it's good to see her looking so good again

Professor Evans (1/?)

Summary: Professor Evans notices one of his student struggling so he has a meeting with them to find a solution. 

Pairings: Professor!Chris Evans x Reader 

Warnings: None, except reader feels like her best isn’t that good 

Word Count: 1k 

A/N: Chris Evans’s Esquire magizine photoshoot came out and broke the internet and made every fangirl imagine him as a teacher. So @chrisevansthedoritobastard wanted this and I volunteered, I present to you Professor. And the fic is based on this picture from the photoshoot (from Google) 👇🏻

Y/N argued with herself if she should see Professor Evans during his office hours, she wanted to but at the same time, she didn’t. Professor was a nice person, he wasn’t bitter like the others and he was understanding; if you couldn’t hand in a paper he would listen to why and help you out. Y/N thought she was doing well, always trying her best but after she got her paper back marked she realized that it wasn’t too good. Not only the mark was not expected but also the comment that Professor Evans left at the back;

Please come see me during my office hours

Right when class ended Y/N ran out, pretending not to see Professor Evans trying to catch her attention. The thing is if she didn’t go she would have to face him during the next class and Y/N hated confrontation. So here she was knocking softly on the Professor Evans office door. When Y/N heard a quiet ‘come in’, she took a deep breath and gave herself a mini pep talk and turned the knob. As she entered, she scanned the room looking for the professor; finding him lying on his couch prompted up by his left elbow, wearing his glasses. He was writing something and kept on going back to the red book he was holding in his left hand. There was no doubt that Professor Evans was attractive but she always reminded herself that it could never happen, that Professor would never risk this amazing job because of crushing on a student or even dating one.

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“I’m not sure I can make it by 4 O’Clock either, Mother. My last class doesn’t get out until 3.”

“You’ll try your best, I’m sure.”

“Yes. I will.”

There was a slight pause in the conversation, now that their business was conducted. This was why Cassie hated talking on the phone.

“So, I’ll see you when I get there then” she said to nudge the conversation towards its conclusion.

“Yes.  Alexander is very excited to see you since he didn’t get to see you Tuesday night.”

’Tuesday night’. Cassie did not want the events of that night to be brought up again, so she quickly said her goodbyes.

“Tell him I look forward to seeing him too. Good bye, Mother.”

“Good bye, Cassandra. We’ll see you this afternoon.”

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Jubilee + swimming hcs/drabble/fic whatever strikes your fancy

  • Jubilation Lee fucking hates the water okay 
    • It’s cold and clingy and makes her skin pruny and she’s powerless in water and she could SO EASILY drown okay she HATES IT 
      • Which is probably why it was a bad idea when she fell in love with captain of the swim team 
  • She usually watches you from across the lawn because that’s where she eats lunch, and it so happens to be where your team crosses to the cafeteria each day. 
    • Not that you don’t look at her too
      • (It gets to the point where your team mates are cheering you guys on, despite both of you never meeting)
  • Eventually you walk over to talk to her
    • “Hey, I’m (y/n), what’s your name?” “Uh my name is  ̶L̶E̶S̶B̶I̶A̶N̶ Jubilation Lee, but my friends call me Jub.”
      • Having never met before, there’s not much to talk about, so you get on the subject of the swim team, and Jubilee mentions she can’t swim
        • MISTAKE
          • “Oh, you can’t swim? You know, I can teach you on my off night. I’m free on Thursday, if you want to swing by the pool.”
            • “Oh, sure thing! f̶u̶c̶k̶s̶h̶i̶t̶f̶u̶c̶k̶s̶h̶i̶t̶f̶u̶c̶k̶s̶h̶i̶t̶f̶u̶c̶k̶ “
  • Jubilee shows up on Thursday in one of Laura’s old swimsuits, which is WAY TOO BIG by the way 
    • It’s so big that you notice the size difference immediately, offering her one of your spares in her size.
  • She comes out of your changing room in the form fitting outfit and asks you “How do I look?” 
    • “How do I look?!”
      • hOw Do I lOoK? 
        • It’s safe to say you’re s̶a̶p̶p̶h̶i̶c̶ taken aback.
  • “Coolcoolcoolcoolcoolcoolcoolcool, no doubt, no doubt, you look great”
    • She seems a bit weirded out by the response, but doesn’t change back, so that’s a good sign 
  • “Hey do you….by any chance have any…..”
    • You gaze intently at her, “Have any what?”
      • She doesn’t match your gaze, “It’s stupid, nevermind.”
        • “What is it?” 
          • She mumbles something incoherent. You ask again and she mumbles again, until finally she gets the courage to say it.
            • “Do you have any floaties?”
  • You stifle a laugh and she looks embarrassed to say the least, “This was a stupid idea, I hate the water anyways.”
    • You look disappointed and purse your lips, “Why did you want to learn to swim if you hated the water so much?”
      • She mumbles and starts the whole thing all over again until she finally blurts out, “For you! I wanted to impress ya and I’m not that good at charming girls, as you can see, so I’m leaving.”
  • “Wait,” you grab her arm and she looks back and wonders if this is really happening? Her cheeks are like red x1000 and she’s 99% she’s having a heart attack. “You don’t have to like the water to like me. Come here, we can still have a good time at the pool!”
    • She shrugs and looks hesitant to embarrass herself again, but all thoughts dissipate as you push her into the water, following close behind as she screams.
        • You sit quietly next to her at the bottom of the pool where you caught her, “You calm now?”
          • She looked around to find both of you in a large air bubble, one seeming manufactured by you. You must be a water manipulating mutant.  ̶O̶f̶ ̶c̶o̶u̶r̶s̶e̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶w̶e̶r̶e̶,̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶w̶e̶r̶e̶ ̶c̶a̶p̶t̶a̶i̶n̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶m̶u̶t̶a̶n̶t̶ ̶s̶w̶i̶m̶ ̶t̶e̶a̶m̶,̶ ̶w̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶d̶i̶d̶ ̶s̶h̶e̶ ̶e̶x̶p̶e̶c̶t̶
  • “God, I’m an idiot, I’m so sorry for lying, I just wanted to be-” you silenced her with a finger over her lips as her blush reddened even more so, if that were possible.
    • “Do you want to overkill your apology further, or do you wanna make out at the bottom of the swimming pool?”
      • “The last one, please.”

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The hypable article seems to confirm that Fitzsimmons at least come face to face tonight! Albeit it doesn't sound like an overly positive interaction. What awful thing do you think the writer is referring to that might change everything in the framework (and beyond?)

Anonymous said:Did you see the hypable hints?? Looks like that Fitzsimmons confrontation is coming!

Originally posted by club-is-full-of-wolves


Its been for stinking ever since we had them together!   

I’m not saying its going to be all sunshine and roses here guys but at the very least we’ve got them reunited.  

HERE is my meta I did on the Hypable article and one thing that is very important to keep in mind with the teases is the author is not a fan of Fitz or Fitzsimmons.   

It also goes against the build up and read I’ve been getting.  Its very anti climatic and quite honestly a slap in the face to fans to use every contrived roadblock in the book keeping them apart in the Framework and setting up that Jemma is the one who can get through to him…to not have SOMETHING positive happen when they meet face to face.  Not when simply seeing her picture and hearing her scream no seemed to have an effect before Ophelia and Papa Fitz got their hooks back in him again.  

This arc is also supposed to be a ‘reward’ for fans who have been around since season one. And for most of us Fitzsimmons not getting a win here, Jemma not saving him, Fitz not having some sort of break through when she FINALLY gets to him isn’t even close to being that.  Nor is it a reward to not have Fitz reach his true nature like the others have.

I firmly believe that at the very least she starts to get through to him with the happy magical fantasy part of me pictures and epic Fitzsimmons montage as she kisses him and wakes him up, FItz the only one of the hostages to get all his memories back (hey let a girl dream…and I have quite honestly had crazier theories come true).  

Besides remember how much more painful it is to have her get him back only to have to leave him again.   Because with them being separated in the real world if they go through the back door Jemma’s under fire on the Zephyr and Fitz is in the middle of AIDA’s lair.   They have to say goodbye not knowing if they will see each other alive again or what happens when the hostages wake up in the real world.  Now THAT is the kind of kick in the feels I can see coming tonight.

As for the consequences.  It could be a lot of things both positive and negative.   Anything from someone getting hurt and being close to death (setting up yet another ticking close to get them out) to them agreeing to elope when they get out of the Framework.  We get a revelation about Papa Fitz (come one in the mix in the real world).  Someone could get hurt and be close to death from Daisy’s plan too.  I fully expect to lose more Avatars and possible Dadcliffe tonight.  Jemma could strike up a bargain.  We just don’t know.

Everyone’s decisions have consequences that will have repercussions in and out of the Framework.  The semi aware Coulson running into that building or agreeing to help take down Hydra (neither was necessary to get them out but it had consequences).  Daisy deciding to leave Fitz will/would (Jemma and Fitz will have to know that she was willing to leave him behind).  What Radcliffe does will  IE does he tell Fitz where Daisy is going or does Fitz learn from Jemma.   What and how Jemma goes about getting him back will.  Does she allow herself to get captured? How extreme are we talking here (for he record you go Jemma!  get your man back!)

And we have so many unknowns in play.  For me its far more dangerous for Fitz to start to remember right now.  He can stop AIDA and she knows it.  He is also AIDA’s prize.  She could have just taken his mind but she stole his heart too.  So what happens when she’s a real girl…does she still want/need him for phase 2 of her plans.  Again more dangerous if he’s no longer under her control and fighting back.  

I don’t know how much we get him back tonight or how much its going to hurt but I think its off to a positive start.  We will get SOMETHING.  We will at least see some of our Fitz again.  Because lets be real we all miss him and enough is enough.  The fandom is done with Darth Fitz, its time to let our Fitz start fighting back here.  If something truly awful happened with Fitzsimmons we would know it.  The timeline is looking good (hail the timeline).  Interviews with the cast are looking good.  So hang tight guys, I think we’re getting a turning point tonight!  

  • Glynda: Miss Valkyrie, this is the third time this week that you've completely demolished the cafeteria doors by slamming them! Having to continuously reconstruct them is getting rather irritating.
  • Nora: I can't help it, Miss Goodwitch! I'm too strong for my own good!
  • Glynda: That's absurd- surely you're able to control your strength.
  • Ren: It isn't always easy for her, Miss Goodwitch. With the amount of training Nora puts in every day, she sometimes forgets her own power during simple tasks.
  • Nora: See? Ren knows me so well! *slaps Ren's shoulder playfully*
  • Ren: *winces at the audible crack and sighs* ... You did it again, Nora.
  • Nora: *gasps* Oh gosh, Ren! I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have-
  • Ren: It's fine Nora, I know it was an accident. *looks at his limp arm* I'll just pop it back in place once we're back in the room.
  • Glynda: ... Did she actually just... Dislocate your shoulder?
  • Ren: *shrugs with his good arm* It happens.
  • Nora: *looks at Glynda frustratedly* See? Told you- too strong for my own good!
  • Glynda: Why can't Ozpin just bring normal children to this school?

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What would sex with Lena Luthor include?

Sex with Lena Luthor would include:

-she always has bomb ass lipstick on and when you’re done you always find it smudged in areas that make you blush when you discover them in the shower

-super dominant in bed like 90% of the time but sometimes after a really hard day she just wants nothing more than to give up control and let you pin her down and help her forget about all the pressure she’s under for a night

-lena has endurance like she does not get tired

-gets really turned on at galas and fundraisers that she really doesnt like going to apart from seeing you in one of the dresses she picked out being polite to all of her uppity, snobbish business peers 

-but sometimes she sees one of the crusty old CEO’s she’s forced to have good relations with moving his hand a little too low on your back or pulling you a little too close and lena just gets this look in her eyes 

-and the second you two can be alone again she can’t keep her hands off of you because god knows how riled up she gets watching someone else act entitled to you so whether its in the town car back to her loft or in the overly furnished venue bathroom she claims you as hers and good lord is it hot

-varies between incredibly rough some nights and slow and passionate on others

Fanfic - I Still Get Jealous - 1/1

Summary: Barry gets jealous of Iris’s intern and wants to remind her she’s a happily married woman.

Pairing: Westallen

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 1594

Author Note: Sorry I’m a day late for Westallen smut week :(  This would have been for Thrustin’ Thursday. Here’s some rooftop sex for everyone.

“Can I get you another coffee Ms. West?”

Iris glanced up from her laptop to see Chace the fresh faced intern with a eager expression on his face. In the past month since he joined Picture News he always made himself available to either fetch her coffee or to make copies or to fact check her latest article. At the start she assume he wanted to be hired as a cub reporter but now she wondered if maybe he had a school boy crush on her.

“Its West-Allen.” Iris corrected him. “And no thank you. I shouldn’t have coffee this late. You can go home now.”

Iris swore she saw a crackle of red lighting from the corner of her eye but she wasn’t certain.

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  • you know, sometimes I think about things like how in the 2011 final we actually played a very good game and japan battled back and in the most heartbreaking of circumstances the game was decided by penalties. which is like the worst most painful way to watch your team, and your keeper especially jfc. and hope was good man. she was good. she made good saves it's just, that was just the luck of the draw. its never easy to watch an entire game, especially a final, come down to a shootout. it's just cruel, I feel so gutted. and to see the devastation, the look of emptiness on hope's face after the tears were gone. and you know she carried that weight heavily. she probably has for the past four years. even though it wasn't and never will be solely on her, you could see it in her. so when it came to be that we would play japan again my thoughts dwelled on hope, like god I can't go through that again, I can't I don't want to watch it come to that again. no. please just no. and then this year you know what I just think things like what if carli just said nah fuck that man I'm gonna personally make sure we get through this shit. hope isn't going through that again. she deserves better. we all deserve better. carli has always been clutch in big games but jfc she went to a whole other level. and somewhere inside I just like to think, she did that for her best friend hope.

- my mind is just absolutely blown by that episode like WHAT A ROLLERCOASTER what did we do (good or bad?!??) to deserve holby city writers


- the acting from catherine and jemma is just next level. I am stunned

- holy shit tho jemma redgrave i mean wow, every time i look at her its like realising i like girls all over again, those EYES the HAIR omg

- I have to face facts, i really dont see any way in which this can go well however much i want it to, SERENA CAMPBELL HAS SUFFERED ENOUGH and if she loses a child she will never ever be the same again

- BISEXUALITY !!! ACKNOWLEDGED !!! (or as good as) by our hero Jason Haynes, the gift that keeps on giving… i mean he JUMPED IN FRONT OF A FUCKING CAR to save his auntie serena!!!! And dont get me started on “i like elinor even tho she ran me over” i love him so much omfg

- i am confident that berenice wolfe is done running from her problems when it comes to serena. She is going to be her rock through this, and i am so ready to see it

- in non berena news, how ON POINT was this episode in terms of the wedding storyline, i mean some of it was downright hilarious!!! Special shoutout to facial expressions from hanssen and jac

- jac naylor deserves a point of her own to be honest like WHAT A CHARACTER, she literally walked out of mo’s birth then proceeded to get absolutely pissed; “this is the best wedding I’ve ever been to” she is a gift

Ok phew, v sorry if any of this has been said before I just…. what can I even say about tbh, help me lmao

It’s funny to see that Minako keeps a volleyball on her shelf.




It’s funny … until you realize how not funny it is. Minako’s not interested in trinkets marking her success. She’s not interested in the memories of what used to be. The memento Minako has chosen to put in clear view – to be passed every night as she’s aching and tired and crawling into bed, to hover behind her every morning as she’s covering up bruises to go to school – is the actual physical volleyball.

It’s literally so close that she could reach out and take it, could play again, at any time.

Minako could’ve put there any reminder of volleyball, of the life she used to have, Minako could’ve put that ball anywhere in her room rather than perfectly in line of her mirror so she’d have to see it even when she looked at herself.

Minako forces herself to make that decision, every single day, to leave the volleyball gathering dust on her shelf.

“The Romans” Chapter 12 ( Just The Two Of Us)

Hey Dersha Fam!!! I know I know this chapter took FORRRREVVERRRR!!! But its here now! I defiantly had fun writing this chapter as it has a lot of different aspects. I really hope you all enjoy as I worked very hard on it to make it something for you guys. ENJOY!!!!

Ahsha and Derek was getting in the back seat of their car and Ahsha was quite annoyed with her husband. Ever since they went to the airport to catch their flight Derek had been so secretive about where they were going. He made her wear and blindfold and earphones when he felt like the suprise for her would be ruined. At first Ahsha was really excited but overtime she got frustrated. The gesture was really nice but with her pregnancy hormaones in overdrive she was over it. The only time Derek could catch a break from Ahsha trying to figure out where they were going was when she fell asleep on the flight for the rest of the night. But as soon as they landed Derek made sure to blindfold her again.
“Ahsha will you just trust me” Derek said in an exaggerated voice.
“I trust you but you have five seconds to take this blind fold off of my eyes. I'm over it!” Ahsha was clearly annoyed
“Okay if you really want to ruin the surprise after all this time when were literally ten minutes away go ahead” Derek dared her.
“You have ten minutes and that's it” Ahsha threatened. Derek smiled knowing that she didn’t want to ruin the surprise for herself but for his sake it better be a good damn surprise or his wife would have his head. Derek held onto her hand and arm as he helped her get into the car.
“Hello Mr. Roman welcome ill be taking you to your home” said the driver Dali. Ahsha heard the mans voice and realized he had an accent but she couldn’t quite pick it up.
“Hello Dali, thank you. Lets try to make it quick. As you can see my wife is getting a little annoyed and inpatient with me”.
"Yes Mr. Roman, I understand”. Ahsha hit Derek on the shoulder, even with her blindfold on her aim was still on point.
“AH” Derek flinched
“Derek don’t tell him that I’m impatient! He’s gonna think I’m mean.”
“You are mean.” Derek chuckled back kissing her cheek in which Ahsha moved her face away quickly being stubborn with her husband. Derek couldn’t help but laugh.
Hello Dali”! Ahsha said in a sweet voice to the driver. “Nice to meet you, even though I wish we could have a proper introduction that doesn't involve a blindfold.
Ahsha ended sarcastically at Derek.
"Nice to meet you Mrs. Roman, and no worries I can tell that you’re very beautiful.”
The time was now five o'clock in their destination and the sun was beaming but in an hour or so the sunset would be high in the sky.Dali continued to drive and
suddenly the car made a left and the road got bumpy.
“Derek where are we and why does it feel like you’re gonna drive us off a cliff”. Ahsha shook her head.
“Dali stop the car, I want Ahsha to see our nice view before we make it to our home.
"Home?” We aren't staying in a hotel?“ Ahsha asked curiously.
"No Ahsha we aren’t” Derek said “Now I’m going to take your blindfold off so you can see where we are. Derek was now helping her out of the car. "Okay from where we are you’ll be able to see where we’ll be staying and our view”. Derek took the blindfold off of Ahsha’s eyes but Ahsha closed them tight.
"I cant look Derek, now I’m too nervous”! Ahsha confessed.
Derek chuckled at her antics. Just a few second ago she was dying to know where they were and now that he was reveling it she didn’t want to open her eyes. Derek stood behind her and placed the palm of his hands over her eyes.
“Sure you can baby, lets do it together. You trust me right?”
“Yes” Ahsha said in a scared voice
“You know this is all to make you happy, I promise you’ll love it” Derek cooed.
“Okay” said Ahsha
“Okay on the count of three, here we go”. One……Two…..Three". Derek slowly moved his hand from her eyes and she opened them this time around and she immediately clasped her mouth with her hand as her mouth flew open from the breathtaking sight.
“Welcome to Spain baby”! Derek said in a sweet voice. “You like it?”

