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This was a sad Eurovision for Spain not because we lost, but because we wanted zero points SO BAD we got frustrated when someone gave us five.


Give yourself to the Dark Side. It is the only way you can save your friends. Yes; your thoughts betray you. Your feelings for them are strong. Especially for your… sister. So, you have a twin sister. Your feelings have now betrayed her too. Obi-Wan was wise to hide her from me. Now, his failure is complete. If you will not turn to the Dark Side… then perhaps she will…  (Insp)

How I Got into Backyard Farming


Backyard Farming sounds crazy, so let’s try it  

What is it?

There is a movement where regular people are turning their backyards into micro farms and doing things like:

  • Growing all the salad ingredients they need for a year (minus the Russian dressing)
  • Growing 100 pounds of potatoes on a tiny patio
  • Raising a couple of chickens for meat and/or eggs
  • Raising Talapia fish to eat
  • Raising rabbits or quail for meat
  • Converting lawns into mini farms producing staple crops like corn and wheat
  • Using things like fences, walls, posts and garages to trellis things like grapes, squash, beans, and melons
  • Growing 100 pounds of garlic and selling it for $10 a pound at farmers markets
  • Raising bees and selling honey for $7 a pound at farmers markets
  • Making your own Beer, Wine, Meade, Cider or Brandy

Why this could be Awesome:

The goal here is that you do these things on your property without anyone really noticing or caring.  The goal is not to start up some “you might be a redneck if” style crazy farm on the lawn and instantly tank the neighborhood housing prices in the process.  With this project the goal is to be clandestine, or at least unnoticeable.  Do it right and neighbors will compliment how well your property looks as you bring them goodies from the garden all year long.  Other reasons this scheme could be awesome:

  • Lower your grocery bills
  • Be totally organic and chemical free
  • Potentially earn income
  • Less lawn mowing / Less using anything that runs on gas
  • Could be Fun

My Situation:

I live in a typical Cape Cod house on a quiet street in a medium sized city in Ohio.  I have neighbors very close on both sides and in the back.  In total I have about 0.3 acres of “land” which consists of a small front yard and a descent sized backyard enclosed in a chain link fence.  I have a tiny 1-car garage, a small patio, and normal guy yard tools.

Research Phase:

I went to the library and to the internet and looked up the following topics:

  • Small space / patio / container gardening
  • Permaculture / food forests / Organic Gardening
  • Homesteading /  Survivalist / Prepper (I’m not a prepper)
  • Aquaponics

Take a look at some YouTube videos on people who have backyard food forests.  Also Jeff Lawton’s videos on this topic are amazing.  I also recommend the book Gaia’s Garden and the website

Let’s Do This:

And so when Spring rolled around I began…  The plan was to start small and incorporate little things at a time into my landscape, wait until I was used to them and make sure no one freaked out, and then slowly expand. 

Things I have Accomplished:

I’m on year three now and I think things are going relatively well.  Here’s a summary of things I have been able to do.   Note: Each topic below will have its own full post soon.

