it's going to take forever to get over you

Bus Stop (Matt Murdock)

Summary: You have been dating for awhile. When day after work you almost get robbed.

Word Count: 847

Warnings: Mention of guns, violence

Hope you guys like it :)

It was dark out when you finally left your office. You hated that job, but it helped pay the bills. You zipped your jacket up as you began to walk to the bus stop. It was only 6:00 P.M. but it looked like it was nine already. People everywhere were leaving walking home or heading to the train or bus. You passed a few couples as you walked. Holding hands or giggling as they talked.


You smiled to yourself thinking about you and Matt. He made you feel safe and at home no matter what. You can always count on him, and he can always count on you. God, you couldn’t wait to get back to the apartment to see him. To see his cute smile and to feel his soft lips pressed against yours. Some days after work he would kiss you as if the world was going to end. He would hold you so tightly as if you were going to disappear if he let go. Other days he would sneak up behind you as you stood at kitchen countertop making some tea. His arms would wrap around your waist and he would kiss along your neck. Sometimes you would get home before him. He always knew you were there. One time he even said, “Honey, I’m home.” God, you loved that man.

When he told you about him being Daredevil you didn’t yell or shout. You just hugged him, and kissed him and said, “That’s not going to change anything Matt, I’m still going to love you. I’m always going to be here for you. When you come home battered and bruised, I’ll be here. I may not be able to fight like you, but I’ll fight for you, I’ll defend you. I love every part of you Matt.”

He smiled at you relieved, “I love you too Y/N,” a tear fell from his eye as he said it.

You quickly wiped it away, “Matt, hey what’s wrong?”

He looked at you, “I love you so much Y/N, I just can’t imagine ever losing you.”

You kissed him softly, “Matt, you will never lose me.”


You snapped out of your daydream as you saw the bus coming from further down the street. You went into your purse to take out your MTA card. That’s when you hear people running. You turn around to see two men running up behind you. You were alone and the bus was stuck at a light.

“Give us all your money!” one of them shouts. They looked young, maybe about 16 or 17.

“What are you doing lady! Give us your money or we… we are going to… shoot you,” the second boy shouts.

Their voices were shaky as if someone was making them do this. They were looking around waiting to see if anyone was around.

“Okay, hold on,” you said as you went into your bag. You wrapped your hand around the pepper spray that Karen bought you when you got your job. You turned the button so it wasn’t locked. You wrapped your hand around it, and quickly whipped it out of your bag, and sprayed them both in the face.

You started running down the street towards the bus, as the two guys were leaning on the wall rubbing their eyes.

“Open the door!” You yell as you reach the bus. The driver looks at you confused as you shout and point at the guys. He finally opens it. You pay your fare and sit down.


The sigh as you finally walk into the apartment. You hang up your jacket and bag and walk to the living room.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Matt asks as he gets up from the couch and puts the files down that he was reading.

That’s when you feel it. The adrenaline leaves your body. Your knees start to shake as you stand there.

“Yeah, just… just… some kids tried to rob me while I was waiting for the bus. They… they said they were going to shoot me, but I didn’t even see a gun. I pepper sprayed them”

He quickly goes over to hug you. You laid your head on his chest as he held you tight.

“They were just teenagers Matt, teenagers,” you say shocked as you look up at him.

“I’m just glad your safe Y/N. I don’t want you taking the bus anymore or being out when its dark. I don’t want you getting hurt.”

“Matt, I need to work, I need to take the bus. I can’t hide inside forever,” you say to him annoyed.

He breaths a heavy sigh, as he looks at you.

“Then I’m going to train you,” his voice sounds stern, but caring.

You smile at him, “Deal.”

He kisses you softly at first, and then a bit harder. You kiss him back soft then a bit rougher and run your fingers through his hair.

He pulls away and smiles, “Your training starts tomorrow.”

You grin at him, “Yes, Mr. Murdock,” you say and kiss him again.  

If you should be the last autumn leaf hanging from the tree

I’ll still be here, waiting on the breeze, to bring you down to me.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

  • <p> <b></b> Michael POV<p/><b></b> "Man I didn't even really wanna go to prom, it was just a bunch of overly horny niggas and bitches that spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on one night that would be over before it began" I said as me and my bestfriend Metri sat at the food court in the mall. "Bitch shut the fuck up you know you wanna go, you just mad cause you don't have a date yet, and you extra salty cause Darrien ain't ask you yet" he laughed as he took a bite of his chick-fil-a sandwhich. He was right though I actually did wanna go but I only wanted to go with one person and that was him, waiting on him to ask me to prom was like waiting in line for new Jordan's to drop it takes forever. "Yeah whatever Bitch, he ain't gonna ask me so Im just over it, it's only a week an a half left till prom and I don't have a tux or limo shit I'm mad as hell I brought that $100 ticket" I said actually becoming mad a little. " Calm down Mike, you'll get asked and if you don't you can come with me and Travis" he replied trying to cherler me up. "GREAT!!, so I can be a third wheel, na I'll pass" I retorted honestly. We finished our meal and did a little more shopping as we were leaving I seen darrien and some other boy walking on I quickly grabbed metri and duck behind this big ass flower pot outside the mall. "BITCH, I'll smack the shit outta you bout to give me whip flash better be glad me and Jesus ace boon coons in this new year don't do that shit no more" he said but I ignored everything he said and said " Look, there go Darrien and some other boy going in the mall, do you know him?" I asked because my Bitch been around the block and up the street a few times. " Yeah that's Evan he got a big dick, Mmm.. A really big-". " Michael?" Someone asked from behind me and from the voice I knew exactly who it was. " He-hey Darrien funny running into you here haha" I say nervously beings I was just caught hiding behind a flower pot at 3 in the afternoon. " What you doing behind this flower pot, hey Metri" he said as he hugged us both. "Well I was-we were- he needed" I couldn't speak at all so like a true bestfriend my bitch quickly said " We were here looking at tuxs for prom, how about you guys and hey Evan!" He said as he gave Evan that look that make ya mom uncomfortable cause she no her son getting dicked down right. "Wassup Metri, still looking sexy as ever, you a stranger thou shawty, I see ya new nigga got you in lock huh?" Evan replied licking his lips and I'll admit I got alil turned on. "please don't get him started on niggas" I said as I pulled darriens so we could talk away from those two knuckle heads.<p/><b></b> Darrien POV<p/><b></b> I'll admit it Michael was looking so fine right now he had his hair I'm braids that led to a man bun and his ass was sitting right, I spotted him and Metri walking out the mall as soon as we got close to the steps o seen him duck down behind that flower pot and all that. "So why was you hiding again?" I asked him because I wanted a answer. " ok truth is I seen you and Evan and I didn't know him so I thought-" before he could finish I said " I was cheating, Oh okay, nah shawty I'm not going no where". " So if that's true why haven't you asked me to prom yet Darrien we only have a week basically to get his shit together, is cause I'm a boy and your parents don't know" he said and I could see the hurt in his eyes. " Come on man! Don't start with that, look I love you and I always will but I'm just not ready for my parents to know yet" I honestly said.<p/><b></b> Me and Michael been messing around since sophomore year and we are now seniors, I came out at school for him cause I really do love him I just haven't told my parents yet.<p/><b></b> "Don't do what! D, explain to the guy I love that I wanna be with him whole heartily I fucking love ya bigheaded ass and I just wanna spend this night with you" he said as tears rolled down his face. Before I could reply he grabbed Metri and left me standing there. "damn, bro you fucked up this time huh?" Evan said walking over as we watched them leave. " Man shut up nigga, I didn't do shit, he wanna go to prom with me but I haven't told my parents about us yet, don't get me wrong I love his ass a lot but I'm not ready yet man, what you think?" I asked him cause he was my boy and he keep it 100 with me. " I think that you should take his ass to prom, tell ya parents and move on if that accept you great if they don't go to college with ya man and start a new life my nigga, for to long we love for others because what they might think or feel bit what about us?" He said as we entered Zumiez " Since when did you become Mr. Knowitall" I said mushing his head. " Since I came out 2 months ago and my mom accept me but you know pops ain't wit it but he cool" he replied which made me think about my next move and how I was gonna tell my parents that there only child was gay and wanted to go to prom with a boy!! Damn.<p/><b></b> If you like this first little snippet of my new tumble story "Knight in shining armor" please please please #reblog and comment lemme know wassup I'll beposting updates every Wednesday and the chapters will be much longer this is just a tease!!<p/></p>
Sleepless Nights