Ahsha eyes watered as she couldn’t believe that she would ever get to see a sight so beautiful.
“Derek I love it” Ahsha placed her head in his chest and wept. Derek wrapped one arm around her back and cradled the back of her head in the palm of his other hand. Ahsha peeked her head up from her husbands chest and wiped her eyes to turn around and look at the view again. She placed her palm on Derek cheek and kissed him softly on the lips.
“You did so good babe, I’m so happy” Ahsha said in a sincere voice.
“I’m glad you are Mrs. Roman. Derek said as his mission was accomplished. He turned Ahsha to the left field and pointed.
"Do you see that place just up the hill?” Derek asked
“Yes” Ahsha answered
“Well, that’s our cottage!” Derek announced.
“Oh my gosh Derek its so beautiful” Ahsha was in shock at how good of a husband she had.
“Well a beautiful destination to travel to with my beautiful lady” Derek cooed wrapping his arms around his pregnant wife as they stared into the view.
“What made you choose the Countryside of Spain, this is so different even for you babe?” Ahsha asked.
“Well I wanted to do something we would both enjoy. I knew since we’d be here for a week and a half you’d want to get a real authentic view of Spain but I knew you'd get tired of being in an hotel room so I rented out a cottage home. Of course its luxury and self service but I hired a staff for us since we’re five minutes from the city outside of Madrid and being that you’re pregnant I wanted us to be as comfortable as possible”. Derek smiled.
Derek it’s………everything". Ahsha said not being able to express her amazment. Derek knew that was a good thing.
Ahsha turned around to kiss her husband once more and it made Dali smile to see the young couple in love. Derek rubbed her sides.
“You satisfied Mrs. Roman?” Derek raised a brow and smirked
“I have you don’t I?” Ahsha looked into her husbands eyes so sure that she trusted him with her life and every aspect of her being.
Ahsha and Derek broke out of their love trance.
“Oh….Oh I'm sorry, Dali nice to meet you I'm Ahsha”. Ahsha shook his hand.
“Its quite alright, welcome to Spain Mrs. Roman, just as beautiful as I thought.” Dali said kissing her hands. “Are you two ready to head to the cottage?” Dali asked.
“Yes I think we are”. Derek said opening the door for Ahsha so they could get back in. Ahsha and Derek’s adventure of love had officially started in Spain.


Later that evening Ahsha was laying across the King sized bed in their bedroom. She was on the phone talking to Sloane and you could just hear the excitement in her voice.
“Who told you to take my grand baby to Spain”. Sloane asked. Ahsha laughed at her mother.
“You’re just going to have to ask my husband because he carried me away on an impulse. It was all his idea.”
“What did Dr. Phillips say concerning you flying?”
“She said we picked the perfect time, because later down the line she wouldn’t recommend me flying back and forth so much. But for now me and Derek should be clear to enjoy ourselves. "She just told me to keep taking my prenatal vitamins. Ahsha concluded
"Well I’m glad you two can have this time together.  After all things haven’t been easy for the both of you but I’m glad you both are getting through it.” Sloane admitted. Ahsha listen to her mother’s words and thought to herself that she wanted this trip to be something beautiful.
"Mom Spain is just breathtaking. Honestly we needed this and I'm just glad my husband is patient enough to get me out of my stubborn ways.”
“You have to send me some picture?” Sloane said in excitement.
“Don’t worry I will and I’ll make sure to bring you both back something I promise.
"Good. Did you talk to Kyle?”
“No not yet but I ne…...Ahsha stopped in mid sentence as she saw Derek standing in just his bath towel leaning against the door frame looking good enough to eat.
"I ran you a bath” Derek cooed in a low voice. He was ready to get the romance going back between he and his wife.
“Hey, mom I gotta go”. Ahsha said trying not to alert Sloane and make her think she was rushing her off the phone.
“Ahsha are you rushing me off the phone?” Sloane had busted her.
“No…No mom Derek just wants to show me something”.
“Yea I bet”. Sloane replied.
I promise Ill call you in the morning”
“Okay little girl, I love you.
"I love you too.” Ahsha said hanging up the call. Derek walked over to the bed in his towel and Ahsha propped herself up on hr knees. She placed her arms around Derek.
“Baby, did you run me a bath?” Ahsha asked sweetly
“Yes I did” Derek said kissing her forehead and rubbing her side. “Now c'mon lets get in”.
Derek and Ahsha walked into the bathroom. Derek undressed his wife and she pinned her hair up so it wouldn’t get wet. Derek stepped in the warm water helping her in afterwards. The tub was huge and wide so Ahsha sat between Derek’s legs as he grabbed a wash cloth to bath her. He covered the towel in some smooth Bathing Milk by Au Lait Scottish Fine soap that Ahsha loved to use at home. It made your skin feel so soft. Derek rubbed up her back and continued to wash her.
"Ummmmm baby that flight has me tired, its been along day but I'm glad were here” said Ahsha.
“Yea I’m glad were here too, now we can have some time to just focus on us.”Derek said rinsing her back and kissing it. He massaged the back of her shoulders and neck and Ahsha was in heaven. Derek wanted to cater to his wife the whole trip. In a way he felt somewhat responsible for all of their stress and issues and when Ahsha was upset with him it was just because she was reacting to his actions. From his mother popping up, his drunken night out with Terrence, his family issues, his  irresponsible actions with the Ziggy situation, telling Ahsha she couldn’t dance, the accident, it was all a lot. Of course Ahsha played a role in challenging him when they were both stress to no end but at the end of the day Derek knew her heart was always in a good place. Ahsha had been a great wife through it all and he was lucky. So Spain was his way of thanking her for sticking it out with him even though he knew she would because she loved him. Derek wanted to show his wife a little
appreciation. Plus they needed this time alone without any interruptions. After the couple took their bath together they cuddled up in their sheets until they
fell asleep for the night. The rest of their trip would be an eventful one.


It was the couple’s first morning in their secluded cottage. Ahsha woke up in her bed and stretched her arms blinking her eyes twice to clear her blurred view. Was this a dream. No!. She couldn’t believe she and Derek were in Spain enjoying the breeze from the open Spanish windows and the fresh country side air. Thinking of Derek he was no where to be found in bed next to her and she wanted to go find him because later they were meeting their house staff and she needed to know what time to be ready. Ahsha sat up in bed and she was wearing a sexy black lace bra with a pink tiny bow in the middle and lace boy short set. Her husband had packed for her and he obviously wanted her wearing nothing the whole time they were there because along with her regular clothes he practically put all of her lingerie in her luggage as well.
Ahsha went to brush her teeth and wash her face. She brushed her hair as her luscious curls were now wavy but effortlessly still beautiful.
Ahsha found her long black sheer see through robe that swept the floor. She didn’t bother closing it as she started her quest to find her husband. As she walked gracefully through the hall the Spanish tile was cold against her feet. She walked passed the windows in the luxury cottage and enjoyed looking out at the view as she got closer and closer down the hallway towards the kitchen. As she came toward the kitchen she notice Derek sitting outside on the patio that was adjacent of the kitchen. He was drinking orange juice and on his laptop. Probably answering emails. The patio was facing their beautiful garden of red and purple bougainvillea flowers. The
outdoor patio furniture was back dropped in front of a brick wall filled with greenery and red flowers as well giving the outdoor scenery a romantic feeling.

Derek looked up at the beautiful sight that was his wife walking towards him with her round belly. He loved the way she embraced her body so comfortably leaving her see through robe open. Derek’s eyes lit up and he smiled as she got closer.
“Good Morning Sleepyhead! Derek said.
"Morning”! Ahsha smile as she walked over to Derek placing her hand on his shoulder leaning down to peck him on the lips. She walked over to her side of the table and sat down. Derek stood up and went into the kitchen. He grabbed breakfast for Ahsha and came out with a pitcher of orange juice in which he pour for Ahsha.
“Here I made breakfast” Derek said kissing her on her temple. He sat down her plate with an cheese omelet, turkey bacon, and toast with orange marmalade jelly. Ahsha started to eat and it made Derek heart full that she was enjoying what he prepared.
“I didn't know you were making breakfast, why didn't you wake me?” asked Ahsha
“Wake you for what?” I know the flight yesterday was long so I wanted you to relax and try to get some rest afterwards, we’ll have breakfast together tomorrow I promise". Derek said with a warm smile
“Yea I know, plus pregnancy make me sleep like a bear”.
“Yea and snore like one too” Derek took a sip of his orange juice as he teased his wife.
“Derek I do not snore” Ahsha challenged eating off a piece of toast. Derek laughed at her.
“Aww baby its alright, I know you get tired sometimes; after all you are carrying my little princess.” Derek coxed.
Ahsha took her napkin and wiped her mouth. She sat up and crossed her fingers leaning her chin on her knuckles tilting her head staring at her amazing husband.
“What?” Derek asked a he noticed her changed position and grin slight smile on her face.
“Im not tired now”. Ahsha said. Derek leaned back in his chair and cocked his head slightly raising a brow at his wife. He knew were this was going.
“Is that so” Came Derek’s response in his deep voice
“No” Ahsha purred shaking her head. Derek’s eyes turned wicked in the sight of his beautiful wife as he burned a whole in her soul.
“Come here” Derek demanded in a whisper. Ahsha got up from her chair and walked over to her husbands side of the table straddling his lab. She wrapped her arms around his neck squeezing him tight and started to place peppered kisses on his face and which he responded by leaning up kissing her chin.
“Ummmmmm I love you” Ahsha said in a calming and quiet tone.
“I love you too” Derek answered
Derek pulled Ahsha’s robe from around her shoulders and she lifted her arms out of it. Derek kissed her neck and bit it tenderly as his hands were working her bra off. He got it off and her breast released freely. Ahsha grabbed his neck with one hand aggressively and he brought his lips to hers kissing her feverishly. Derek caressed the flesh of her bare back with his fingertips sending chills up her spine. Ahsha stood up lightly. Derek was wearing his grey sweatpants with not shirt. He quickly pulled them down and his long thick piece was ready to satisfy all of her sexual desires. Derek reached around and took her panties off in a hurry then Ahsha sat on top of her husband’s beautiful dick.
“Awwwwwhhhnn" Ahsha moaned as she slowly slide down on top of Derek
“Ummmmm” He groaned kissing her chin. Ahsha sat completely on her husband and they started to kiss again. Ahsha started by not moving her hips up and down but since she had Derek burried deep she though she would start of with something they both would find pleasurable. She bagan rolling her hips in a circle that massage the both of their sex.
“Owwww Mrs. Roman I like that” Derek cooed in her ear biting on it.
“Ummmm baby did I get a chance to say thank you for whisking me away like this”. Ahsha purred.
“Yes, but I have a feeling you’re not done thanking me” Derek’s tone full of sex. Ahsha belly was pressed firm against his rock hard abs. Now Ahsha started to rock her hips back and forth and Derek moved his hands on her hips making their stroke even more intense and deep they were both enjoying their lovemaking and soon Derek would get carried away in his love for her. Ahsha wrapped her arms around his neck and she attacked him with her tongue in his mouth. Her kissed turned nasty towards him and her pussy was getting wetter and wetter. Derek needed to feel those hard nipples on his tongue. He created just enough space between them to aggressively suck them into his mouth. He bit one of her nipples like he always does when he gets carried away. Not hard enough to hurt but still a tender bite in love. Ahsha jumped slightly.
“Ouch, Derek” Ahsha slapped his shoulder with her brow furrowed
“What baby did I hurt you, was I too rough, you want me to stop?” Derek asked with concern in his eyes
“No baby just not so rough with my nipples they’re a little sensitive now thank you” Ahsha chuckled.
Derek grabbed her breast and he licked back and forth between both of them flicking his tongue over her hard nipple and sucking on the lightly.
“Thats better baby”? Derek said still sucking. Ahsha head was tilted back as she enjoyed Dereks lips on her breast.
“Yes baby just like that” I love it”. Ahsha grabbed the back of his head with the palm of her hand to pull him in closer. As she now started to feel her husbands hips match her grinding motion. Derek was
grinding so deep inside of her she unconsciously scratched his back from hold on his shoulder so tight with her other arm.
“Ughhhhh yes papa grind in my pusssy deeeeeeppp” Ahsha moaned erotically dragging out the last part as Derek was making love to her deeply.
Derek was now sucking on her nipple like a baby and he refused to release it from his mouth. They were having a soul stirring love making session. Derek firmly grabbed her ass cheeks and started to lift Ahsha up and down on his dick and now he could really feel her pussy dripping. Derek now only let go of her nipple with his mouth as Ahsha grabbed his face to kiss her. She moaned in between their kiss keeping her lips firmly pressed againt Derek’s. Now she started to move harder up and down because Derek’s fucking was putting her on another level. Ahsha continue to slam herself onto her husband’s penis working her hips around and aroud.
“UGH” Derek groaned into his wife’s ear as he smacked her ass as she rode him masterfully.“Fuck this pussy is juicy” Derek licked his lips and started to pump back into her.
“Ughh Ughhh Ughhhhh baby yessssss……Give it to Me” Ahsha begged.
Derek spread her ass cheeks apart pumping his dick inside her as her head fell back. Her husband was screwing her brains out and being that Derek and Ahsha now had guest living with them at home they couldn’t sex right every time they wanted to so Ahsha was so glad to be able to get the sex she liked pregnant or not. Ahsha had her eyes shut tightly as her husband was about to hit her with the sex combo to send them both over the edge. As Ahsha was now throwing her pussy up and down on his dick Derek wrapped one arm behind her back and put one of her nipples back in him mouth. Then he placed his other hand between her ass cheeks pressing his middle and ring finger firmly against Ahsha’s anus moving it in a circular motion so every time she moved her pussy up and down and her ass would clap Derek
was also sending pleasure to her ass whole. Ahsha started going crazy from the sensation of his dick and the one building from her ass sending more pleasure to her pussy.
“FUCK DEEEEERRRRREKKK IM GONNA CUM SO HARD!” She said through clinged teeth. After Ahsha got pregnant her vagina was more sensitive to pleasure so it didn’t take much for her to climax, and hard. Ahsha began cumming as she held Derek’s neck tightly and her vagina squeezed and contrast around him over and over.
“Shit” Derek cursed as Ahsha vagina squirted over his penis and Derek came hard as well. Feeling his cum shoot inside of her made her cum again and Ahsha was exhausted but delighted. They both came off their high and walked back into the house to get ready to greet their house staff. The Romans took a shower and they both got dressed. The cottage that they were renting out was suppose to be self service but Derek decided to hire a cook, driver and two maids from his staffing agency abroad to make sure he and his wife were most comfortable. The Romans greeted their guest in as they were both dressed very well. Derek wore his white fitted pants with a white crisp button down and a navy blue blazer jacket. Ahshsa wore a navy blue dress with lace pattern down the sleeves with a long slit up the side that gave a peak of her slender long legs. She put a diamond and blue broach in her hair with her curls pushed to one side. The Romans usually dressed comfortable but when they had to
clean up they cleaned up well.
Welcome to our temporary home away from home” Derek announced in his deep voice. “As you all know I’m Mr. Roman and this is my wife Mrs. Roman however we are inviting you into our stay so we do not have to be that formal. If you’d like you may call me Derek and my wife Ahsha. As everyone can see me and my wife are expecting so I hired you all to make our stay a little more comfortable since we are five to ten minutes out from the city. Dali is meant to drive us, Livingston is our shelf and Mary and Sarah your jobs will be to assist with housework and running into the city for groceries for Livingston to prepare dinner.” Ahsha cut Derek off as her arms
was gently wrapped around his waist.
“No worry ladies, Ill make sure my husband cleans up after himself so he wont be any trouble”. Ahsha looked at Derek with a side eye and Mary and Sarah snickered at Mr. Roman’s how you just gonna cut me off look on his face. Yes Derek was the boss but he let Ahsha be the little boss when she wanted to and they thought the couples dynamic was so cute.
“Other then that we took this vacation to spend some much needed quality time away from home before our bundle of joy arrives so when there isn't a job to be done me and my wife would like our privacy.” Derek said sternly. “We want everyone to be comfortable so here are keys for everyone to stay in the three other guest houses on the property.” Derek handed everyone they’re keys. Livingston stayed to prepare dinner for them and the other house staff went into their quarters.

