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@theamazingmaxwellcarter and I saw this post and starting thinking up an AU where Charlie is cursed to become a beast when she falls in love with someone, and we had a blast

I, LOVE beast Charlie. She starts off as her adorable 5′3 human self and transforms into a 7-foot beast with a massive determination to protect every child and animal in need of her help. It was a child who kissed her cheek and started the curse too, but at that point she wasn’t afraid of becoming a monster anymore

She also grows a white coat in the winter because that’s just plain cool

anonymous asked:

idk,in my opinion, air sun signs or air mars signs actually do have scary anger ._. i see everywhere that they rarely get angry but i've noticed that it's scary, especially gemini's anger whether it's mars or sun sign

I definitely agree with you. Air signs are definitely scarier in anger because they’re intelligently angry. They usually rationalize their anger through knowledge so they just do a really good job at making you look stupid.

Air is also pretty unpredictable though. It’s hard to control anger or any kind of irrationality when you’re trying to be logical about it.

Relativity Falls art trade with my friend @lockholmes! Thank you for wanting to do another one with me!

Ive been putting all my FE art reblogs into my queue and I think its a pretty good system, but damn I kind of just want all of you to see all this good good art asap I dont want to wait.  What a struggle.


retro superhusbands

sarayaselice replied to your post “Do you have any headcanons about a daughter of Aphrodite and son of…”

Hi I requested this, I’m sorry but you switched up the people.. you put a son of Aphrodite and a daughter of Athena when it’s a daughter of Aphrodite and son of Athena.. ITS REALLY GOOD THOUGH IM SORRY����

First off, sorry for not seeing this (I never check the activity on this blog) but actually I didn’t flip them! (But that wasn’t clear). I just flipped their roles, on Raviv’s suggestion actually. I made the daughter of Aphrodite hella smart and the son of Athena hella pretty. They’re still smart and pretty in their own right but each outshine each other in the respective, stereotypical strengths!

I’m sorry if that wasn’t clear, I was kind of distracted when I wrote this!

anonymous asked:

Just curious if you've ever considered doing a gender swap off-shoot with Gwyn and Augus? Not sure if Gwyn's upbringing would be the type to force her into a super feminine role with dresses and make up and the rest or if they'd have given up on her and let her grunge it up in oversized hoodies and the like. Same with Augus - on the one hand I can totally see stupidly good winged eyeliner but on the other hand grunge!punkrock!Augus for the win. Also not quite sure why this ended up a human AU.

Idk why, anon, but I am not hugely into cis gender swapping and I can’t really say why. Like totally happy for other people to do it, and I actually really like f/f and read that too? So idk why I am this way. I tend to auto-scroll past it as a theme. *throws hands in the air* Is it internalised misogyny? Is it how I can be weirdly rigid sometimes around characters? Is it something else and all of the above? Who knows.

I’ve spent some time thinking about cis gender swapped Augus and Gwyn too though (mostly because there have been a handful of asks over the years). I mostly think Gwyn would still end up as a warrior, since high status women can still do that and it not be seen as an insult to family or anything, but at home she’d be made to dress accordingly. I honestly don’t think it would change much with Augus, she’d still live the same life and she’d still largely dress in a similar way.

Not sure about the human realm though. That’d be such a huge subject (with misogyny and rigid perceptions of gender roles changing how they’d be raised from birth), that I’d really need like several weeks to think about how much that would change things, because I suspect with Gwyn it could change things a lot.

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I recommend the song Paris by The Chainsmokers (listen ik edm isn't everyone's thing but hear me out) it makes me cry and I love it also I love you and congrats on 400 💕🌻

thank key ily too <3 <3 paris is a really good song and its always stuck in my head. like you know one of your queue tag is related to the song and every time i see your tag, i have the song stuck in my head for the rest of the day ahaha :’)

hogwarts house: hufflepuff | slytherin | ravenclaw | gryffindoor 

scent: soft rose | fresh rain | citrus fruit | warm vanilla | new books | spicy cinnamon | sea breeze | brewing coffee

color: cream | charcoal black | soft pink | fiery red | pastel purple | shiny silver | forest green | ocean blue | sunny yellow 

season: spring | summer | autumn | winter 

time of the day: dawn | morning | afternoon | dusk | evening | night 

place: a rocky coastline | a bustling city | an open clearing in a forest | a quiet coffeehouse | a quiet rooftop | outer space | a flower-covered valley 

element: fire | earth | water | air 

a feeling: uncontrollable laughter | adrenaline | utter joy | butterflies in your stomach | a warm hug 

overall: you’re great & i lob your blog | you’re a good and i’m following you forever | you’re my senpai and ily | you’re my bffl and everything is perf!

additional comments: key youre such a good friend and i love u very very much. your blog is gold and so are you <3 i enjoy being in the phevin gc with you and i hope we do meet!!!! :D

want a aesthetic blograte?