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: Reader has insomnia. Sam is there to comfort her.

Word Count: 1kish

Warnings: Angst, Light Fluff

Author’s Note: Hey guys! This is my entry for @letsgetoutalive‘s Mental Illness Awareness Challenge. I got Insomnia. It was harder than I thought it would be. I hope you guys like it. Feedback is greatly appreciated!! <3

My eyes burned. My head felt like it was about to explode. I wanted to cry so damn bad as I stared hopelessly at the red ugly numbers on the alarm clock. They were making fun of me, I just knew it.


How pathetic could I be? How much more of this would I be able to take before I went completely insane? My body literally felt like it was deteriorating, my skin crawling with frustration as I lay in bed, slowly watching the night turn to day.

Another sleepless night. How many was that exactly? Ten? Fifteen? I didn’t know. All I knew was that I wanted nothing more than to close my eyes and sleep. Forever.

I rubbed my eyes, the frustration getting to me, making me dig my palms into my sockets, putting pressure on them and making me see stars.

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long time no see :O

i know its been FOREVER since i last updated on here, i kind of just disappeared and i’m so sorry for that :( i wont go into too much detail but i had to take some time away from yt + the community while i worked on myself IRL. i’m in a much better place and i’ve decided to come back to simming with a different approach and on a brand new channel. i hope that some of you can come and join me over there, i’m sooo excited about it but kinda nervous too! haha

p.s. i’ll also be getting back into Lark’s story, i miss her so much <3

Can't live without you- Happy Lowman

Requested By  @homicidalteenagedream . Hope you like it!!
Song- Can’t live without You by Pretty Ricky

Verse 1 Pleasure]
It’s 4 O'clock in the morning.
And she ain’t feeling right.
I’m on a first class trip.
Through this place called life.
I don’t know what to do.
Cause my body’s still shaking.
I know it’s time to man up.
And start my education.
I need someone to call on.
So I called on my best friend.
I said “Bro, I can’t take it”.
He said “Boy, stop tripping”.
So I hung up the phone.
Packed my shit and got right.
I know what I gotta do now.
Be a man and face life.

You were on the bed watching Happy pace the floor. You just told him that your pregnant. You’ve only been going out for a few months it was shock.
“Are you sure, it could be just a miss up”? He said with panic in his voice.
“Hap I went to the doctors and they said I was about two months along”.
“I just dont know how this fucking happened, we use protection every time”.
“Things happen we cant explain, if you dont want it you dont have to be in its life”. You got up and walked to the door.
“But I’m going to keep this child, it was put here for us”. “I cant just give that up”. You wipped a tear away.
You walked out of the dorm. He reached in his pocket and pulled out his phone dialing Chibs number.
“Hap, whats up”?
“Y/Ns pregnant, I dont know what I’m going to do”
“You are going to fucking man up Lowman, that girl loves you”. With that the line went dead.
“Fuck, I do need to man up”. You said to yourself.

[Chorus Pleasure]
Maybe we could work it out.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.
And everytime I think about it.
I know a ***** can’t live without you.
Ain’t no need to cry about it.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.
I even wrote a song about it.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.

You drove to Y/N house watching her threw the window. Crying. You knocked on the door.
“What are you doing here Happy”?
“I dont want to lose you or the baby”. You said walking in, siting down on the couch.
“Hap you cant just come in and leave anytime you want”. “If you are in this, then its forever especially for the baby”.
“It will be, I dont want my kid to go threw what my mom and I did”. He took your hand, holding it.
“I cant live with out you, you dont look at me like I’m some greasy scumbag biker”. “You love me for who I am”.
“Hap, I love you even if you dont I do”. You said kissing his cheek
“I love you too Y/N”

[Verse 2 Spectacular]
At the beginning you was gone.
I was staying wit my momma.
I stayed getting in trouble, man.
Straight damn drama.
I started dancing so I stayed out of trouble.
Cause I stayed in school, selling candy so my money doubled.
But then you told me man, dancing was for punks.
Then you told me come and stay.
And you ain’t care what I want.
You told me come and dance and rap wit my brothers.
You taught me how to love and how to care for my brothers.
And then you taught me all yo hustlin’ skills.
Just in case I get alone I know how to pay bills.
You told me I was straight regardless of a deal.
And I love you man for that cause you always kept it real.

“So I see you and Y/N made up” Chibs said taking a sip of his beer.
“Yeah forever”.
“Good she is good for you, she keeps you out of trouble”.
“Yeah I remember before I met her, I was balls deep in every croweater here”. “But I met her and havent even thought about another girl”.
“Good, your straight and she will keep it that way”.
“Yeah she will, I dont want to lose her”. He looked Y/N way as you laughed with Gemma, your baby bump sticking out of your sundress.
“She’s glowing, shes happy”. You smiled

Chorus Pleasure]
Maybe we could work it out.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.
And everytime I think about it.
I know a ***** can’t live without you.
Ain’t no need to cry about it.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.
I even wrote a song about it.
Cause you know I can’t live without you

Getting back from the party you both were tired and sunburned.
“Oh Hap, I feel like I could sleep for days” You laughed
“You better get some sleep, ours will be here soon”. He rubbed your belly.
“Have I told you that you look beautiful today”?
“You might have mentioned it once or twice”.
“Well you are, I’m so lucky to have you”. He leaned over and kissed you softly.
“I’m the one that is lucky, you gave me a blessing”. You put your head over his and smiled

[Verse 3 Slick'Em]
Now that I made it, it feel real good.
Take you out the hood.
Put you on B and the block in the middle of the woods.
And as hard as it seems, you was there for me.
One bedroom apartment.
On 6-0 and 14 number efficiency down in Coverly.
Told you I had a dream.
And even though I like to cheat.
I’m going along my Georgia peach and that’s a promise I’m gonna keep.
To the end, never gone blend.
And I can hear you tell yo friends.
And I can see you wanna buss and fuss with yo brand new Benz.
To the world, baby it’s yours.
I’d give you the world cause you not no ordinary girl.
I’m yo son, you my ol’ girl.
My momma, we shared for 19 years.
And from the bottom of my foundation I’m telling you how I feel, and I love ya.