The next day was Ahsha’s and Derek’s first day visiting into the city of Madrid and they made plans to try something new as a couple since they were in a new city. Ahsha and Derek pulled up in front of the Museo Nacional Del Prado a famous museum in Madrid. Ahsha suggested that they do something they never did and enjoy some art work to really get into the Spanish culture. Dali the driver opened the door and Derek got out first to help Ahsha out. Derek wore jeans with a white button down and a black blazer jacket. He was still casual but elegant. Ahsha was in her all white jumpsuit that crossed over in the front ad around her neck to give her a chic edge.
She paired the look with a navy blue blazer to fall gracefully over her shoulders.
“Mr. Roman would you like me to stay here parked outside?” asked Dali.
“No Dali you can go. Come back in an hour and we’ll be ready” Derek instructed. He placed a hand on the nape of Ahsha’s back and they went up the few stairs and entered the museum. When they entered they were astonished by the the beautiful interior. The museum was all white with high glass ceilings. The only color was from the paintings and from the colorful array of beautiful people that were there. Derek and Ahsha held hands and walked further into the building. The walked past another young black couple but they were accompanied by a beautiful little girl around the age of five and she pointed her little finger at everything.
“Look mommy look” the little girl said pointing to more paintings.
“I know baby girl, they are so cool right”
“Slow down Taylor” the little girls father said to her. Watching the entire scene unfold made both Derek and Ahsha’s heart melt knowing that soon they would have the same thing. Derek and Ahsha stopped in the third gallery that was dedicated strictly to Salvador Dali. Usually his art was on a rode show internationally so that others around the world could enjoy his work but the Del Prado museum being a museum of Spain had a rare collection of his work commissioned strictly for the people of Spain as an appreciation from the artist and his family. Ahsha was blown away. These weren’t just paintings on canvas for 20 by 20 but these were painting that scaled from ceiling to floor. This was her first time seeing the famous melting clock image in person. There was a display on the wall beside the paintings that said do not touch but that was almost impossible as the pieces of work held you in a trance from their colors and textures. Derek was a couple of paintings down from Ahsha when he looked over at her as the sunlight came in from the ceiling giving her an angelic glow. He began making his way over to her when suddenly he felt something bump into the back of his leg. Then he heard something crash to the floor. He turned around and was faced by the little girl that he and Ahsha saw when they first entered. Soon after he saw the little girls father quickly approaching.
“Whoa, you okay” Derek said bending down to the little girl helping her up
“Excuse me sir, I’m sorry. I told you to slow down Taylor”. The guy looked down at his daughter with a stern look an then finally at Derek.
“Hey you’re…You’re Derek Roman the man realized.
"Yea nice to meet you man don’t worry about it, shes just excited” Derek shook the mans hand.
Nice to meet you too I'm McKinley and this little speed demon is my daughter Taylour. We were just about to meet up with my wife Paige, she got lost from us”. Derek looked over at the women now standing next to Ahsha talking to her about the painting they were both enjoying.
"Is that your wife over in the red dress?” Derek asked “ I think she’s talking to my wife”
“Yep there’s my other sunshine” McKinley teased at his daughter.
“Wow you are tall just like my daddy” Taylor said in awe of Derek’s towering figure over her. Derek bent down next to the little girl.
“I'm sorry what did you say I couldn't hear you way up there because you’re so short”. Derek teased sticking his tongue out. The little girl laughed at Derek silliness.
“You’re funny. Is that your wife next to my mommy?” Taylor pulled on Derek’s sleeve.
“Yes it is”! Derek said looking over to the two ladies.
“She’s really pretty like my mommy” Taylor said
“Why thank you” Derek smiled at the little girl
“So what do you and your wife think about the museum”? McKinley asked.
“Oh man its dope, were actually here on vacation to spend a little time before we have our first child” said Derek. He often like running into
people who recognized him, as they all would say Derek dosn’t give off the celebrity vibe. He liked when people just saw him as just another human being. He got so tired of people thinking he would be this “Roman Emperor” all the time. That was just apart of his image but Derek was just Derek outside of the game. The man Ahsha knew. When he was younger he fed into that which caused a lot of his reckless ways but as he matured he felt better just being the man without the gimmick. Being bad boy Derek Roman and the Roman Emperor was apart of his brand but he knew when to turn it off now.
“Im from Chicago originally but we moved here after my job offered me a new position in the company so we try to do things as a family often as work can get in the way”. McKinley crossed his arm. "Plus Taylor loves it and its a good way to tire her out before dinner so everybody wins” The two men laughed. Derek could totally agree with work getting in the way of spending time with your family so he could relate.
“Derek?” Taylour said pulling on his pants leg
“Yes Taylour” Derek said smiling
“Is your wife having baby?” She whispered as her eyes were full of excitement.
“Yes she it, her belly is pretty big huh?” Derek giggled.
“Yeahhhhh, are you having a boy like you and daddy?” Taylor asked with a look on her face as if she was trying to solve a mystery.
Derek chuckled. “No we’re having at little girl, hopefully one that's just as pretty as you." Paige walked over to the scene as her and Ahsha had finished they’re conversation.
"You two ready for lunch?” Paige said.
Yes honey, looks like we’re all ready. You ready Tay?” McKinley asked her.
“Owww yes I'm hungry, how about tacos?” She sugessted.
“Tacos it is baby” Paige said
“Yayyyyy Tacos!!!” McKinley cheer with his daughter. Derek watched the whole scene in admiration.
“Hey man it was nice meeting you”
“You guys too". Derek concluded shaking his hand as they walked away. Derek turned around and rubbed his hands looking over at his very own piece of art. He walked over to her and kissed her temple.
“Hey you!” Ahsha purred. Still looking at the pamphlet of the museum.
“Ahs I’m glad we came today, this was different” Derek admitted.
“I agree. Derek everything here is so beautiful ”.
Derek looked down at Ahsha and wrapped his arm around her shoulder “Yea it is”. He simply stated.He was talking about Ahsha. She had brought more beauty to Spain then he could have ever imagined. He had been to Spain before but this time Spain was different and he knew exactly why.


After Derek and Ahsha got home from the museum they both agreed that they would keep up with the festivities and eat in downtown Madrid tonight. They both got home and took showers to get dressed into something to wear for dinner. Ahsha put on an fun flirty champagne colored silk mini dress that fit her pregnant belly snug but still showed off her curves with her beige strappy heels by Valentino. Derek wore a black fitted long sleeved crew neck with his fitted grey tom ford dress pants and his all black oxfords. They both looked good enough to eat. Ahsha stood in the full length mirror in the couple bedroom and she admired her shape. She had to admit she didn’t know how she would feel once her belly got bigger; the experience was very different for each women but Ahsha embraced her belly bump and so did Derek. Never did he once make her question her beauty and she felt great about herself, plus dancing until her very last second also helped keep her body tight. Ahsha looked at herself in the mirror as she put on her diamond studded earrings and soon her husband appear towering over her in the refelaction in the mirror. Derek
placed his hand on the side of her hips.
“You ready baby?” Derek cooed as he ran his hands up and down her sides.
“Yea we’re starving”. Ahsha said giggling
Well I guess I better feed you two, you know what happens when you don't eat and I am not trying to be the reason Spain burns to the ground" Derek said joking
"Derek shut up, I'm not that bad” Ahsha said looking back at her husband placing a hand on her hip.
“Okay I'm not arguing” Derek said putting his hands up in a trues. Ahsha turned around to hug her husband.
You clean up nice” Ahsha purred. Derek spanked her butt lightly.
“So do you” He leaned down to kiss his wife’s waiting lips. They pecked lips for a second and Derek pulled away.
“Ahsha you sure you gonna be fine in your heels all night baby?” Derek asked in care
“Yes Derek for the third time I will” Ahsha rolled her eyes
“Okay, Okay I hear you!” Derek says as he kisses her on the cheek. Derek walked back to the bathroom and when he walked out his wife was still eyeing herself in the mirror.
“Ahsha Cu….Are you still looking at yourself in the mirror”. Baby we get it you have that glow" Derek said holding his hands in quotations. C'mon I have the Dali outside". Derek said. Ahsha and Derek walked out of their cottage home and got into the Jaguar waiting outside for them to take them into the city. Derek and Ahsha sat into the back seat as the car drove down the long stone paved road. Tonight they were going to a restaurant in Madrid that was beautiful. The restaurant was upscale but still had an authentic Spanish culture decor. Derek and Ahsha headed into the restaurant and were immediately seated. They sat at a table that was close to the outdoor patio of the restaurant. They felt the outside air, had a quiet yet enchanting view of downtown Madrid at night but also had a perfect view of the dance floor in the middle of the restaurant. Derek pulled Ahsha seat out and took a seat himself as the waiter immediately started to serve them. Funny how the last time they were in a restaurant they were literally about to burn in down, but tonight the atmosphere was wonderful and they were excited about the night. Derek ordered a glass of wine and Ahsha had and Arnold Palmer with a water on the side. They took a look at the menu and everything looked delicious. The restaurant catered to the people of Spain with Spanish dishes that were close to their cultures heart but also the menu was diverse which appealed to anyone who came to visit the restaurant. Ahsha looked at all the food and rubbed her belly in anticipation. “Okay baby what are you in the mood for” Ahsha cooed in her head to her daughter while looking at the menu.
“The lamb looks delicious” Derek offered
“No I don’t think I’m in the mood for that” Ahsha said while taking a sip of her drink
“Okay, what about the spicy chicken salted with mushroom fondue”?
“Derek are you trying to kill me, that will give me heart burn? Ahsha looked at him as if he was crazy. Derek continued to look down at the menu as Ahsha took forever to order her food as she always does and he usually had to order her food for her to be happy.
"What are you having?”  Ahsha asked.
“I’m gonna have the lamb baby” Derek answered.
“Hummm I think I want the steak taco’s" Ahsha said and Derek could hear the uncertainty in her voice.
“No you don’t” Derek said taking a sip of his wine. He knew Ahsha really wanted the lamb. When she couldn’t make up her mind she always ended up getting what he got and loved it as they usually liked the same foods.
“You’re right I think I’m just gonna have the lamb too” Ahsha admitted.
Derek shook his head and laughed. “Ahsha you always do that! You are so”….
“Derek I’ll be back I'm gonna run to the little girls room.” Ahsha said cutting him off mid sentence. Ever since Ahsha hit her six mouth mark she had been peeing up a storm and no matter where she was when she had to go she had to go. Derek chuckled as his wife got up from the table.
“Okay Mrs. Roman don't hurt anybody with that jiggly booty on the way to the bathroom” Derek called out jokingly. Ahsha returned his joke with shooting him her middle finger and he couldn’t help but laugh genuinely. Ahsha finally got to the restroom and she was in the stall finishing up as she heard two women enter. The two women were speaking Spanish at first so she didn’t understand what they were saying and ignored them when suddenly they started to speak English and she started to hear exactly what she was meant to hear.
“Ay Mami, what are the chances of us coming here on vacation the same time Derek Roman is here, I cant believe this. We’ve lived in L.A. for years and I never seen him around.”
“Tina the man is married” the other women said gasping at her friend in amusing shock.
“To who, that dancer chica? I heard that wasnt even true plus she cant shake her ass like me. Rita it looks like he’s here alone.If he were here with his wife
or even married she’d be at the table. Plus that’s besides the point, you see these ass and titties I'm "Bad Boy Derek Roman’s dream honey”.
 Ahsha couldn’t believe her ears, she wanted to come out of the bathroom and slap the the hell out of this thirsty whore and her friend too but she was a classy women she was the type to think smart and hit other women where it hurt and that was with her diamond ring.
“So when we go out there were gonna kindly introduce ourselves and then at the end of the night trip and fall on his dick” Both women burst out into laughter.
“So what mama, you down with this threesome or what, Im in the mood for sharing tonight” Tina enticed her friend Rita
“Hell yea I’m in, I hope his dick is big and black because you know that’s how I like um.” Rita shot back. The two friends walked out of the restroom and they were off to seduce Ahsha’s man, or so they thought. Ahsha came out of the bathroom stall fuming. She took a deep breath and leaned her hands on the counter top in the restroom because she was really about to put these women in their place. She grabbed her lipstick from her clutch and reapplied it in the mirror. Ahsha was about to show them what a real Devil Girl was made of. Ahsha walked out of the restroom and sashayed with a walk that could kill runway models. As she got closer to her table she saw the two women
standing in front of their table like naive out of town fans. Ahsha had to admit the women were beautiful from head to toe and their bodies were both out of this world banging but she was in no way threatened. Ahsha walked around the two vultures and placed her ass right into Derek’s lap. On her fierce arrival the two women stood there with disappointment on their faces. “Shit I told you he’d be here with his wife.” Rita mumbled under her breath really low.
“Hey,babe what did I miss? These some fan of yours?” Ahsha stated sweetly. Tina started to get angry as her plan was ruined so she decided to get petty. Big mistake!
As a matter of fact we are fans of his, we just wanted to come over and make friendly conversation, isn't that right Derek”. Tina said sweetly. Derek not aware of their plan thought that they were just fans because they hadn’t yet had a chance to flirt with him in the proper way to see their full intentions.
“Yea sure ladies”. Derek answered
“Oh and arent you that Ahsha Hayes girl?” Tina replied with a smirk on her face. Ahsha returned the smirk back.
“Ha! Ahsha laughed in amusement. "I’m Ahsha Roman now!” Derek smiled unconsciously placing a hand on the side of Ahsha’s round belly revealing his wedding band. Ahsha held out her hand so they could see her large wedding ring with a look on her face so smug it simply read gag bitch. Her ring glistened under the restaurant lights and then she placed her hand on top of Derek’s hand that was sitting on her stomach giving the view of both of their rings. Ahsha was for sure Derek Roman’s wife as she took a page out of his petty book. However this Tina chick just couldn’t stand to be embarrassed.
“Oh yea sure the fans heard that you two were married in the tabloids and magazines but hey who believes that garbage anyways?” Tina said crossing her arm as Rita  laughed. Derek was now catching on to the games these women were playing as he had seen it all before but this time around he was married and he wouldn’t dare let these groupies disrespect his wife.
“Humph, that’s strange Ahs the only cover we graced exclusively was for Vanity Fair and well, they got their article straight from us. I wanted to make sure that everyone knew Ahsha was my world. "Plus the cover clearly reads” Vanity Fair, Meets the Romans". I don't know maybe you ladies missed it”. Derek said while lifting his glass of wine with a checkmate look on his face as he took a sip.
“Well well well, it seems like we did”? Tina responded sharply.
“Oh and ladies since you’re both fans of Derek’s I’ll let you in on a little secret that I didn’t tell the magazine reporter. Think of it as your own little exclusive”.
Ahsha smiled sweetly.
“Listen up cause I know you're defiantly not gonna want to miss this”. Ahsha said pointing at Rita. The two ladies didn’t move but they felt their card being pulled and soon their faces would be on the floor.
"See I heard your little conversation in the bathroom about my husband before you walked your asses over to our table, and I just want to let you both know YES, his dick is very "BIG AND BLACK” Ahsha enunciated the last two words so they could catch it clear and Rita’s mouth flew open. Derek sat their with a sexy glare in his eyes as his wife was taking the petty cake tonight.These women were not prepared to come out and play with Mrs. Roman.
“And obviously you can tell by the condition I'm in that I'm well acquainted. So if that’s all, me and my husband would like to wrap this up and get back to enjoying our dinner now. Plus I’d rather not be late to my appointment for the main events tonight.” Ahsha shooed the groupies with her hand now turning to look at Derek.
“Your appointment?” Tina said confused but amused taking a sip of her drink.
“Yes later on tonight we have a scheduled sword fight that involves my husbands dick and the back of my throat; I cant miss it and you’re holding us up”.
Tina choked on her cocktail upon hearing Ahsha’s words.
"Oh goodness, is she choking on her cocktail? Ahsha chuckled. Oh honey you’d be no match for my husband. So I guess you simply don't compare where you don't compete”. Ahsha
smiled and shrugged nonchalantly as the women scoff and decided to exit stage left as they had now learn their lesson on messing with Ahsha’s man or any married man for that matter. Ahsha thought women like these were trash. Derek at this point didn’t know weather to die laughing or to be turned on.
"Have a goodnight ladies” Derek  yelled as they rushed off.
“Derek don’t get cute” Ahsha said smirking at her husband.
“What just being nice to fan” Derek laughed out. Ahsha got up from Derek’s lap and continued to rant on the way back to her seat.
“Ugh I cant believe those whores, they didn’t even care if you were married. What kind of women does that? I mean who raised these bitches”. Derek felt it was the time to step in as his wife was going over the deep end working herself up. “Ha then this bitch had the nerve tu… Derek cut Ahsha off in mid sentence.
"Hey, Hey watch your mouth Mrs. Roman!” Derek snapped her out of her tirade. Ahsha flipped her hair back over her shoulder and sat back in her chair.
“Sorry Derek, I just get tired of that shit like ca… Derek interrupted again.
"I said watch your mouth”. This time Derek raised his brow to say he wasn’t having anymore. Ahsha took a moment to calm down.
“Derek I'm sorry, I just heard them talking about you in the bathroom and I lost control”. Ahsha admitted. “I'm sitting here pregnant and my emotions just flipped I'm sorry”.
“Ahsha don't apologies baby I understand and I'm not upset with you. I actually like that fire in you but lets not let those women ruin our night”.
“Oh they could never ruin our night” Ahsha simply stated. I'm sorry for losing my temper though.“ Ahsha chewed the bottom of her lip .
Derek chuckled at his wife. "Ahsha its fine, you know i like when you get upset…….makes me wanna, take off all your close, tear you apart and put you back together again.” Derek said with pure sex in his eyes. Ahsha throat went dry as a naughty grin came over her face. Derek saw the fire building up in his wife’s eyes.
“Un Huh save it for later Mrs. Roman. We’ll pencil that in after our sword fight” Derek chuckled deep in his chest. Ahsha rolled her eyes.
“Derek shut the hell up” Ahsha laughed and threw her napkin down on the table.
“Women You are defiantly original” Derek praised her. Their food finally arrived at the table and baby girl in Ahsha’s belly smelled the food and it was like a party happening in Ahsha stomach.
“Uh Oh Derek your child smells my food and she is moving up a storm” Ahsha said giggling at her babies little feet kicking her side.
“Well I guess you better feed my baby then”. Derek said. They both enjoyed their food and shared conversation over dinner. The Romans were just so glad to be enjoying themselves withholding nothing enjoying each others company as a married couple. Ahsha caress Derek’s hand across the table and he mouth the words
“I love you” on which she smiled and replied “I love you too”
The owner of the restaurant grabbed the mic and had a few words to say to his guest.
“Good Evening everyone, I’m so delighted that you have chosen my place to eat tonight, I hope the food has been a treat because we have an even bigger treat for you.Tonight is a special night. You see, my best friend of thirty years has a son who sings and he’s in town tonight and he never comes to his birthplace of Madrid without cleaning out my restaurant kitchen. So I told him if he didn’t sing a tune for my guess I’d tell his father.”
The crowd wasn’t moved at all. They thought that the owner was going to bring out someones backyard cousin.
“Oh great, a amateur singing act” Derek said annoyed.
Ahsha started to snicker at her husband’s remark. “Babe it might not be that bad just enjoy it” The owner of the restaurant continued to talk.
“Well my son the crowd isn’t excited so come on out here and show your face and give these people a show”. The guitar player came out along with the other member in the live band and two female singers. "Everyone get excited, Coming to the stage……ENRIQUE IGLESIAS!!!!! The whole crowd literally went up on a Tuesday. The crowd was lit as Enrique walked onto the stage.
Oh my god baby its Enrique Iglesias, I LOVE HIM!!!! Ahsha screamed. Derek smirked at his wife.
“Well I guess we picked the perfect night to be here, no amateur act for us”. Derek said with a peculiar look on his face that said he wasn’t shocked. I mean it could be that as a celebrity himself he wasn’t phased by other celebrity but Ahsha could see the cockiness in Derek face.
“What’s that look on your face” Ahsha squinted her eyes.
“What Look?” Derek asked nonchalantly.
“That look like you’re up to something”
“Why do I have to be up to something” Derek asked
“Derek”! Ahsha said his name as if he was busted and he needed to confessed to her whatever he was hiding behind that look on his face.
“Okay Okay fine!….. I may have known that Enrique was going to be here tonight”
“What?” How would you know that?
“Let’s just say me and Enrique use to party together whenever I would go to Miami. And lets just say I told him I was coming to Spain with my wife and he was already here working on his album. And lets just say again that he knew the perfect spot that we could come to eat where the food was on him because he insisted and agree to come and meet you.” Derek smiled.
“Baby you got Enrique Iglesias to come out and perform for us!!!! Ahsha couldn’t believe how amazing her husband was.
"Hey you said you wanted to really get the Spain experience so I'm going to give it to you”. Derek said rubbing his hands together.
“Derek Roman you are too much!!!” Ahsha said in excitement.
The crowd was cheering and Enrique spoke on the mic. “I see a crowd of beautiful people out tongiht and I guess Ill perform one of my old classic. This is "Bailamos”
“Omg I love this one Derek” Ahsha screamed.“Baby I have to go dance”. The middle of the restaurant had a dance floor but Ahsha wanted to dance for her husband in front of their table so it was more private for them.
The guitar came in smoothly playing a little bit of a solo and Enrique started whispering a little spanish in the mic that drove the women crazy and they all went to dance. The guitarist was strumming his guitar and it sounded like pure sex coming from the music and then Enrique started to sing in his sexy spanish accent.
Tonight we dance
I leave my life, in your hands
We take the floor
Nothing is forbidden anymore