  • Toxin Free:  Gave up insecticide, commercial fertilizer and other toxins totally.
  • Compost: Created a composting system that produces about 1 pickup truck load of compost per year.
  • Waste Reduction: Generate zero yard waste.  Generate 1-2 bags of garbage per week, which is a reduction from 5 bags.  This reduction is due to composting, canning, burning paper with wood fires and using ashes in garden, reduction of processed foods purchased, etc.
  • Rainwater harvesting:  Made and Installed 2 Rain Barrels (55 gallons each), with a system to auto water the front yard with the flip of a switch using garden hose and gravity
  • Lawn Reduction:  More than half of my front yard is garden (but doesn’t look out of the ordinary at all).  Converted 1/3rd of my backyard to garden
  • Hugelkultur:  Installed about 56 feet of Hugelkultur mounds
  • Heavy Mulching: Threw down 2 dump truck loads of mulch, 3 pickup load of hay (about 40 bales) and 1 pickup load manure. 
  • Sheet Mulching: Experimented with Sheet mulching using cardboard and other materials to convert lawn to garden without digging.
  • Less Weeds: Cut weeding time down by using mulching techniques as well as chop & drop methods.  (you still get weeds, but less, and easier to pull)
  • No Dig / No till: Gave up Tilling totally.  There are many good reasons to do this. 
  • Less Mowing:  Mow only about 4-6 times a year (due to letting certain “weeds” grow into the lawn such as clover which doesn’t grow very tall).  Also, I mow the front lawn every other time with a gas free reel push mower, which saves gas and is very quiet (and a good workout).
  • Less Watering:  Cut watering in half (because of the rain barrels, a well-placed swale to slow down run-off and Hugelkultur mounds which soak up water like crazy)
  • Perennial Food:  Planted long-term plants such as 2 apple trees, 1 cherry tree, 2 blueberry bushes, 2 raspberry and 2 blackberry bushes, 10 square feet of strawberries, 2 grapevines, 8 asparagus plants.
  • Quasi Perennial Food:  Tomato patch comes back 80% every year from self seeding.  Also get a lot of self seeded greens and squash, by not picking everything.
  • Seed Starting:  Beginning to perfect a seed starting regimen that is actually starting to pay off.  Seed starting takes practice!
  • Big Crops:  Set to plant about 50 garlic plants this year.  Set to plant about 30 potato plants this year (these two plants both can be mixed into the front yard landscape).  Planted about 60 mustard green plants (also a beautiful plant)
  • Medicine:  Growing comfrey to be used for medicinal purposes as well as green manure / mulch.
  • Cool mini-Projects:  Things I have made from my backyard include Grape Juice, Vinegar, Tomato juice, Dijon Mustard, Tomato sauce, Roasted Dandelion Root coffee, Echinacea tincture, garlic braids, burn medicine, flower arrangements, and lots of delicious meals.

Things I want to Try:

There are so many things in backyard farming/ urban permaculture I still want to try. Here is my to-do list:

  • Plant way more fruit trees.  The ultimate goal of the permaculture “food forest” is basically to have tons of food growing everywhere on your property that requires little to no maintenance.  The hardest part should be picking all of the bounty.  Of course a key to this end state is to have lots of mature fruit trees that produce large quantities of high calorie foods year after year.  And even in cold Ohio, we can grow so many different kinds of fruit like cherry, apple, peach, plum, apricot and lots of berry and nut trees
  • Plant a successful cash crop.  I want to sell something at the farmers market!  I think garlic will be my first attempt because it is 100% maintenance free and 99% guaranteed to come up beautiful.  It also sells for a lot of money.  So far I have been eating mine, but each year I plant more and more.  One other nice thing is that you can space them really close together and plant them almost anywhere on the property, including right out in the front yard.  I tried to sell my mustard greens but nobody wanted them :(
  • Get bees.  Although probably not for everyone, I want bees.  There is some cost and some work involved, but you get honey, wax and increased pollination, and that is more than enough for me to want to try it.
  • Meat?  I’m not allowed to have chickens or any animal like that in my city.  Rabbits could work since they are silent and you could raise them somewhere covert and no one would know you had them.  But I don’t think I could kill and clean rabbits I raised.  I looked into pheasant and quail but same thing there.
  • Eggs? I’m not yet to the point where I’m going to defy my local laws and get a couple of chickens for egg productions, but If you are, there is a whole community on the net of covert chicken raisers.  The more hip urban cities such as St. Louis have legalized it, so do some research and go for it.  Don’t get any roosters unless you want to anger everyone within a 5 mile radius.
  • More Mulch!  Once you get into this hobby you quickly find that your soil sucks.  If you have a typical American house your soil is terrible because for the last 50 years your property has consisted of 90% grass which some guy mowed short twice a week and probably dumped mass quantities of weed and feed and other chemicals onto it.  All of the clippings were bagged and sent to the landfill and heavy rains continuously washed away any soil that happened to build up.  The fix is to throw down tons and tons of organic material like leaves, cut up weeds, hay, mulch, coffee grounds, manure, compost, etc.  But if you are a regular person with an office job you probably don’t have access to as much of this organic mulch as you need.  I’m always on the lookout on Craigslist for free manure and mulch, but it can be hard to come by.  You can grow your own, but this takes time.
  • Flowers  I got so caught up with food that I realized I didn’t plant many beautiful flowers that can serve multiple purposes.  I want them for cut flower arrangements as well as for medicinal purposes and sheer beauty.  Next year there will be flowers!
  • Edible Seeds:  I also want to get some edible seeds such as sunflower and pumpkin, yum!  Per square foot, sunflowers are one of the most productive foods you can grow, calorie wise.