You were packing to move in the new house. This one was big enough for Happy, the baby, you and Happys mom.
“You sure this is ok”. He asked taking the box away from you
“Happy if you ask me that one more time, I’m going to smack you”. “Yes its great, I love your mom and I’m going to need help”. “She knows what she’s doing, she raised a great man standing right here”. You stood on your tippy toes to kiss him
“Alright, thank you for being wonderful”. He kissed you again
You arrived at the new house. It was so big and homie. A big back yard with a pool. A huge garage for Happy and a big kitchen for you.
“Hap I love it so much”. “I love you”
“I love you too, this is a new start for us all”. He placed his hand on your back and the other on your belly.

[Chorus Pleasure]
Maybe we could work it out.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.
And everytime I think about it.
I know a nigga can’t live without you.
Ain’t no need to cry about it.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.
I even wrote a song about it.
Cause you know I can’t live without you

“The house looks so good guys”. Gemma squealed hugging you both
“Thanks Gemma, I love how everything turn out”. “Its great cause Happy and Ii have the same taste in somethings”. You laughed
“I can see that”. You laughed rubbing your belly.
“Funny Gemma so funny”. You both walked out side.
Happy watched you light up about the new house and the baby. You both were so excited to bring this baby into a very loving home.
Verse 4 Baby Blue]
See, I fell in love wit ya.
Wanna raise my kids wit ya.
But you left me all alone wit tears dripping down the picture.
I remember the day like yesterday.
May 9th, to be exact.
I’d do anything to get you back.
Even though I know you ain’t coming back.
I’m serious as a heart attack.
Could we get it back the way it was?
Cause I know you had some outside influences that pulled a plug.
The reality, Junebug, girl I know we’ll always be together.
I got you locked away deep in my heart, always here forever

“Happy”! You screamed from the top of the stairs.
“What, whats wrong”. He ran up the stairs
“Its time daddy”. You smiled threw a contraction
“Shit, ok”. He helped you down the stairs and in the car.
“I’ll be right back I have to get the bag”. He ran back inside.
“Momma, we going to the hospital to have this baby”. You heard Happy yelling.
The car ride was horrible. Contractions were taking over your body.
“Fuck, Hap it hurts”. You screamed
“I know baby, your doing great”. He said carrying you into the hospital room
Four hours of pushing and screaming. Yelling at Happy to never touch you again. You heard little crys.
“Its a boy”. The nurse said
“Wow a boy, mommas going to kill me”. Happy said kissing your sweaty forehead.
“No, she will be so happy to have another son”. You looked at your son with amazement. He looked just like Happy.
“He has your eyes, so soft and pure”. Happy said as his son took his finger in his little hand.
“Y/N thank you for giving me another chance to live this with you”.
“You are the one that gave yourself a chance, you are the man your dad couldnt be”. You grabbed his shirt and kissed him.
“I love you Happy, I always will”.
“I love you and my son, I always will”. He said as he picked up his little boy.
Chorus Pleasure]
Maybe we could work it out.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.
And everytime I think about it.
I know a ***** can’t live without you.
Ain’t no need to cry about it.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.
I even wrote a song about it.
Cause you know I can’t live without you.

“Do you Happy Lowman, take Y/N Y/L/N to be your wife in life, death and the after life”. The preacher spoke.
“I do, I always will”.
“Do you Y/N Y/L/N, take Happy Lowman to be your husband in life, death and after life”.
“I do, I always will”.
“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride”. Just as you about to kiss.
“Wait a minute, what else Brother”? Chibs blurted out.
“I promise to treat you as good as my leather and ride you as much as my Harley”. Happy gushed. You blushed.
“Ok now can I kiss my smoken ass wife”? He asked Chibs
“Go get it Brother” He said clapping his hands.
Happy kissed you long and hard. It was like the first time over again, you were weak in the knees and you felt his semi-hard on. Everything was in slow motion until you son came over a pulled at your dress.
“Hey little man, Daddies kissing Mommy you gotta wait your turn” Happy laughed picking him up.
The preacher got everyones attention. “Please welcome Mr. and Mrs. Happy Lowman”.
Life was bumpy at the beginning but it turned out better than ever.


ah!!  the guinea pig thing is cute!  I like naming my pets after favorite characters.  My little green budgie is named Choromatsu but I just call him Choro. 

And yes, I too have big square red glasses. I love them so much. Although if they had come in green or blue I would have gotten one of those colors instead. I usually don’t get red stuff. 

stress rant below-

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hellloooo, take a moment to LOOK AT THSI BEAUTIFUL ICON


this wonderful gem, quizzikemen, let me commission her and im so incredibly happy and grateful with the final piece!! it’s just so perfect i cant get over it, and this is the first piece of art i’ve ever comissioned!! so it’s a very special piece to meee

thank you again sweet friend, i hope to work with you more in the future!!!!

ALSO if you’re interested in commissioning this lovely creature, here is the info for that, or if u wanna just go check out their page and art, i highly recommend 1000/10 recommend, will not disappoint

I just had the cutest daydream of Adrien at about twenty five sitting across from Alya at a table and they’re both drinking coffee (presumably at Alya’s apartment) and Alya’s all excited saying, “It’s cool of you to stop by and all, I thought you would be too busy planning the wedding!” 

“Oh come on Alya, Marinette and I have been together for years you still say it like its scandalous.”

“Don’t blame me for getting excited.”

“Well anyways, theres only one detail i’m stuck on.”


“Yeah, i’ve been trying to think forever whose gonna be my best man. I just dont know.”

And muffled from the other room you hear, “Fucking excuse me?”

Alya and Adrien start to laugh, doing their best to keep a straight face as Nino bursts into the room.


“What?” Adrien feigns confusion, Alya starting to lose it.

“Are we going to have to throw the fuck down right now?”

Finally Adrien cant take it and he bursts out laughing, him and Alya bent over the table and nearly crying in hysterics. Adrien manages to choke out, “Dude i’m messing with you!”

And Nino holds up his hands and instantly relaxes, leaving the room as he says “Alright cool I thought we were about to have some words.”

His Little Nightmares ch 11: little rain coat

Lying in bed I was enjoying my few moments of the peace and quiet. The sounds and motions of the maw was inviting me to delve into the black and calming void of sleep. My moment of peace was ended as a force hit my stomach enough to knock the wind out of me.

“Dad, time to get up!” Six yelled. “You promised you would take me today”

“Six its still early go back to sleep” I grumbled at the young five year old. “Let dad have five more minutes six I have a big day at work today.”

I fell her small feet walk over my stomach and grabbed one of my fingers as she tried to pull me out of bed.

“Daaaad, You said you would show me today” She moaned. “You have been keeping it a surprise forever and you said I could see it today.”

I sat up and let out a sigh of defeat. “I did promise you didn’t I? Alright little one let me get my shoes and we can go.”

I heard six cheer as she headed to the elevator. She has gotten so much bigger these last three years it almost makes me think she’s not the same baby I got forced to take care of so many years ago. Luckily no one has yet discovered she is here yet, and the bellhop has his best to keep his mouth shut. I made damn sure of that. I still see Cecil and David but normally go up the kitchen, its safer for six this way. The only downfall over the years is my work has gotten harder. The lady has ordered me to keep the children in the cages in the cold dark prison, the only downfall to that is that due to these conditions the children have been passing away more and more. Lately it has gotten harder on me all I can think about when it happens is, well what would I do if that was six? I never thought that me being any kind of parent would ever be possible, but I’m certainly better then her real ones would ever be.

