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1. I’m in love with your boyfriend.


Also if you like the oneshot, let me know and comment some prompts because I’ll do them :)

SUMMARY: Dan’s girlfriend Ella comes to stay with him and Phil for a week and Phil is shocked by how he feels about it.

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Oh my goodness wonderful request...Loved question what is this letter from? You said it's from a book? And can I get my hands on it? Okay so it was three questions...

Hello! Thank you! Yes, it was from a book called Doctor Who: The Companion’s Companion. Clara wrote it full of quizzes and other information on the Doctor’s past companions. She then hid it all in the TARDIS. He found the book and added in a page addressed to her, and then put it back in her hiding place.

Here’s photos of the book cover, the page Peter read out loud, and then two YouTube videos of him on stage. The P.S. got cut in the first one, so I added it in from my original video.


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Memeber:Namjoon, Ravi


A/n: Daddy Namjoon is a religion. Don’t get me started on this one.


Breath. Three deep breaths. Y/N you can do it. It is only a work placement. You look like a child. You are a child. You became legal two freakin weeks ago. Fuck it. Honestly. I’m nervous. Okay. This elevator is going fast. Too fast. I have to go through my notes once again. What can they ask me? What is my degree? If I had been on other placements? What languages do I know?  God…they can even ask me which number are the correct ones for the lottery and I should know.

Who are you? You are Y/N. You are a candidate for work placement in one of the biggest corporations in the world. The CEO is a man called Kim Namjoon. The third heir of the company. Not many people have seen him,but those who have say he is beyond handsome and beyond scary. They tell stories on the newspaper how he doesn’t speak much but when he does he has the voice of the devil,with hints of desire and sparkles of want. All female full time employees are always wearing short pencil skirts and heels in order to try to attract the young heir. But he doesn’t buy it. God, is he a virgin? One of those romantic guys that keeps himself for the girl of his dreams? Or maybe he is one of the Dom’s? One of those that will secretly touch his girl under the table during a conference. Or maybe he likes being submissive,but can’t let it show because he is an important figure? You decide.

Okay enough Y/N. Too much thinking. Back to the important questions. Take a sip from the Green Tea your mother made you this morning in order to feel fresh and ready to be the best part-time employee.

You can’t say that I feel very fresh. Last night I had to sleep and be a blooming flower in the morning,but no! I decided to read smut fictions about my hoped future boss on Tumblr. This is exactly what you shouldn’t do the night before an intreview. It’s a stupid decision.

But I found out interesting things. He has fan clubs. You can say he is as popular as any other star. Every item he has touched and left behind goes on for sale and the prices people pay are ridicules. Each and every fan club speculates how Namjoon really looks. When you read that some fanclubs even think he is the Lord Commander of the Vampires you should know it’s time to sleep.

“Floor 114" This is it. Keep yourself collected. You can do this Y/N. You only have to survive through an interview. Nothing special.

The moment I stepped out of the elevator my eyes were greeted by many women in guess what…pencil skirts and heels. All of them had long straighten hair as if they were freakin clones. Almost all of them. One girl,not much older than me, looked not in her place. Like me. But she was stunning. A beautiful girl of color. If I was a man you can bet she was everything I look for in a woman. Unlike the blond clones with straighten hair,she had a flawless afro. It made her stand out in a good way. She had no heels ,just like me, she was with white Vans. They probably were really white once,but like all shoes they weren’t so white anymore. But so were mine red Converse. And just like me she was looking around as if she was in the wrong place. I knew I had to have her in my life. This was destiny. Walking towards her and I sat nervously next to her. When she noticed me a look of relief spread across her features. “We don’t look like we belong here.” she amiled at me “I was about to say it. I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you.” I said bringing out my most cheerful voice. “I’m Corin. It’s also really nice to meet you.” her natural plump lips became one even warmer smile.“You have an amazing hair. I have always wanted to do an afro,but it’s not appropriate. I don’t want to anger anyone or someone to think that I’m disrespectful towards their tradions.” “This is really nice of yours. I really like your hair too. Its so straight and it’s obvious unlike theirs that is natural.” we both blushed and giggled because compliments and talking about the other candidates isn’t something you do on a work placement interview. I think. “Can I see your resume?” we both said at the same time. And that evolved in more giggles. “Of course. Here.” we said together again this time laughing loud. Some clones turned to look at us but found out we had absolute no interest in them whatsoever and continued doing whatever they were doing.

Let me tell you,she had an amaizng resume. So good that I almost felt miserable about mine. We talked more and I really liked her and I think she liked me. We changed numbers and even made plans for a nice brunch next week where we can talk more. Suddenly we started talking about Kim Namjoon. She told me that he has a brother. An older brother. “If I ever want to meet someone is probably him. They say he is just as badass as his younger brother. The Kim brothers are partners in crime. The black sheeps of the Kim family. But for whatever reason their grandfather left everything, the whole empire to them. No one,even their own parents weren’t happy with that decision. But no one could do anything about it because the will stated that the heirs of Kim corp. are the Kim brothers. They are both cold and scary,because of their past and the people they lost.” All night I read about the Kims but I haven’t read this. It was in no tabloid or forum. Nowhere. “Corin,how do you know that?” she only smiled sad “My mother. She had been working for the Kims for a long time. Truth is I’m here because my mother asked Mrs.Kim  to let me on the final list. Mrs.Kim and my mother have a very good relationship and Mrs.Kim had always taken care of me.” “So that means you have seen the brothers.” “No. I haven’t. They don’t live with their parents and everytime they did come to the house Mrs. Kim has told me to go in my room because things down there may get ugly. And most of the time they did. Every time one of the brothers was in the house a fight was inevitable. So I never saw them. But I know their voices like I know this” and she showed me her right hand" is my right hand. From all the shouting in the house I know whose voice is who’s. The raspy low one is Wonsik,the older brother. The low rich load one is Namjoon,the younger one.“

The doors of the elevator opened and a handsome man not older than twenty six stepped into the room. "He is…unusual.” I said looking at my new friend. “Maybe he is a designer or something.” I would’ve guessed so too. The man had a strong red bleached hair with small golden rings attached to it. He was wearing a light blue suit with absolutely nothing underneath. On his chest,fingers and ankles tattoos were coloring his skin. The whole situation was finished with floral Gucci sneakers and that was it. He had only a unreadable look in his eyes and nothing else was there on his handsome features. “Bad weather. Bad morning.” “Was this supposed tob be Good morning because in human language we say…” I whispered in Corins ear “Kim Wonsik."she said scared"Kim Wonsik…wait,what?” my head snapped. “Y/N. This is Kim Wonsik. The older Kim.”

If a minute ago I looked him like he was some psycho,now he looked scary. He was indeed scary now. A hand grabbed mine and I saw Corin shaking trying to hold onto something. I squeezed her hand trying to smile. “Corin,it’s okay. He…”“You don’t know him. I have heard him. Although Wonsik is less scarier than Namjoon,he isn’t weaker than him. Between the two Wonsik is the body and action. Namjoon is the brain. Wonsik is more reckless.”“I have the names of 50 girls in this list. You are fighting as you know for 5 work placements in total. The 5 choosen will be assigned in different departments by us the CEOs ourself. Since I want to finish faster…” and he stopped dead in his sentence. Following where he was looking I ended up looking where I hoped he wasn’t looking - at Corin. He was looking at her like she was some ghost,like a child that after years of searching found his toy. She stopped shaking and was just looking scared. Wonsik smirked and looked away. “Corin what happend?” “I don’t know and I don’t want to. Y/N I’m afraid.” “So am I. Don’t worry. I won’t leave you. I’m here.”