carnovalesque  asked:

Hi Najia! I read your poetry book a few weeks ago and I absolutely loved it! I write prose but have never been able to write poetry, and I was wondering, when you write poems, do you tend to churn out a crappy Draft Zero and then go back and revise heavily? Or do you have a different writing process?

thank you!

  1. I start with a scrap (an idea, a phrase that I like, an interesting image). when something like this comes into my head I’ll make a note of it on my phone or in a “scraps” document on my laptop. for this poem, that scrap was “a clogged drain / sending back its rubbish / in a backwash of [word I hadn’t decided on yet] / like coagulated pearls.” for “extremophile” it was “glowing like glass, / repugnant with ash, / a thing that would break / if you handled it / at all.”
  2. ruminate on this phrase until it grows into something bigger–until you can add more to it, or figure out what you want to say with it, or even combine it with other scraps. for example I wrote the poem “cruor” by writing the scrap “but blood will out. / and blood will out. / and blood will out / and out / and out,” and then, months later, writing the scrap “neither stain nor contagion / but the very innermost / guts / of the thing— / the thick, dark, / sure roots of it,” seeing that they fit in well together (both talking about “blood” as a metaphor for race), and writing the rest of the poem around them.
  3. be patient! sometimes I sit on scraps for a long time before figuring out what I want to do with them (though of course this process is perforce expedited right now because it’s napowrimo). my first question is always, “does this bit want to be at the beginning, middle, or end of a poem? does it have a ring of finality to it? is it a good opening? or does it need both an introduction and a closing to be added?” and then “what is it saying? what mood / tone / emphasis does it have? what can I use this to say?” and I sort of write a poem around it like forming a pearl around an irritant.
  4. don’t be afraid to revise heavily! maybe where you first tried to go with this poem isn’t working out–go back to the drawing board. maybe this scrap that you thought would work at the end of a poem actually fits better in the middle of what you ended up writing (this is what happened with “cruor”). sometimes I end up cutting the original image that I wrote the poem around out of the poem entirely!! it breaks my heart but if omitting something makes for a better poem, then omitted it must be. I’ll also change the order of things–”an Arabian sonnet” started with the rhyming couplet “dense, fizzing tufts of green like algal blooms— / as sleepy as the downy crowns of mushrooms” and throughout the course of writing it, I ended up switching the rhyme scheme from a Petrarchan sonnet, to a Shakespearean sonnet, to a series of rhymed couplets, before I figured out what I wanted to do. each one of these changes involved switching a lot of lines and even stanzas around. this also necessitated changing “dense” to “in,” and I was sad to lose that image but it was syntactically necessary. I was very proud when that one finally came together, lmao.
  5. so that’s what I do to get a first draft. then I read over the poem closely about 1600 times and probably end up paring it down a lot! I cut any word that doesn’t add anything, or anything that can be inferred from the rest of the poem. I change or cut any word that’s not pulling its weight, and change stock expressions and cliches unless they’re adding something. I’ll sometimes cut entire stanzas–there’s nothing I hate more than when a poem overstays its welcome. I look at every word and ask “is this the right word here? is it saying what I need it to say? is there a reason for it to be here? would something else serve me better?” if you’re writing in a metered form you can also ask yourself if you’re using the meter well–if your deviations from it mean something, if it means something when you stick to it (as in Sonnets for the Sickly where the very regular meter of “wake and doze and wake by turns in restless fits and halts” mimics the action that it’s describing, and, contrarily, the meter is often less regular than usual during points of high emotion in the poem, such as the beginning of the fourth sonnet.) I’ll often put words that aren’t quite right in (parentheses) so that I can come back to them later. I like every word in my poems to say at least one thing but preferably two or three. thesauruses are your friend but make sure that you know the exact meaning of any word that you’re getting from them!! here’s an example of the result of this process.
  6. I’ll also change punctuation, line spacing, stanza order, and wording back and forth about 20 times at this stage, sometimes leaving it and coming back to it later, before I’m sure that I have everything just the way I want it. 

this is just one process out of many (I’m sure many people figure out what they want to say first and then find the language to fit it, rather than working backwards like this) but that’s what I do!

