it's groundhog day

Apparently Dr. William Murray, of Punxsutawney State University, is giving a colloquium today on “Closed Timelike Curves and Recurrent Events Around General Relativistic Singularities.”
One Direction’s Harry Styles: ‘Hendall’ Over, It’s Like Groundhog Day
The saddest part of the entire Styles and Jenner story is that it is all so predictable and transparent. It seems that some members of the media have not heard the old cliche that “the first sign of madness is to do the same thing, in the same way, over and over expecting a different result each time.” Some sections of the media, and seemingly One Direction’s management, think that linking Styles with some beautiful woman or another is what fans want to see. They could not be more wrong. Fans are sick of seeing Harry sexualized by the media. Year after year we see the same tired old stunt’s played out like we are living in Groundhog Day. It’s time to move on and let Harry Styles live his life.

Good man xx