Ahsha turned her back to Derek so he could have the perfect view of her slender back and plump backside. She started swaying her hips from side to side with a spicy rhythm looking back at Derek with a teasing grin on her face. This night he would let Ahsha dance freely and let her enjoy every minute of it.
Don’t let the world dim my sight
Don’t let a moment go by
Nothing can stop us tonight!!!!!!!!

Bailamos!!!!!!!! (We Dance) As Enrique and the band blared out Ahsha body danced freely and it was such a beautiful sight to see her dancing a sexy salsa and enjoying herself. Derek was mesmerized by what a beautiful dancer his wife was.
Let the rhythm take you over…
Bailamos! - (We Dancee)
Te quiero amor mio - (I want you, my love)
Bailamos! - (We Dance)
Wanna live this night forever…
Bailamos! - (We Dance)
Te quiero amor mio… (I want you, my love)
Te quiero! - (I want you)

After the first chorus ended the guitar came back in and Ahsha turned to face Derek in front of the table and his glare of her was nearly dangerous. He was infatuated with his wife it was like thinking that she was his made him all too lucky. If reality wasn’t what it was and Ahsha really wasn’t his wife she was the women he would take away from her husband, but in fact he was really that lucky and she was all his. Ahsha looked at her husband listening to the guitar still going and she continued moving her hips in a circle and she started to playfully rubbed her belly. Derek laughed at his wife sexy teasing with her belly bump and Ahsha laughed in her raspy tone as well grinning. She started to caress her hands up the back of her hair and let it fall in her face suductivley. Enrique started the second verse.
Tonight I’m yours.….. Ahsha mouth those words to Derek and Enrique sang them in an erotic tone to the rest of the ladies in the restaurant.
We can make it happen I’m so sure
Now I’m letting go
There is something I think you should know
I won’t be leaving your side
We’re gonna dance through the night
I’m gonna reach for the stars
BAILAMOS!!!!! (WE DANCE)!!!!!!

As the chorus started again Derek was in a trance from Ahsha moving her body. She was so sexy and her moves were so intriguing. All he could think about was touching her body, feeling her skin and seeing if she felt as good as she looked. Right now in Derek’s eyes the whole room slowed down. Everything was in slow motion. He could see everything so clearly. He could see Ahsha’s nipples through the silky material of her dress, he saw her long legs moving back and forth, he saw her hair flowing down on her shoulder flirtatiously. Right now everyone in the room had disappeared and he vaguely saw Enrique in the background hearing the music but the spotlight was on his wife that glowed like a goddess with his child. Her eyes starring deep into his soul with a smile on her face that couldn’t be stolen. Ahsha once again turned around with her back toward him and when he saw that tight ass and the arch in her back as her hips were going he couldn’t take it anymore he needed to be closer to her. Ahsha was still dancing in her zone when suddenly she felt someone grab her hips tightly. It was Derek. She began teasingly shaking grinding her ass on his penis and he
let her hips go to caress up her belly and moving his fingertips over her erect nipples. Ahsha reached her arms back to hold on to the back of his neck. He then rubbed his hands up the sides of both of her arms as they rocked their hips together. Ahsha spun around quickly facing her husband wrapping her arms around his neck gazing deeply in his eyes. And Soon the band whaled out a loud chant to the rhythm of their music. TE QUIERO!!!!!!!!!
(Whoa, oh oh oh) Tonight we dance…… Ahsha swung her leg around Derek’s hip and he grabbed it firm in his hand making his imprint in Ahsha’s thigh.
(Whoa, Oh Oh Oh)Like No Tomorrow
(Whoa, Oh Oh Oh) If You Will Stay With Me…… Ahsha leaned back with one hand on Derek shoulder letting her back bend just slightly. It was the sexiest thing he had seen his wife do and while she was dancing she was unstoppable. While Ahsah was bent back with her leg still wrapped around him he took his hand and caressed it sensually down her neck, in between both of her plum breast and over her stomach.
Te quiero mi amor. (I want you, my love) Enrique whispered into the mic and the guitar went on. Ahsha leaned back in to Derek with a look to him with the most angelic look in her eyes. Her spirit felt so free and Derek helped her get to this place where she was enjoying her life with him. She smiled at him in every way. With her eyes, with her mouth and with her heart. As the guitar faded back in. Derek let her leg go and she started to kiss his lips and he kissed hers back and it was like they were alone. This was exactly why they took this vacation together in the first place; to get back to the love they held deep inside for each other. Although that love had never went anywhere it was crowded by other things in their lives but right now in this moment, their love was breaking through every chain. They were so in love with each other and the filling was at the peak of both of their souls as
they were soulmates. They kissed passionately letting their lips make love together. Giving each other feelings that the body would not miss.
BAILAMOS!!!!! the band chanted again as the song was coming up on its last chorus. Derek and Ahsha parted lips and simply smiles at one another. They didn’t need words to realize that this was one of those moments in their marriage they would forever remember.
The music was soon fading out and the entire crowd stopped dancing and everyone in the restaurant was cheering!!!!!!!


After riding down the countryside dirt rode for five minutes the Roman finally reached their Luxury style secluded cottage. Ahsha and Derek had a eventful night of food and dancing and their love was spinning out of control for each other. The driver pulled into the driveway and as Derek predicted Ahsha was complaining about her feet hurting by the end of the night from dancing the night away. Derek thought that since she had taken a step back from the Devil Girls until she gave birth he would of course let her enjoy herself in a carefree dance and damn he almost forgot how sexy his wife could be on the dance floor. Derek took the key out of his pocket and walked over to the other side of the car where Ahsha was sitting.
“Baby hand me your shoes” Derek asked as Ahsha had taken her shoes off in the car. “OK now put your arm around my neck”. Derek instructed.
“No Derek I can walk, I'm pregnant not handicap. Plus I don't want you to hurt your arm”. Ahsha stated.
Derek swooped her up into his arms and grabbed her anyways still holding her shoes,if it were up to his wife they would have debated for Ahsha about it.
“Derek baby your arm” Ahsha gasp
“Ahsha you are literally light as a feather are you serious?” Derek looked at him chuckling. “Plus you really think Ima let you get those pretty feet dirty?" Derek cooed kissing Ahsha’s lips. Ahsha rolled her eyes. Derek was the man that wouldn’t let anything stop him in any way. She admire the love he constantly showed her. Derek got to the door and unlocked both the locks and walked the couple inside of the home. Ahsha closed the door behind them with her hand. Derek carried her into the bedroom and placed her gently on the bed. Before Derek could walk away Ahsha grabbed his hand and pulled him by the back of his neck so he could lean down to give her a kiss. They kissed passionately and Derek stuck his tongue in her mouth swirling hi with hers. They tiltied their heads to make the kiss steamy and the message was
clear that they wanted nothing but to overflowed with love tonight. Ahsha pulled away from her husband.
"Tonight was perfect, thank you” Ahsha said with the deepest sincerity
“No thank you” Derek assured back.
“I’m gonna take a quick shower baby, I’m feeling a little overheated from dancing and then I’m gonna hold you captive for the rest of the night” Ahsha purred.
“Don’t have me waiting” Derek smirked with his smart reply.
“Oh trust me I cant wait myself” Ahsha admitted. She got up and walked into the bathroom to undress and take a shower. Derek walked out of the bedroom and went into the living room where their was a record player with all the classics he requested upon arrival. He couldn’t wait to make pure love to him wife tonight. Derek went through all the records to choose some smooth music to set the mood for he and his wife. He turned on the fire place and sat on the sofa watching the flames moved back and forth in a trance contemplating about the provocative acts he would commit out of love tonight. Ahsha was in the shower washing her body as a slight grin played upon her face thinking about the love shared with her husband. She couldn’t wait to bask in more love with Derekas the night went on. She finished showering
and lotioned up her skin. Her body felt soft and she was ready for Derek’s warm embrace. Ahsha put on her red lace bra and panties. She walked through the house searching for her husband. She walked passed the living room not seeing Derek sitting on the couch, but Derek saw her. He saw her gliding gracefully in her bra and panties and was like a dog in heat ready to wag his tongue in her direction. He got up and followed in her direction. Ahsha reached the kitchen but she didn’t find her husband. Instead she saw that he didn’t put their food up from the restaurant. She grabbed all of their bags and opened the refrigerator to place them inside. She closed the door and turned around startled as she was met by her husband towering over her. He reached both of his arms out and placed them on either side of her
pressing firmly on the refrigerator doors blocking her in.
“I thought I told you don’t have me waiting” Derek smiled seductive
“Well I guess I better not make you wait any longer or I’ll be in trouble huh?” Ahsha purred back biting her lips pulling him in by his shirt.
You already are” Derek said closing the gap between them.
Derek and Ahsha’s lips met in a wet kiss that was meant for pure love. Derek placed both hands around her neck and stroked her smooth mocha skin, caressing her collarbone with his fingertips. He then took both of Ahsha wrist and held them firmly against the refrigerator door. As he continued to kiss her hungrily on her neck and into her breast. He let her hands go and Ahsha started caressing her husbands large back and shoulders. Derek broke the kiss and stepped back to get see this alluring sight in front of him. Ahsha started to attack him again with kisses but Derek slowed her down stopping her. Ahsha was confused. Did she do something wrong. No everything about her for Derek was so right.
“No No No No….Derek whispered in a tone that told her she had done nothing wrong. "I………I wanna look at you” He whispered in true admiration.
Ahsha stood back and looked into her mans eyes and a single tear feel from one of her eyes as she smiles at him with her eyes. Derek made her feel beautiful. His eyes were focused intensely on her.
“You look beautiful Ahsha” Derek said in a assuring tone. He took his hand and dragged his fingertips dragging them down her neck and breast. His touch so tender that you could see her skin quiver under his touch. He then placed his and flat on the top of her belly and closed his eyes briefly to make the grasp between his fingertips feel as though it could last a lifetime. He opened his eyes and enjoyed her full lips, her enchanting eyes, her round belly, her child bearing hips, and her endless legs. The fire in Derek was now burning and he couldn’t take it anymore. He needed to have his wife and be had by his wife at the same time. Derek forcefully removed his shirt and unbuckled his belt to unzip his pants and let took them off throwing them aside revealing himself to his wife. Derek stripped down for his wife as another symbolic way of expressing his love for her. She had him like no other women had, she had all of his naked truths and he laid everything down for her. Derek allowed his wife to have him in his rarest form. One that she would only see. Ahsha eyes invaded her husbands appearance and he was gorgeous in her
eyes. His strong jawline, his broad shoulder, his well sculpted mid section and everything else. Her eyes fell to his penis and then her fire matched the one in his eyes for her. She couldn’t take it anymore. As a slight smile crept up on her face. She reached up and grabbed Derek’s shoulder pulling his body into hers.
“Come here” Ahsha demanded whispering and their lips came together in a erotic dance of passion again and Derek couldn’t control his hands. He caressed up her neck into her hair placing passionate kisses on her neck. He worked his way down her stomach with kisses pushing her bra up squeezing her breast tenderly through the thin material as he kisses her stomach all over. Ahsha hands caressed his strong back as he was bent down in front of her.
“Ughh” She moaned as kiss lips felt like velvet on her skin. He grabbed both sides of her waist placing more kisses on her side and her belly as he adored her. He worked his kisses back up over her breast and Ahsha wrapped her arm around his head as invaded her space so closely that he gently slammed her back into the refrigerator kissing her lips letting their lips intertwine with each other feeling loves tenderness as they tilted their heads in unison deepening the kiss. As they continued to kiss Derek grabbed her panties on each side and slide them all the way down her long legs and she helped him by stepping out of them. She thought Derek was coming up for more kisses but surprisingly he stayed keeled down in front of her. Suddenly he grabbed Ahsha from underneath her legs and made her wrap her legs
on both side of his arms and he carried her weight on his shoulder. Tonight Derek didn’t care if his muscles her going to be sore in the morning he needed to make uninterrupted love to his wife the way she deserved it. Derek held Ahsha prisoner with her back pressed firm against the refrigerator door as her legs were spread open to him. Derek lifted her up slightly and started to tease her clit with his tongue going fast from side to side. Ahsha began to whimper from the pleasure. She placed a hand on top of her belly as it began to get tighter the more her husband was teasing her.
“Awwwwnnnhhh” Ahsha moaned as her eyes were starting to roll back. Derek stopped his teasing act on her and placed her down to her feet.
Derek stood up and kissed her lips and she could taste her sweetness in his mouth. Derek picked Ahsha up and led them into the living room where the fire was burning in the fire place and the flamed matched the heat that was inside she and her husband. Derek placed her down on the sofa. Ahsha placed a pillow behind her back to give her leaverage. Derek grabbed her from underneath her ass to scoot her to the edge of the couch. He then grabbed both of her thighs and bent them back slightly. Derek got on his knees and kissed her calf muscles and the insides of her legs lovingly. He took two of his fingers to open Ahsha fold and he started to lick her clit again. Derek moved the tip of his tongue over her swollen bud and flickered it faster and faster. Ahsah placed a hand on her belly and the other on the back of her husbands head as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the trip her husband
was send her on literally and figuratively. Derek switched from licking to sucking and he placed his plump lips completely over Ahsha’s clit. While his lips provided suction he began to slap his tongue thickly on her clit over and over. His tongue was beating her clit like a drum and Ahsha was loving it. His warm tongue was ecstasy.
“Yes Derek just like that” Ahsha moaned as she sucked air between her teeth trying to handle all of the pleasure she was feeling. She grabbed on to one of her legs and locked her arm around it lifting it back a little more still keeping her comfort but she want to be open for her husband
Ahsha vagina started dripping wet and her juiced were starting to flow down her ass crack.
“Yes, you’re getting me so wet” Ahsha whimpered. “Uggghhhh”. He finish quenching his thirst in Ahsha’s sweet vagina and he was ready to have her. Derek stood in front of his wife who was laying on her back for him like a queen waiting for the king to infiltrate her kingdom. He stood over her grabbing his large penis and massaged her vagina with the tip of his fat penis getting it wet. He towered over her and braced his hands on the top of the couch. Ahsha reached down and grabbed his dick and slowly guided it into her vagina, sucking him in deeply. As her husband hit the back of her vagina her breath hitch because of his enormous girth. Derek was now standing up in her pussy and Ahsha felt it all. Before Derek moved he leaned down to kiss Ahsha passionate on the lips. He knew he had to take it easy on her because
she was really really pregnant at this point and even though he wanted to tear her up tonight his main focus was for her to be comfortable. Derek started to grind his hips in a circular motion slowly. He wanted to make love to his wife deeply making sure to touch every inch inside of her. He prided himself on pleasing her in the bed room and tonight was no different. Derek sexed her sensually making Ahsha’s entire body quiver in sexual hunger for him. Ahsha began to move her hips matching his strokes grabbing his neck to bring him in for a kiss as they drove each other crazy. Derek held his head down so he could watch his wife’s vagina milk his dick as her love cream started to foam around it entirely.
“Shit Ahsha” Ahsha groaned to his wife.
Ahsha placed her hand on his lower back encouraging him to work her out deeper and he did.
“Awwwwhhhaaa shit baby your dick! Ahsha gasp in a erotic moan. She couldnt believe the pleasure she was getting in this position. She loved feeling his dick move in circles inside of her and she loved feeling his balls grinding against her. The whole thing was just making her drool.
Ahsha leaned forward slightly into her husbands body that was towering her and she kissed and licked the ripples of his stomach and caressed his back.
"You like it” Derek groaned taking one hand off of the couch to massage her breast that were moving like jelly melons every time he hit the back of her pussy.
“Yes Derek I'm cumming baby” Ahsha squeezed out!!! Ughhhhhh!! Her body went into a wave of sexual release. Derek was quite pleased as she release herself onto him. Derek pulled out still hard and he planted soft kissed on Ahsha neck. She wrapped her arms around him accepting his love as she caught her breath.
“You okay Mrs. Roman” Derek cooed with a grin on his face.
Ahsha laughed out “Wipe that smile off your face this isn't over” She leaned up biting his bottom lip teasingly turning it into another kiss. Ahsha and Derek was really competitive in the bedroom and they both weren’t satisfied until they both had cum and they were both worn out.
“Come on lets go to the bedroom” Derek said helping her up. They both kissed each other passionately walking down the halls in their quite home.The halls filled with kisses and their laughing from bumping into end tables as they approached the bedroom. They finally got to the bedroom and Ahsha pushed Derek onto the bed. She them
climbed on the bed as she laid on her side comfortably facing his penis. Derek turned on his side allowing Ahsha to now begin working her magic. Ahsha grabbed a pillow to support herself for comfort and took Derek’s dick into her mouth. First she teased the head with her tongue and then she started sucking him from top to bottom between her full lips. Derek caressed her body with his fingertip and watched as his penis was being swallowed by his wife. Derek reached between her legs and rubbed
her clit gently to continue to give her a little pleasure while he was about to explode. But he couldnt let his wife know that. He didnt want to give her the
satisfaction just yet. Only Ahsha started to jerk his dick while sucking. Derek grabbed the back of her head gently and started moving his dick the same way he worked her pussy. Most women didnt like when you did this as it made them feel whorish but while Ahsha was with her husband everything they did she loved. As Derek begins to pump his dick into her mouth with his finger in her hair she moved her tongue around it. She sometimes like sucking Derek’s dick more then anything because she knew he
loved it and he was really about to cum if he didnt do something quick. He decided to lift Ahsha’s leg up and he stuck his head between her legs now sucking her clit again hard and massaging her gspot back and forth with his middle finger deeply inside her vagina to focus on something else.
“Ughhhh Derek fuck” Ahsha said as she released his dick from her lips not being able to ignore the pleasure. Derek’s plan had worked.
“Look Who’s Ready to come again” Derek tease and now Ahsha was wet all over again.
“Okay,Okay, Okay!!!” Ahsha whimpered and begged.“ I give up just let me cum on your dick again daddy” Ahsha said seemingly ready to wave the white flag but she too had something up her sleeve. Ahsha sat up and got on all fours. Derek kissed down her spine down to her ass and ended with tender kisses on her on the side of her legs.
“Umhhh Gladly baby” Derek cooed in her ear.
Derek propped himself on his knees and Ahsha slide both of her legs on either side of his. She reached back and grabbed her husbands penis and placed it inside of her hungry pussy like she was sitting in a chair. Derek knew she was wet but he didnt know she was dripping like this.
“Owwwwhh shit Ahs”  Derek groaned. Ahsha began moving her hips up and down onto his dick and Derek loved seeing his dick disappeared between that ass crack. Her cream was once again milking his dick and all he could do is take a vice grip onto her hips.
“You though it was so cute licking my pussy like that trying to make me cum huh?” She said with a sexy devilish grin on her face. “Now you gotta take this wet pussy" Ahsha purred looking back in Derek eyes; her curls now falling down her back. The study proved right, pregnancy did boost a women’s sex drive and Ahsha was a beast.
"You muthafuka” Derek said smacking her ass smiling that he had been tricked. But he didn’t mind being tricked in this way.
Ahsha giggle cause she felt her husbands balls tightening. She purred back at him “Owwwww my turn.” She continued to throw her ass back. Derek began to rub and caress her back feverishly loosing all sense of himself because he was crumbling underneath his women’s pussy.
“Fuck” He cursed loudly grabbed onto Ahsha’s ass cheek tightly now pumping back. The bedroom was filled with the noises of Ahsha vagina and Derek’s groans.
“Ughhhhhh Derek cum baby!!! Ahsha screamed almost begging gritting her teeth, hoping Derek would come because as hard as she fucked him his dick was going to make her cum too.
"You want it mama?” Derek felt his body getting tense.
“Yes”!!!!! She screamed and with that Derek spilled inside of his wife grabbing her hips so tightly. Derek fell to his back breathing hard. His chest moving up and
“Damn women your sex is good” He chuckled kissing Ahsha on the cheek. Ahsha cuddled up underneath her husband as they were both satisfied.


