it's gotta be lou

Okay, but I LOVED Cars 3! It was the sequel we all deserved! I laughed, I cried, it was emotional and awesome!

I’m not going to go into details but just…I love it so much!!! I feel like it was the first Pixar movie in a long time where I walked out of the theater just super satisfied. Not that I haven’t loved the more recent movies but for some reason something felt missing to me, maybe it was just my mood at the time but who knows?

So…you know, if you haven’t seen it you totally should…just saying…and the short before it was pure perfection like OH MY GOSH!

Heyo!!! (Woj here btw! I made an art account) Recently, (aka about an hour or two ago) one of my friends told me that Adobe Draw is a good app for digital art on iPads, so I made this drawing of Lou Ellen from the Heroes of Olympus series! This is inspired by


’s fan art for Lou Ellen, which is seriously amazing, you should go check her art out!