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It straight up hurts my soul that there are people out there blind to this woman's beauty.

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So she has gray hair.   So fucking what.  Most of us out there are going to have it someday, and hell.  Some won’t even make it out of their 20’s without it. 

Tell me something.  Does the color of your hair define who you are as a person?  Because it absolutely shouldn’t.  I’m sorry, but the very idea that it would is bullshit. 

Melissa McBride, from all accounts, is a wonderfully genuine person.  She’s well loved by her peers, and she has this amazing talent that allows her to speak a thousand and one words without saying a word.  She’s creative and kind and a precious gift to The Walking Dead fandom.  Her portrayal of Carol Peletier has transcended genres and made people that would normally shun shows like TWD take notice. 

And oh, yeah.  She has gray hair. 

But you know what else she has? 

A special sort of chemistry with her costar Norman Reedus.  A sparkly kind of something that is pretty rare on television because in the absence of unambiguous evidence of the true nature of their characters’ love (and it’s love, dammit…fight me), she’s drawn you in.  Admit it.  Even if you balk against the very idea of romantic love between Carol and Daryl, you cannot deny they are special to each other.

And why shouldn’t they love each other like that? 

Oh, I forgot.  It’s the gray hair.  That somehow renders a person a used up has-been around these parts.  That negates any desire to have a loving emotional and yes, sexual connection with the person they are closest to in the entire post-Apocalyptic world. 

Really people? 

Melissa McBride and her character are fucking gorgeous, and you know why?  It comes from within.  Don’t get me wrong.  Both of them rock the gray hair like nobody’s business–I can only hope I do the same one day, and thanks to MMB, I’m not so afraid of it anymore, but even if they didn’t, I’d still look up to them for so many reasons that I won’t go into right now. 

I’m not even going to address the absurdity that she’s somehow not a good match for Norman’s Daryl because she has gray hair and therefore, she must be old.  They’re literally the most age-appropriate couple in theory on the entire show besides maybe Carl and Enid.  They’re contemporaries.  And you know what? They look absolutely gorgeous together, but that’s not even the best part.  Their chemistry is a thing of beauty, and Carol’s and Daryl’s hearts?  Know each other.  They recognize each hard-earned beat. 

So don’t come at me again with this ageism fuckery.  Because it makes me sad that the people in my fandom can be so shallow, for them and for this adorable lady who deserves nothing of this. 

Look at her.

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 Y'all should be ashamed of yourselves, and I feel…I just feel sad that this is a thing. 

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Stepping off my soapbox now.  I can’t take the credit for the gifs of this lovely human.  That goes to the gif-makers.  I hope you don’t mind my borrowing them. 

Thoughts for the day

Me: Wow, I can’t believe Skam is ending in a couple of days. That must mean we’re going to tie up all the loose ends of the many storylines Julie created this season.

Skam: *introduces new relationship drama with Eva, Jonas, Emma, and PChris*


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Once upon a time almost a year ago I started drawing a comic about the adventures of Inquisitor Anders. I had all the plans, let me tell you, but then I lost my motivation and well

I figured I could at least post the two pages I got done, since I just found them again.

I miss having the energy to draw comics.

