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3 Reasons why I watch Longmire on Netflix

1. Henry Standing Bear

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Ahhhhh I love Lou Diamond Phillips! Amazing Actor! Just give Henry his own damn show!!!

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texting [📲]
  • Liam: it's okay lou. when life gives you lemons, you just gotta make lemonade
  • Liam: :)
  • Louis: that's shit advice
  • Louis: why not just squeeze the lemon into the eyes of who's upsetting me?
  • Liam: who is upsetting you that much??
  • Louis: you, liam, with this terrible advice. pick up lemons while you're at the store

Heyo!!! (Woj here btw! I made an art account) Recently, (aka about an hour or two ago) one of my friends told me that Adobe Draw is a good app for digital art on iPads, so I made this drawing of Lou Ellen from the Heroes of Olympus series! This is inspired by


’s fan art for Lou Ellen, which is seriously amazing, you should go check her art out!