it's gon' kill me

        – SHORP. small psa on fighting threads ( seeing as how i think i’ll have to deal with a heap of ‘em in the future, given ‘kuzu’s personality )– i don’t want to play the ‘ my muse is op ‘ card but, imma lay it out for you that kakuzu is strong. maybe not the strongest out there, but most certainly not the weakest.

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forever my favorite part of dramione fics is how draco literally goes through all stages of denial and grief before he admits he has a crush on hermione

it goes from ‘HA like I could ever like that insufferable know-it-all’ to 'so what if she’s attractive I still hate her’ to 'It’s just lust draco YOU’VE GOT THIS’ to 'NO I HATE HER I HATE THIS’ to 'father gon kill me’

its like a religious experience

I worked on this all day.
I did not intend on making it originally.. but like… yeah.
currently its like, 1am, I have no idea why I am awake owo

@nanyalan knows that Weeb!Gaster is like my favorite for some reason.
Next time I will do something with The Weeb. (sans)
I might even polish this up one day, but today… today is NOT that day.

oh man, its too early to be posting this owo”“
@definitelynotalek is gon kill me for staying up late.
I am sorry big brother! <3</strike>

Fic: Several texts later (1/2)

Pairing/Characters: KageHina + brief mentions of Tanaka being Tanaka
Word-count: 1.463
Genre: super extreme rad fluff + lots of comfort (lt’s like a big poofy blanket)
Summary: Hinata knows what to do when he gets frightened - call for his scarier boyfriend to scare the bad things away.

Warning: very VERY brief mention of suicide. Does not involve any main characters and/or any other existing characters from the series. (it’s not even a relevant detail of the story but I decided to put up a warning, just in case. Stay safe and I love you all u v u)
This idea came to my head after I was convinced by some friends to watch a scary movie….. aT NIGHT….. and um let’s say it wasn’t great because I hate scary movies and yEAH. Don’t do it, kids. Hey, at least I got a fic idea! This is my first kagehina fic, i just love these dorks so much. I -might- have overused the word ‘dumbass’ but I just cannot imagine Kageyama not using it every five seconds when talking to Hinata. Weird ways of showing affection, I guess. This has a second part that I will be writing and posting soon. Hope you guys enjoy!

(for immersion purposes - this is Kageyama’s ringtone for Hinata, chosen by Tanaka. Thanks, Tanaka-san.)

Confusion hit Kageyama as he blinked his way out of sleep, wondering why his cellphone was blasting Always next to his pillow, and why he was at his bed at all, instead of running after velociraptors with Hinata while being chased by a giant moth-

Oh. Right. A dream. Probably.

(He was pretty sure velociraptors weren’t real, at least not anymore.)

The music was probably Tanaka’s doing. Since Kageyama started dating Hinata, he’d always find a way to grab Kageyama’s cellphone and change Hinata’s ringtone to the most embarrassing, Hinata-unrelated songs he could think of, and Kageyama never noticed It until it was too late (“It’s Whitney Houston! Whitney Houston!, Tanaka yelled the last time Kageyama caught him changing his ringtone to some dramatic, cheesy english song).

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