After last nights fun the Romans couldn’t wait to go out into the city of Spain once again to explore new things together. Only mother nature had other plans. This particular morning when Ahsha and Derek woke up from their slumbers it was already raining. They both decided to just stay in bed and cuddle up and listen to the rain fall against the Spanish tiles and bricks that they were surrounded by. The time was now twelve o’ clock in the afternoon and neither of them felt bad about not moving and inch. In L.A. the couple was always so busy they hardly ever got a chance to just lay in bed and enjoy their space together on afternoons like this. Ahsha
and Derek were always going to practices, meetings, getting ready for bookings and events, or attending appointments with Jade but they missed out on very simple moments and Spain was offering them a chance to make up for that. Derek was in his fitted boxer briefs and Ahsha laid in her black silk night teddy. Derek sat up with his back propped against the luxury sized head bored and Ahsha laid on her side with one arm propped up on a pillow, the other placed gently on her belly and one leg draped over her husband. Derek loved the way his wife’s slept on curls were messy but still in good place as it showed Ahsha in her natural state. He always loved that she was a very natural beauty that didnt need much.
“Ummmmhhhh Derek last night was so much fun” Ahsha cooed with a giddy smile on her face.
“Yea it was, Im glad you’re enjoying yourself baby. With all the drama lately Im just glad we could take a step back and just be ourselves in a new space”.
"True!” Ahsha simply stated as she stared contently into her husband’s eyes.
“Plus I just loved seeing you move that juicy thang on the floor last night” Ahsha smiles and rolled her eyes at her husbands remark. “And you know what I loved most about last night?” Derek raised his brow and bit his bottom lip
“Whats That?” Ahsha asked sarcastically having a clue of what he was about to say.
I loved seeing that juicy thang move on my dick” Derek said in his deep voice leaning downwards to place kisses on the side of Ahsha’s leg that was draped over him. Ahsha snatched her leg away playfully. “Unn Unn that’s enough for you right now.” She teased in a girlish way.
Derek chuckled “Its cool! I see Spain has put a little hot sauce in your ass an made you a little freaky. I like it”. Derek admitted seductively as he reached and pulled Ahsha closer to him as now she was laying on his chest with her arm rested on his mid section and now his arm was wrapped around her waist. Ahsha tilted her head back and closed her eye as her and her husband shared and endearing kiss to the lips.
“Derek I think its safe to say Spain didn’t make me freaky because I clearly arrived here pregnant” Ahsha said pointing down to her pregnant baby. They both laughed  together at Ahsha being silly.
“Touche, Mrs, Roman! Derek nodded his head to her.
"Ugh I hate and love at the same time that its raining” Ahsha whined. I mean I want to see more of the beautiful city, but nothing feels better then laying here with you" Ahsha admitted.
“Yea I know what you mean but I promise we wont leave here until your heart is satisfied.” Derek kissed the top of Ahsha’s head.
“Derek what made you choose Spain? I mean we could have gone anywhere but now that we’re here, it just feels prefect; even on a rainy day.
“Yea I know. I knew you were already thinking on the the lines of sunny beaches and white sand so I decided to go against that”. That’s to close to what we could've done
in L.A. I mean yea it would've been beautiful but It just doesn't give us enough room to explore.“ Plus Spain holds and special place with me so I wanted to share it with you, and you’ve definatly made it even more of what is was then the first time”
Derek said caresseing his fingers in between Ahsha’s hair.
“You never told me that. Why is Spain so special?” Ahsha asked curiously.
“Huhhhhh” Derek took a deep breath. “Well Spain was the first place I ever visited oversea. I was young, dumb, and fresh in the NBA when I first came here. This was before everything. Before the women, the wild nights, the coke, everything. I was just young and it was all about ball. I came here to see some teams play ball but
while I was here the city just…….I don't know it made you want to be in love. So I told myself that later on in life once I was married Id bring my wife here. Soon after that, I became Derek Roman "The Roman Emperor. I won my first ring and that means more money came, more reckless sex with women, and the drugs started”.

Derek said clearing his throat. Ahsha continued to lay on her husband comfortably listening to his story because she wasn’t intimidated by his past. She knew he was a better man today for it. The man she ultimately fell in love with.“Then I got to a point in my life were I thought maybe I’d never get married or have kids or any of that. The idea of Spain just became a distant memory; well until maybe about four years ago.”
“Humph, What changed four years ago?” Ahsha asked curiously looking up into Derek’s eyes.
“I don't know, I was headed to practice one day and me and a couple of the guys heard that they were holding tryout for the devil girls and when we walked into the gym this extremely beautiful dancer was strecthig and she and I locked eyes.” Ahsha eyes smiles at Derek and a smile crept up on her face immediately after. Derek leaned
down and kissed her on the lips softly. He adored seeing the huge smile on her face. Derek chuckled between their kiss “What you smiling so hard at?” Derek asked teasing his wife.
“I’m smiling because I love you so much” Ahsha sat up further to have better access to her husband as she placed kisses on his lips over and over again.
“Yea yea you’re kissing me now but baby when we first met, you were hard on me, but I liked it”. Derek threw his hands up. Ahsha laughed in her infectious way that he loved. It was true both of them were so far from where they first started when they met but they grew together into what they were which was beautiful.
“No but babe you were so corny trying to entice me with your basketball player ways, I had to give it to you straight” Ahsha said
“Yea, but I needed that tough love, you actually cared! Even when Terrence was thinking about being traded and our relationship was sore. You had no reason to be there
for me but you were. That’s when I fell in love with the person you were”. That’s when I realized I had to be honest with you; honest with myself. Then once you finally let me in and let me tasted that kitty cat I was hooked for good"
Derek said chuckling
“Ughh you’re such a pervert” Ahsha said slapping his shoulder
“What, its true!” He held his hands up trying to block her. “ But honestly it was more then that. I mean I know this was so long ago but if you remember we had our time to be apart.” Ahsha shook her head yes. The couple rarely talked about their time being broken up when they were in the beginning stages of their relationship.
“I told myself that if you allowed me to come back into your life I wouldn’t be coming back the same way. So I realized I needed that time to get my shit together to be something that you and I could be proud of. But I knew it was right between us because damn I missed you when we were apart. You were literally the first women who made me want to actually do the "boyfriend thing” Derek said in air quotes. Ahsha just smile at her charming husband.
“Then when we got back together I realized I wanted to do the fiance thing and now here I am in Spain doing the husband thing and life has somewhat come full circle for me.” Derek kissed the back of Ahsha’s knuckles. Ahsha was in love with this man and she couldn’t ask for anything that would be more perfect. With all the stress going on back in L.A. she forgot how romantic her husband could be. They did often go to dinners and did things to spend time together romantically but it was like
Spain was stripping them both naked and returning back to both of their rare forms. They were getting back to the things that which they fell in love with to begin with which started out with simple talks that revealed simple truths about their love that they hardly had time to touch on. Derek’s story was beautiful and Ahsha could appreciate his honesty.
"You know what?” Ahsha said getting an idea
“What?” Derek said now rubbing the side of Ahsha’s pregnant belly.
“Derek we gotta go to Italy together, I mean I know you’ve gone but we have to go together.”
“Ahhhhh yea Rome is cool baby. Ive been a couple of times because of the whole "Roman Emporor” thing. The painting that was in the bedroom at home that you loved so much when we first met was actually done by a professional artist in Rome”. Derek said the “loved so much” sarcastically knowing that his painting was one of the things
she thought was so cheesy.
“Plus some the furniture in the upstairs dinning room was handcrafted there. Derek concluded.
"You never told me that” Ahsha stated.
“You would’ve only called me corny Ahsha Roman”. Derek teased. Ahsha giggled at her husband knowing he was probably right because the material aspect in their world wasn’t
her thing.“ But you’re right maybe Rome can be one of our first family trips together when the baby gets a little older..
"I agree, that’ll be fun” Ahsha said contently. Suddenly Ahsha got up from the bed and walked over to the window in their bedroom and looked out into the view that was even beautiful in the rain.
“Its just so beautiful Derek” Ahsha said as the calm rain fell. Derek looked over to her and smiled warmly placing an arm behind his head on the head bored.
“Nothing will ever be better then the view I have” Derek thought to himself.
The Romans had been in Spain for five days now and Derek and Ahsha couldn’t be more happy to be in a stress free environment. Derek had gone into the city with Dali to pick up a couple of souvenirs for their friends and family, but Ahsha stayed behind. When Derek asked her why she had told him that she was just tired and she didn’t feel like doing any shopping. Ahsha told Derek that she would call Sarah and Mary if she needed something and Derek agreed telling her he would be back shortly.
This was the couples first time being apart the entire trip and Ahsha was excited. She wasn’t tired at all and wanted to do something for Derek because he had made sure Spain was a dream come true for her. The entire time they had been there he had done all he could catering to her needs and making sure she was satisfied so she wanted
to make him dinner tonight. She understood why Derek felt the need to prove himself on their vacation. It was because they had suffered a lot of things early on in their marriage and she knew he felt he was to blame. Ahsha didn’t feel that way at all, she knew that they had both played a part in making things more stressful but that was because they were still figuring things out together. If anything she couldn’t image herself going through any of this and making it through with anyone else
except Derek. So tonight she was going to show him her appreciation. She wanted them to have a private moment, no staff just the two of them. Ahsha put on her black stretchy comfortable bodycon dress and put her hair up in a messy bun. She walked into the living room and put some Sade on and walked into the kitchen and started cooking. She was preparing sauteed vegetables, baked salmon, and a fruit salad. As Sweetest Taboo was playing all over the house Ahsha moved her hips and seasoned
the salmon and sang to herself.
“Will you keep on, will you keep on loving me…..If I Tell You How I Feel…Will You Keep Bring Out The Best In Me” Ahsha sang and she stopped buttering the pan and smiled. In that moment she reminded herself of her mother. When she was younger Sloane would put on Sade while she was cooking. She put the salmon in the oven and
started on her vegetables when suddenly she hurt the front door open and it was Derek.
“Ahsha”! Derek called out.
“Yes Derek, I’m in here!” Derek went into the bedroom and placed all the bag of souvenirs away. He grabbed his iPad and walked towards the living room because he heard the music assuming she was there. She wasn’t. Derek walked to the kitchen and he started to smell the food and he thought maybe Ahsha was in the kitchen with Livingston. When he saw her alone and cutting up vegetables he was confused.
“Ahsha what’s all this, I thought you were suppose to be resting?” He questioned concerned sitting his iPad on the counter
“Nope I wasn’t, I decided to stay here so that I could make you dinner for tonight just you and I. Surprise.” Ahsha smiled
Derek looked around at all of the ingredients and a smile played on his face. He walked over to his wife slowly with a grin on his face.
“So you lied to me” Derek said pinching her butt.
“Yes I did” Ahsha confessed proudly.
“Umhh Hum This better be the only time” Derke kissed her cheek. “Thank you baby” Derek cooed.
“Your welcome”
“Can I help” Derek offered.
“No I got it.” Ahsha smiled warmly. Derek sat on the stool at the counter and watched his wife move around the kitchen.
“Baby what made you cook dinner” Derek asked.
“Welllllllll” Ahsha sang
“Well what”?
“You want me to be completely honest?” Ahsha asked
“No lie to me some more” Derek said sarcastically.“
"Well you’ve done such an amazing job putting this trip together for us I just wanted to do something for you to show my appreciation”. Ahsha stopped cutting her carrots and placed her hands on the counter looking Derek in his eyes. "Plus I wanted to talk to you about something”. Ahsha admitted
“What’s on your mind ?” Derek raised a brow.
“Derek I just want to say that…...Ahsha paused to get her words together.” I know that a lot of the things we’ve gone through lately in our marriage you’ve blamed
yourself for and I want you to know that I don't want you doing that to yoursef.“
Derek just listened."It didn't occur to me that you blamed yourself so heavily until you confess that you thought we were off track in our marriage but I dont think that if you feel like I do”.
“Honeslty, I just felt like I could have handled things a little better when it came to certain situations” Derek confessed.
“And you could have……..but so could I” Ahsha admitted.
“Ahsha you’ve been so upset with me lately I just felt like I needed to step in and change our atmosphere to see if we could evaluate our situation.
"I glad you did.” Ahsha smiled grabbing his hands across the counter. “Plus you’ve given me the card to be upset at you about everything. I'm married and I'm pregnant
what do you expect Derek”
Ahsha laughed. “If you’re stressed I'm gonna be upset because I love you. If you’re pissing me off I'm gonna be upset because I cant kill you and I still love you, and if you’re hurt I'm gonna be upset because I couldn't image life my living without you because I'm in love with you. Ahsha said laughing as a single tear dropped from her eye. Derek walked around the counter and wrapped his arms around her.
"I love you too Ahsha Roman” Derek cooed feeling his wife’s love.“ I will always love you. Derek kissed her lips. "Now do you understand why I got so upset about you dancing.” Derek asked.
“Derek I understood then, I was just being a brat” Ahsha and Derek laughed. Derek smacked her ass hard.
“Ouch Derek that hurt” Ahsha whine
“So….brats get their ass whooped in my house” Derek joked. Ahsha rubbed her butt and suddenly the iPad started to ring and it was Ziggy on facetime.
“What does Ziggy want?” Derek frown.
“I dont know answer it. It might be something wrong”. Ahsha said quickly as she was taking the salmon out the oven.
When the facetime screen popped up Derek was shocked. It was Cyrus.
“What up D?” Cyrus said.
“What’s up pops, you with Zig?” Derek asked.
“Yea I had to come check on Bob Marley and make sure your house wasnt burned to the ground”. Derek and Ahsha laughed both laughed at Cyrus’s remark.
“Where is my Ahsha?” Cyrus asked.
“She right here making me dinner” Derek said proudly as he turned the camera facing Ahsha so Cyrus could see her.
“Hey baby, put that dish down, Derek don't deserve it” Ahsha laughed at Cyrus.
“How’s my babygirl, she growing more and more every time I see you”.
“Yea I know, she’s good still baking she just misses her papa Cy” Ahsha said.
Well Derek you heard that, the baby misses me so get her home now”. Cyrus said in his protective voice.
“Alright pop we should be home in a couple of days so Ill get up with you then.
By the way, How has ma and her appointments been going?” Derek said concerned.
“Oh Jade’s doing just fine, she has a few down days but that’s expected. Other then that her and your auntie just get on my nerve but you know I wouldnt change it”
Cyrus smiled.
“Well Im glad you hear that” Derek said satisfied with his answer. “Okay Pop ill talk to you in a couple of days.
"Alright Man, Love you.”
“Love you too” Derek hung up the facetime call and turned around to his beautiful wife.
“See they could survive a couple of days without us micro managing” Ahsha wrapped her arms around Derek’s neck. Derek rubbed her sides and kissed her lips and they both enjoyed the rest of their night after dinner.