“Dad, Are you ready!” Six yelled impatiently.

“I’m coming” I grabbed my hat and headed in the elevator. “You are a very impatient one today aren’t you? ”

“I’m just really excited” six answered and the elevator lifted us to the next floor.  "What is the surprise dad?“

"You will know shortly” I told her as the elevator soon stopped and we entered my collection room.

We walked it I could already hear six wind up one of my toy monkeys and placed it on the ground, as she played I walked into the next room that motioned my hand on the dolls until I felt a specific one.

“Six come here” I asked and got a reply with small foot steps coming my way. “Ready for your surprise?”

“Yes dad” she answered eagerly.

I lifted up the small rain coat I made, and took almost a year to sew together. I herd a small gasp, the lead to a hug from her. “Dad I love it!”

“Well I know you always wanted to do a little exploring down here and I know how hard it is with this ship leaking all the time.” I handed her the rain coat for her to try it on. “It may be a little big I used one of my dolls to make the size, but you should grow into it once your older.”

“I love it even if it is a little big.” six replied happily.  "Can I go exploring now?“

"Maybe tomorrow I got a few things I need to do on the upper floors, would you like me to take you to the library until i’m done?” I felt six climb up my arms and sat on my solders.

“Yes” Six said. “Can you climb up there this time?”

“I’m getting way to old for this.” I sighed.

While six was occupied by books, it gave me plenty of time to get the guest rooms finished for today. For 5 years I have finally managed to get everything  in order before the first ship even got a chance to drop off those “Wonderful people”.

“Hey Roger!” Cecil yelled. “You almost done we need you for a second.”

“Coming Cecil.” I hopped down from the balcony and headed to the kitchen. “What seems to be the problem?”

“It’s the damn bulb again.” Cecil answered. “I swear it’s a every year thing”

I grabbed a new bulb from my pocket and replaced the two. “I’m starting to think theirs an wiring issue, ill need to fix that tomorrow.”

“Thanks old man.” Cecil spoke. “Also before you ask, Dave took his time to bake you a personal cake this year.”

“Here you go roger” Dave replied walking in and placing the cake in my hands. “It’s a new recipe i hope you like it?”

“Thank you David”

“I feel like you may want to lay off the cake soon your started to get a small gut there.” Cecil stated.

“I’ll  make sure i remember that Cecil, thank you both again.” I replied to them as I let the elevator doors close behind me. While I descended I was thinking of what Cecil had said and began to poked my stomach. “Am I really getting a gut?”

“Hey dad?” Six ask me as I lit the candles on her cake. “How come you don’t have any eyes?”

“I have eye’s six” I answered. “Just not good ones”

“Then how come I never see them?”

“Well it’s complicated, you see when i was young i got into a …. a fight and well after words I could not see and my skin started to cover them.” I told her. “But, I learned to manage with I may not have my eyes anymore but with the other seances I have more of a outlook on everything then the people that can see.”

“You won the fight tho right?” Six asked.

“Y-yeah.” I answered trying by best to lie. “I was able to knocked them all off, Losing my eyes are my battle scares.”

“Your so cool dad” Six replied soon hearing a small puff as she blew out the candles. “So I wish that one day I will able to be cool and strong as you.”

I couldn’t help but smile hearing this, and maybe one day she will be like me maybe even better.

Doctor Way


  • i need dr way smut atm because you made me become addicted
  • Do it. Do the Dr Gerard smut. I demand you

AN: Since I’ve been getting a shit ton of messages about this, so here you go.

I drummed my fingers against the examine table, swinging my legs as they hung over the edge. I glanced up at the clock again, each minute dragging by like an hour. There’s a reason everyone hates going to see the doctor, it takes forever. After a solid twenty minutes in the waiting room, then another ten minutes waiting for my nurse to show up and do a standard check up, and now thirty two minutes (and counting) waiting for the doctor to show up.

Wasn’t that the whole point of setting a doctor’s appointment instead of just going to the emergency room? To have a scheduled time and get in and out of there? At least in the emergency room there’s some excitement to watch while you wait. The hospital was surprisingly a dead zone and I used up all my lives on Candy Crush, making my phone practically worthless right now. All I could do was wait for my doctor and count the tiny tiles on the ceiling. 268 so far.

This new doctor sure wasn’t making a good first impression. I switched insurances last month, which meant I had to find a new doctor as well. But if every appointment from now on was gonna go like this, I may need to rethink the choice. 

I just wanted a goddamn physical, was that too much to ask for? Just a quick physical to prove to my school that I was perfectly fine to play a sport without keeling over. The soft ticks of the clock was driving me insane and I finally decided I’ve had enough. Fuck this, I thought and grabbed my purse, landing on my feet and heading towards the door. The door opened before I could get to close and the doctor walked in. 


His hair was red, neon, firetruck red. The fiery locks were combed neatly back with a fringe across his forehead. He looked far too young to be a doctor. He had a clear baby face, rounded cheeks, wide eyes and up turned nose. His coat  was buttoned neatly and tightly, showing off his broad shoulders. He looked like he belonged in a porn film.

His eyes met mine and he flashed a smile, making my heart quicken at the sight of his perfect, tiny teeth. “Hello i’m Dr. Way,” he said politely and extended his hand. “Nice to meet you Ms.?”

“Y/N, nice to meet you too,” I responded, feeling my cheeks heat up when his large hand wrapped around mine. I tried not t focus on the long, slender fingers for too long. Or the fact there was no wedding ring in sight.

“Sorry i’m so late. This lady a few doors down was going on and on about how her son just graduated from Yale with honors and I didn’t have the heart to cut her off,” he chuckled, giving me an apologetic smile before sitting down in the rolling chair across the room. 

“Alright let’s see what we got here,” he mumbled more to himself than me, scooping up the file the nurse left behind for him on the counter. His eyebrows and furrowed and eyes narrowed as he read, humming quietly while he read. He kissed his teeth and closed the folder, folding his hands in his lap and turning to face me. “Just a physical today?”

“Yep.” My voice sounded high pitch and showed how nervous I was. Just looking at him made me squirm anxiously. There was no way he could be my doctor. This was the guy I would have to go through if I ever wanted to get on birth control or if I got pregnant and there was no way I could talk to him about that without becoming a blushing mess.

“So it mentioned in your file you have anxiety. Has that ever affected your performance during sports?”

“Not really. Well…I had a small panic attack during a game once, but it wasn’t because of the game. There was um…personal issues going on and I just got a little overwhelmed.”

“I understand. My friend Tyler has anxiety and yeah…I’ve seen him get pretty bad,” he added, looking down at his clipboard and twirling his pen. “Even if it doesn’t affect your performance value, it’s still something we need to keep in consideration. There’s also a few records of being treated for heat stroke?”

“Mainly me being stupid, running around and not staying hydrated. That’s not really a common thing,” I protested, beginning to feel frustrated. I’m fine. I’ve been playing sports ever since I was kid, why should I stop now? I’ve been dealing with this for years, I know my limits and know how to handle it. I was tempted to ask him just to save us both some time and just sign the damn slip already, but I kept my mouth shut.