Juno Aspects
  • Juno in aspect to any planet can mean you will tend to attract a partner who has traits of the sign that planet rules. For instance, Juno aspecting Mars could attract you to an Aries type.
  • Juno Aspects the Sun: There will be a tendency to attract showy, dramatic, Leo types of partners. Conversely, this person could themselves become more showy and dramatic after marriage. The harmonious aspects (conjunction, sextile, and trine) can act in a similar fashion to Venus. They increase the charm and social graces to a degree. But Juno goes further. It can give one an air of innocence. We like people with Venus in conjunction the Sun because they are charming. Those with Juno in harmonious aspect to the Sun are liked because they are "cute." The stressful aspects, however, are indicators of ego conflicts with partners. Frequently, there are big problems with getting and holding on to a partner. In many cases, there is no desire to have a partner at all. Demetra George in her excellent book Asteroid Goddesses quotes Gloria Steinhem's famous answer to the question "Why didn't you ever get married?" Steinhem (who has the Sun in Aries square Juno in Capricorn) replied, "I don't mate well in captivity."
  • Juno Aspects the Moon: The attraction will be to emotional and nurturing partners, and domestic types. At least they will tend to be nurturing with the harmonious aspects conjunction, sextile and trine. The stressful aspects (square and opposition) can indicate a clash between your emotional and partnership needs. You could get a partner who is over-emotional or whines a lot. Conversely, the partner could bring out those traits in you.
  • Juno Aspects Mercury: Well, your partner won't be quiet. Forget the silent type. Anyone who marries you will have to communicate, communicate, communicate. The harmonious aspects (conjunction, sextile and trine) indicate good communication between the two of you. It could also show that your ability to communicate improves with partnership. The stressful aspects (square and opposition) can indicate communication problems with partners. One of you may try to stifle the other here because you both want to talk at once.
  • Juno Aspects Venus: The attraction will be to a charming partner with good artistic ability and taste. At least that will tend to be true for the harmonious aspects (conjunction, sextile and trine). The stressful aspects (square and opposition) could attract a lazy, slothful, and indolent partner. Partnership could also bring out these traits in you. With stressful aspects, there will tend to be a clash between your partnership needs (Juno) and your ability to express love and affection (Venus). As a result, you might find it difficult to express love to your partner (or vice-versa) and would seek to do this elsewhere. Years ago, there was a TV program called "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" which was a satire on soap operas. Mary's husband had affairs with all the other women in town and was impotent only with her.
  • Juno Aspects Mars: Marriage and partnership will stir you to action. In fact, you may need a partner to be active at all. The partners you attract will tend to be active, assertive, and aggressive. Conversely, having a partner may bring out these traits in you. The stressful aspects (conjunction, square, and opposition) are indicators of arguments with partners. One of you may try to dominate the other.
  • Juno Aspects Jupiter: The partner will tend to be expansive optimistic, and "jovial" (jovial comes from Jove, Jupiter). Marriage and partnerships will also have an expansive effect on you. Yes, it can make you more optimistic. Watch out that it doesn't make you fat as well. At least this will be true for the harmonious aspects (conjunction, sextile and trine). The stressful aspects (square, and opposition) can attract an over-optimistic partner who is always expecting their "lucky break" to be right around the corner. There could also be a clash over religious or philosophical differences. The over-expansiveness could also apply to extra-marital affairs. If you have a stress aspect between Juno and Jupiter, either you or your partner might think that the "to have, hold, and love" part of the marriage vow means anyone whom you fancy at the moment.
  • Juno Aspects Saturn: The partners will tend to be older (in spirit if not in actual years). With the harmonious aspects (sextile and trine) partners are likely to be solid, practical, and dependable, but, unless there are other indicators, don't expect them to be the life of the party. Conversely, partnership could bring out the solid, practical, and dependable side of you.The stressful aspects (conjunction, square, and opposition) may cause marriage to be delayed, or even denied. If you have this one, try not to get married before your first Saturn Return (which occurs around the age of twenty nine). Stressful aspects between Juno and Saturn can have a similar effect to Saturn placed in the 7th house. An early marriage (before the Saturn Return) will slowly decay until there is no affection left and the marriage collapses. Juno/Saturn stress aspects can also indicate someone who makes a bad marriage for "practical" reasons, such as security. They will also be prone to stay in a bad marriage to protest their social image, or because "a half a loaf is better than none." As if there is anything "practical" about having a bad marriage! These people have to learn to cut their losses and make a fresh start.
  • Juno Aspects Uranus: If you have this combination in your horoscope (especially the stressful aspects, the conjunction, square, or opposition) I have a question for you. Let's say you walk into a room where there are twenty people, and nineteen of them are sane and normal, but the twentieth person either escaped from an insane asylum or just got off of a UFO, guess which one you would be most likely to marry? (Hint: it's not the first nineteen). Uranus always has to be Different. When Juno aspects Uranus, the partner or the partnership has to be different. With the harmonious aspects (sextile and trine) you don't get into as much trouble. The partner will tend to be independent, or very bright, or a bit odd. The partnership itself will likely be more "open" with each partner doing their own thing and going their own way. Uranus is fanatic about having enough of its own space. The stressful aspects can lead to several marriages. Elizabeth Taylor has Juno in Cancer square Uranus in Aries (Uranus is also in a close conjunction with Venus). Years ago, Julian Armistead gave a lecture on her chart. He had several of the press clippings that quoted her at the time of her marriages. Her first marriage to Nick Hilton: "I've never known it was possible to be this much in love. This is going to last forever." Her second marriage a couple of years later to Michael Wilding: "This time, it's the real thing. This is going to last forever." Her fifth marriage to - well who can keep track? "This time I mean it. It's the real thing." Juno in Cancer always wants it to last "forever" and Uranus always makes you think it's the "real thing." If you have a Juno/Uranus stress aspect, don't rush into marriage. And forget about having a partnership that is conventional. It would bore you to tears - and divorce. Make sure that you and your partner each has enough "space." It helps if one of you travels a lot (Uranus aspects are perfect for bi-costal marriages). Absence for this combination truly makes the heart grow fonder.
  • Juno Aspects Neptune: If you have a stressful aspect (conjunction, square, or opposition) between Juno and Neptune, please, PLEASE do not marry someone because you feel sorry for them or because you want to "save" them. Remember this magic number. If you do, you will never again have the problem of getting into a marriage for the wrong reasons. Please memorize it. It's 911. Dial that and have them taken away so they can be helped by a professional. Then, get into therapy yourself to cure your masochism. On the positive side especially with the harmonious aspects (sextile and trine) the partner will tend to be sensitive, empathetic, and imaginative. Marriage and partnership can also bring out these same traits in you. In all cases, there will be an inclination to over idealize the partner, to see what we want to see about them.
  • Juno Aspects Pluto: Partners will tend to be intense and secretive. Sex can be volcanic. Pluto is the planet of extremes, death, and transformation. Either your power or that of your partner will be affected by marriage. One of you is likely to be transformed in some way. The harmonious aspects (sextile and trine) can bring out a strength you never thought you had. The stressful aspects (conjunction, square, and opposition) will bring out strength too, in the form of dictatorial attitudes and power struggles. One of you will try to dominate the other. The feelings towards the partner can easily go from "I love you" to "I hate you" to "I'm obsessed with you." Even if the two of you break up, this will be the partner you never forget (for better or worse).
  • Juno Aspects the Ascendant: Juno in conjunction with the Ascendant makes us more attractive, like Venus. But while Venus uses charm, Juno attracts by giving us an air of innocence, like that of a young baby. This trait is also present with the other harmonious aspects (sextile and trine) but not quite as strong. The opposition is not a stressful aspect here. Remember that an opposition to the Ascendant is also a conjunction to the Descendant. The conjunction to the Ascendant makes a person more marriage oriented, especially if Juno is in the 1st house. If Juno is on the 12th house side of the Ascendant, however, then there will still be an increased desire to marry, but there will be increased restrictions of some sort (see Juno in the 12th house). With the square aspect of Juno to the Mid-Heaven, there would tend to be extra stress in marriage that requires constant adjustment and re-adjustment. At least it will not be dull.
  • Juno Aspects the Mid-Heaven: Aspects to the Mid-Heaven affect one's career and "public image." Juno-ruled careers include marriage councilor and people who work in organizations that try to prevent wife-battering and child abuse. Like Venus, Juno has an attraction for all occupations that involve beauty and adornment. This also includes anything involving the arts. When it comes to career, it doesn't matter if an aspect to the Mid-Heaven is harmonious or stressful. In fact, the stressful aspects can frequently bring greater success since they generate more power. Those with harmonious aspects may take it too easy and not push hard enough.