Derek and Ahsha were coming up on the end of their trip and for the last morning in Spain Derek decided he would get a little workout in and take a jog just a little up the countryside and he enjoyed the view. Once he arrived back at the cottage he went into the bedroom to take a shower and changed into a denim shirt with his sleeves rolled up hallway and denim jeans. He walked thought out the house looking for Ahsha when finally he stopped at the kitchen. Derek asked Livingston who was cleaning the kitchen where his wife was and he informed him that she was in the downstairs area doing pottery with Mary and Sarah the other housemaids. He headed downstairs. He opened the two ivory and glass doors that had crystal glass ingrained in them to enter the clay room of the house. Derek had to admit the architectural structure of the cottage was beautiful. As the doors opened Ahsha was sitting on a stool with a dark green body fitting dress that showed a little cleavage and hugged her baby bump that stopped at the length of her ankles. She was so focused on her pottery lesson that she didnt even here him coming in.“Excuse me ladies could I have a moment with my wife please" Derek asked politely. Ahsha now looked up to see her husband had entered the room."Of course Mr.Roman”….“Keep working at it Mrs. Roman”. Ahsha smiled and nodded as the two women left and closed the door giving the couple their privacy.Derek walked over to Ahsha and leaned down to kiss her on the lips. He pulled up a stood and sat closely behind her.

“How was your run?” Ahsha asked trying to focus on forming something with her clay.
“It was great, I see you’ve found something you really enjoy”. Derek said kissing her shoulder.
“Yes its so calming, I think I want to continue this after we get back home.”
“Yea maybe it’ll be something fun to do for the remainder of the pregnancy and maybe something you could do with your mom too”
Derek insisted.
“Oww you’re right I can see my mom really enjoying this”. Ahsha urged.
“Can I help?” Derek asked.
Ahsha chuckled to herself.“Sure baby but I dont know exactly what it is yet”.
“Well maybe we can make it something together.”
Derek said eyeing the peice.
“Okay give me your hands” Ahsha said moving the bowl of water closer to them. Derek moved his hands on either sides of Ahsha and they both put their hands in the water so that their hands had moisture to sculpt the clay. Derek caress his hands on top of hers and they both now were touching the clay.
“Okay you take the top ill take the bottom” Ahsha stated.
“Just like always” Derek teased kissing her ear.
“Derek concentrate!” Ahsha whined.
As they both focused on sculpting the clay Derek decided to bring up something defiantly worth talking about.
“So Ahs, speaking of when we get back home, I think we need to find us a few happy mediums so that when we leave here we dont let the stress continue to build up”.
Derek started.
"I agree, I mean we took this time to ourselves to recollect and to reset and I feel good about it. I dont want everything to go back to the way it was. I want us bothto continue to be happy”. Derek dipped his hand in the water again and dragged his fingertips to the base of the clay making streaks into the texture.
"Okay lets make our promises right here, right now.”
“Okay you first”
Ahsha agreed
“I promise to always come to you first about any decisions in our household, concerning our child, concerning family.”
“Okay I promise that if anything is bothering me I wont hold it in or try to keep it from you.” We shouldn’t keep each other in the dark about anything.“ Ahsha said while massaging the clay flat with with the palm of her hand making a smooth circle.
"I like that one” Derek agreed now going quite to take a moment to think of his next promise. “I promise to be gentle with you in all aspects. I promise that before I speak to you about anything I’ll try to put my tone in check, and think about how my words will affect your feelings before I say them. The last thing I want you to think is I dont care about how things make you feel.” Ahsha smiles to herself at the positive vibe between her and Derek. This was both of them realizing their faults
over the last couple of mouths and putting their pride in check.
“I promise not to let my pride get in the way when your only trying to help. I promise not to challenge you on things that only make you a good husband.”
“Yea knowing damn well im right” Derek teased her as he placed a warm kiss on her neck. Ahsha grinned at her husbands humor and shot him one back.
“Yea I guess you can be right sometimes”
“Okay and lets make this last promise together" Derek said with a serious tone.
“What’s that?” Ahsha questioned looking into the clay starting to finally make a shape into something.
“I promise to never break my promises”.
Ahsha turned her head to the side so that she was now facing her husband. “I promise too” She simply stated and Derek leaned in to kiss her lips softly.
Ahsha broke the kiss and turned her head to the shape formed in front of them and she stop pressing down on the machine with her foot so it could stop spinning.
“Derek” Ahsha gasp!
“Yes baby” Derek answer still mesmerized by his wife.
“Babe look, we made a bowl” Ahsha pointed down at the peice of clay starting to harden. “And look and the ripple texture it created with your fingertips.Derek chuckled "That’s great Ahs, now we have something from Spain to take back home that we did together.” Funny how both Derek and Ahsha felt like two kids who had aced their school project.
“We can do anything together” Ahsha declared seriously loving the man in her life.
“That’s right Mrs. Roman” Derek agreed kissing her on the lips again as they rubbed their hands together that were still covered in clay.
“You make things so much better” Ahsha continued to kiss her husband. Derek stuck his tongue out while they were kissing and Ahsha grabbed it between her lips seductively eagerly excepting him. Ahsha swirled her tongue into his mouth and she started to moan in between kisses.
“Ummmhh you know just how I like my kisses daddy” Ahsha bit her lips. Derek smirked at his wife and he was lucky to be married to a women who loved him just as much as he loved her.
“You better slow down that’s how you got that baby in your belly” Derek cooed lovingly raising his brow. “C'mon lets go get cleaned up we need to go pack”. Derek helped her up from her chair. They were leaving out of the room when suddenly Ahsha got a quick thought.
“Wait Derek let me grab our bowl” Ahsha urged
“Ahsha come on and let the thing dry” Derek said while pulling her leading her back upstairs and out of the room. In the morning they were leaving Spain and they both need to rest for the long flight back to L.A.


Ahsha and Derek were both dressed in sweats as they got off the private jet. They had flown first class half way then switched to their plane for the remainder of the travel back. They were now back from their much needed vacation and ready to get back to their normal lives. They were ready to get back into the swing of things but also put all the things in motion they needed to, to secure their happiness as a married couple. Their plane landed at 9'o clock that night and Derek’s driver picked them up from the airport. They were both jet lag and couldnt wait to get home to lay in their bed for the rest of the night. They loaded their bags into the car and headed to their home. Derek sent emails back and forth to his physical trainer as they would have a
meeting on the progress of healing from his shoulder as his scheduled doctor appointment was tomorrow. When he got the okay from the team doctor then he would be cleared to play in the next game. Ahsha was exhausted and being on the plane for so long hit her like a tone of brick. She leaned over and laid her head in Derek's lap curling her legs onto the seat. As he continued to read his emails he rubbed her belly.
“Huuhhhhh Ahsha I cant wait to get in our bed” Derek exhaled. Derek noticed that Ahsha didnt responde back as she was already sleeping comfortably from him rubbing her belly. Derek smiled to himself, he figure his wife was tired so he would just let her sleep the whole thirty minute drive home. When the driver pulled into the driveway he was relieved to see his home. He gently shook Ahsha to get up.
“Ahsha we’re home” Derek said in a tiresome voice. Ahsha woke from her slumber and she and Derek both got out of the truck.
“Baby dont worry about your luggage Ill get security to bring it in for us” Derek assured her. Ahsha and Derek walked to the front door of their home and unlocked it. Ahsha and Derek were so glad to see the inside of their home it was surprising. They had such a great time in Spain that they didnt realize they missed it so much. Home was truly were the heart was and right now home was their bed. Derek and Ahsha was walking towards the staircase in their home when all of a sudden they both heard bass that was coming from loud music.
. drake voice blared through the house.
"Derek what the hell is that?” Ahsha asked confused.
“Uhhh, I don't know Ahs, I just got home too” Derek stated the obvious.
“It sounds like it coming from the backyard” Ahsha said
Derek and Ahsha walked towards the doors that lead to the outside near the jacuzzi area. As they opened the doors to the backyard they were met by Ziggy and a female in the hot tub.
“Ahhh” The young lady let out a light shriek as she was shocked straddled on top of Ziggy with her bikini on. Ziggy had a look on his face that was of pure embarrassment. He would be embarrassed alright. Embarrassed because Derek was about to kill him in front of his company. Ahsha looked up at her husbands fuming face and she grabbed onto his arm trying to calm him. She stood infront of him with her baby bump and started to push him back
into the house.
“Derek baby” Ahsha said nervously hoping her husband stayed calm. “Derek look at me”! She grabbed his face and their eyes met. “Let Me handle this” Ahsha stated. The Romans were officially back home.


Self Defense Part 4

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Anyways, here is part 4.  I’m apologizing in advance.  It was so hard writing these words.

WARNING TRIGGER: instances of rape.

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It was the day of the fair and Rae really couldn’t contain her excitement.  All of her best mates were going to be there, she knew she was going to have a great time but above all else she knows she will be near Finn the whole night.  All right it’s not perfect of course but this is good.  He is everything I’ve wanted and let’s face it, if we continue at this rate, he will have evolved those gills and my v plates will be as good as gone, she was thinking as Chop drove her Izzy and Archie to the fair.

Rae hadn’t tried to look too dressy for the night’s festivities, but she did try a little bit harder then her normal band shirt and jeans.  She had decided to wear her jean dress with a red shirt underneath leggings and her leather jacket.  She even did her hair a little bit differently and sprinkled just a touching of make up.  I wonder if he will even notice what I’ve done. 

She wanted to ride with him to the fair but she knew them being alone and showing up together would end up with them either snogging like animals before they got there or the talks of them being together again would start, considering Izzy has hinted a few times that she won’t give up hope on them and giving Rae an eyebrow dance every time Finn and her talk. 

They were walking up when she saw him, standing there in his new jean jacket leaning up against a vendor booth, his eyes instantly landed on her while he let out his last drag of the cigarette he was smoking.  Rae had to try and hide her blushing, as they got closer.  The lads all jumped about chest bumping each other with greetings as Izzy and Rae laughed on.

“Hey there Rae Rae,” Finn reached his arms out and hugged Rae placing his lips close to her ear so only she can hear him, “you look beautiful.”  Rae was sure her face was as red as her shirt at this point and Izzy had made a smiling face and winked at Rae.  Shit this can’t be good, Izzy can’t catch on.

“Let’s go Rae, Chops going to eat a kebab and go on the Tilt-A-Whirl.” Archie was already dragging her forwards.  They had ridden a few rides and to everyone’s amazement Chop has been able to keep down the grotesque amount of food he’s eaten.  Izzy had started protesting to Chop that he had to win her a prize. 

They were all by the Hammer Slam and Chop was ranting on about how if Izzy wants the biggest prize that is what he would provide for her.  Unlucky for Izzy, when Chop swung the hammer it only went up ¾ up the way. 

Everyone was laughing and taking the piss out of Chop when Rae felt tracing on her hand, W-A-T-C-H.  Finn stepped up, grabbed the hammer and was turning it round and round then slammed the hammer down onto the mat and the medal rocketed up and chimed the bell.  He dropped the hammer to the side and as Rae watched him swagger away, it reminded her of the way he looked on their first date when they went bowling.  He grabbed the oversized rabbit the worker handed to him and played with it.

“Oi that’s going to look great in your room Finn,” Archie said jokingly.  Finn had made a smug face shrugging, “Well that’s funny cuz it won’t be in my room, here Rae, it has your nose.”  Finn handed it to Rae.  “I do not have this little nose,” Rae said taking the rabbit and hugging it to her, Finn watched her with a smile.

 “Yes you do Rae, look same little nose,” Archie said pushing in her nose before Archie, Chop and Izzy were off talking about getting candyfloss. 

“Thank you,” Rae said smiling even bigger. 

“Well I did tell ya I’d get ya the biggest damn animal they’ve got,” Finn was closing the distance between them when he heard someone calling his name.

“Finn, Finn, how are you?”  Finn turned around and saw Olivia walking over followed by Macca, Simmy and two other girls.

“Hi Olivia, just about to leave, see ya round yeah?”  Finn was pushing Rae a little forward while Rae looked at this girl.  Olivia? Wait this is the woman who is the 24 year old interested in my Finn?  Holy fuck she is so pretty, what the bloody hell?  I can’t compete with that.

“You didn’t call, I was starting to think you were intentionally avoiding me or something,” Olivia seemed to shuffle around from foot to foot and Finn was able to tell she was trying to flirt with him.  Rae on the other hand was not able to look up from the floor and Finn can feel her tension.  Why didn’t this girl not give up?  What is wrong with Rae?  This was getting harder and harder for Finn to not just reach out and touch Rae for assurance.

“Look Olivia, its been good seeing ya but I’m here with my mates so I’m gonna,” Finn pointed his thumb to signal he planned on leaving.

“Did you maybe want to meet up for coffee or something Finn?  I really want to see you again.”  Olivia gave a small smile.

“Look Olivia, I’m just not in the right place to start something right now.  But have a good night ya?”  This time Finn turned around completely leaving Olivia and the others behind as he ushered the still and quiet Rae forward.  Unfortunately for Rae she over heard Macca and Simmy taking the piss of her and was telling Olivia that the whale of a girl walking with Finn was his ex-girlfriend.  She was out of earshot but when she dared peeked one last look behind her shoulder, they were all staring in their direction laughing.

When they caught up to the gang, Finn was trying to figure out a way to break Rae out of her daze.  Since the run in with Olivia she seemed different, distant and he had to find a way to get her out of this.

“All right ya lot, I’m gonna take my Izzy on this here Haunted House and you lot are gonna bugger off for a bit ya,” Chop was already dragging Izzy to the queue.  “Bye!” is all they heard from Izzy before they saw Chop shove his tongue down her throat.

“I’m still disgusted by their need for public display,” Archie said.  “Right well, I’m starving, let’s get some fuckin food, Rae?”  Rae finally shook out of her daze and shook her head.  “I’m not really hungry.”

“Archie how bout you go get food and I will take Rae on a ride or something?”  Finn said kind of hoping Rae would get that he wanted to be alone with her, even just for 2 minutes. 

“Sounds good.  I’ll be back.”  Archie disappeared in the crowd.  Finn nudged Rae with his shoulder and gave her a small smile nodding his head towards the queue of the haunted house ride, by the time they got in line Izzy and Chop were no where to be seen. 

Once they were seated on the ride, it jolted forward and they spun into the dark cold environment of the ride, Finn grabbed Rae’s hand and started to draw little hearts on her palm.  When he looked up and saw a single tear fall from Rae’s eye he didn’t hesitate and grabbed her face and kissed her.  It took a second for her to respond but she did allowing his tongue to enter her mouth.  He poured all of his feelings into it, like to reassure her of this, her idea to be secret but deep down he wanted more and wanted to scream and let everyone know that he belonged to her but he couldn’t so he had to do it like this, kiss her and show her that he was hers. 

Rae felt the urgency and power of Finn’s kiss.  She wanted nothing more then to get lost in this kiss but this nagging feeling inside her that was telling her that this can’t be real, how can this man who is everything she’s wanted and then some, really be interested in her?  Rae went to break the kiss, her mind couldn’t focus and when she pulled her face back just the slightest, Finn rubbed her cheek but brought her face back to his.

“Don’t push me away Rae, please.” He whispered against her lips still giving her small kisses on them.  “I’m not sure why you’re upset but ya don’t need to be, Olivia is nothing to me, you are everything.”  But she didn’t no, couldn’t believe it.  I cant tell him what I over heard cuz if I did, he’d find Simmy and Macca.  He would lose his temper and this will blow up.  But it’s true, I’m fat and he’s perfect maybe I should end this before he realizes I’m no good. 

Finn tried desperately to try to understand what Rae was thinking, he had brushed Olivia off and made it very apparent he wasn’t interested.  He still had her face in his hands and he knew the ride was coming to a end, before she could pull away again he stole one more kiss but this time, he didn’t feel her return it but when he parted, she gave him a faint smile.