“Well, anxiety can cause heat intolerance. Are you taking any medication for it?”

I nodded, rattling off my prescription He frowned but didn’t say anything, standing up instead and clipping his pen on the clipboard. “Okay, let’s get started.” He walked past me, giving me a whiff of his cologne, and grabbed the blood pressure cuff off the wall. He gently grabbed my forearm and strapped the cuff on my bicep. “It’s gonna get tight,” he warned as he pressed a few buttons on the monitor.

The cuff tightened and I felt my fingers tingle. I clenched them into a fist in an attempt to get some feeling back. After a few moments, the monitor beeped and the grip loosened. Dr. Way looked at the monitor, nodded, and scribbled it down on the clipboard. 

“Okay…look up at me,” he instructed gently. My eyes darted up and I was met with him being barely being a few inches from my face, holding a small flash light. He shined he light into my eyes, examining my eyes and checking the pupil size.He flicked the off switch and wrote down another note. He moved to my side and checked my ears with an otoscope, leaning in closely. I felt his breath on my neck and my face felt hot. I gulped nervously and prayed he didn’t notice. 

And as if this wasn’t torture enough, I had to try to act as normal as possible as he held a stethoscope up to my chest, biting his lip in concentration. Fuck. His eyebrows furrowed and he looked up at me, removing one of the ear pieces.

“Your heart rate is awfully fast.”

“It usually is, from the anxiety you know,” I giggled nervously. He seemed to see right through me and he gave me a knowing look. He chuckled lightly before smirking at me, his ragged breath hitting my lips almost deliberately.

“Yeah, that must be it.”

The rest of the physical went by with obvious, awkward tension. It was thick enough to cut a knife through it and I found myself shifting uncomfortably at everything he said. When he asked mt bend down and touch my toes as he checked my spine, I thought I was gonna pass out.

I needed to snap out of it though, this was my doctor for Christ sake. This was just another physical that I was taking way out of proportion. Besides, he was an adult and I was just some kid trying to get a permission slip signed to play this season. 

“Alright Y/N, looks like you’ve got a clean bill of health. If you’re having any issues later on this season, just give me a all and i’ll see what I can do. Now, I have to ask you some standard questions if that’s alright with you?”

I nodded, crossing my legs and resting my elbows on my knees. “Okay, are you currently drinking or smoking?”

“Are you gonna tell my mom afterwards?” I giggled.

“No no, this is confidential. You’re eighteen, this is completely between you and me,” he laughed, giving me a reassuring smile. 

“Well in that case, I drink every now and then, just at parties or when im out with friends. But, I never smoke.”

“Okay, i’m assuming I can skip the whole drink responsibly speech, i’m sure you’ve hard it a thousand times now?”

“Every year at every physical,” I sighed.

“Are you sexually active?”

The question made my cheeks burn and a lump build up in my throat. The tension thickened, like a fog suffocating me. He stared into my eyes intently, as if he was anticipating the answer. 

“…Yes. Just with my ex boyfriend a couple time,” I quickly added. Dr. Way just simply nodded, clicking his pen and drawing a check on his paper. “Hey, I hope you know im not like a slut or anything. I’m always careful and use protection and don’t-”

“Whoa whoa, calm down hun. I don’t think you’re a slut at all. I was a kid once, I had my fair share of hook ups when I was your age,” he chuckled, adding a wink at the end. 

“You did?” My mouth was thinking on it’s own, spewing out word vomit with no thought on the outcome. Dr. Way simply smirked, licking his lips and looking up from his paper.

“If I said yes, you wouldn’t think I was a slut or anything would you?” He teased. I simply laughed in response, a nervous habit that came out when I was uncomfortable. The last thing I needed to think about was Dr. Way having sex, picturing him sprawled on a bed, all lidded eyes and red hair fanned on the pillow or shirtless and covered in sweat. “Y/N?”

My eyes opened and Dr. Way was eye level with me, very very close to my face. His hand rested on my knee and the touch sent a jolt through my body. I saw his mouth moving but I couldn’t hear him, all my brain focused on was his wet lips moving. If I barely leaned forward, we would be kissing. The mental image filled my mind and it felt like I had lost control of my body. Because I did exactly what my arousal demanded, moving forward a few extra inches and kissed him.

Dr. Way stiffened, not retaliating but not pushing me off either. Finally, I felt some resistance as he pushed back, his hand holding me by the small of my back. I whimpered as the hand on my knee slid up my leg, massaging my inner thigh. He growled in response.

“Why don’t I just show how I can treat a girl instead of telling you?” He said against my lips. I nodded frantically and began unbuttoning his jacket. “This is gonna have to be quick okay? And you have to be quiet.”

“I will,” I promised, taking off my shirt and unbuttoning my pants as Dr. Way went to lock the door. He climbed on top of the examine table and hovered over me, kissing me feverishly. My arms wrapped around his neck, clawing at his shoulders as his tongue invaded my mouth. 

“Dr. Way…” I sighed as he kissed my neck, fingers pulling down my pants.

“Call me Gerard,” he said with a smirk, dragging off my panties with his long fingers. His index finger rubbed circles on my clit, making a high pitch moan leave my mouth. His hand clamped over my mouth and stopped his movements. “You gotta be quiet baby.”

“Sorry,” I mumbled through his hand. He brought his glistening finger up to his lips, slowly sliding the digit into his mouth. 

“You taste delicious,” he growled, moving his hand off my mouth to tug off his slacks. I looked down and gulped at the sight of his cock, he was huge. “Like what you see?” He teased, biting my earlobe. He spread my legs with his knee, guiding his tip to my entrance. “Ready?”

“Please.” He smirked, slamming into me, groaning loudly as I bit my tongue. I grasp his back, his large lab coat hanging over my sides. Gerard groaned in relief, pressing his body on mine and burying his face into my neck. 

“God you’re so tight…fuck,” he whispered into my ear. I wrap my legs around his back, pulling him even deeper. His thrusts grew harder and deeper, making me whimper and moan quietly after each one. Gerard’s groans are muffled next to my neck, his red hair tickling my neck. I run my fingers through it, surely messing up the neatly comber hair, earning a moan from him.  

“Mm… fuck” He reels himself faster, skin slapping together. My legs tighten around him and I arch my back up into his chest, the pleasure amazing for him and me. I stiffened as my orgasm crashed through me, wave after wave. He grunted above me and moaned my name, sounding fuzzy as my mind was focusing on the intense pleasure coursing through me.

I whimpered when he pulled out, feeling empty and cold. He pulled his pants up and tightening his belt. I mumbled a quiet thanks when he handed me my shirt. He opened one of the drawers in the counter and dug out a comb, trying to straighten his hair. 

“How do I look?”

Besides the flushed face, blown out eyes, wrinkled clothes, and the fresh smell of sex radiating off of him?

“Fine,” I said reassuringly, watching him sigh with relief and put the comb away.

“Hey uh, would you maybe want to go get dinner sometime? I’m not a big fan of the whole sleep with someone and never talk to them again,” he confessed, scratching the back of his neck.

“I would love to,” I grinned, scribbling down my number on the edge of his clipboard.

I couldn’t wait till my next appointment. 