favorite tyzula scenes

“Watch this.


      if  there  was  one  thing  magnus  was  grateful  for ,  it  was  to  finally  be  home  with  alec  and  their  little  blueberry ,  without  alec’s  family  swarming  around  them .  they  had  managed  to  convince  isabelle  that  their  apartment  didn’t  quite  need  baby  proofing  yet  and  that  magnus  and  alec  were  by  far  capable  to  do  it  themselves ,  and  also  that  they  just  needed  some  time  to  let  max  settle  in  to  the  new  new  york  home  before  they  had  any  visitors .  obviously  magnus  had  walked  into  the  apartment  and  with  a  few  snaps  of  his  fingers ,  had  conjured  up  a  crib  and  a  few  of  the  essential  baby  things  that  he  had  acquired  for  them  back  at  the  academy .  taking  a  deep  breath ,  magnus  turned  to  alec  with  a  somewhat  tired  around  the  edges  smile .        i’m  glad  we’re  home .  your  family  were  suffocating.      

How to deal with a break up.

I know this is a sensitive subject but it need to be talked about. A DD/lg relationship is wonderful but it’s still a relationship. You need to be very careful about how to handle it. Especially if you’re a little. Its very easy to think its going to last forever. But there are times when things don’t go well.

Lots of times, the main cause to a break up is because of communication issues. Its hard to deal with not talking to your spouse for long periods of time. Its insanely hard if its a Ldr (Long Distance Relationship). That’s why I try to push talking to eachother everyday. Littles will feel neglected and become very upset.

If you do decide to break this off, its important that you guys discuss the issue in an adult manner. Just so the other person can fix it for the next relationship. If you ever feel too upset after a break up, here are a couple things to do:

-Take a warm bath/shower: Warm water helps your body circulate blood to the rest of your body. Plus its a relaxing sensation, feeling cozy when you need to. Also it could help free your mind from any distractions.

-Watch your favorite show: This is also great for distractions. You’ll be indulged into your show and forget about what happened. Maybe you’d want to watch a new show you never were able to.

-Take a nap: Sleeping is the best medicine. You can forget about your problems and just feel refreshed in a couple hours. Sleep with stuffies or just a fluffy blanket.

-Eat *HEALTHY*: Often times junk food may be your best friend, but you need to eat healthy after a break up. Too much junk food and you’ll go into this habit of just eating your problems away. It can lead to stomach and heart problems.