Day 668: Is Kylo Ren Redeemable Yet?

So I’m walking down the street minding my own business, and I notice this floating Kylo Ren helmet at the looking me up and down scowling. Note I have hair and have a Han Solo tee on. So I’m like

“Is there a problem?”

And the helmet just says

“Are you a fucking anti?”

And I’m like

“Geez, what gave it away?” Because I have zero chill when it comes to floating helmets and it starts going off its nut at me, screaming, literally screaming all the usual

Kylo Ren is an innocent baby, Han killed himself blah blah blah. Now it’s so loud a stormtrooper helmet comes floating in from outside to see what’s going on.

I just turned around and said

“I don’t know who you think you are but how dare you talk to me or anyone like that.”

The trooper helmet just hit the roof at it, telling it off in front of about ten other floating items for its yelling, swearing, having the nerve to yell at a human it doesn’t know like that…

And then the trooper helmet finished with the classic line…

“What did you think was going to happen with Kylo Ren?! Of course he’s evil and won’t be redeemed!”

So it not only embarrassed herself, she got in major trouble and found out one of the very few other sentient floating helmets in the world knows Kylo Ren is irredeemable…

It was a great start to the day.

(Anyways, no.)

Mari Christmas! (*^∀゚)ъ

When gift boxes start falling from the sky, everyone thinks it’s a Christmas miracle. The scores of solid objects blasting through the roofs of their homes moments later remind them that just maybe, they should be worrying about the laws of gravity as well. Some choose to hide from the barrage in their homes, while others decide to scramble outside to seek shelter elsewhere.

Bad choice. The townspeople scream and dive out of the way as a pink helicopter swoops low to the ground. Eight children are nearly decapitated. They’re being comforted by their parents after this traumatizing experience as the helicopter slows its descent and hovers in place.

The door to the aircraft slams open to reveal Ohara Mari wearing a red Santa suit and obviously fake white beard. She takes in everyone’s terrified faces with interest. Then, Mari winks, forms a circle with her thumb and forefinger, and whispers, “It’s joke!

No one says a word. Perhaps they’re in shock over the whole situation. Mari doesn’t pay them any mind and says, “Ciao~” before closing the door. The helicopter begins to pick up height, and the bystanders shake themselves out of their stupor so that they can quickly back away before they’re blown off their feet by the resulting winds. Mari’s helicopter veers sharply right and takes off, nearly colliding with a power line. The crowd watches the helicopter slowly fade from sight in stunned silence.

Thousands of homes are destroyed. The entire town is laid to waste, and children weep at the loss of their image of Santa Claus.

But it’s okay, because Dia is money. Mari will drop off the bill for the damages at the Kurosawa estate in the morning.

She chuckles to herself as her helicopter flies off into the night. With this, Dia will definitely regret telling the Ohara heiress that Santa wasn’t real when they were first years.

anonymous asked:

So I’m in the toilets at the market I work at washing my hands minding my own business, and I notice this young girl at the taps looking me up and down scowling. Note I’m wearing my hair in three buns and have a Kylo tee on. So I’m like “Is there a problem?” And she just says “Are you a fucking Reylo?” And I’m like “Geez, what gave it away?” Because I have zero chill when it comes to smart arse teens and she starts going off her nut at me, screaming, literally screaming all the usual Reylo is

its true i was the girl

anonymous asked:

I am sorry if this sounds rude but...I know when amateur artists ask for advice from popular art blogs I see most of em say things like "dont go by the no. of notes, likes you get on your post" I think it's a bit unfair to say that. It is easy to say these things for good artists like you because you guys already have all that. What if i draw and post everyday, I notice improvements in my work but still get zero appreciation, I do feel upset and just think whats the point when nobody cares.

same anon, continue-…I am sorry if this came out as rude and if I hurt you, feel free to ignore my previous ask but I would really much appreciate if you give me a reply. Sometimes I get really depressed when I see my art is lacking and I always end up with negative thoughts. I know that likes and no.of notes aren’t everything but they do matter right? I know no artist out there is without a struggle, I dont think talented people like you have it easy as well. So I hope u understand please.