Filming tease (Simon Request)

“Babe do you want a drink?” You call from the kitchen of the sidemen house.
“Yeah I’ll have a Dr pepper please” Simon replies.
You grab him a drink along with six others for the boys who you know will moan if you don’t get them one too.
“How come we don’t get as-” JJ begins but you cut him off.
“Shut up asshat” You roll your eyes, passing him his drink and doing the same for the rest before sitting beside Simon.
He thanks you and rests his hand on the inside of your leg.
“Ooh the biggest ship of YouTube over here” Josh laughs as he sits down too.
“Shut up Josh” Simon rolls his eyes.
“I’m just gonna go get changed” You say to your boyfriend.
He smiles and kisses your lips before letting you head up to the room you now shared on the top floor of the house.
“For God’s sake I wanna start filming” Josh groans though he is only joking.
“I’m coming calm down” You sigh, jogging back down the stairs, “I can tell I’m gonna get something rank over me by what you’ve bought today so I’d rather be prepared”
“Isn’t that mine?” Simon frowns, gesturing to the oversized Sidemen hoodie you were wearing.
“Yeah” You grin.
“Awww its such goals” Vik laughs
“Just cause you’re forever lonely” Ethan giggles.
They burst into a conversation about who is most likely to be lonely forever and you and Simon take the moment to kiss.
“How about we go for dinner tonight?” He suggests.
“Babe it will be past midnight by the time we film these videos” You point out, “How about we just grab some snacks and watch some movies?”
“Sounds perfect” Simon grins, kissing you again.
“Ooh that’s gonna get some screenshots” Tobi says about the video that Harry had just taken of the pair of you.
“You’re an ass” Simon mutters, “Are we filming or what tonight?”
“Right yeah let’s go” Harry clasps his hands, shuffling on the couch so everyone could fit in
“Okay what’s going on guys today I am here with JJ, Harry, Vik, Ethan, Tobi and (y/s/n)”
“Watch the views go straight up because you mentioned (y/s/n)” JJ giggles.
Simon whispers in your ear, “Watch your twitter notifications blow up after this”
You laugh and the boys are automatically suspicious.
“Oooh looks like Simon’s being a bit suggestive” Vik wiggles his brows.
“Maybe we should leave them to it” Tobi nudges your boyfriend.
“Shut up dickheads and get on with the video” You joke.
“She’s impatient now, we definitely need to leave them alone tonight” Josh comments.
You and Simon roll your eyes and eventually you get into the video.
~~~Time Skip~~~
“What the fuck dumbass that isn’t even wrong?!” You shout when JJ smashes a plate of cream into you.
“No wait because-” He begins, “Oh shit sorry”
“I physically hate you. Like hate you” You grumble, wiping it from your eyes.
The video was a general knowledge video to test ‘how smart Mrs Minter was’. If you got a question wrong, one of the boys could add one item to you.
“Alright you can get punished for that” Simon shakes his head, smashing two eggs onto him.
JJ laughs, “The protective boyfriend”
“Alright final question” Harry says, getting up, “This is to not get fish on you!“
“Oh come on really?” You groan, “That’s gonna make me sick”
“Okay let’s go” Harry laughs, “What foreign government contributed the greatest amount of money for the relief of victims of the 1906 San Fransisco earthquake?”
“Are you fucking kidding me?!” You yell, “How the fuck am I meant to know that?”
“10 seconds” Vik says from checking the timer.
“Fucking China I don’t know!” You guess randomly.
“Nope!” Harry grins, “Japan!!!”
“Oh my god” You grumble.
Harry raises the pot of tuna to your nose and you pierce your lips together. The colour drains from your face.
“Harry” Simon warns, noticing the change in you.
“Does that smell nice (y/n)?” Ethan cackles.
“Harry she’s gonna be sick” Your boyfriend repeats.
All of the boys stop and notice how ill you look.
“Oh shit” JJ mutters.
“Harry throws the fish away, “Oh fuck”
“Wanna go to the toilet babe?” Simon says, crouching down and rubbing your back.
You take a deep breath, “Nahh I’ll live!”
“Sure?” He frowns.
You nod, “Maybe I shouldn’t film with you guys anymore”
The boys all laugh loudly.
“Go on babygirl. We’ll clear up here and you can go up to bed” Simon nods.
“What did I tell you? He’s hinting at it now!” Vik laughs.

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hi so im going to a treatment center soon and i need some support because im very scared, i know theres really nothing i can do there to continue what im doing, i just needed to tell someone and you seemed like the kind of person to answer asks with supportive stuff. thanks

Hey, its okay to get better. Being like this takes over our lives forever. Its going to suck at first but its the best thing to do to make you happy in the long run. Stay safe

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ive been internally crying over the bts b-side pics all day and i need to get this out so im gonna direct it here, to you, right now, sorry! but JINS LEGS. IN THE WHITE SHORTS. HIS THIGHS. OMG. im ded. im so ded i cant even breathe. its so amazing. they're so... theyre too much. its all too much for me. thank you and goodNIGHT im going to go take a cold shower.... the legz.... so juicy...

Anon, NEVER be sorry for coming into my inbox raving about what amazing legs Jin has because I’m always and forever gonna hold this as one of my favorite subjects in the whole world because - hhhhh Jin’s legs hhhhhhh.  

From his hips:

Down to his thighs

Through his perfect lovely pink Knees

His lovely strong calves:

All the way down to his cute feet:

Truly anon, I can never get tired of taking this amazing trip NEVER.  Thank you for brightening my day with this ask.  

Can I just say that I hate how everyone is saying that Puerto Rico will not recover from the devastation that just occurred. I understand that yes, the government is in debt. Yes, the power will be probably out for 6 months or more because the electricity plant was destroyed. Yes, the massive destruction all over the island and the millions of people with no homes will be hard to get trough. I understand that it is hard. BUT I LOVE MY ISLAND AND ITS NOT GOING TO STAY THAT WAY FOREVER. IT’S GONNA GET BETTER. WE ARE GONNA GET TROUGH THIS. IT MIGHT TAKE US YEARS BUT WE WILL RISE AGAIN AND BE EVEN BETTER. I HAVE FAITH IN US. HELP EVERYONE YOU CAN. SHARE WHAT YOU CAN. SHOW COMPASSION FOR THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU. THIS IS A TIME WHERE WE UNITE NOT GIVE UP. STAY STRONG EVERYONE. 


Prompt:  “Does anything hurt more than being ignored like that?” “Well… Bullets.”

Reader x Dean 

Warnings: some cursing, a bit of angst, fluff, bullets, getting rid of a body, the usual

Originally posted by stellina-4ever

You’d be stuck in the car for hours, staking out the latest big bad, and that would not have sucked if you and Dean had not argued just hours before.  

Before you were camped out in the backseat, knees to your chest, eyes glued to the window, watching the house from afar.  Dean, stuck to the front, jaw clenched, shoulders slumped, white-knuckling the steering wheel, without anywhere to go.  The silence was deafening.  

You could swear your heart was beating in your eardrums at how angered he had made you and it was taking all you had to not jump out of the car, walking out on him forever.  Or for as long as it would take to get over the fact that you were beyond pissed at him.  Whichever came first.

Time lapsed until the thing you were stalking slunk out of its house under the guise of the previous owner and headed down the street, hood over its head, eyes to the gravel.  You both silently exited the Chevy and began to tail the monster.  You both instinctively reached for your pocketed guns, holding them steady at your sides, as the target made a rather abrupt turn down an alleyway. 

Of course, you mumbled to yourself, could this be any more run of the mill? The big bad leads its unsuspecting trackers into an abandoned alley in the middle of the night, how could this possibly end well…

For it?

Dean didn’t once look back to you, didn’t instruct you on where to move, or to stay behind him, he pretended he was alone in this.  As did you.  You diverged to the right and took to the opposite end of the alley, thinking you’d catch the predator off guard and sandwich him in-between Dean’s steady trigger finger and your own.