“Line in five rows of ten. I have no time for joking around.“ Wonsik voice spread across the almost quite room. This was a command,no a "if you may do it”. With Corin’s hand in mine I stood us both up and holding her tightly we stood next to each other.“Someone from my team will start calling you in…Namjoon,what a pleasant surprise,little brother.” Everyone looked at the elevator where a breathtaking man was standing. Tall and scary. Dirty blond hair was slicked back so that black mesmerizing eyes could kill. A beautiful red choker decorated his neck. The muscular body was attempted to be hidden behind a black suit matched with fitted suit pants that outlined his perfect thighs. Under the suit jacket there was a black shirt with exactly three unbuttoned buttons. People are probably afraid to walk when he walks because dust may fall on his…five thousand three hundred and sixty four dollar Alexander McQueen shoes,don’t ask how I know this. Without saying anything he stepped in the room and like robots the rows split in the middle making an aisle for the intimidating man to walk on with his minions. He gave off the vibe of fear and sexual tension,while women made the air thick with arousal. He stood next to his brother and and know the picture was just plain the death of me. Two pairs of unreadable eyes. Everyones eyes in the room were glued to the ground from fear. Where ever the brothers looked the tension hanging on each of our shoulders became even heavier. 

“Tell me you are kidding.” everyone were right. If the devil had a voice this was going to be it. It was a low yet loud voice just as Corin said. If he wanted me to sin only a sentence should roll on his sinful lips and it was going to be enough to make me do whatever he wanted.“I tought we agreed that for the work placement we want good looking women not…people like her."his head only nodded in the direction of Corin or at that time I thought so. The blond clones giggled all together trying to appeal to Kim Namjoon. Corin was looking at the ground refusing to look up. She was holding my hand tightly and tears started to roll from her eyes. This was a grave mistake Kim Namjoon. I’m killing you and your freakin placement because you hurt a girl that was so nice and the only thing she wants is to call her mother and to tell her efforts finally gave fruit. I was someone who hated to see others hurt and she was visibly hurt. Oh I don’t care who you are Kim Namjoon. You just angered the goddess of Human rights. Angry,my head snapped up full of confidence. My eyes could kill if they could.

"And what exactly is wrong with her Mr. Mighty CEO?!” I snapped and the giggles abruptly stopped. As if no one was there. Mr. Kims head slowly turned in my direction looking me straight in the eyes. In any other moment I would’ve peed myself from fear but not now. Not right now. Right now I was stronger than him.“You will excuse me,but she is stunning. Unlike the bleached blonde clones at least she is different. So am I as I see. Should we all wear pencil skirts and heels to please you your mighty Highnesses? My hair is also brown. Oh no. Should I bleach it blonde? If you can’t see the potential of people with amazing resumes like hers you are not worth my or even less hers time,brain or effort. So excuse me while I turn my red Converse and get out of here. With "Her”. An actual intelligent human being. Goodbye.“ Without saying anything and still holding our hands we walked through the blond tall clones.</p> <p>When I turned my head around just before we leave so I could see his reaction before I leave this freakin place forever.A smirk is everything I saw. A freakin smirk. He was looking at me like I am an interesting species that he haven’t seen or heard about. His thumb slowly rubbed his plump lips as if he was thinking what to say. I was holding Corin and was ready to storm out,but this look. This look was lurking me back. It was telling me to stay still and to wait. Like a good girl."What’s your name?” is what he asked me. From everything you could’ve said. You say…What’s your name. "Y/N. My name is Y/N. Does it matter?“I said not looking away from his eyes. I just couldn’t."Yes it does. Wonsik,there are four places open from this moment on. She comes with me. Ms. Y/N lead the way. And bu the way I wasn’t talking about Corin. Corin,say hi to mother.” What? “No Namjoon. You do it yourself.” After all they know each other. Turning my back to Kim Namjoon I looked at Corin. “You told me you haven’t seen them. Why did you lie?” “There are things family can’t share Y/N so lie is the answer then. I’m sorry. But things are too complicated for someone who I met today.” Warm breath warmed my neck. Namjoon was so close to me the heat coming from him was warming my back. A low “You can let go of her now.” is what I heard and soon a big hand catched mine swiftly and I let go of Corin’s hand. “Let’s go. Big brother,I believe you will take care of things here.” A loud “You bet I will.” was heard before Namjoon dragged me in the elevator and pulled out a golden card ehich he swipped on the logo of the company and the elevator started moving.

No talking. Just breathing and the sound of my fast beating heart. I was scared. Where ever we were going I couldn’t escape. Whatever he wanted to say I should listen. “Now you are quiet.” the statement died in the silence. “Why are you not saying anything?” you shouldn’t answer Y/N. Don’t lurk yourself in this trap. He wants you to speak. The hell,I came here to become part-time employee. What did I get myself into? “Mr.Kim you arrived your destination. Destination-your main office.” The fuck were you?! Where did this voice came from. The robo voice from the elevator doesn’t sound like this. “An unauthorized face in the office sir.” he lowly chuckled. “She is with me Gidian. Thank you for the warning. Come on little one. My office is better than the elevator.” Ah right. Y/N get out of the elevator. Slowly,don’t look too rushed. Don’t be intimidated by him although he walks so confident and he is so tall and his back look like a work of God even behind the suit. You horny bitch. Stay in the line of being scared,not horny. Scared. Remember,afraid. Not horny.

His office did really look nice. He had a fireplace with a big couch with few big old books wrapped in leather lying next to the sofa on a small black wooden table on the left. On the right he had a big monitor on a pitch black wall. And in the front he had a really big black mahogany desk with a leather I will say throne more than a chair. Maybe the Vampire theory isn’t so crazy now that I see his office. “Come. Where do you want to talk? On the couch or the desk? Gidian,clean my schedule for the next hour.” he was a prince. A dark prince. “Desk. Couch is too…intimate.” I answered,trying to put the fear down my throat,to sound proud and confident.“He laughed. A real laugh. Not faked smile or a smirk. And all of a sudden the laugh died and a smirk took its place. "What are you? You throw a fit in the middle of an employee recruitment. Then you confront me. You don’t flinch unlike others. And red Converse,seriously?” his tone was a satin drenched with sex. Why? Why the stupid smuts damn it? My head is full with all the things he could do to me right now and no one will know about it. All the places he can take me on and no one will find about it. Damn you hormones. I have had sex once in my life and strangely it didn’t hurt as much as I was worried. But with all the smuts I have read, I am a sex encyclopedia.

I found my voice after looking at him for what felt like an eternity. “I really like my Converse. They’re a present from my mother. Do they bother you,sir?” Something in him snapped for a second. He looked like a bewildered animal. For the first time he looked away from me. Lowly,almost deadly I heard his voice. “Work for me. Not as a part-timer. As a full time employee. Work for me. Only for me.”

He wanted me to work? After all I did? After I confront him infront of his minions and everyone else. After acting like a fool? “Why?” “I do things differently. You are different and I like that.” Namjoon circled his desk and walked to me. Although I wanted to run away,somewhere far away, I didn’t. Soon he was too close.“You are not scared. But I have the desire to make you.” one of his hands chained itself behind my back pulling me even closer. To wear a tennis skirt wasn’t the best decision now. So was coming here too. But Kim Namjoon smelled of a nice full of flavors parfume. Up close his smirk wasn’t scary. It was sexy. “You see little one,I love being the winner,the master. And you try to confront me. It’s fun. I want to have fun. I will keep you. Close to me.” his lips were moving and on my mind was just how they stop talking and put themselves to use to heal mine.“So that when I finally break you I will claim you as mine. But for now…” “Kim Namjoon,kiss me."dead in his sentence I watched as the scariest and mysterious man on Earth snapped and his eyes became grave black and his voice was the sin of every man. "Earn it. Work for me. Step by step I will satisfy whatever need you have for me. This is a one time deal,little one. Take it or leave from where you came."My mind. It stopped working rationally at the age of five. Why think wisely now? "I’ll do it. I’ll work for you. Now kiss me.” if it was possible his grip became even tighter. Our breaths were meddling in one. I looked away from Namjoon and stared at his chest waiting for him to say whatever. “Patience little one. I’ll give you everything you want and need. But patience.” my voice was a low whisper against his strong body.“Patience is also earned Kim Namjoon. Right now,I have none. I don’t know why am I so brave today,bu appreciate it and kiss me.” There he was,the bewildered animal,the final straw of self-control he had. His other hand roughly pulled my face towards his making our lips one whole. We were Legos. Perfect pieces put together. His lips moved slowly but surely. Aware that no matter how much I talked,he was the commander of my turned legal two weeks ago self. The moment finished fast and soon there wasn’t fluffy lips on mine anymore.