The ride car they were in appeared outside again and they separated.  When they got off the ride, Rae saw the rest of the gang had found Chloe who was also surrounded with a group of guys. 

“RAE!” Chloe ran up to Rae hugging her and kissing her cheek.  “Chlo-ya smell like the Swan.” Rae couldn’t keep the comment to herself, she smelt like the pub on the end of a Saturday evening where everyone was too pissed to care how much of their drink ended up on the floor or in their mouth. 

“Oh Rae, Ian and his mates wanted to get a few pints before, speaking of mates, this is Ian,” Chloe said pointing to a slender man who had the face of a complete knob.  Rae could see Finn from her peripheral vision to her left and he had his grumpy sod face on once again.  “And this here is Saul,” Chloe said pushing some man forward towards Rae. 

“Hiya” Saul stood straighter while holding a bottle of some type of vodka in his hand.  “Hi,” Rae nodded and then it hit Rae, Chloe had given her a wink before pushing Saul towards Rae, this must be the bloke she told me about when Finn nearly lost it.

“Ya look beautiful tonight,” Saul said running his eyes up and down Rae’s figure, she could see Finn getting tense by the second and she had to do something to relax him. 

“Oh thanks, look Chloe, we were about to play some games are ya guys gonna be round?”

“Actually Rae, we were hopin you’d like to join us for awhile ya know, all these guys and just me, I’m outnumbered.  Care to join?”  Chloe kept smiling bigger and bigger at Rae.

“Chloe, Rae and I were about to get some food.  I think I saw some vendor with red cabbage over there.”  Finn pointed behind him but his eyes darting between Rae and Saul.

“Finn I didn’t see any red cabbage, I was looking for ya since I know you’ve been bringing it up so much lately, sorry.” Izzy chimed cluelessly shoving some candyfloss into her mouth. 

“No Rae please don’t leave ya best mate all to my lonesome.”  Rae was conflicted, she wanted to go with Chloe, to get away from her insecurity but this Saul guy kept looking at her funny.  Then there was Finn he had said their code word, she was supposed to talk to him but where and how?  They’ve already had several close run ins tonight she couldn’t risk it.

“Maybe I’ll go with Chloe for a bit and we can all meet up somewhere ya?” Rae was looking down she couldn’t bring herself to look at Finn. 

“But Rae,” was all she heard him say, she looked up and his hands were balled into fists, his ears were red with anger and his face said he wanted to scream, “FINE, whatever do what ya want Rae, right?  Never mind the rest of us; it’s only what Rae wants right? Fine, go Rae, go.” Finn was shouting louder then the man in the booth talking into the microphone.  Rae was visibly hurt and upset; she couldn’t believe what he just said. 

“Is everything ok guys?” Archie asked with major concern in his voice.  He didn’t like watching his 2 best mates argue.  It’s not like before, before they dated when they argued it was banter, then when they started dating it was good not perfect but when they broke up it was obvious Finn was on a one sided train when it came to the situation getting hurt but recently they were good, flirtatious even it was giving Archie hope that they might be working out their differences.  Everyone in the group had secretly wished they’d get back together but with Finn’s hotheaded temper Archie started to think it might not happen.

“I, I just don’t want to leave Chloe alone,” Rae barely whispered.  Finn had felt horrible about what he said but it was true.  He had done everything on Rae’s terms to this point, when did something come out in favor for him.  Why did Chloe insist on bringing all these men around?  Especially the one who had his eyes on Rae?

“Right, look, everyone Ian’s mate is throwing a party in Uffington, so why don’t we separate here, Rae can ride with us and we all meet there yeah?” Chloe smiled obviously oblivious to the tension but really it was the alcohol making her blind because any other time Chloe would realize just how hurt Rae was at this point.

“Yeah, a party? Is it a sexy party?”  Chop finally tuning in after hearing the word party, not even a ridiculous amount of candyfloss can keep him from a party. 

“YES! Let’s go, yeah?” Chloe said linking her arms with Rae giving it a pull.  Rae was looking at the ground at this point for the umpteenth time this night, she couldn’t look at Finn, and she knew they needed to talk.  “Yeah, let’s go.” Rae gave in but moved forward breaking the link of Chloe’s arm.  Saul at this point took it as an opening and placed his arm around Rae.  Rae made eye contact with Finn who looked like he was going to murder Saul.  She slipped from under his arm and asked where they had parked; the sooner she had liquor in her system the better she would be.

Finn, Chop, Archie and Izzy followed behind the group of guys they didn’t know as Chloe and Rae walked ahead of everyone.  “Oh babes, Ian is so fit don’t ya think?  We do it all the time, literally, its like he can’t keep his hands off me.” Rae couldn’t focus, because even though she knew there was at least 2 people behind her, all she felt was Finn’s eyes burning into the back of her head. 

Snap out of it Rae, seriously this is what I wanted.  He had a point though everything was my way.  But I have more to lose here; he’d lose me but can replace me in a second.  I’d lose him, again, and this time I don’t think I could fake being strong again. 

They had reached some big house in Uffington and from the outside you could see the swarms of people in the house, the people spilling out on the front garden and hear the loud music coming from inside.  Chop was the first one as usual eagerly urging everyone ahead.

Once inside, Chloe had pulled Rae and Izzy to the dance floor, this is what Rae needed to get lost in music.  Before too long, Ian and Saul had surrounded the girls and were handing them drink after drink.  Rae started to feel light headed and all she could think about was talking to Finn, to fix what was broken. 

She shoved passed the group of guys and was walking around looking for him, but she had no luck.  She needed to pee and wandered upstairs.  She found a bathroom but it was locked.  Leaning against the wall, she closed her eyes and that only made her feel dizzier.  She felt a body approach and lean against the wall by her and when she opened her eyes, it was Saul.

Meanwhile, Finn had been in the kitchen being able to spot Rae from a safe distance.  He didn’t want to interrupt or ruin this for her, he could tell something was bothering her but he didn’t want to push it.  Whenever he did, she would threaten to leave.  He turned around to fill his glass back up, when he turned around he noticed Rae was gone and so was Saul.

Back upstairs, who ever was vacating the bathroom opened up the door and looked at Rae with a white substance on their nose.  Rae didn’t even care; she needed to use it so bad. 

“Are you gonna be ok?”  Saul asked as Rae was stepping into the bathroom.  “Yeah, I’m fine.”  But Saul had followed her in and closed the door behind him.

“What are ya doing?” Rae questioned, any buzz she felt quickly faded once she heard the door lock. 

“You’re so fuckin sexy Rae, you’ve been teasin’ me all night.  Let me tease you for a bit.”  Saul was pushing Rae into the sink and it hurt badly.  She was pushing him back but he was stronger. 

“No, no, please let’s go back downstairs and I won’t say anything,” Rae pleaded.  “Look at what ya doing Rae, look how hard I am for you.”  He said as he grabbed Rae’s hand and was trying to make her touch him.  Tears were flowing from Rae’s eyes all she wanted was to go downstairs, she wanted Finn, and she wanted to feel safe.

“No, please stop, PLEASE, STOP!” Rae was yelling now but Saul didn’t stop and he was running his hands all over Rae keeping her pinned to the sink.

Finn had looked everywhere downstairs and asked Izzy if she had seen Rae, Izzy said she hasn’t seen her since she had gone upstairs and, Finn didn’t let her finish he ran towards the stairs shouting Rae’s name over and over again.

“Rae! Rae!” Rae heard Finn’s voice and she screamed, as loud as she could followed by Finn’s name.  She tried to scream the word help but Saul had placed one of his hands on her mouth as he tried to rip her leggings.

Finn heard her, he just didn’t know from where.  All the doors were closed; he started to kick in every single door.  Izzy, Chop and Archie followed Finn; they hadn’t noticed Rae had been missing for a while.                                                                          

Finn finally kicked in the right door and to his horror he saw Rae being pinned by Saul, she had tears in her eyes but a look of relief when she saw Finn’s face.  Finn ran up and punched Saul in the face knocking him to the floor, kicking him hard and fast.

Archie and Chop had come in to the bathroom too, they wanted to stop Finn before he murdered Saul.  “You fucking twat, how dare you lay a hand on my girlfriend, I’m gonna fuckin kill you!” Finn was shouting.  No one had picked up on the fact he said girlfriend but Rae.  She panicked.

She made eye contact with Finn, he had stopped resisting Archie and Chop, and he needed to make sure she was ok.  He went to her and placed his hands on her face.

“Are you ok? Oh god Rae, did he hurt you?  Did he, did he do anything to you Rae?”  Finn asked frantically.  Rae shook her head and leaned into Finn, she needed to feel safe and this is as safe as she could be.  Finn wrapped his arms around her and walked her out of the bathroom and down the stairs. 

Chop and Archie both kicked Saul a few times causing him to cry out more in pain then they followed Rae and Finn down the stairs, Chop with a firm arm around Izzy.

They had made it outside when Chloe caught up to them. “What’s going on? Rae?”  Chloe had visibly been drinking too much, her hair was a mess and her eye make up was wearing.

“Don’t Chloe, don’t you dare try to act concerned.”  Finn spat angrily at her. 

“What happened?” Chloe was confused and she couldn’t stand straight either, she tried to focus.

“That fuckin wanker you introduced to Rae trapped her in the bathroom and was trying to, to, ya know.” Archie said more sad and hurt then anything.

“No, no Saul would nev-“ Chloe stopped when Finn took a step towards her with pure hate in his eyes.  “Are ya really gonna tell me Chloe that your gonna have more faith in some fuckin twat you’ve known for a few days cuz ya fuckin his mate over Rae?  Your supposed to be her best mate Chloe, fuckin act like it.”  Chloe had tears in her eyes, she couldn’t process what she saw, Rae looked so small and trapped and wouldn’t make eye contact with anyone and Finn, Finn made her feel worse of all. 

“I just didn’t think,” Chloe went to say but once again was cut off by Finn’s temper, “That’s right Chloe ya didn’t think as usual and once again its Rae who is hurt.”

Finn turned and grabbed Rae and brought her into his arms, Archie had his arms around her but Finn didn’t care, he needed to protect her, from Saul, Chloe, the world, but even more, herself.

When Archie turned around Chloe had disappeared, but he was more concerned for Rae right now to go look for her. 

“Come on Raemundo, we will take ya home,” Chop said rubbing her arm in comfort.  Finn tightened his grip in the embrace he held her. 

“No Chop, I need to bring her home, I’m her boyfrie-“ Finn went to finish but Rae pushed away shaking her head even more.  Finn looked hurt, even after everything that happened tonight, even after the embrace he was just holding her in, she still wouldn’t allow him to say it out loud. 

“Rae come off it, I don’t care, they need to know.” Finn grabbed her hands but she pulled them away and his face had fallen looking defeated.  Finn had spoken more tonight then he normally does and maybe it was the few drinks he had, maybe it was the whole situation with Rae being in danger and he wasn’t there to stop it from the beginning but he had reached his breaking point.

“Rae and I have been datin’ secretly.  She told me not to tell anyone and I agreed, but after what just happened, I could have stopped it, I could have prevented that twat from, from hurting her” Rae’s world was spinning, she still hasn’t recovered from the alcohol, from what just happened with Saul and now this and she has lost her words.

“Deny it Rae, go on.” Finn was looking at her with an angry expression but soft eyes as if saying don’t break my heart even though I’m pissed at you.

“You ruined it Finn, I ruin things not you because you are perfect but you ruined it.”  And with that Rae turned and ran as fast as she could go.

A Night at the Fair! Part 1

i’m really sorry about it being so long, i have no idea how to do a ‘read more’ thingy so ill just apologise greatly now about it clogging up your dashboards! Sorry!

Rae wasn’t looking forward to the fair at all, a night spent watching Finn and Olivia together sounded more like hell than the fun she had been promised by Chloe. Even Izzys infectious giggling when she saw all the bright lights at the entrance couldn’t cheer her up. She’d promised though so here she was. She took a deep breath to calm herself.

Why the fuck did i agreed to this!

She reluctantly followed Chop, Izzy and Archie through the crowd towards the burger van. However she’d been feeling before was nothing compared to feeling she got deep in her stomach when she saw Finn and Olivia stood waiting for them, they were facing each other with sickening smiles plastered across their faces.

you can do this!

Rae slowed down dragging her feet, watching as Izzy went and hugged Olivia. While Archie ran straight at Finn jumping up and down, the couple of cans he’d had on the way definatley having an effect on him. The closer the gap between her and Finn got, the worse she felt. Pretty soon she’d have to say hi, make conversation and act like everything was great.

I can’t do this!

I can’t do this!

“Rae” she turned towards he name, breathing a sigh of relief as she spotted Chloe rushing towards her a huge grin on her face. Pulling her into a hug she thankfully led her away from the gang, away from Finn and Olivia and over to a small group of men.

“Right this is Ian” Chloe pointed “That’s Ben, that’s Joe”

“An this…” Chloe released her grip from around Raes neck and went and stood behind the last of the men “Is Saul” She wiggling her eyebrows suggestively then she walked off to where Ian and the other guys were stood in a group laughing.

Saul gave her a huge smile, she looked over at Chloe confused then back to Saul. What was Chloe playing at.

Fucking Chloe!

She smiled back feeling uncomfortable. She wasn’t good in these kind of situations and Chloe knew that, but she’d still fucked off and left her……. typical Chloe.

“You look nice”

Is he talking to me?

“What?"  Rae wondered if she’d heard right.

"You look nice” He repeated with a laugh.

“Thanks” Rae laughed relaxing slightly.

“Chloe’s told me alot about you”

Rae’s face dropped.

“Don’t worry, its all good” Saul laughed.

“Oh thats good then, i dont need to kill her” Rae faked a laugh, she glanced over to Chloe again to see her looking back with a huge grin on her face. Rae couldn’t be angry with her, afterall Chloe thought she was doing something good. She gave her a small smile then looked  back at Saul who was still staring at her.

The conversation with Saul seemed to just flow, she wasn’t used to guys openly flirting with her. So when Saul offered for her to hang out with him and the rest of them she agreed. Happy that she had something to distract her from the awful night she thought she was gonna have.

“Come on” Saul said, he grabbed her hand and started to lead her away.

Rae looked back at the gang messing around, part of her wished she was staying with them, but the other part was so glad to be getting away from Finn and Olivia. Knowing she wouldn’t have to watch them be all loved up together made her smile genuinely for the first time since entering the fair.


Finn looked up to see Rae walking away into the crowd hand in hand with that Saul bloke.

I can’t believe she’s fucked off with him, she doesn’t even know HIM!

Finn kicked the ground looking down at his feet. He turned back to the gang adament that he was going to enjoy himself too.

no more moping about, Rae’s clearly not!


Hanging with Saul was proving to be a good idea, they seemed to get on really well. Chloe, Ian and the rest of the guys had wandered off somewhere leaving them to just walk around talking. Even though she didn’t find him that attractive it was nice to talk to someone who listened and cared what she thought. But after a few hours conversation started to sag, so Saul had suggested they play some games.

“Here do you want a go?” Saul asked holding out the last ball.

Rae shook her head, she threw like a girl ironically and she didn’t want to look stupid. He gave a small shrug then threw the ball, knocking the remaining metal bottles down.  Saul pumped his fist agressively and laughed in the stall holders face as he passed him the stuffed animal he’d won.

Rae wasnt paying attention, she was too busy searching the crowd for a glimpse of Finn. She knew she shouldn’t watch them together. She knew the pain that would linger deep down after seeing them, but she couldn’t help it. It was her fault she wasn’t with Finn anymore so it was like her way of punishing herself for being weak. She was pulled from her thoughts by Saul’s hand squeesing her arse.

What the fucks he playing at?

“Wheres Chloe?” She asked using it as an excuse to move away from him and scan a different part of the crowd.

“Dunno” He mumbled turning to look too.

Rae knew full well she was only two stalls down pretending to struggle to hook a duck, she’d spotted her before on her search for Finn, but she carried on pretending to scan the crowd til Saul nudged her on the arm.

“Shes there” He pointed

Rae looked over to see that Chloe had got what she was wanting, Ian was now pressed up behind her, his arms reaching forward holding onto the rod with her. They hooked one straight away and Chloe was rewarded with a stuffed frog teddy.


Finn felt his stomach drop as he watched HIM slide his hand down Raes back and gave her arse a quick squeese. He couldn’t see Rae’s face, so he had no idea if she liked it or not.

What does it matter Finn? She’s not your girlfriend anymore!

He kept telling himself the reason he cared so much was because he didn’t trust this Saul guy, but it wasn’t just that. The thought of her being close with any guy made him feel like he’d swallowed a lead weight.

He hated the way they were now, they weren’t close anymore. He missed just hanging out listening to shit reggae, he missed her going on about anything and nothing. He missed her!

You need to fix this Finn!

“Should we go on the big wheel?” Finn was pulled from his thoughts by Olivia nudging him on the arm.


don’t do it to yourself!

She spotted them all back at the burger van.

Probably Chop’s idea!

Finn looked so happy as Olivia fed him a chip.

She turned back to Saul with a sigh, why was she being this way. Saul was being lovely with her. He was making it pretty clear that he liked her so Why did she keep wishing she was here with Finn instead, when she could see he’d clearly moved on.

She had to stop this, she needed to focus on Saul. On the guy that she hadn’t pushed away……..yet!

“So, what would you like to do now?” She asked giving him the best smile she could muster.

“You want some food?” He shrugged pointing over to the burger van. Rae felt herself tense, she found it hard watching Finn with Olivia from across the field, she couldn’t handle standing next to them, they’d try and talk to her and then she might just punch Miss Bailys and ice square in the face.

“Na i’m good” She tried to act cool but inside she was secretly pleading for him to suggest something else, anything else.

Please! Please! Please!

“I’m gonna get a hotdog, you sure you don’t want anything?” He asked placing his hand on the small of her back and leading her to the van and towards guarnteed pain.