The shifter caught on rather quickly however, and engaged in fisticuffs with Dean.  You struggled to get a shot off cleanly as you aimed, took in a steady breath, released it as you pulled the trigger, the shifter falling on top of Dean. Grunting, he threw the monster off of him and to his chagrin, you offered him a hand.  Hefting the bow legged jerk to his feet, he looked at you, for the first time in hours, and you exhaled,

“Does anything, Dean, anything in the world hurt more than being ignored like that?”  you anxiously awaited his answer.

He shrugged, looking down at the dead shifter, and a slow smile spread across his freckled face, “Well…bullets.”

“Ugh, just forget it, Winchester,” you stormed towards the Impala, shouting over your shoulder, “you take care of the clean up, I’m still pissed at you.”

“Looks mighty fine on you, Sweetheart,” Dean hollered back, causing you to hesitate in your steps.

“And quit lookin’ at my ass,” you flipped him off.

“Well,” Dean began to drag the shifter towards the gutter, “that’s progress, ain’t that right, you scumbag?” Dean watched as the shifter landed with a splash.

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Long Hair Problems

2. When you step out of the shower and your hair is still wet so it gets cold and sticks to your back and it’s one of the worst feelings.
3. Detangling it after swimming.
5. When you forget to put it up before you sleep and you end up tangled in your own hair in the morning.
6. The amount of shampoo and conditioner you have to use.
7. Having to brush it as you braid.
8. Spending 10 minutes putting it up.
9. If you use curlers instead of a curling iron, good luck putting them in.
12. If you want an intricate braid, you gotta spend a good 40 minutes.
13. Leaving it down and then sudden gust of wind and then you have to brush it.
14. Clogging the shower drain every few months becomes a norm.
15. The massive hair balls in your hairbrush.
16. Getting down to the bottom of your braid and realizing you screwed up and have to start all over.
17. “It’s so long can can I play with it?”
18. “You need to get a haircut its too long.”
19. It takes forever to dry.
20. If you don’t have it up when you go to the beach and stuff sometimes your back ends up paler then the rest of your body.

When I Get My Hands On You


anon-Hey I love your imagines and I was wondering if you could write a Newt smut where he pleasures himself while watching her change and one night she catches him and to punish him, she ties him up, making him climax countless times in a row with her mouth and hands, until he can’t take it and is begging her to stop.

writers notes- i really liked this concept so i really when all out with it and made the hole process a lot like a game hope you like it   :)


i was sat at the bonfire with minho, alby and y/n, luckily y/n is beside me and im talking to alby because i can no longer look into the eyes of y/n as im second in command and y/n was the third greenie her room in the homestead is right next to mine and something i am planning to never tell the builders is that there is a hole in the wall that separates our rooms and i can watch her all night long my fav moments of course are when she gets changed as i can see it all i know for a fact all they guys here fraternise about y/n in there showers but im the only one with a front row seat to everything she does in her room. after a while the bonfire party seems to be dying down a bit and y/n sits up a bit more “im gonna go for my shower, night guys” she says getting up “night y/n” i reply “night” come from a few other boys too as she goes waving us all goodbye and walking towards the showers after a few minuets i stand up “night guys im going to hit the hey” i say stretching faking to be tired after a long day they all bid me goodnight and i walk to my room sitting on my bed a second until i hear a door shut i get up and stand by the hole in the wall i can tell im smirking already as i see y/n wrapped up in a towel my eyes move along the perfect curves the towel is hugging so tightly as she brushes her hair facing away from me flipping it all to one side a second to brush it showing off one side of her neck i almost what to smash thought that wall wrap my arms around her waist the towel is hugging so tightly and kiss the side of her neck but instead i begin what i always do i lick my lips and then undo my pants as she moves her towel slightly unfortunately not yet undoing it as she looks around her room and lays some underwear on her bed and letting the towel drop to the floor at that second i slip my hand into my boxers and begin to pump just stareing at her the perfect curves, the perfect size of every last bit of her to fit perfectly in your hands so i pump faster and faster having to bite the inside of my mouth so i don't moan and get discovered i watch as she puts her bra and underwear on then stands in front of the mirror brushing her hair again before putting her brush down and morning but still remaining the the mirror  and i can see her mirror reflection now as she stands and runs her fingers along the line of her bra as its a new bra she only got in the box today i watch her every second she moves her hands around it till i now im not far off and seconds later i climax as she gets dressed and goes to bed i then relax a bit resting my head on the wall and smiling like mad before changing and getting into bed myself one last thought of y/n without her towel before i drift of into my dreams populated with nothing but sexual fantasy’s and mental pictures of what ive seen thought that hole. I'm then woken from a dream by my alarm on my watch on my bedside table i quickly shut it up and get up to the hole again as the alarm on my watch is set to exactly ten seconds before y/n alarm giving me time to get back to the hole in the wall ready for the next round as i hear her alarm she gets up yawns and stands by her mirror i almost see this in slow motion as she slowly pulls of her shirt letting her hair fly out of place more before she brushes it into a ponytail ive already got my hand back in to by boxers and am pumping as she slowly takes of her pyjama pants and swapping her underwear for a clean pair so quickly i almost miss it before she gets her trousers and bends over putting them on giving me a good view of her from that angle till suddenly my door flys open and its alby stood there he looks me up and down to him he’s just walked in seeing me with my hand in my pants 

“newt what the hell are you doing” he asks

“nothing” i say putting my hands behind my back unfortunately he see’s some light coming from y/n room though the hole 

“what's that” he asks

“nothing” i say again trying to cover up the hole is even there 

he then moves me and looks thought the hole a second before turning to me i just stare at the floor “how long has this been here” he asks

“a few months” i answer knowing im getting thrown into the slammer for this or worse 

“did you make it” he asks

“no, i found it” i explain 

“right come here” he says pulling me by my ear to the door of y/n room he knocks on the door and y/n answers it having fully gotten dressed now i just smirk as im look at her “meeting y/n we need to you there” alby says

“why” she asks

“you’ll find out” alby says he then puts me back into my room and i get dressed a few minuets later im dragged along to the council hall and put on a chair with all the keepers and y/n around me i just stare at the floor till ably starts talking 

“okay we have called a meeting because of something that has come to light” he begins “gentlemen and lady there's a hole in the separating wall between y/n and newt rooms” he explains i look to y/n a second and her eyes are wide and alarmed

“so why call a meeting i’ll fix it later” gally says

“the holes been there for more then one day according to newt its been there a few months but it could have been there a lot longer for all we know” alby explains i continue to sit there guilty “and to top it all off i went to see newt this morning to see him pleasuring him self using the hole to watch y/n change” alby says

“so that's why he always wants to go to bed the same time as y/n” zart laughs 

“so the real question is what do we do with him” alby asks 

“i say slammer for a while,move his room and fix the hole” fry suggests 

“all in favour” alby asks and everyone puts up there hands “y/n any comment” he asks her

“i want a minuet alone with him” she says sourly oh no i may not get killed by alby but she’s defiantly gonna kill me they all nod and leave me alone with her she doesnt move “how long has that hole been there newt” she asks 

“about four months now” i answer 