“I have three rules that I expect you to follow. Three. No more than three. One, no heels,pencil skirts or bright lipstick. I hate those things” this was easy. I never liked them anyway.“Two,never call me sir.”“Why?”“Just because. And three and the most important one of them. For you to be always be free for me. Whenever I call or send you a message. I’ll expect you to answer in that exact moment. Whenever I want to see you for you to be able to see me.

 "Welcome in my wolrd,little one”


“It’s silent for another minute before she hears Benvolio’s clothes rustle next to her. ‘Did you ever love … him?’

Glancing at Benvolio, Rosaline eyes him warily, her suspicion getting the better of her. His eyes are soft and searching under the candlelight, and it is then when Rosaline realizes there’s no malice behind his question – he genuinely wants to know.”

Rosaline and Benvolio reach a tentative truce, because the world will always be against them and it’s time they stop fighting against the inevitable. As the saying goes, keep your friends close and keep your … spouse closer. For reasons. 

Future fic (they’re married), Rosaline x Benvolio

Ao3 or read below

She dips her finger inside the jam, watching the red color dye her skin like blood on a pavement. Rosaline examines it for another moment before popping her finger inside her mouth and tasting the jam, letting its sweetness consume her. There are several more pastries littered around the kitchen counter where she sits, each with a different and unique taste. Smiling, Rosaline stuffs her mouth with the half-eaten dessert, and eyes another one to devour.

It’s become a late night tradition for Rosaline, sneaking down the servant’s stairways in order to grab whatever dessert is left. When her mother and father were alive, she never sought out sweets as a child. Her parents touted her as a good daughter for not succumbing to the siren call of sugar, but she didn’t realize how much she would miss the taste of sweet tarts and pastries until her aunt forbade her from eating so.

For three years, she and Livia ate food fit for a peasant, such as stews, bread, and occasional fruit. Yet as a Montague – nay, a Capulet-Montague – Rosaline has access to so many sweets she feels she might faint. She feels naughty, tiptoeing across the house, but following the rules has never been Rosaline’s strong suit.

Life as a Capulet-Montague is … strange. After their failed attempt to stop their marriage, things have only gotten more tense between them. Her relationship with Benvolio consists of bickering and pushing each other to the limit. Sometimes, their fights can start by disagreeing on which dish is the best, before it quickly spirals out of control and they begin to attack each other’s characters.

She suspects he continues to argue with her because he needs to release his frustration, too. Their marriage is one of convenience for their families, and she’s come to stop blaming Benvolio for something he had no hand in doing. As much as Rosaline doesn’t want to admit it, they must work together in order to survive. They will always be punished for not being Juliet and Romeo, and not being united will only harm them.

Regardless, Rosaline’s too stubborn to extend an olive branch to Benvolio, so for now, they’ll continue bickering until it stops providing them an excuse to yell at one another.

Rosaline’s so deep in her thoughts that she doesn’t realize Benvolio has entered the room, confused by her presence just as she is of his. She stops chewing on the pastry, feeling awkward for getting caught, but her curiosity gets the better of her. 

“I thought you had gone to bed.”

He gives a tight smile. His shirt is untucked and he looks tired, probably due to running errands for his uncle. There’s something else troubling his mind, she can see it.

“Ah yes, my wonderful bed on the floor. I do enjoy having the cold bricks stab my back as I sleep.”

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Janna needs closure

“Hey Janna,” a certain skateboard loving teen announced.

Without taking her eyes off Star or Marco, she effortlessly waved at Jackie. “Hey.”

The blonde glanced between Janna and the Starco pair. “What’re you doing?”

She waited for a response, but Janna ignored her question, watching Star highfive Marco and move closer to his seat to the point where she was leaning against her friend. The boy placed an arm over her shoulder and laughed with Star, probably over something trivial.

“Uh… Janna-”

“Those two are dating.”

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Fuck this delivery person. I work overnight at a hotel. Every weekday, we get USA Today delivered, between 4am-5am. Sometimes its this sweet guy, but usually it’s this bitter af woman. BAFW doesn’t say hi, grunts occasionally, and at first I thought she might not be able to speak or didn’t want to. NBD, I’ll keep greeting you tho. but Lately she’s been making comments RIGHT when she gets out of earshot, and today she said one just loud enough for me to hear. She called me a “little smart ass bitch”…..FOR GREETING HER!!!!! Literally the only thing I say to her is “Good morning” and “Have a good day” and apparently that is just The Worst to her.

Now, most of you would say, “why say anything then? why not just stop?”

Well, she never says ANYTHING to me, and she’s rather rude with the grunting in response to my talking. I understand its early, and maybe you don’t want to talk, that’s fine. And I’d happily not say anything at all to her if she were just adult enough to TELL me, “hey, I really don’t like to talk.” It’s not a big deal. Part of me kinda hopes one day she just completely snaps, because that would be funny AF to me. Imagine losing your shit because you can’t stand to be told good morning.

since she has to be rude I’m going to be nice. Sweet as sugar, in fact. 

Use your words, lady.

Marichat Day 18: Rejection

Chat Noir sat in front of the smoldering remains of the billboard. He always found it interesting that his power didn’t leave a burning smell. There was just smoke and nothingness, a blankness where a destructive odor should be.


He glanced down from his perch to see Marinette looking up at him from the street. “What are you doing up there?” she asked. She held a large tote bag in her arms, bolts of fabric sticking out the top.

Chat Noir sighed and dropped down beside her. “Cleaning up Paris, Princess. Would you like a hand?” He reached for the bag before she could answer.

Marinette looked back up at the missing billboard. “Did you Cataclysm the Gabriel ad?”

“What would make you think that?”

“Because the billboard is gone,” she answered simply. “And I remember seeing Adrien’s picture up there on my way to the store.”

“That would certainly be an irresponsible use of my powers,” he replied nonchalantly.

Marinette chewed her bottom lip as they started to walk towards the bakery. “Sometimes I worry about him.”


“Adrien. I wonder if he even likes having his face all over the city.”

“No,” Chat Noir answered. “I don’t think he does.”

Marinette nodded. “I know I wouldn’t like it. Some days it’s hard enough looking in the mirror.”

Chat Noir furrowed his brow. “Are you okay?”

She waved him off. “I’m fine. That sounded more dramatic than I meant. It’s only, everyone has bad days, you know? There are days when I want to forget who I am and I’m sure Adrien is the same way, but that’s got to be hard to do when your face can be seen on every main street.”

The pair walked in silence the rest of the way to the bakery. Chat Noir handed the heavy bag back to Marinette. “You should talk to Adrien more.”

Marinette blinked in surprise. “What do you mean?”

Chat Noir shifted uneasily. “Maybe he doesn’t have anyone who understands.”

“I don’t know that I can,” she hesitated. “I have a hard time talking around him.”

“Why?” A loud warning beep rang out from Chat Noir’s ring. He looked down to see one flashing pad left on the paw print. His shoulders slumped. “Guess we’ll have to continue this another time. Have a good day, Marinette.”

“Until next time, Chat.” Marinette watched him vault across the city, realizing he never actually said he didn’t destroy the Gabriel billboard.

Against the Odds

Originally posted by lucifersagents

Pairing: Dean x wife!Reader
Word count: 370

Part 7 of Shocking Awakening

DJ could tell something was a bit off with you and Dean when he got home the following day, but didn’t ask about it. While Dean helped the kids with their things, you spoke to Sam. “He wants me to teach him.” You said softly.

