it's great exposure

OTP Idea #768

Person A, the resident punk of the school and Person B, the ultimate goody two shoes get paired together for a class project. Person B reluctantly goes along with the pairing, thinking A won’t do much work. Person A however is head over heels for Person B, and takes every chance they can to work up to A’s standards.

jimon fake dating au in which jace is a international rock star and simon is an indie popstar but lately he’s not really been doing great, the single for his upcoming album pretty much flopped and the album is seemingly doomed to follow the same path and he bumps into jace at some fancy industry party and they dont get along AT ALL but also jace is DRUNK AS HELL and simon feels kind of bad so he helps him into his car + home and the next morning theres pics everywhere speculating about a possible relationship and simon is like OH HELL NO but his publicist thinks its great exposure and jace’s publicists it would be great to improve jace’s imagine (he’s known as a bit of a lothario) so guess who are (fake) dating now


I just had a local band print a photo of mine in their album without permission and without payment. I know posting and complaining about this is less than professional, but the reasoning on the band’s side as to why they can use the photo is ridiculous.

I (and every other photographer) is also sick and tired of hearing “Its great exposure!”. Thats great, too bad we can’t pay our bills with that. Would you walk into your mechanic and have him work on your car then turn around and tell them you’ll tell people about them and that Its great exposure? No. Its absurd and you would probably get hit with a wrench, so why is it ok to tell a photographer that? If I rattled off the cost of my equipment alone you’d be shocked, then theres the years of learning my craft, but overall Its just rude and unprofessional. 

people also keep saying its good exposure but?? idk does hot topic even credit the artist who made it how would the person who bought the shirt from the store even knew you drew it

also people saying its good exposure for being underpaid i literally saw someone say its fine to be underpaid for this specifically bc its great exposure do not