it's going to take forever to do this movie

If you're reading this tonight,

Please take it easy. Don’t be so harsh on yourself. You are valid and you are loved. If for whatever reason you are having a bad day, night, week, month- it’ll pass. I promise you. Bad things do not always last forever. Just like happiness is temporary- your sadness is temporary, too. Better times are ahead. They will come, though it may seem hard to believe. Just keep holding on. Keep fighting.

Go make a hot chocolate or something and do something you enjoy. Read a book or watch your favourite movie or sing along to your favourite song or call your best friend. Better times are ahead. It’ll be okay. I promise you. It’ll be okay.

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Cuphead mentioned Kingdom Hearts three, but you know what's really taking too dang long? Epic Mickey 3.

That’s because Epic Mickey will never come out. Ever.

There WAS going to be one, along with several other spinoff games and even a movie adaptation, because that’s what Warren Spector wanted to do. But Disney shut it all down and ended the Epic Mickey series quite possibly forever.

So even if Kingdom Hearts is taking its sweet time, at least we know it’ll come out eventually, UNLIKE EPIC MICKEY 3

Here is a gif pack of #70 small HQ gifs of Lucas Till in Bravetown. All gifs were made by me so please like this post if you are using them. Do not repost or take credit. If using in a gif hunt please link credit back to me. Otherwise, use them as much as you like, they’re here to help. Part 1/? Warning: Contains flashing gifs and drug use

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Tfw it’s all official. According to IMDB Magda is in X-men: Apocalypse and portrayed by Carolina Bartczak.

Like I know, as Roma we don’t matter. I know that Hollywood is going to whitewash the shit out of us, it always has done. And I do feel bad, because I’m sure Carolina is a wonderful actress, but it’s like ostensibly saying to people that our culture isn’t worth representation. That we don’t deserve to be seen on screen. That we should be invisible because we’re not important enough. Marya, Magda, Pietro…all three of these characters are Romany and not a single one is being portrayed as such. And don’t give me that bull crap about white-passing Roma existing, I’m damn well aware they do, but pandering to the same ‘white is right’ rhetoric and using that excuse for not one, but THREE characters is just taking the piss. It’s adding to the erasure of an already marginalised people. 

I feel physically sick.

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Hello, do you mind posting as many of the recent pictures taken of jen or josh that link to all of what people are talking about atm. I find that everyone is talking about a picture that was taken here or a video that happened there and I never see any of it! If it's an inconvenience I understand, things just get a little confusing in the joshifer world.

i’m only going to start after thanksgiving, otherwise it’ll take me forever.

jennifer out shopping on black friday.

josh at a hockey game on december 2nd.

josh at the movies on december 4th.

josh at sugarfish on december 5th.

josh at urban outfitters on december 6th.

josh in morro bay on december 8th.

josh at disneyland on december 10th.

josh at chipotle on december 11th.

jennifer leaving her friend’s boyfriend’s house on december 12th.

jennifer leaving lax on december 14th.

jennifer arriving in nyc on december 14th.

jennifer coming back from the gym in nyc on december 15th.

josh skiing in wyoming on december 15th.

jennifer going to a meeting in new york on december 16th.

jennifer leaving her meeting in new york on december 16th.

jennifer going to see bradley cooper’s play in new york on december 16th.