“Wow.” He smiled. “Did he say why?” Sam always knew that you were good for Dean, and had been one of the few that thought you’d beat the odds.

“We were talking, and he blurted that out. I was taken off guard. I showed him pictures, told him about us- about dating, DJ, me telling him under the stars, him promising me forever… Everything.” There were tears in your eyes as you thought of all the emotions from the night before.

Sam hugged you quickly, kissing the top of your head. “How’d he react?” Dean wasn’t always the most predictable when it came to emotions.

You smiled. “Told me he’ll promise me forever again, under the stars, when he feels it’s right. I told him he didn’t have to, but… He wants to.” It warmed your heart. “Last night he slept on the couch. Said he was putting himself in the doghouse since I was being so forgiving.” You chuckled lightly, wiping your cheek.

He laughed, picturing that conversation. “Sounds like him. What about tonight?” Sam asked, knowing that things were probably tense.

“We’ll continue to share a bed, and I’ll be explaining a simplified version of all this to DJ at dinner. He looked so broken when Dean said he didn’t know who the kids were.” You sighed. Sleeping by his side, but nothing more was going to be hard. However, working on your husband’s memories and love was first.

Hearing footsteps, you looked behind you, smiling when you saw Dean carrying Joey out. “There’s mommy.” Her said gently to the little girl as the two of them reached you.

You reached out, taking her as she reached for you. “But, I will let you guys go. Good luck. Call me if you need to. We’ll gladly take the kids if you need a night.” Sam smiled.

After everyone said goodbye, he kissed Joey on the cheek and left, leaving a very loud silence.

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SasuSaku peeps have persistence and patience, like Sakura. Good for them, those actual idiots, but they lack one vital thing:


I swear, some of them read at a fifth grade level, confusing their head canons with ACTUAL canon.

It’s great to interpret head canons, its fun, but when they claim that it’s all true when the fact that it’s not was LITERALLY STATED OUT LOUD MORE THAN ONCE, we’ve got a problem.

Drinking Buddies: Nurse Offstill/Mr. Krupp friendship fic

Made to compliment @manticoremonster‘s drawing right here, in which Nurse Offstill and Mr. Krupp have a beer together when they (FINALLY) become friends. 

Also whoops I’m doing the “Mr. Krupp and CU exchange post-it notes” thing now too. I’m a crowd follower. 

Why had he agreed to come? The pub was noisy and smelly and filled with the worst kind of people…revelers. Fun-lovers. People who wanted and needed nothing more than a tall pint of beer and a good laugh with some pals to be happy. It didn’t surprise him that this was a favourite haunt of Nurse Offstill and her four lively older brothers. What had surprised him was her inviting him to join them. What absolutely shocked him was that he accepted.

It was Edith who talked him into it. “Go hang out with Denise and her brothers! You’ll like it! You’ll have fun!” She was so good-hearted; she wanted him to have friends so badly that she didn’t even ask to come along. She was at home, probably watching her favourite cooking competition shows on TV, while he was here, trying for once in his life to be social and…normal.

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Richard Siken Quote Starters
  • I woke up in the morning and I didn't want anything, didn't do anything, couldn't do it anyway.
  • I say I want you inside me and you hold my head underwater. I say I want you inside me and you split me open with a knife.
  • Vanity makes you say things like "I deserved a better life than this."
  • I sleep. I dream. I make up things that I would never say. I say them very quietly.
  • Your world doesn't make sense.
  • Someone once told me that explaining is an admission of failure. I'm sure you remember, I was on the phone with you, sweetheart.
  • A man takes his sadness and throws it away but then he's still left with his hands.
  • I've been in your body and it was a carnival ride.
  • Tell me about the dream where we pull the bodies out of the lake and dress them in warm clothes again.
  • Love always wakes the dragon and suddenly, flames everywhere.
  • You're in a car with a beautiful boy, and he won't tell you that he loves you, but he loves you.
  • Is that too much to expect? That I would name the stars for you?
  • To them he is a mirror, but to you he is a room.
  • You want a better story. Who wouldn't?
  • Let's admit, without apology, what we do to each other.
  • If you love me, Henry, you don't love me in a way I understand.
  • He was pointing at the moon, but I was looking at his hand.
  • I am more than one thing, and not all of those things are good.
  • Fairy tales have rules. You are a princess or you aren't.
  • You wanted to think of yourself as someone who did these kinds of things. You wanted to be in love and he happened to get in the way.
  • We have not touched the stars, nor are we forgiven.
  • If this isn't a kingdom then I don't know what is.
  • Your body told me in a dream it's never been afraid of anything.
  • You swallow my heart and flee, but I want it back now, baby. I want it back.
  • Sorry about the blood in your mouth. I wish it was mine.
  • Everyone needs a place. It shouldn't be inside of someone else.
  • I'm sorry I came to your party and seduced you and left you bruised and ruined.
  • Everyone could see the way his muscles worked, the way we look like animals, his skin barely keeping him inside.
  • I'm pulling you out of the burning buildings and you say "I'll give you anything" but you never come through.
  • Dear Forgiveness, I saved a plate for you. Quit milling around the yard and come inside.
  • You wanted happiness, I can't blame you for that.
  • I swear, I end up feeling empty, like you've taken something out of me and I have to search my body for scars.
  • Oh, the things we invent when we are scared and want to be rescued.
  • I do believe his mouth is heaven, his kisses falling over me like stars.
  • He had green eyes, so I wanted to sleep with him. Green eyes flecked with yellow, dried leaves on the surface of a pool. You could drown in those eyes, I said.
  • Damn if there isn't anything sexier than a slender boy with a handgun, a fast car, a bottle of pills.
  • The entire history of human desire takes about seventy minutes to tell. Unfortunately, we don't have that kind of time.
  • You play along, because you want to die for love, you always have.
  • You're trembling, but he reaches over and he touches you, like a prayer for which no words exist.
  • Moonlight making crosses on your body, and me putting my mouth on every one.
  • I wouldn't kill your pony. I'd like to believe it, anyway.
  • Imagine a story where everything goes wrong, where everyone has their back against the wall, where everyone is in pain and acting selfishly because if they don't, they'll die.
  • You're a train and I'm a train station and when I try to guess your trajectory I end up telling my own story.
  • The way you slam your body into mine reminds me I'm alive.
  • I'm just a writer. I write things down. I walk through your dreams and invent the future.
  • I couldn't get the boy to kill me, but I wore his jacket for the longest time.
  • Imagine a story, not of good against evil, but of need against need against need, where everyone is at cross-purposes and everyone is to blame.
  • You looked at me long enough to see something mysterious under all the gruff and bluster. Thanks.
  • In the wrong light anyone can look like a darkness.
  • You just wanted to prove there was one safe place, just one safe place where you could love him. You have not found that place yet.
  • This is not harmless. You are not breathing.
  • Lesson number one -- be sneaky and have a plan.
  • I know history. There are many names in history but none of them are ours.
  • You know that a boy who likes boys is a dead boy, unless he keeps his mouth shut, which is what you didn't do, because you are weak and hollow and it doesn't matter anymore.
  • Tell me how all this, and love too, will ruin us.
  • Sometimes you get so close to someone you end up on the other side of them.
  • When someone is trying to ditch you, kill you, never go back.
  • All wars are the same war.
  • We are all going forward. None of us are going back.
  • I'm not suggesting the world is good, that life is easy, or that any of us are entitled to better.
  • I wanted to be wanted and he was very beautiful, kissed with his eyes closed, and only felt good while moving.
  • Okay, so I'm the dragon. Big deal. You still get to be the hero.
  • Actually, you said Love, for you, is larger than the usual romantic love. It's like a religion. It's terrifying.
  • You take her out into the rain and you fall in love with her and she leaves you and you're desolate.
  • Sorry about the scene at the bottom of the stairwell and how I ruined everything by saying it out loud.
  • Someone is digging your grave right now.
  • There's a niche in his chest where a heart would fit perfectly.
  • Your co-workers ask if everything's okay and you tell them you're just tired.
  • Here is the repeated image of the lover destroyed.
  • At this point in the story so many things have gone wrong, so many bad decisions made, that it's a wonder anyone would want to continue reading.
  • Eventually something you love is going to be taken away.
  • I wanted to hurt you but the victory is that I could not stomach it.
  • Tell me we're dead and I'll love you even more.
  • I take the parts that I remember and stitch them back together to make a creature that will do what I say or love me back.
  • I am sad and angry and I want everyone to be alive again.
Preference #1 | You’re on your period.


