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What do you think a friendship between allura and each of the other paladins would look like? I’m bitter that we barely see her hanging out with her team so let’s imagine

with hunk: allura and hunk get along great because of their shared nosiness, and they love spilling the tea with each other. they also probably have really long and intense discussions about the castle mechanics while eating the food that they baked together! hunk probably shares earth culture with her, and allura shares her memories of altea! please imagine hunk playing an altean road trip game. they’re both incredibly talented in very similar ways, so they can share a lot of things like technical stuff, cooking, and gossip :D they’re a very action-packed duo, more focused on doing things that are fun and enriching, and the emotional, sappy stuff comes later (or during!)

with pidge: they have really similar backgrounds, so i imagine that their friendship involves a lot of mutual healing. like sharing memories of their families and cheering each other up when they’re feeling lonely. i see their relationship very heavily familial, like they’re really close siblings! and i think that’s due to the fact that they’ve both lost their fathers and can connect on this deep and emotional level. as for the things they talk about, i feel like they probably don’t talk about really heavy things unless they need cheering up, and instead they focus on having fun and being positive! also allura absolutely teaches pidge about altean technology, and they both infodump about their special interests all the time with each other :D

with keith: i feel like they have a very serious relationship, and rather than spending their days goofing off and having fun, they fill their relationship with a lot of serious discussions about things that matter a lot to them! their personalities are very similar, and while they’re very closed-off people, i feel like they have the potential to find comfort in their shared traits, and hopefully they would be able to open up to each other! and then at the same time, they’re both very impulsive, so i can also imagine them getting into all sorts of trouble together. they’re the ones that hear about something dangerous (someone probably died lbr), get little sparks in their eyes, and then rush off to go do that thing while everyone yells after them

with lance: kinda similar to pidge, i think lance and allura really bond over missing home! their friendship feels really genuine to me, like two people who are such good friends that you just start to think they’re a package deal. they do everything together, and you can’t have one without the other. they’re incredibly sincere with each other, and they’re always trying to encourage each other and help them be the best versions of themselves. and it works! they have a very organic relationship and they grow with each other, always working through their struggles together. they probably also have self-care nights where they sit around in face masks and paint each other’s nails, talking about anything and everything from their past relationships to the future of the universe. but no matter how heavy the topics get, they always manage to make the conversation fun and fulfilling!

with shiro: like most of the paladins, allura seems to have a very sibling-like relationship with him. he takes responsibility for her and looks out for her and makes sure that she’s always safe. he’s kind of like coran in a lot of ways, but instead of emotional support, he’s better at physical support. he’s kinda awkward with emotions, but he cares very deeply and if you hurt one of his space children he will find you and destroy you. and he absolutely extends that to allura! i feel like they probably don’t hang out much, but their limited interactions exude affection for each other. think about a dad taking his kid to a ball game. that’s shiro and allura :0

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