  • Farkle: Hey, what's that? *pointing at Zay's cup of coffee*
  • Farkle: That cute coffee girl wrote a heart by your name!
  • Farkle: *singsong* Somebody has a crush on you!
  • Lucas: *singsong* Somebody thinks you're me-ee
  • Zay: Do you really think she likes me? I mean, I guess it's not that surprising. Every time I come in here, I do totally crack her up.
  • *3 weeks ago*
  • Coffee girl (Isadora): Zay, here's your pumpkin latte.
  • Zay: Wow, how did you fit a pumpkin into this little cup?
  • Isadora: *giggles*
  • *8 days ago*
  • some guy: I'll have a pumpkin latte.
  • Zay: How do they even fit a pumpkin into those little cups? What, you got a shrink-ray back there?
  • Isadora: *giggles*
  • *yesterday*
  • Zay: Remember that time I said the thing about the pumpkin latte?
  • Isadora: Which time?
  • Zay: The first time.
  • Isadora: Yeah, that was really funny!
  • *present time*
  • Farkle: Ok, there's only two reasons she'd laugh at that. 1) It's the first joke she's ever heard, or 2) She likes you! You should totally ask her out.
  • Zay: Well what if the heart doesn't mean anything? What if she writes it on all of the cups?
  • Farkle: Mine says "Farkle", no heart.
  • Lucas: Mine says "Swarley". How'd she get "Swarley" from Lucas? It's not even a name. Who would ever be called swarley?
  • *Zay and Farkle share a look*
  • Lucas: Please don't start calling me Swarley. Lucas the Good was bad enough. *walks out*
  • Zay: What's up with Swarley?
  • Farkle: I know, you almost never see Swarlz get that upset.

When ever I see one of those posts that say “likes do nothing only reblogs” or “you liking/reblogging all my posts once just makes me angry queue or gtfo” I want to yell DON’T BELIEVE THEM!!!! When I see I have 50 new notes from the same person, usually few likes, reblog, maybe a follow after 20 likes sometimes its all likes and they never follow, but still I couldn’t be happier! This person liked my stupid blog so much, that they scrolled past the first page (even Google doesn’t get that often!) and still kept liking it! Seriously, there’s so many good posts in tumblr, but not everything might fit in your blog to be reblogged… so “like” is just as good way of showing appreciation as anything.

Originally posted by koltowave

yoongi: my eyesight recently isnt that good so when i do this.., well even then, i cant see very well. but since you are all prettier..

fans: *laughs at cheesy yoongi*

yoongi: dont laugh! but since you are all getting prettier as the days pass, i can see you clearly. you’re all glowing! stop laughing! these words are what i want to say to you. are you embarrassed?

fans: yes~!

yoongi: yeah.. well.. me too..

How to be a good Fabric Store Customer: A guide to shopping that I can’t believe needs to be written

It’s so sad that I feel the need to write this but here we are. 

I am a Supervisor for a fabric store called Hancock Fabrics (this guide is a little more specific to my store because I know Jo Ann’s hiring policies and store functioning is a bit different). Now, I know fabric stores aren’t the only retail stores that experience a lot of what I am about to write about (so hey, if you read this, it probably applies to any store) but I have had some glaringly unique instances with fabric shoppers and since a vast majority of my followers are cosplayers, I thought maybe this could help first time buyers or just to be a casual reminder!

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I will no longer be posting on this account, this message will be put on a queue over the next month or so but that is it!

You can now find me here

It may take me a short while to set this blog up and repost some of my art.

I will not be reposting all of it though, so if i have done any art for you MAKE SURE ITS SAVED.

The reason i am moving is because i dont want my main blog to be a rp blog , and i cant delete that one without deleting the rest of my blogs and to also reorganize everything.

Once everything is all set up this blog will be left inactive for a few moths (apart from the queue) until i delete it, to give every one a good chance of seeing this message.

Seventeen reaction: Performance unit

“Gif reaction to seventeen seeing their gf being talented at their hobby”

Hoshi: (singing) The moment he heard you singing his mouth would drop.”Jagi!! You told me you could sing but never this well” he would want you to show all the other members your amazing talent.  After he’s heard you sing good luck because its constant duets with this one! 

Jun:(dancing)  When he found you dancing he would watch you closely and be throughly impressed by your moves when you finished he would be so proud. “You’re good baby but are you as good as me” *queue dance battle* 

Minghao: (rapping) He would be so shocked hearing you rap. Hed want to know were you learned how to do it so well. “You’re even better then some of the hip hop unit” He’d be very proud of you and find your talent amazing. 

Dino: (dancing) “Why have you never told me about this!!” He’d be so happy to see your hobby is something he enjoys so much as well. He’d non stop talk about that one move and if you could show him.