“how often do you look though it” she asks

“at least twice a day” i reply 

she then walks over to me standing just in front of me i emmediatly have to ex spell the dirty thoughts that pop in my head she grabs my head forcing me to look at her “your gonna regret looking when i get my hands on you” she says i immediately get ready to be slapped or even kick in the crouch but  she rams her lips to mine and forces her tongue down my throat and sitting on my lap as we make out after getting over the shock of it i go to wrap my arms around her but she pulls them away and pulls away from kissing me “ your gonna regret looking when i get my hands on you” she says again before getting off me and walking off  after a while they guys take me to the slammer and i sit there bored for what seems like forever till its late at night but i cant sleep on this floor till suddenly the door opens but its to dark to see who it is as the door is shut again almost instantly i hear someone step towards me so i move into the corner as i don't know who that is i feel someone's hands on my arm but i still cant see as it is almost pitch black in here i feel my arm being chained to the wall like they do for people going though the changing then my other arm so im chained to the floor  but still sat up then a match lights up and y/n lights some candles so we can both see and she giggles i cant help but look happy if the gathering was anything to go by “why are you here” i say to her 

“i told you to make you regret looking” she says as she checks the chains on my arms are attached well to the floor and to me so im not gonna get out “is this it chain me to a floor, you do realise i could just order anyone else to go get me the key and let me out” i tell her

“what this key” she says innocently but waving the key about smugly just out of my reach of the chains “you like looking don't you” she says slyly i then nod and she waves the key in front of my face then puts it down her shirt and from what i can see attaches to where the bones meet in the centre of the bra “NO” i scream  “what are you gonna do to me” i ask now worried if i have no escape and she did say i would regret what i did

“that's for me to know and you to find out” she says dragging my legs so im laying on the floor 

“how am i gonna get the key” i say more to myself 
“you get the key by receiving your punishment or by convincing me which ever comes first” she smirks hovering over me giggling slightly “well start convincing” she says

“uh- y/n please” i say

“you think basic manners are gonna win me over newt, one wrong move punishment time” she says laughing before moving her hand and undoing my pants, taking them off and throwing them to the other side of the slammer then doing the same to my boxers then pumping me fast and hard till i feel my climax screaming at her but she’s not listening till i come onto the floor and she moves her hand back to my chest  “round two try again newt” she smiles smugly i think a second and it pops in my head in second in command y/n’s below me “y/n as your superior in the glade i order you to give me that key”  i say to her 

“oh you order me do you newt” she says sounding to be fake hurt, wrong move punishment time” she says before pumping me again harder and faster then before making me moan and groan in pleasure louder then the last time as my climax comes again onto the floor 

“i would do better newt you only have two goes left” she says

“what happens is i don't convince you” i ask panicking 

“that's for me to know and you to find out” she repeats from earlier “turn three newt better make it good” she smirks 

“uh- y/n i uh i only watched because your  beautiful, honestly that's the only reason i watched you” i say 

“awe, but im afraid newt flattery wont yet you anywhere,   wrong move punishment time” she says fooling me for a second think she would have actually got convinced by that 

“NO PLEASE” I scream as she begins pumping again as i climax comes again it hurts so much that i scream as it comes again onto the floor 

“last try newt or else” she says

“or else what” i ask 

“or else” she says smirking “go on then” she says my mind then goes blank i don't know 

“IM SORRY” i scream 

“what” she asks


“perfect” she says

“what did i do i am i free” i ask 

“nope perfectly wrong which means, its punishment time and no more turns” she says 

“you don't mean” i ask now scared of her 

“till your dry and beyond” she giggles 

“NO. NO PLEASE Y/N DON’T-” i scream but im silenced by her lips on me but not my mouth as she licks up every bit of come still on me from the last three times then sucks, and sucks and sucks till i climax for the fourth time and she swallows but she doesnt stop she even speeds up a bit “NO PLEASE Y/N STOP, PLEASE STOP” i scream squirming and trying to break out these chains till i climax again for the fifth time and she swallows again i cant stop screaming and shouting and begging her to stop but she wont even slow down as my climaxes come one after the other till can tell the amount is getting less and less she’s taking every bit of me piece by piece till my eight climax is swallowed “please y/n stop” i beg almost crying now

“try a little harder” she says pulling me out her mouth a second 


“beg me, not like a child begging for a toy like a man begging for pleasure” she says slyly before sucking me again and i climax making the count 9

“BAY PLEASE” i beg

“better” she says slyly moving now to be laid over me her head on my chest looking at me “keep going”

“come on baby stop it” i say along with another moan 

“you want out” she asks

“yes please baby let me out” i beg

“do you” she asks gripping me tightly in her hand

“YES” i scream she then smirks and sits up on me taking her shirt off and showing off the key on her bra 

“you want out newt” she asks

“yeah baby let me out” i say now having much more hope of escape

“do you want the key or me, because you can only have one” she says 

“what no please” i beg

“one or the other key or me your choice” she says as she slips her trousers off and throwing them to the side so she’s on top of me in nothing but her underwear showing of everything she can “key” she says running her hands down the key “or me” she says running her hands down her body from the top of her chest right down to the bottom of her underwear 

“how long would i have you for” i ask

“till your bored of me” she says slyly leaning down to kiss my neck 

“YOU” i scream in the heat of the moment 

“what” she asks

“YOU. YOU. I PICK YOU” i scream 

“really” she asks

“yeah” i reply she then sits me up and pulls me into her as she sits on my lap and she buries my head in her neck till she picks my head up and we make out like in the gathering hall both our tongues going deep down each others throats both of us moaning into each others mouths till i move down to kiss her neck and she wraps her fingers in my hair as i move down and get the key in my mouth and moving so be able to unlock one hand “yes” i say once one hand is free and i begin to undo the other “YES” i shout 


“who said i was playing” I reply taking my shirt off and putting my arms around her trying to kiss her again 

“NO SHUCK OFF” she says backing away 

“oh come on baby” i say kissing her again and she kisses back melting into our kiss she then grips on of my hands that was on her waist and pushes it up to feel her chest making both of us melt more into our snog till i was about to take of her underwear she pulls away and stands up “what are you doing” i ask getting up to stand beside her 

“tomorrow in our own bed” she says slyly kissing me again before getting dressed and i watch her as i always would she then sits there and looks at me “what” i ask

“you watch me everyday, get going” she says i then sigh and get dressed or well half dressed just my boxers and pants with her watching till she wraps her arms around me “what did you mean our bed” i ask

“i mean, alby what's you out your room and said he’s gonna use your room for storage where are you gonna sleep, well with me of course” she says happily hugging me tighter 

“im not happy with that” i say pulling her off me and turning to face her but putting and arm around her  “im not happy with sharing a room with you…..unless you agree to something” i say

“what newt” she asks 

“that you’ll be my girlfriend” i say

“fine” she sighs resting her head on my chest 

“till tomorrow baby” i say 

“till tomorrow newtie” she says backing away from me blowing me a kiss then leaving