The moment I woke up and felt a sharp pain in my stomach, I knew exactly how my day was going to go. I started my shower and slowly washed my body trying to get the warm water to soothe my cramps. I got out and dried my body quickly, then reaching to grab a tampon. I dug my hand around the drawer, but I couldn’t find the box. I glanced down and the box was missing. Did I seriously forget to buy a new box last month? I sat down on the toilet, figuring that may be the safest place until I figured out what to do. I heard my front door unlock and footsteps into my apartment. Why does Ashton have to be here right now? “Babe? I know I’m early, but I thought you’d be okay with going to breakfast.” Normally… “I actually don’t know if I’ll be up for it today! I’m feeling a little sick.” I heard his footsteps race towards the bathroom and then a soft knock. “Can I come in?” He asked hesitantly. “Uh, I just got out of the shower, so no.” “Wouldn’t you feel better if you got into some warm clothes and I can make you some toast?” There was silence until I could figure out what to say. “It would, but I can’t exactly do that right now.” It was like I could hear his face form into confusion. “Why not?” I sighed. It wasn’t like this conversation wouldn’t eventually have to happen. “I’m on my period, Ash. And I kinda forgot to buy tampons, so I’m stuck here until I figure out how not to bleed everywhere to go buy more.” He laughed. “I’ll be back in one second.” Ashton yelled as he ran out the door. He soon came back and his breath was heavy. “I think this should help your issue.” A tampon was slid under the door and I’ve never been more thankful for Ashton. “Where’d you get this?” I asked as I grabbed it. “I took it one of the times I was over for emergencies like these.” I giggled. “Well, I’m glad you’re not grossed out by them.” I wrapped my towel around my body and opened the door. “I’m going to go get dressed and we can head to breakfast.” I walked into my bedroom. “Or we could stay here..” Ashton trailed off, following me into the bedroom. “You promised me breakfast, bub.” 


I was awoken suddenly by Michael trying to rip the bottom sheet out from under me. “What the hell are you doing?” I questioned. “Uh don’t worry about it. I’m going to wash this and get a new sheet. Go back to sleep or something.” He said quickly, but hesitantly. I scrunched my face at him. I glanced at the sheet, which now had a huge red spot on it. My eyes widened. “Oh my gosh. You don’t need to clean that up. I’ll do it.” I got up and felt an uncomfortable wetness on my pajama shorts. I began to waddle a little. “Are you sure about that, baby?” Michael chuckled. “Shut up.” I glared. I continued to waddle towards the sheet until Michael pulled it back and out of my reach. “You should get out of those and get into the shower.” He insisted. “Just set the sheets in the washer and I’ll do it. I need to throw my underwear and shorts in there too.” He just smiled as I began to walk away. I took a nice long shower, trying to get rid of image of my stained sheet. I quickly got dressed into some leggings and one of Michael’s shirts. I went to grab my underwear and shorts from the bathroom, but they were gone. I went downstairs to find Michael soaking the sheets, my underwear, and my shorts in water. He looked over at me. “I texted my mom and she said it gets the stains out better if you soak them in cold water before you wash them.” I smiled. “What did I do to deserve you?” “Well, for starters you play video games, sing along with me in the car, and you don’t get mad when the boys come over unannounced like they are right now.” He chuckled nervously. “What?” I heard the noise of a car locking and the sound of three boys walking up the front steps. “Get rid of the stained clothing and sheet! They don’t need to see that!” I yelled. Michael ran to open the door. “Welcome, boys! I was just about to make y/n breakfast. Want anything?” They all let out some sort of a yes and a hello to me. They all stepped into the kitchen, looked to the soaking items, and then looked at Michael. “There was just a bit of an accident this morning, so I texted my mom and she said this would take care of it.” I ran up the stairs, blushing, to the boys making whip cracking noises. 


“I am really glad we could hang out again, y/n.” Luke almost yelled over the loud music. “Yeah, it’s been really good to see you!” I yelled. Ashton’s house was filled with party-goers, music, and alcohol. I sipped on my cup of coke. I was designated as the driver tonight with my group of friends. “How’s your job going? Are you enjoying it?” He asked. “It’s going pretty well. Being a librarian has its perks. But how’s your job rockstar or the world tour you just finished?” He blushed. “It was pretty cool. 101 tours in 8 months. I got to explore 4 continents, I guess.” My jaw dropped. “Pretty cool? I’d kill to do that! It’s too bad there’s openings for mediocre talent or a librarian on your tour.” I laughed. “Would you ever want to go sometime?” Luke asked hesitantly, as if that wasn’t really the question he was asking. “I mean, I’d..” I was quickly cut off by a drunk Michael and Ashton grabbing Luke. “C’mon dude! There’s a guy doing his 5th game of beer pong, you have no idea how hilarious it is to watch. You gotta come watch.” Luke looked at me with desperate eyes. “It’s okay, Luke. Go and watch with your friends. I’ll be here when you get back.” I smiled. “Promise?” He asked. “I pinky swear.” I held up my pinky and waved it. He turned around with his friends and I sat there waiting for him to come back or the night to be over. He finally came back a little more intoxicated than previously. “Y/N! LETS GO DANCEEE!” He yelled and grabbed my hand. “Luke, I don’t dance…” Slightly drunk Luke didn’t take no for an answer. Soon we were dancing basically on top of each other because of how many people were there. We were laughing and playfully grinding until he looked down and his eyes widened. “Y/n, let’s go upstairs.” He commanded. I didn’t understand, but I followed. He walked us up into the bathroom and shut the door. “I don’t want to embarrass you and that’s why we are in here, but look at your thighs.” I saw the beginnings of a murder scene and my face looked like a tomato. “It didn’t get on you, did it?” I whispered. “No, you’re okay. Just clean yourself up and I’ll take you home. And I’ll make sure there is an uber for your friends later.” He smiled. He opened the door and I whispered, “I love you” with the hope that I was the only one to hear it. “You love me?” He turned around and shut the door. I nodded slowly. “Good because I’ve been in love with you since before I even went on that stupid tour.” He grabbed my face and began to kiss me. I pulled away. “I’m gross. Can I clean up and we can continue this when I’m not a murder scene and you’re completely sober?” I asked. “Absolutely.” 


“BAAABBEEEE!” I yelled. “Yes?” Calum stuck his head into the doorway of our room. “Can we please have a lazy day? I know you really wanted to go out today, but I’m really not feeling it.” He laughed. “You don’t want to go to the mall? Not even Sephora? Not even your favorite smoothie place? Who are you and what have you done with my girlfriend?” I rolled my eyes. “I would like to go, but if we’re completely being one hundred percent honest, I’m a robot created by the boys to get you to do whatever they want.” I giggled. “That makes so much sense! I knew there was a reason I suddenly wanted to do their bidding.” He joked. “Now what’s the real reason?” He looked at me with concern. “I’m on my period and I have cramps. I don’t wanna see people.” I flopped to the other side of the bed. “But I’m people?” “No, you’re Calum. You’re like a personal heater and you give me massages and kisses when I don’t feel well.” He smiled. “I’m glad that I’m not people, but we really do have to go out today. I have like no shirts since we donated a bunch and I only have so many that aren’t currently in your wardrobe.” I blushed. “I have no idea what you are talking about.” He stepped closer and closer. “Oh, you have no clue? What are you wearing right now?” I quickly looked down and jumped off the other side of the bed. I tried to make a run for the door, but Calum caught me. He threw me onto the bed and began to tickle me. “STOP! I CAN’T BREATHE!” I yelled while I tried to get out of his grip. “Say you’ll go to the mall and I’ll stop!” He chuckled along with me. “NEVER!” I yelled and continued to struggled. “DO IT!” “FINE! STOP!” I screamed. He suddenly let go and began to walk out of the room. “Get dressed and I’ll be in the car in 5. We’ll get smoothies for breakfast!” I glared at him. “Stop staring, babe. A picture will last longer!” He called. “I hate you!” I called back. “No, you don’t! Hurry up! We can lay around when we’re done!” I got up and raced around to get ready as fast as I could, only taking a couple breaks to grab my stomach in pain. I just finished putting my shoes on as Calum picked me up and started taking me to the car. “You take too long.” He laughed. “You only gave me 5 minutes!” I countered. “You took 15!” “I need more time than you do to get ready!” “Nah, you look good all the time!” Calum kissed my forehead as I rolled my eyes. 

