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Dating Ethan Dolan Part 2

it was requested for me to do this again soo oooosososoos here we go. btw everything about ethan is so unhuman to me? like if i ever saw him in real life i think i would just stare because wooooow.

also these are based off of what i think ethan would be like okay? okay. awesome here we go.

  • this dude is so family orientated it crazy
  • so if any one of the family doesn’t like u then cue n sync
  • he’s the type of bf to get hella jealous over nothing
  • i feel like he would also b kind of possessive tbh
  • like if you were wearing a revealing shirt he would make sure the leave a hickey in a place where anyone could see it even though you would yell at him for giving you one later
  • or be attached to your hip when other guys are eyeing you
  • but he wouldn’t restrict your rights as a human being ya know? bc i would leave anyyyone whoever did that to me, no matter who they were and i encourage all of you young beautiful men and woman to do the same
  • grayson would love to embarrass ethan
  • old school photos
  • wresting photos
  • fetus halloween photos
  • and sometimes will embarrass cam too hhahaa
  • she likes having you around because then she’s not the only girl
  • ethan punches the wall. a lot. when he’s angry
  • if its a fight between you two, some jerk at the grocery store that really pissed him off, his own thoughts, or people online
  • you will find yourself moving things in front of the new gash in the wall
  • its hard to get mad at him when he does this bc he sucks at explaining anything and a lot of the times its the situations that he has no control over
  • he knows how to give you space believe me
  • but omg he is always touching, thinking, or talking to you if hes not mad at you
  • you want to wear a tank top and some leggings to feel relaxed???
  • “here take this you’ll be cold.”
  • “e, its 80 degrees ou-“
  • “just fucking take it (y/n)”
  • sweatpants, t shirts, the nice blue along sleeve one that he wore in ‘grayson dares ethan’, and sooooo much more
  • he doesn’t smile in the photos that u take together. he just- yeah.
  • he would never want to make you feel inferior
  • going to the gym w him
  • ooooh lord
  • sitting on his back as he does pushups
  • leaning over his knees as he does sit ups and being a tease
  • speaking of teasing, he’s the actual king of teasing you
  • leaves you wanting more
  • ya knoooow
  • he actually laughs and finds joy in the way that you whine when he leaves you after he’s teased you
  • he’s also a bed hog
  • he’ll sleep on you sometimes
  • pizza and yogurt all. the. time.
  • you sometimes have to scold him for having such a potty mouth my god ethan
  • i feel like he would only have two or three pet names for you; baby & the first letter of your name
  • i also think that he would get a tattoo that would remind him of u (this is dumb, don’t do this. but ethan i think defiantly would after like a year of dating bc hes a little stupid tbhgeuryifbhdjkn)
  • hearing him say i love you when he’s hurting or once a week. there is no in between.
  • he’s a big cuddler too when no one is looking
  • and he’s such a sassafras
  • good lord
  • you keep him on his toes tho, between witty remarks and roasts to surprise adventures at 1 am

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anonymous asked:

Hey, would you happen to have any tips on telling adult skulls from juvenile skulls? Sometimes I'll find a skull from a species I've never found before, but they just seem so impossibly small...! It's super hard to find photo refs that show the size... Are there any general features that can show age? Huge eye sockets, tricks with teeth, etc...?

Hi there!

There are a few things to look for when trying to tell what age an animal was by its skull.

Skulls are made up of many different bones and the lines where those different bone plates connect are called sutures. As an animal ages those sutures begin to fuse together and in some cases in very old animals they will completely disappear. In young animals though those plates are very noticeable. 

Here are a few comparisons between juvenile and adult skulls of some common species.

Opossums are unlike many other mammals and the sutures of their skulls never completely fuse together.

Here are four Carolina Dogs ranging from approximately six months old to around ten years old.

Note how the suture lines begin to fuse together as the animals mature. In the Senior dog on the bottom right they have practically disappeared.

Domestic Cats: Kitten, Adult, & Senior

Goats: Juvenile, Young Adult, and Senior. Note the completely fused sutures in the senior goat skull on the far right.

Like humans, all baby mammals have deciduous aka milk aka baby teeth that are shed as the adult teeth begin to erupt. In some cases you can even see the adult teeth erupting from under the milk teeth. This baby bobcat has both baby and adult canine teeth present, giving it the appearance of double fangs.

Those baby teeth are usually hollow/have undeveloped roots. Adult teeth are hollow too until the animal matures and the root of the tooth fills in and becomes solid.

Here are adult vs. juvenile teeth in Red Foxes:

and Raccoons:

The rearmost molars are usually the last teeth to finish erupting. Here’s a young standard size horse foal’s teeth (left) compared to a 17 year old mini horse’s teeth (right). Note the foal’s rearmost molars still encased in bone. An older animal’s teeth will also show signs of wear. Enamel loss and discoloration, points worn down smooth, and decay are all signs of age.

Teeth yet to erupt in a young feral hog’s skull.

So the main things to look for when trying to age a skull are suture lines and teeth. Size is helpful too but some animals like raccoons have skulls that come in an incredible variety of shapes and sizes so sutures and teeth are really your best tell when gaging age. Bones and skulls from juvenile animals are also typically very lightweight, fragile, and porous. Sometimes the bone of the skull of a juvenile animal will be paper-thin. Often when they are being processed and cleaned juvenile animal skulls will completely fall apart at the suture lines and have to be rebuilt.

Hope that helps, Anon! Happy collecting!

dating ashton would include:
  • sitting on his lap whilst he tries to teach you how to play his drums
  • “hey ash put these flowers in your hair”
  • finding old bandanas/hats and convincing him to wear them again
  • “wait i need to take a photo of this street art” “its a road sign” “art
  • the pda would be off the scale
  • reassuring arm around your waist constantly
  • “ashton don’t you dare cut up that shirt”
  • seeing you in the audience and rocking out so hard on the drums it turns you on
  • him relying on you to bring his glasses to places because he just completely forgets
  • him calming you down with tiny kisses all over your face
  • “babe i literally cannot resist you in that dress get over here”
  • “well thats a happy coincidence because you look so fuckable in that tux”
  • pulling you down onto his lap when he’s sitting down and holding you tight
  • him making the prettiest, biggest romantic gestures like sending 20 bunches of flowers to where you’re staying
  • setting you up in a really fancy hotel when you’ve come out to see him on tour and then surprising you with a huge grin when you open the room to see him there
  • taking you to really obscure places to get away from everything
  • him doodling all over every piece of paper lying around and giving them to you, so often that you have a box where you keep them all because they’re so cute
  • concert dates
  • him trying to cook for you and failing, terribly. like almost setting the kitchen on fire terribly.
  • fans hardcore shipping you two because even they cant deny how happy you make him


Okay, so I’m pretty sure that I’ve made something like this before, but I still want to write on this, because fuck dude, I love talking about stuff like this.

With all the Anti hype building up, I’ve noticed a lot of different ideas of what Anti’s goals could be - taking out Jack for good (or taking him over for good), killing Chase and the other egos, taking over the doctor, etc. But I’m not really sure it’s any of that specifically.

I think what Anti wants - is power. And not just power to survive, power to control his own fate.

I’m gonna stick the rest under a read more, because I’m gonna get into some info here.

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