“Rae!” Archie shouted as he spotted them.  Bouncing over to her with a huge grin. “Wheve’ve you been hiding?” He slurred slightly giving her a hug.

“Just hanging with Saul” He released her and dragged her over to the gang only letting go when she was stood firmly between him and Chop.

“You sure you don’t want anything babe” Finns head shot up at the word 'babe’ to see Saul stood behind Rae with his head rested on her shoulder. She gently nodded and smiled, watching him as he went to line up before turning back to the group.

“So hows it going Raemundo?” Chop asked with a suggestive smile.

“Alright” She shrugged.

“Who’s he Rae?” Izzy said looking over at Saul who was now being served.

“One of Chloe’s mates” Rae said turning to her with a smile “He’s in his twenties”

If Finn could rub Olivia in her face then she was gonna do the same with Saul.

“He seems abit weird” Finn said much to Olivias annoyance.

“Na, hes really cool” She replied with a little smirk.

Ha is Finn bloody Nelson alittle jealous!

Rae looked down at her watch to see it was only eleven. Time seemed to have gone so slowly, she realised how much she wished she had stayed with the gang when Saul appeared at the side of her and signalled for them to go.

She gave them a quick wave and followed Saul over to a nearby bench. Sitting down next to him she allowed him to put his arm around her. Uneasiness washed over her. She didn’t like how his hands were always somewhere on her, either around her shoulders, holdings her hand or squeesing her arse. She was pretty sure that he’d tried to grope her tits as well earlier but she’d brushed it off as accidental. 

This is getting to be beyond a joke!

“You don’t look like your enjoying yourself?” Saul asked glumly before taking a huge bite out of his hotdog.

Was it that obvious?

“I am” Rae plastered on a fake smile. Although she wasn’t she didn’t want him to know that. He looked genuinely down that she wasn’t enjoying herself. Although his touchy feeliness was part of the problem it wasn’t why she was feeling so down.

Saul didn’t seem convinced “You wanna get outta here?”

Rae looked over at the gang wistfully wishing Olivia would just bugger off.

She watched as Olivia wrapped her arms around Finn’s neck and move in for a kiss. Rae looked away quickly before she saw anything else, just the thought of them kissing made her go cold. The overwhelming need to be as far away from them as possible now outweighed the uneasyness she felt about Saul.

“Yes please” She smiled

Rae ignored the suggestive smile that spread across his face. Hoping it was just her mind playing tricks on her.

“There’s just something i want to do first” He said stuffing the last of his hotdog into his mouth messily.


Finn pushed Olivia back lightly before the kiss went any deeper. He wasn’t in the mood for her constant affection tonight. He ignored her groan and looked around spotting Rae in the distance being led towards one of the stalls. They stopped and Saul picked up a big wooden gun on a chain, he was clearly trying to impress her.

Clearly he doesn’t know Rae!

“Finn, whats up with you tonight?”

Finn reluctently turned to Olivia who clearly wasnt happy.

“Nowts wrong” He shrugged, this wasn’t the time and place to be having this conversation. He just wanted to have fun, which was proving to be very difficult.

“Really?? Thats all your gonna say?"   He watched as she turned and huffed off over to Izzy and Chop.

He knew he should follow her and appoligise, but he didn’t. His head was all over the place and he wouldn’t of known what to say so  Instead he looked back over to find Rae staring back at him, her back to Saul while he played with the gun. He watched as she turned her head slightly and said something. he must of replied because she began to turn back around.

No Rae, look at me! Please!

It happened before Finn could do anything, Rae turned to look at Saul just as he was turning to her, resulting in the gun colliding with Rae’s nose. She hunched over, her hand up to her face in obvious pain.


"Oh shit, sorry Rae” Saul said flinging the gun back onto the stall ledge. He placed his hand on the small of her back.

holy shit this hurts!


Rae looked up to see Finn jogging over, the rest of the gang close behind.

Self Defense Pt 2

I know I promised this yesterday, but I got a little carried away with the this part and it is a little less than 3,000 words.  Sorry guys.  I am already working on part 3 and I think this may be about 5 parts long.  I am actually having fun with this one.  Also, this is my first time writing any type of smut at all so bare with me because I was super shy just writing it.

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And without further ado…


Dear Diary,

            It’s been two days since Finn and I have been secretly dating and to be honest, it is harder then I thought.  I didn’t realize just how little we see each other through out the days.  He with his football and other obligations and me with my, well with my visits to Kester.  I haven’t even seen Liam in a few days, which to be honest I am a little relieved; I don’t need any more rumors about him and I.  I just don’t know how I’m going to go down and face Amy today.  She’s a nightmare, I don’t think I can do it; Finn was obviously no help in the self-defense part, though he did make up for it otherwise.  Oh diary, if I could wish for one thing it would be an escape from my beating. 

Rae was slowly walking to the edge of the train tracks.  She can already see a crowd forming; waiting for her and Amy to show up.  All she was thinking about if she should have taken an ice bath before coming to numb her body from the blows she was expecting, she also wish Finn was there, just being able to sense him may have given her just a little bit of courage.  As she got to the patch of cement that lead two different ways, she looked around and sure enough, there was Amy.  She was walking as if her only mission in life was to beat Rae senseless.  Oh shit. 

“Can’t believe ya actually came Earl.  Guess you know what ya doing with my boyfriend is wrong!” Amy was already taking off her jacket and threw it to Vicky. 

“I’m not doing anything with Liam, you need to talk to him about it.  I have done nothin’ wrong.”  Rae was starting to panic, in what world is she going to convenience Amy other wise.

“That’s it I’ve had en-” Amy was about to make a move when Chloe came running up.  “Wait, don’t do this!”  She said as she stepped in between Rae and Amy. 

“I thought you said you weren’t going to pick sides,” Vicky snared from the sidelines.  “Well I am, Rae is my best mate and a good person and if she said she hasn’t done anything with Liam, well then I believe her.”  Chloe turned and gave Rae a small nod as Rae gave her a small smile even though she was still on her toes. 

“Yeah well I don’t believe her,” Amy continued forward.  “Oh come off it Amy, you have such a bad arse reputation but where is ya proof?”  As soon as the words came out of Chloe’s mouth, Amy swung and connected on Chloe’s face causing her to fall to the floor. 

Before Rae knew it Amy had stepped up to her, “Now tell me Rae, have you or have you not done anything with my boyfriend?”  Amy was already clutching her fist together. 

“No Amy, we’re just mates, I need ya to believe me.”  But it was too late, Amy’s fist connected with Rae’s nose. 

“Oh for fucks sake Amy!!!”  Rae shouted as she held her nose.  She looked up and could tell Amy was expecting a comeback but nothing happened.  Rae just looked at her holding her nose, which she was 100% sure she was bleeding.  “Are ya happy now Amy, nothing ya do is going to change the fact that I have done nothing with Liam! You’re just insecure.” 

Amy swung again about to connect with Rae’s side when Rae got the courage to step on Amy’s foot and when Amy was about to nurse her foot, Rae took this opportunity to push her and Amy fell to the floor.  When she finally looked up with a shocked look on her face, Amy pushed up from the floor and took off running followed by Vicky and Lois.

Rae was in shock, she looked down at her hands impressed that her survival skills kicked in.  Then she remembered poor Chloe was hit too.

“Chloe, are you ok?”  Rae went to her and Chloe nodded her head.  “I’ve never been hit before Rae, and as far as I know, I think my mom can hit harder.”  Chloe said laughing rubbing her cheeks.  “Oi, speak for yaself, I have a bloody damn nose.”  Rae said showing Chloe her hands with blood on it.  “Let’s get ya back to mine and we can clean ya up as best as we can before you go home.” 

Rae had cleaned up at Chloe’s but there was definitely some bruising around her nose.  Rae was on her way home when she crossed paths with Liam.

“Hey there Alarm girl, oh no look at ya.  Is that what Amy did to ya?”  Liam was chewing on a toothpick.

“Not now Liam, I need to get home.”  Rae did not want to deal with him, not right now considering he is the reason she has the bruised nose.

“Look, I just wanted to say sorry for Amy.  She came around mine and proper broke up with me, let me have it too.  Something or another about trust being a foundation.  But as I see it, gives me and you more time to do some dumb shit together.”  Liam nudged her and she smiled a little.  But did she want that?  Did she want to spend more time with Liam?  As if he heard her inner monologue and contemplation, Finn turned the corner with Archie. 

“Hey Rae!”  Archie called over waving already running with arms open to give her a hug.  She and him had discussed her outing him to Lois.  They were mates again, but Archie was still broke up about what decisions will lay ahead of him.  Rae wrapped Archie in a hug when her eyes locked on Finn who had just walked up.  “Hey Rae,” Finn smiled and Rae couldn’t help the goofy big smile she had spread across her face.  “Oi, look at ya face Rae, did Amy do that?  Over that idiot Liam,” as soon as the words left Finn’s mouth he made eye contact with Liam.  “Yeah, this was Amy, does it look bad?”  Both Archie and Finn shook their heads.  Liam started to shuffle out of view when Rae turned around to him, “Liam, I better get going, I’ll see ya around, but I don’t know if it’s a good idea for us to be spending so much time together.”  With that, Liam nodded murmuring something as he lit a cigarette. Rae turned around shaking her head in frustration.  It doesn’t matter, I’ll see him in group and knowing him, he will still give me a good laugh and a hard time.  God my bloody nose hurts so badly.  Finn noticed the pain in Rae’s face as she brought her hand to her nose but looked down at the floor quickly. 

“Right boys, how have you been this evening?”  Rae was finding it very hard not to just blatantly stare at Finn. 

“Well, we won our match, Finn made the winning goal” Archie said with pride and Finn looked up from the floor through his lashes with a small smirk. 

“Good job there Finnley,” Rae was more then excited for him but had to keep her cool.  Finn smiled even bigger and stood up more straight as if in pride.

“Ah fuck, it’s late, I need to get going, I’ll see ya two later.”  Archie said as he kissed Rae on the cheek and padded Finn on the back, “Good match Finn.”  He yelled as he took off running.

Finally alone after two days and they both stood awkwardly.  “So how’ve ya been?” Rae said fidgeting with her fingers.  “Well, I’ve been good, been thinking about ya.  Been trying to figure out just how I was gonna get ya alone for at least 5 minutes.”  Finn was closing the gap between them when Rae stepped back and looked around.  “Rae, its dark, no one can see.”  Finn said again trying to close the gap with a look of determination.  “Not in the wide open Finn,” and as she said that, Finn grabbed her hand and was basically dragging her in the direction of his house.  “Where are we goin?”  Rae said as if she didn’t know the general direction of his house.  But he didn’t answer; he just turned back with a smile and kept moving.  Soon, they were at his house and Finn unlocked the front door.

“My dad’s working late tonight.  Told me not to wait up for him,” Finn said with a smoldering look.  “Oh,” Rae was still trying to catch her breath from the near sprint Finn was dragging her at. 

Finn locked the door behind Rae, “go ahead and go to my room, I’m gonna get us a few brews and clean up a bit.”  Rae nodded and made her way up to his room.  It had been awhile, but when she opened the door, it was like the first time she had stepped foot in his room.  Her eyes scanned looking for changes.  There was only one, the same picture Izzy had given her when they first started dating was right next to his bed on his bedside table.  She sank down on the bed and grabbed the picture.  It still doesn’t make sense to me, look at him, even in pictures he’s bloody beautiful and I look like a blob, doing my best to hide behind him even in photos, it’s embar- Finn had opened the door mid thought and she put the photo back down.  He had two cups of tea and it looks like he had put some water on his hair and washed off the dirt from his face.

“Here ya go,” handing her the tea he turned around and started to play The Great Escape album by Blur and made his way back to the bed and sat next to Rae.  Placing his tea by Rae’s he grabbed her face and brought it closer to examine her face.   Rae winced a little when he placed a finger on the bridge of her nose.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to hurt ya, how’d it go?  I wanted to be there, I was in class going mad looking at the time knowing where ya were.  That and I didn’t think it would be good if I showed up because I mean I wouldn’t have hit her but I definitely may have blown our cover if needed to.”  He said moving his one hand down to her cheek and bringing the other to rest on her other cheek. 

Rae smiled and leaned into his left hand feeling the pressure of his hand on her face hurt a little, but the pain was outweighed by the happiness spreading within her.  “It went alright.  I stepped on her foot and pushed her to the floor.  The only reason why I did anything was because she hit Chloe.  I am very protective of the people I care about ya know?  But as soon as I pushed her and she fell down, she ran off.  I didn’t even really do anything.  When I was on my way home from Chloe’s I saw Liam and he told me Amy broke up with him and that he wanted to spend more time with me.”  As soon as she said that, she made eye contact with him.  He just smiled letting her finish, “but ya heard me, I don’t think it is a good idea, at least right now, I’m tryin to work on this thing with this lad I know and I don’t want Liam ruining it.” 

Finn pulled Rae’s a little closer, “So tell me about this lad.”  He was just watching her lips as if contemplating letting her proceed or not.

“Oh he’s just the most fit lad in all in Lincolnshire, wait no Stamford, maybe in the whole world,” and with that Finn pushed his lips onto Rae’s.  Finn had pulled Rae down to where they were laying half hanging from the bed just kissing each other, touching each other.  Finn started to move Rae’s and his legs to be lying completely on the bed.  His hands were now working their way up her body when she stopped the kiss. He went to sit up but Rae grabbed his arm.  “I didn’t say to stop kissing me,” Finn leaned back over and took her lips once again.  This time, their kisses more urgent and Rae was pulling Finn until he was flush against her and the only thing separating them were clothes.  Finn started to run his hands down her sides again, this time, Rae was guiding his hands to her jeans,  “Rae, what are ya?”  “Shhh, just,” She guided his hands to unzip her jeans.  Finn’s heart was beating fast but he pushed his hands further down, until he grazed the top of Rae’s knickers.  “Please Finn,” she murmured against his lips as her tongue was losing the fight to dominate to Finn’s.  Finn slipped his hands deeper and felt his way down until he felt her.  Felt how hot and wet she was.  He took his index finger and ran it up and down her slit.  Finding her entrance he pushed his finger in, relishing on her tightness.  What he would give to be buried into her, but somewhere he knew, not tonight.  He pumped in and out until he felt brave enough to slip his middle finger in as well.  Rae gasped breaking the kiss and her head flew back against the pillow.  She was seeing stars, the same stars she saw so long ago.  He then again, started to use his thumb to not just tap but rub her clit.  She started to moan loudly, as Finn watched down at her in awe.  He felt her legs starting to shake.  She reached up and crashed Finn’s lips to hers and she came. 

Breathing heavily, Finn removed his hands from Rae and zipped up her jeans for her.  “Finn, my Finnley, you are literally, a sex wizard.”  Rae said with a gazed over look.  Finn laughed loudly, kissing her face everywhere his lips would meet.

“I don’t mean to sound like an ungrateful git, but I need to get home soon,” Rae started to sit up.  She reached for her brew and sipped it.  “When will we get time again?”  Finn asked with a little sadness in his tone.  “We will have to see, I know Archie wants to hang out tomorrow with me, but I can’t guarantee anything, I told ya this may be difficult Finn.”   Rae started to realize right then and there just how hard this is for her as well.  Sneaking around, not letting anyone know, at first it was a thrilling idea, but now thinking about it and realizing how much she wanted this, it’s going to be hard.

“Hey, how about, we come up with like a sign or something if we are around the gang and we want alone time, like it will be our secret message to each other that if one of us says it, we will take turns leaving and meet up somewhere?”  Rae said lowering her head to Finn’s shoulder.  It was the only thing she could possibly think of.

“That may work, but I’m afraid I will say it the minute I see ya, I kind of want ya all to myself,” He said placing a kiss on her hair.  “Aye, don’t be greedy Finn, our friends also need their dose of Rae,” she joked as she wiggled her face against his shoulder.

“That may be true, but not as much as I need it.”  As he said that, he was lifting her head from his shoulder and kissed her on her lips.  “What should be our signal then?” He asked as he peppered kisses all over her face again.  “I don’t know, something random, something no one will suspect,” Rae was now looking around the room looking for a word, or a sign.  “How about, Red Cabbage?”  Finn was biting his bottom lip trying to stifle a laugh as he realized what he just suggested.  “Red Cabbage?”  “Red Cabbage.”  “Alright Finnley, I don’t know how we will work that in, but Red Cabbage.”

“All right girl, let’s get ya home,” Finn stood up and reached his hand out to Rae.  Before they left the comfort and privacy of his house, he gave her one last deep kiss, promising her it won’t be long until they reunite.  Finn had made her get on his bike to get her home faster with less people noticing.  He dropped her off and when she handed him the helmet, their fingers lingered.  “Until next time, Mae.” “Next time Finnley.”

Rae walked up to her home then turned to watch Finn drive off, once inside, her mom gave her the third degree about her face, but she told her she was reaching for something at school when a few books fell on her.  Not too sure if her mother bought the lie or not, she still wondered upstairs and reached for her diary.

Dear Diary,  

     I usually never really write twice in a day, but considering in one day, I’ve gotten into my first fight and actually defended myself and then end the day with the most perfect human being on planet earth.  Life could be shaping up well, or did I just jinx myself?



JADE: hi!
JADE: its good to see you again
CALLIOPE: you are kind to believe that.
JADE: how long has it been?
CALLIOPE: there is no way to measure.

awww poor callie has been there way too long

what a weird cloak


bye lmao

calliope is following her

nice magic

still scary


there we go

poor calliope looks so sad

you know i only just got used to callie’s trollsona too lmfao

but its not good for her



Its been so long since Tosti has seen this blog aaaaaaa but look shes here and healthy!! We recently got a new puppy so i feel like i haven’t been hanging out with her as often so we had a nice trip outside and now we are (trying) to eat some salad. Although she seems to think its run around time, what can you do..


AWWWW IT’S GOOD TO SEE HER AGAIN!!! she looks great!!! tosti pls eat your salad it’s good for you! I know that feel tho, I make a great looking meal and present it to poncho and she’s like “nah” sometimes