it's gunna be big

anonymous asked:

you don't have to answer this and sorry if u already did but, can anyone join the discord server you made for guyslikeus? Also is there like an age restriction or smth?

i was gunna make an age restriction at some point but its too big and too late now to keep track so,,, please if ur under ten i swear to god pls go play neopets and dont join my server ,,,, theres already 12 year olds in there.

i try really hard to keep it vent free and nsfw free but also guyslikeus kind of has some nsfw themes but idk idk ITS 4 AM FOR ME RN just go for it i guess

tldr: its a public server go for it 👌

I was told that as a “gay person” i should support all these assorted refugees coming into our country. Because supposedly being gay should correlate directly with wanting foreigners to swamp your nation? If anything as a gay person i should be fervently against it. Fun fact fellow homos, the majority of arab muslims and sub saharan christian africans don’t like you. They hate you. And what are the majority of refugees entering our countries? Arab Muslims and sub saharan africans. What, you think they are gunna come here and its gunna be one big kum bi ya? That they are magically going to change their beliefs as they enter our borders? stop being naive and wake up. If any thing as a gay person you should be staunchly against letting in these people who despise you, of course unless you want to deal with the same persecution you would in their countries.