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Annabeth knelt down in the dirt and laid the flowers over her grave. It had been three years since Thalia Grace had died and she still missed her everyday. She’d been like a big sister to her, showing her how to use her powers, telling her it would all be okay, and then suddenly she was gone, a mangled body buried in a plain wooden coffin - only a grainy headstone with her name on to mark the fact that she had even been on earth, that she had ever lived. She had done so many good things for the world and this was the thanks she got, being forgotten about the day after she passed. Annabeth hoped that wouldn’t be her fate.

She stood up and walked back to where Percy was waiting, slipping her hand into his. His presence was warm and comforting, knowing that he’d be by her side whatever they had to face in this world of heroes, villains and monsters.


Nico turned around and looked at his twin sister, Bianca, his eyes wide with excitement. He waved the piece of paper in front of her. “Have you seen this?” He yelled in her face.

She closed her eyes and nodded. “Yes.” She had always been the calmer of the two, where Nico was excitable and rash she was rational and sensible. She laughed as he paced around and around. His hands waved wildly while he talked.

“Can you believe it Bianca? A school for people like us, somewhere where no-one will judge us because everyone is the same - with powers!” Nico was optimistic, but Bianca wasn’t. She knew people would still judge them, their powers. She’d done a lot of research on superpowers since her and Nico had discovered theirs and well, none were quite like theirs, none as dark as theirs. She knew that human nature was to be distrustful of people who were different and her and Nico, they were different from even the different. They were telepathic, but only with each other, but that wasn’t the power that worried her since so many twins had their same gift. It was the shadow magic, the necromancy, that worried her. Their powers were reminiscent of black magic, and honest, good people didn’t like black magic, whether Nico and Bianca wanted these powers or not. Shadow magic was something villains had - not heroes. Yet their mother had always told them they could be heroes - they didn’t have to follow the fate that others would ordain for them.

Bianca just looked at her brother and sighed. I don’t think its going to be as great as you think she thought to herself. The smile fell from his face, sometimes there were downsides to telepathy. “Sometimes I hate the fact that you can read my mind.” She said out loud so that he knew she wanted him to hear it. It wasn’t voluntary either, like they could hide things from each other or decide not to look into each others minds out of respect for privacy, which Bianca wished they had - she saw too many secrets sometimes, things she knew Nico would rather not share until he was ready. Their thoughts were just background noise to each other, unable to be shut off, always there no matter how far apart they were.

Nico sighed. “I hate it too.” He looked down at the floor, suddenly becoming all melancholy. He looked up her after a while and smiled wistfully. “But I wouldn’t change it for the world.” Bianca smiled back.

No, she thought, neither would I.  Nico’s grin got even wider. They fist bumped, their little thing they did every time they agreed and Bianca took the letter from Nico and read it.

“Will you come with me? Please.” Nico pouted.

Bianca laughed. “Yes yes ok.”

A month later they were packing their bags to go to a new school, changing the course of their lives forever.

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Implexium Vitae Pt 3

A/N; Oooooooooooo how long until Lucy unlocks the Tragic Backstory™ ? WEll you’ll just have to wait and see! Spoiler; she’s a major part of it :3

It is said that some people have old souls, reborn every couple centuries to find their loved ones again and continue on their never ending journey. But what happens to these intersecting lives when one is immortal and the other is ripped from them?

Vampire AU.

Pairing: Nalu, Fairy Tail

Words: 2783

Rating: M

Part: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, SixSeven

“It is.”

Lucy was shocked at the sureness in her own voice, steady and quick to answer. She held his gaze, shuffling closer so she could tuck her head into the crook of his neck and shoulder again. She burrowed deep into the scaled scarf, fabric surprisingly soft and pillowy against her cheek, warm scents of dusk and cinnamon lulling her to a comfortable relaxation.

“I think…” Lucy murmured softly into his shoulder, her arms winding around his middle as she spoke, “I think I’ve missed you too Natsu. There’s nothing left for me in this town to hold onto, and I can’t help but find myself oddly thankful for it now. I just… I just want to be happy. And right now, all I think I need is to have the chance to fall in love with you again.”

She stayed where she was as she finished her quiet thoughts, Natsu slow as he settled his arms around her. His embrace tightened after a few seconds, pulling her so Lucy shifted into his lap in order to relieve the strained position her body was forced into.

“I’d like that.” Natsu mouthed into her hair, Lucy humming at his raspy tone and rubbing her thumb along the side of his neck in tight and soothing circles.

Lucy squeaked when she felt him move again, pouting at Natsu’s low chuckle as he slipped an arm under her knees and pulled her into a bridal position. He kept her tucked tight against his chest, so much that Lucy could feel his heavy heartbeat when she rested her palm against it, fingers spread wide under the tattered cape. He flitted through the trees, pausing to sniff the air periodically. It was only a fraction of the time it would have taken Lucy to walk before they were standing at the edge of the forest, looking at the dim lights of the town close by.

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Billy, Philip, and Evan are sitting in the living room of the Killer house, Philip on his phone that he asked the Entity for, Evan listening to music on his iPod, and Billy trying to read through a magazine that Sally gave him. She said it would be good practice, and to say any word that was unfamiliar out loud. Philip would absent minded let correct him when he got it wrong. After flipping the page, he came across a Victoria Secret ad that had a new word for him. 

“Lin-ger-ie. Lin-jer-ie? Lin-jeer-ie." 

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A Family One Day? (Sam Drake x Reader) Fluff

Originally posted by rikkisixx

A/N Because I couldn’t sleep and I wanted to practice more with fluff. And apparently I’m up to date with my Uni work (HOW?! I HAVE NO IDEA) so I took time out of my day to finish this…cause I’m having trouble with those prompts…hurr


“Morning! x”

My phone buzzed on the bedside table. Another ‘good morning’ text from Sam while he’s on another journey with Nate and Sully. I groaned a muffled “No…” and bury my face more into the pillow. It buzzed again. Sighing loudly, I lifted my head and pick up my phone; one eye closed and the other slightly open.

“Get up missy! x”

The text reads, I chuckled.

“I don’t have to be up till 10, leave me be! xx” you text back. Dropping the phone and flopping onto my back, my eyes start going heavy again. The phone goes once again.

“If you don’t get up, I’ll start phoning and keep phoning till you do! x”

“Oh please don’t. I’ve gotten used to not hearing your voice! ;P xx”

“Wow, that’s very rude…x”

“I love you too! xx”

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I’m Coming Out

Paring: Wanda x Stark!reader

Characters: The Avengers

Summary: Wanda helps the reader come out

TW: Language, Slight Angst

A/N: I woke up at 5:30 with this request and i stayed up to write this!! I really love this one. (thanks to my amazing friend @wintersdoll that requested this thing) 

Words: 1,274

Your life was never a straight line, there was always some twist to it. Growing up was difficult, you were always over shadowed by your older brother Tony. You never got into science like your brother or father. You never had any interest in how things worked or how to make them better. While Tony took engineering classes you poured your heart into art. You would spend hours upon hours up painting, you would paint through the night and pass out on the bed with the covers still tucked in at the corners. The only thing that made you a Stark was your work ethic, nothing was more important than what you were working on. 

