey, hey, HEY! Anti! Stay with me, man- tell me where we are. Tell me how far we are away from your apartment.”

         Anti stared him down- how far… what’s an apartment?

         “How many blocks from home are we, Anti, come on.” Panic was very apparent in Dark’s voice, “How many, you can tell me.”

         Kill him. Shut him up. Kill him.

         “Wh-where are we right now? Come on man, where are we?”

         …where are we?

         “The…park. The park?”

         Dark smiled and let out a relieved sigh and a short, breathy laugh. “Th-that’s right man, we’re at the park.”

         What’s this red haired fool in front of me want…I wish he’d quit talking.


         Why hadn’t the color returned to his eyes? Dark knew Anti was learning to control his appearance; he knew he liked the bright green iris and pupil against the black sclera of his eyes. “Stay with me, okay? What were you doing? Can you tell me what you were doing?”

         I was going to…feast. But I was…no…oh, no, I was going to kill that girl.

         “I was…on the ice.”

         Dark moved the hair from Anti’s eyes again, laughing nervously. “You were, you were. And you’re strong. You’re stronger than this. This isn’t you. You don’t want to give in, okay?”

         The color slowly began to return to Anti’s eyes.

         What am I doing? I’m better than this.

         Anti was suddenly very aware of the pain in his chest.

         “I know it hurts, man. I know it does. You don’t want to throw it all away. I’m here for you, okay?”

         Tears, clearer than the ones before mixed with blood, streamed from Anti’s eyes. He fell to his knees; Dark sat on his knees and held Anti tight. “I was going to kill that young woman. I…I was losing it, Dark. I don’t want to do this anymore.”

         Dark pet the back of his head…unsure of what to say. “Hey…hey, we’ll get you fixed up when we get home. I’ll try and make you something. We’ll watch a playlist or somethin’, hm? It’s hard, okay; this is gonna be hard. But you can’t give up…don’t give up on me, Anti.”

         Anti pulled his arms around Dark’s; his warmth felt nice against his chilled arms. His wound ached but knew it would heal. He hated this…for a moment, he really did want to give up. He sighed, exhausted. “I’m sorry, Dark.”

         “No, none of that, fuck face,” Dark nervously laughed, looking Anti in the face. Anti laughed in return and wiped his face with his sleeve. “Lets go home, ‘kay?”  


I don’t know how to end things. …*pops a confetti popper* …neat.

Underneath the Mistletoe Last Night

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: light swearing

Word Count: 2,310

Imagine: Dean and the reader get into the Christmas spirit 


A/N: Was in a festive spirit 😊 (just kidding, I’m a christmas freak) 

And please excuse any mistakes. I’m hopped up on cold medicine

Listen to Frank Sinatra’s “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” Here!

In case you don’t know who Burger Meister is 

It was that time of year again; the air was sharp with grey clouds that always seemed to cling to the sky. The trees were bare, the vibrant leaves of fall destitute and disarrayed. The the smell of snow teased your nostrils every day that passed without a fresh blanket. 

But just because it didn’t look like Christmas outside, didn’t mean it couldn’t look like Christmas inside the bunker.

As soon as December 1st hit, you were up bright and early, ready with bags of decorations you had picked up the night before; twinkle lights, ribbons, tinsel, ornaments, and a fake Christmas tree complete with a star on top (because let’s be real, there was no way the three of you were around enough to keep a real one alive). 

You were up by 5am, wanting to have as much done as you could before Sam and Dean got up, which left you only an hour and a half before the youngest Winchester would wonder into the library with a cup of coffee in hand. 

You normally despised the mornings, but when your alarm when off, you sprung out of bed, threw on your Christmas playlist and plugged in your headphones, ready to go. 

You Jingle Bell Rock’d your way through the bunker, streaming pine garlands along the arches, putting out snowman, reindeer, and a Santa Clause cutouts on various end tables.

By 6:30am, it looked like Martha Stewart had puked her Christmas edition all over the bunker, and you LOVED it.

All you had left was the tree, but you figured it might be fun to convince the boys to put it up with you. 

As the room glows in the soft gleam of the the hundreds of strands of Christmas lights you had strung, a soft tap on your shoulder has you pulling out your earbuds and spinning in your slipper socks, looking up to find an awe-struck Sam with a goofy grin on his face.

“Did you do all of this?” He laughs, his eyes shimmering as he takes it all in.

You shrug.

“What can I say, I love Christmas.” He looks down at you and smiles, shaking his head.

“Yeah, I think that’s an understatement.” You just roll your eyes and nudge him with your elbow.

“I figure once Dean gets up, we can put up the tree.” You motion to the box sitting under the staircase.

