it's hard to color in this mv really

maisie-sullivan  asked:

OK! Ready, Coloured, Your Love, You & Me, and Crazy Sexy Cool! <3

OK! Ready: are you looking forward to anything at the moment?

Hmmmm, at the moment, not really. I’m just focusing on taking things one day at a time.

Coloured: favorite mv aesthetic?

Ooooh, thats a hard one . . i love each mv’s unique concept and i love Crazy Sexy Cool and its use of purples (u kno im a hoe for purple). But, I think Baby’s aesthetic is my favorite. The pure, bright colors really suits the song style. PLus, I’d shop at their store any day.  

Your Love: top three astro songs

dsgkjlfjlg uhhhh… ok so at the moment:

1. Crazy Sexy Cool

2. Run (raplines vocals are akfjsdl so good. also i love myungjun’s vocals at this part)

3. My Style (I’ve really liked this song for a while. sanha’s and mj’s vocals are really complementary together. OH, also rockys outfit in this performance was wILD–and moonbin at the end wtfff???)

You & Me: favorite line from any astro song

(jinjin’s deep rapping voice makes me so happy)

Crazy Sexy Cool: attach your favorite meme of astro

(no one even had to edit this to make it a meme)