Tony moved out as soon as he could, so did you. You lost contact with your brother when you moved to a small studio apartment over looking Manhattan. You would sell your painting of the skyline on the street, not many people bought them but you made a living. Your apartment happened to be over a small mom and pop café, which is where you worked other than painting. 

The battle of New York ruined everything you had worked for your entire life. Your paintings, belongings, job, your house were all gone, all you had were the clothes on your back and a bicycle. You knew of your brother’s money and job but went against contacting him. Stark Industries was just a joke to you, Iron Man and the Avengers made you feel small. Of course you were happy for Tony, he was your brother for god sake, but oh god you couldn’t handle his little smug smirk. He would tease you for the rest of your life that he was right and he told you so. 

There was no way that you would allow yourself, a broke painter to live with the earths mightiest hero’s that were given the world. Yet, there you were standing in front of the huge tower. 

You swallowed hard and you walked you and your bike in through the big glass doors. You walked to the desk and took a deep breath. 

“I’m here to visit my brother” You said to the receptionist who just chuckled and gave you a look. 

“He’s waiting for you on the 67th floor Ms. Stark” She said and pointed towards the elevator. You thanked the lady and walked over the the elevators. The ride up was long and you couldn’t help but tap your foot. 

When the elevator doors opened and you saw Tony standing there with the rest of the Avengers. Your jaw dropped to see how tall and how much he looked Howard. You ran to him and pulled him into a hug, even though he didn’t respond at first he hugged back tightly. 

Thats how you meet the Avengers and started living with them. You didn’t have any powers but you did know how to make a hell of a lot of food, and art of course. You spent most of your time on the balcony painting, or hanging out with Natasha, Clint or Tony. 

During the fight in Sokovia you were forced to stay home, all you could do was watch in terror. When they came home you were there to stitch up their wounds and meet the new addition to the team.

The moment she walked in the room, your heart started beating faster in your chest, you couldn’t help but stare. The pain on her face broke your heart even though you’d never met her. She looked so beautiful even though she was covered in dirt and blood. The red dress she wore caught her curves and figure perfectly. You snapped out of it and looked at your feet for a second then returned to the wound you were treating on Natasha. You didn’t notice Wanda’s blush that had grown once she saw you. 

A couple months later you both were inseparable. You would spend almost every day together, it was rare that the avengers saw you separated. While you were painting she would be reading in the chair next to you. 

So when you started to avoid her people were worried, Tony came and questioned you but you pushed him aside. Later when you were painting in your room for a change, Natasha came in. You were panting Wanda, and that confirmed her theory. 

“You like her don’t you”  Natasha said making you jump. You looked down at your feet and bit your lip. 

“Maybe…” You dragged out and played with your hands. 

“Tell her y/n, i am almost certain that she likes you as much as you like her” Natasha said and left, you went back to your painting and once it was finished you let it dry. 

That morning you woke up and wrapped the painting in brown paper and made your way to Wanda’s room. You didn’t care about anything that was happing at breakfast, all you knew was that you were going to have a girlfriend very soon. You opened the door to see Wanda waiting. 

“Yes” She said cutting you off and pulling you closer. 

“God damn it i can’t stop thinking about you” You mumbled before kissing her hard. 

“y/n your thoughts are so loud i’m surprised no one else heard them” she joked. 

Wanda and you had been dating in secret for the past 8 months. You were very confused with your sexuality in the beginning, but after dating Wanda you knew what love felt like, and all of those boys you dated were nothing compared to her. You never got butterflies when you thought of them, you never thought they were too good for you, you never stared at them because you couldn’t help it. 

“Wanda baby?” You called from her bed. Wanda walked into the room from her bathroom wrapped in a towel. 

“Yes?” She questioned and made a face at you, both of you laughing. 

“I want to come out to the rest of the avengers” You said and Wanda stayed quiet. 

“Baby, please talk to me” You said and stood up making your way to her. 

“are you sure you want to do this? I think its a good idea, but Steve, Bucky and Thor come from different places” She said 

“I’m g-gay, thats who i am. I like girls, i love you Wanda, nothing can change that” You said holding back tears, it was just so good to say those 2 words out loud. 

“I know you are, and i’m so proud of you baby! We can tell everyone at dinner tonight. I hear were going out to somewhere fancy. 

Both of you got ready together, you practiced your speech at least 50 times in front of the mirror. 

You both walked out of her room laughing, she was wearing a red dress and you were wearing cute jeans, boots, a nice shirt and sharp dress jacket. You all went out to eat at a steak restaurant but, no one had steak. Once everyone was done you cleared your throat, your heart pounding. 

“I have something to tell you guys…” You dragged out and looked at Wanda, and she gave you a nod. 

“i-i “ You stopped and looked down biting you lip, the avengers looked at you concerned. 

“What is it y/n? You can trust us” Clint asked worried. 

“Its just that… i’m gay” You said and looked around, Natasha was smirking, Everyone except for Tony, Steve and Bucky were shocked. Steve and Bucky were well slightly confused. Tony stood up and gave a cheer. 

“I KNEW IT!” He said excitedly and engulfed you in a hug. 

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anonymous asked:

(Despair disease anon) oh I'd like a fic on it if you don't mind or headcanons! I'm not fussed, whatever's easier, I know you have a lot of stuff to do anyways ^^' (Bonus points if it's Funky Detective Music >:3c)

Warning: It’s porn. This is the least plot and most porn thing here as of date, like… I just…. write porn >.>;; XD That being said though… I think it’s pretty alright. I don’t write porn often so… I think I did good? XD

Sick With Lust

The Despair Disease was a deadly disease that caused the victim to act out of character and gain a high fever. So, it was clear to all the students that both Saihara and Kaede were infected by the disease, with Saihara openly hitting in Kaede and teasing her out loud, laughing when she blushed and talking in a loud, narrative voice. Kaede on the other hand, was meek and timid, shyly voicing her opinion before hiding behind Saihara and apologising for speaking up, something that was not in line with her personality at all. So, the class had decided to confine the couple in a small, makeshift hospital until they could figure out what to do. One of the students dropped by to check on them every now and then, passing news and food while checking on their condition. And so it was, Kaede and Saihara were stuck together, in a room with nothing but each other and the sickness keeping them company.

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A Good Hair Day

Genre: Romance and Friendship

Rating: T (for one tiny innuendo)

Prompt: Imagine person A braiding person B’s hair while person B works on a project (via @otpprompts​).

Pairing: Nalu

Words: 2,487 

Summary: Natsu finds Lucy struggling with her hair while she writes and decides to help her with it. Happy, tangled fun ensues.

Notes: Just some happy slice of their life fluff, for all those who need it in this time of angst and war.

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Natsu was bored.

Sure, Lucy’s bed was comfy and the room smelt awesome thanks to her freshly washed, still drying hair, but Natsu truly was bored.

Happy had shoo-ed him off earlier that evening to try and attempt to woo Carla uninterrupted; and as soon as Natsu reached Lucy’s room (through the window as usual) she had stormed out of the bathroom - all clean, nice-smelling and dressed - with an expression that meant she had an idea and that she had to write, ready to take down Vulcans with her bare hands should they come between her and her desk right then.

She didn’t even say hi.

‘Did she even notice me here?’ he had asked himself.

Now sick of staring at the ceiling,  Natsu sat up on Lucy’s bed, ready to whine and catch her attention, when his own was diverted. By her.

She was hunched over her desk writing so furiously, a small part of him wondered if she would up setting the paper on fire.

‘That’d be pretty cool,’ he decided, with a small grin.

But what had stopped him from unleashing his distract-Lucy ammo were her eyes. Even from this angle he could see the passion they held for the words she was churning out a mile a minute. Her face scrunched up, her eyebrows furrowed and lips pursed - she was clearly in the zone.