“You bought a fake tree?” Sam’s chest heaves at he looks at the box incredulously.

You look up at him with a straight-face.

“You seriously trust any of us to keep a tree alive?”

He just laughs and shakes his head.

“Point taken.”

You wrap your arm around his and pull him towards the kitchen.

“C’mon, I’ll make hot chocolate while we wait for Dean to get up.”

Two hours, and three cups of hot chocolate (for Sam) later, Dean hurries his way into his kitchen in the dead-man slippers and robe that he had found when he first moved it.

It kinda skeeved you out, but you just tried to think of them like hand-me-downs. 

His eyes were alert, rather than the barely-open state they usually were in when he found his way to the kitchen in the mornings.

“Have you guys been in the library?” He raises his fisted hand, his thumb pointing over the shoulder, presumably pointing towards the library. “I think Cas robbed Martha Stewart’s house.”

Sam chokes on his hot chocolate and you cover your mouth with your hands, trying to not only cover the giggles of the dumbstruck look on Dean’s face, but also Sam’s reaction.

“What?” Dean’s shoulders fall a bit, though his hand is still raised, as he looks at the two of you in confusion.

“Not…Cas,” Sam gasps for breaths in between laughs. “Y/N.” He points across the table to you. 

Dean closes his eyes and gives his head a small shake, a little crinkle forming above his nose, the one where he’s heard and understands what was said, but is still trying to comprehend the words. 

“You…did all of that?” His eyes open and look right into yours. Your body warms up from the tips of your toes to the tops of your ears, and you shrug with a small smile, giving your eyes a small roll. 

His nose crinkles up as his arm falls to his side, bouncing against his leg.

“Why?” Your smile falls as you stare at him with wide eyes.

“What do you mean why?” You repeat, standing from the table. You walk over to him and wrap your fingers around his wrist–not daring to take his hand–and drag him behind you as you hurry to the library.

“Look at all this,” you let go of his arm, not noticing how he flexes his fingers at the loss of your touch. “How could you not be filled with Christmas joy just looking at it?” You open your arms, motioning to the skating figurines on the magnetic ice rink–the same one your grandparents use to put out in their house every year–and the gingerbread scented candles that flickered around the bowl of peppermint candies you put on the war table. 

“Oh. My. God.” It suddenly hits you, and you turn to Dean. He looks down at you, alarmed by your sudden change in mood.

“You’re totally a grinch, aren’t you?” You accuse, hating the fact that the man you carried a torch for might hate the very holiday you love so much.

“What?” Dean scoffs, crossing his arm. “I’m not a grinch.” He shakes a finger at you. “Hell,” he throws his arms open, staring you right in the eye. “I love Christmas!” 

You glower at him.

“Really, cause it seems like you’re trying really hard to convince me.” You cross your arms and unintentionally jut out your hip.

He rolls his eyes and sighs, his body falling.

“Whatever.” He holds up his hands, walking out as Sam walks in.

“Fine! Sam and I will put up the tree together! Without you!” You call after him, and he waves you off.

Sam watches his brother leave as he steps towards you. 

“Everything okay?” He asks as you make your ways towards the tree box, pulling the flaps open and begin pulling out branches.

“What’s with Dean and Christmas?” You don’t turn around as you ask Sam, just focus on getting the tree out of the box so you can start putting it together.

Two large hands find their way into the box as you work, helping you pull everything out.

“It’s just not really something that’s on our radar.” Sam shrugs as you begin sorting the branches by the numbers on them.

“How could you not celebrate Christmas. With all the shit we see every day, you’d think you guys would welcome the chance at something happy for a change.”

Sam smiles, though it doesn’t reach his dimples.

“What?” You ask as the two of you keep working.

“We haven’t really celebrated since Dean went to hell.”

“What?” You straighten up, dropping the branch in your hands with a heavy thud into its pile.

Sam stops working and looks up at you.

“The last time we celebrated was the Christmas before he went to hell. Since then, we just haven’t. We never really celebrated it before that year either. Not since we were kids anyways.” Sam bends over and picks up the assembly directions. 

You bite the inside of your lip and shake your head at yourself. 

Great move, Y/N. 

An hour later, the tree was finally up and decorated, blinking with colorful lights and silver tinsel. You wished you had more personal ornaments to put on the tree, but the store-bought globes at least made for a pretty sight. 

And Sam had lifted you on his shoulders so you could put the star on top of the tree. Albeit a little crooked, but somehow it just seemed right. 

Once the tree was done, Sam left to go run off all the hot chocolate he drank earlier, and you figured you should go find Dean and apologize. 