-Fresh air: Take a nice walk or just sit outside. The air will help relax your mind and body. Its important to get some air after crying. Your body needs the oxygen to refresh your blood and make you feel better. Also, its nice to see the world around you.

I hope this helps you and please, be safe. I love you all and I care about every one of you. Please don’t spread hate about the other person. It’ll make you look bad and I want everyone to be happy.


parallels between the vikings opening credits and 3x09:

  • the flashes of lightning of a lone wanderer cut between the sinking drowning person in the credits vs the flashes of jesus and odin whilst ragnar is having his spiritual epiphany - ragnar searching for his direction and faith 
  • the hand of the drowning person vs ragnar reaching out to athelstan (extra points for travis’ name showing up on that particular shot in the credits)
  • the drowning person sinking vs ragnars baptism and being dropped down into the water ((i always thought that the drowning person in the credits symbolized death bc its such a recurring theme on the show but now it also has the double meaning of rebirth and life when ragnar does the same and rediscovers himself))  
Things I’ve learned from college:

I finished college this year and these are some of the important things I’ve learned from the past two years:

1) Life is too short to pretend you don’t like One Direction and Taylor Swift.

2) Go out. You may not have a lot of money but there are ways and how long are you really going to be able to drink that much and still be able to (slightly) function the next day

3) Go to concerts. Go to all the concerts you can go to. Whether they are your favourite artist, one you just discovered, your friends concert or whatever. GO TO CONCERTS ITS A BETTER USE OF MONEY THAN BUYING CHEAP CLOTHES YOU AREN’T GOING TO WEAR

4) Live in rez for at least one year. It may be annoying to live with certain people but in the long run you will appreciate, and miss, living in a building with your best friends

5) work hard. You are paying too much to fail.

6) do your homework during the week, then you can have fun on the weekends without the guilt of not being able to write that paper because you’re hungover.

7) go home. Go home and visit your parents. You may not miss them as much as they miss you but they do miss you and it will brighten their weekend having you home. 

8) call your mom. Call her at least one every couple weeks. It will provide her with relief knowing your not dead in a ditch clutching a bottle of beer.

9) whatever you do DONT EVER. I REPEAT EVER. BUY CINNAMON SUGAR TWIST VODKA. it is literally the most disgusting thing on the planet and a huge waste of $30.  

10) also never try to buy concert tickets from people on Kijiji.

11) if you like him. tell him. show him. he’s not going to wait around forever and its going to be you thats embarrassed in the end.

12) people are going to come into your life and flip it upside down and all around but its up to you whether or not you let it bother you.

13) if your friend is having a rough time don’t abandon them. stick with them. it will make you stronger and inseparable. 

14) things happen, and people have to leave school and go home. Stay in contact with those people because it’s not their fault they had to leave. 

15) keep stupid little souvenirs of your years at school. How else are you going to show your kids the foam skull you stole from a bar on Halloween?

16) celebrate your 20th birthday for four days no matter how exhausting it and you are. celebrate even if no one will sing Teddy to you on your birthday. 

17) eat all the junk food you can. consume all the coffee you find possible. you may not feel great but at least you can still digest that much food quickly..right?

18) pulling an all nighter is only fun when your 13 at your friends birthday party. spending an all nighter staring at your computer writing an essay isn’t fun.

19) if you do have to pull an all nighter. then listen to a great album, go to 7/11 get your $1 coffee and wear comfy clothes. 

20) most importantly. Love yourself, your friends, your peers and memories that you make. College is a short time in your life and its not going to last forever. Make as many memories as you can. Eat as many pizzas and drink as many bottles of vodka as you can. Your only young once and you don’t want to be 3o years old looking back at your late teens/early 20′s regretting the fact that you didn’t make any important memories in those years. 

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I think Iris' touch will be the one moment Savitar will let whatever humanity he had left slide into him. But it's not going to last long as he lived in darkness since forever. He knows that in order to live, Iris has to die. That's why he told Iris "I'm sorry that you have to die, but it's you or me". As far as I'm concern, Savitar Barry is gone.


Iris West is going to destroy whatever is left of that man…right before the team murks him, because I am not here for Savitar in the slightest. I like him as a villain, but this mfer wants to kill Iris so he can live. I’m kind of hoping it’s a trap, honestly.


Happy 60th Birthday Brendan Gleeson! [b March 29th, 1955]

you know how sometimes your brain associates smells or sounds or songs to a specific thing or day or person and, consequently, to a specific feeling?? I associate meet me in the hallway to the garage gig and how I felt that evening while harry was singing it and it makes the song hurt that little bit more but also. it makes it that little bit more cathartic and therapeutic

Me: Has two ongoing fics, as well as two separate one shot ideas.

Also Me: Writes out a birthday stangst one shot in 3 hours.