And he couldn’t mess with that.

But there was one thing marring that image of sheer determination and focus – irritation.

No, not at Natsu (for once), but at the strands of her hair that would fall over her shoulder, tickle her face and land onto the sheets on which she was currently painting her protagonist’s ruin. She would flick the offending locks back distractedly, and in a rush to get back to her penning, not do a very good job of it. Which meant in moments her hair would fall back onto the work she didn’t want to pause even for a second, much to her annoyance. This had happened several times in the few minutes Natsu had been observing and he nearly found it funny.

Actually he did find it funny.

Only he liked observing her passionately writing even more.

Making up his mind, he walked over to Lucy’s dresser.

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Closer - L.H

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Luke walked into the little hotel bar in LA just wanting to let off some steam. It had been a long week in and out of the studio and he wanted nothing more than to have a few drinks before heading back to his little apartment. It all seemed like a great idea until his eyes landed on the same beautiful hair he loved getting his fingers tangled up in. It was longer than it had been when he last saw her four years ago. She was sitting on the stool turned slightly sideways, her side profile slightly visible letting him catch a slight glimpse of her eyes, the spaceship tattoo she had on her right shoulder he could clearly see due to the lack of fabric on her upper body. She was in a skin tight, strapless black dress that worked for her and simple black heels. He knew better than to make his way towards her, but he couldn’t help himself.

“Long time no see,” he said, hands in his pockets as she turned to face him, eyebrows raised and eyes holding a shocked expression.

“Luke? Is that you?” she questioned placing her drink back on the bar, standing up to hug him. “Fancy seeing you here.”

“I could say the same to you…last time I saw you was in Tuscon.” She looked up at his face, that now resembled something more of a man than the boy she remembered, the scruff on his face, hair cut shorter and eyes blue as ever. “What brings you to LA?”

“Work,” she laughed dryly. “I’m a PA to some big shot here. Pay sucks, but the benefits are good. How’s it being a rockstar?”

“It has its ups and downs,” he said back shrugging. He sat down next to her, y/n climbing back onto her seat, sipping her drink as Luke ordered his own having it made in seconds. “The last four years treat you good?”

“As good as it could,” she said shrugging. The two got lost in meaningless conversations just catching up, minutes soon turning into hours and before y/n knew it, it was almost one am. “God…why did we break up?” she questioned out loud when she meant to only ask herself, fatigue taking over her body as he chuckled.

“I don’t remember…you tell me. You’re the one that broke up with me, remember?” She looked down laughing slightly nodding. She remembered that part, the yelling as she packed his things into the suitcase he had brought for his visit when she was still in school, telling him to never come back or see her. But now, it just seemed stupid. If it was so important, she would’ve remembered.

“Yeah…well, clearly I’m a bit insane, Lu. But, I need to go,” she said standing, Luke joining her offering to walk her out. “It was really great to see you.”

“It was great to see you too.” His hands were shoved in his pocket as they walked out to her black Range Rover, Luke looking at her with a smug expression. “Can you even afford this?”

“Do I look like I can afford this?” she asked back giggling as she rolled her eyes. She turned to pull him into a tight hug, Luke’s arms instinctively wrapping around her as he held her tightly to him. They both pulled back slightly, looking at each other for a moment before Luke leaned in pressing his lips to hers softly catching them both off guard, y/n sighing into the kiss as she tugged him closer, Luke pushing her against the car, kissing down her neck as she pulled out her keys, unlocking the car pushing him away, opening the door to the back seat pushing him in, climbing in herself, legs straddling him as she kissed him again.

“Is this a good idea?” he asked against her lips, y/n shrugging as she played with the buttons on his shirt. She kissed his jaw, Luke’s hands running up and down her sides.

“Probably not,” she muttered rolling her hips into his, Luke’s head coming forward, mouth landing on the skin of her shoulder biting down at the friction she caused against his growing erection. “But I’ll take ten bad ideas over a good one if it’s with you.”

“Babe, stop,” Luke muttered against her skin.

“Why?” she questioned stopping as she was asked, y/n taking his face in her hands.

“I’m not doing this in the back of your car, baby…” He ran his thumb over her bottom lip. “Let’s go back to yours.” She obliged, quickly climbing to the front of her car and driving over to the apartment complex she lived in, Luke in the passenger with his hand on her bare thigh rubbing circles mindlessly on her skin. “Do you regret breaking up?”

“Everyday.” After her statement, the ride turned silent as she continued the drive home, the sexual tension growing between them with each passing second.

When inside, they didn’t jump onto each other from the start, walking into the one bedroom apartment like civilized humans leaving their shoes and y/n’s bag by the kitchen, Luke grabbing her hand leading her to her bedroom as if he had been there before. She followed behind without hesitation, shutting the door behind them as he watched her with lust filled eyes. He stepped close to her, y/n letting him step towards her. Neither said a word as he ran his hands up her sides slowly, watching his hands as she watched his face. “Is this okay?”

“More than okay,” she muttered. His hand reached the zipper on her dress. He pulled it down slowly, the fabric falling off her body leaving her in only lace bottoms.

“Still stunning as ever, baby,” he whispered grabbing her hands leading her to the bed.  He sat down on the edge, y/n straddling his waist as he rested his hands on her bare thighs. She unbuttoned the shirt he was wearing sliding the fabric off his shoulders. She leant her head down to his neck kissing and biting the skin softly to break the skin, Luke moaning below her as he caressed her skin drawing goosebumps to her skin. He laid back slowly, y/n placing her hands on either side of his head as she kissed up his skin to his lips, the kiss quickly turning rough and needy as the two fought for dominance, y/n grinding into him as Luke moaned at the friction. He flipped the two of them over quickly before climbing off of her leaving y/n confused until she watched him tug at his pants, y/n climbing up the bed closer to the headboard as he kicked off his pants and boxers leaving him bare. “You’re staring, y/n.”

“Sue me, Hemmings,” she said back causing him to laugh crawling up the bed towards her. He kissed up her body from the top of her lace underwear, up her stomach, showing quick attention to each of her breasts, biting and sucking at her nipples softly earning small moans from her, a smirk rising to Luke’s face as her hands pulled at her sheets. “L-luke.”

“God I missed you saying my name.” He kissed her roughly as she hooked her legs around his waist, one of his hands running up and down the side of her thigh as he rolled his hips into hers, moans escaping both of their lips as she rolled them over again, his hands going up to her chest kneading them in his hands as she sighed in content.

“Are we going right for it here, or do you want some foreplay babe?” She pulled off her panties resuming her position on him as he moved his cock to her entrance answering her question. “You always were impatient when it came to sex.”

“It’s been four years, y/n. I’m not going to waste this on head I can get at any point,” she laughed sinking down on him, her giggles being replaced with small whimpers as his breaths became uneven, y/n rolling her hips against his when they were skin against skin. “You’re fucking huge, Luke.”

“And you’re tight as hell, y/n,” he moaned out as she started bouncing on him, his hands going back to her hips helping her as he thrust up into her, her hands resting on his chest to hold her steady. “Fuck baby.”

“Shut up,” she moaned causing him to laugh slightly snapping his hips harder as she screamed out a bit. He flipped the two of them over, lifting one of her legs over his shoulder as he pounded into her harder and faster, y/n grabbing the sheets again pulling hard, the sheets coming up from under the mattress as she moaned his name loud, Luke biting into the side of her neck as she started to claw at his back. “Luke, I’m going to cum.”

“I know, babe,” he muttered feeling her clench around him edging him closer to his own. “Me too.” He kept up his pace, his thrusts getting sloppy as the two chased their orgasms, y/n releasing around her as he pulled out, jacking off until he released on her stomach, y/n trying to catch her breath as he climbed off the bed heading to the bathroom returning with a towel to clean her off, tossing it to the side before climbing back into bed with her. He tugged her body into his, her body conforming to his as they cuddled naked in silence, neither having the heart to ask what this meant, instead enjoying each others company for the night without any worried.