You made your way to his door, knocking lightly.

“Dean?” You call out, pressing you ear against his door, listening for any sign of him. “Dean?” You knock again, slowly pushing the door open, in case he yelled at you for barging in, but getting nothing and finding an empty room instead.

You frown and close the door, figuring you could check out the garage. If he wasn’t in his room or the library, the safest bet was he was working on Baby.

“Dean?” You flick on the garage light, finding nothing but rows of old cars, and an empty space where Baby was usually parked.

How the hell did he sneak out without me noticing?

You sigh and close the door, deciding to grab your phone and plug in some Christmas music.

As you lean over the speaker, the soft voice of Frank Sinatra flowing through the library, you hear the roar of Baby’s engine.

You turn around and watch the garage door, a minute passing before the eldest Winchester walks through with a shopping bag in his hand.

“I didn’t hear you leave.” You lean against the end table the speaker sits on, your hands grasping onto the edges. 

“Just ran out for a minute.” He kicks the garage door shut and places his bag on the table. 

You straighten up, trying to sneak a peek as the plastic bag crinkles down onto to table.

“What’d ya get?” You try to sound nonchalant, still trying to peer into the bag from across the room. 

Dean looks over at you, a small smirk on his face.

“Thought I’d add my own Christmas cheer into the mix.” His head bobs as he smiles, seemingly proud of himself.

You narrow your eyes at him, a smirk teasing on your lips as you stand up and cross your arms. 

 “And that’s…”

“A surprise.” He finishes, that shit-eating grin breaking out. You continue to leer at him, not trusting what he has in store. 

“Close your eyes.” He orders and your eyebrows raise.

“What? No wa–.”

“Just close your damn eyes, Y/N.” He huffs, and you glare at hims for a minute before complying, hoping that maybe playing along would make up for earlier. 

You hear him rustle around in the bag before his boots shuffle across the floor, his footsteps growing closer to you before stopping in front of you, close enough you can feel his presence next to you. 

You really try to focus on the noises he making, but he’s too quiet with his actions, even though he’s right in front of you.

“Okay. Open.” He instructs, and your eyes pop open, eagerly looking around the room, but noticing nothing different.

“I don’t get it.” You frown, standing on your tips toes to look behind him, still seeing nothing new.

His eyes sparkle as he stares down at you before they look up to the ceiling and you follow his gaze. 


Your mouth falls open as you nod your head. 

Of course Dean Winchester bought mistletoe.

“You know, just getting in the Christmas spirit.” His voice is light, but cocky as he knows he got the one-up on you. You shake your head at him, but his smile never faults. 

“I guess, for the sake of Christmas spirit.” 

You push up on your toes, his eyes going wide in surprise as your hands grab at the collar of his shirt as his head dips down and to the right, your lips meeting his as his nose squishes on your cheek, your lips playing against the his as his hand goes into your hair and cups under your ear, pulling you even closer. His mouth take your bottom lip in his before pulling away, a proud smile playing on his face.

“And his small heart grew three sizes that day.” You whisper, opening your eyes and staring into the bright green ones looking down at you, your heart pounding against your chest. 

His smile falls and he stares down at you.

“Really?” His jaw shifts as he rolls his eyes up to the ceiling. 

“A Christmas miracle.” You laugh in a breath.

“Knock it off.” His hand falls away from your hair, but lands on the curve of your hip, still holding you to him. 

“Whatever you say, Burger Meister.” You say with a german accent and bright smile. 

“That’s it!” He throws his hands up, reaching for the mistletoe and pulling it down. “Christmas is canceled!” You smile as he starts to move away, reaching out and grabbing the mistletoe from his hand before he can react.

“You sure?” You hold the leaves with white holly over your head, daring him with your eyes to try and leave.

You can see the gears in his mind turning over before he walks towards you with predatory steps and leans down so his eye level meets yours.

“Fine. For Christmas.” He whispers, his breath fanning over you before his lips crash to yours. Your hands fall around his shoulders, as his arms wrap around your waist pulling you flush against him. 

“For Christmas.” You murmur against his lips, before capturing his again. 

“Eh hem.” A deep voice clears his throat, and you and Dean break apart, though your hands not leaving one another.

“You two spreading Christmas cheer?” Sam asks with raised eyebrows and an unfading smiling.

“Just getting in the spirit, Sammy,” Dean smiles at you, his eyes never leaving yours. 

“Yeah, well Merry Christmas to you two.” Sam shakes his head before heading down the hall.

Dean cocks his head to the side, his eyes taking his your face under the soft glow of the twinkle lights.

“A merry Christmas indeed.”