Hello Anon-san! This doesn’t sound rude at all and I’m glad you are coming to me for this! I’m not good at explaining, but let me give this a try.

(Rest under the cut, because this became quite the wall of text! //sweats)

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So I was out shopping today...

was in the electronics department looking at movies when this little gem caught my eye

it’s originally a movie from Argentina from 2007 called El Arca. 

Now, I have a love for crappy movies…and just from seeing the dvd cover of this movie I knew I wanted to see it. I considered buying it but decided not to. 

I was still really curious about it tho so tried looking stuff up online…sadly I couldn’t find the full film anywhere but did find a good 2 part review of it

[PART 1], [PART 2]

This movie tho…it’s mostly the fact that it has some seriously adult themes and suggestive material (along with overly sexualized animals) in it that amazes me when its suppose to be a kids movie…I definitely suggest you watch the review but if you don’t have time for that allow me to give you some visual highlights:

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Ok im going to rant a little bit about orange is the new black pls just ignore me


im just so pissed because Poussey and Soso’s relationship had so much potential? 

like not only is it rare to have a lesbian couple on tv in gerneral, but to have both women be poc and not be hyper-sexualized is just so refreshing and wonderful and really they were the only reason i was so excited for this season bc the last one was so dull tbh

and to have Soso fuck up by making assumptions about Poussey bc shes black and for Poussey to call her out on it and spark the conversation about privilege within the poc community (which then was contradicted by having Soso casually say the n word wtf writers)  I was literally yelling there was soooo much fucking potential to explore that further and for their relationship to grow and mature and be so much more interesting than piper and alex’s repetitive mess 

not even mentioning the strong implications of Soso maybe questioning her sexuality and worrying that she wouldnt be able to ever reciprocate sexual intercourse or the uncertainty of the future of their relationship (and Poussey being a babe and telling her that she would wait for her im so gay)

like i get that killing off a popular black character was meant to reflect on the blm movement especially with the similarities in the way she died and capudo not saying her name in the press release but that could have been handled a hell of a lot better (ie not making the co the fucking victim, not having her death be an obvious accident that then makes tastee and co look like theyre overreacting, etc.) 

im not even going to start on how the majority of the oitnb writers are white and they are the ones writing the lines that come out of the actresses’ mouths (ie that weird “black ppl can be racist too” scene)

this show had so much potential to be a mouthpiece for woc particualry lgbtq woc and reflect on the shittyness of the american prison system but its ultimately become a female poc’s pain porno for white people and its really just a fucking shame

edit: on a similar note having Daya be the one holding the gun at the end made zero sense seeing as she only got like 3 minutes of screen time the entire season but whatever 


Last Ditch Kit DCT3

It’s not always practical to have your tools concealed/embedded on your person.

The LDK DCT3 is one method of carry that allows for the convienant carry and concealment of the tools (24hr Carry Habit).

○ Deep Carry Tube 3 inch custom made for Euro bank notes (2.6 inch would be ideal for US bank notes. Go-Tube 2.6 available via or ITS Tactical for standard length Go-Tube Combo).

○ Mini Light Sticks 4hrs green glow

○ Mini Titanium Bogota Lock Picks

○ Micro FireSteel

○ Ceramic FireSteel Striker /Razor

○ AHK2 + R Clip

○ Slim Shim

○ Modified Hair Grip

○ 14mm SERE Button Compass

○ Quick Stick

○ Modified Hair Grip

○ Zero Dark 19mm Disc for end caps

This setup will take 5 x 20 Euro bank notes, multiple 1g gold bars (Umicore). Add 50 inches of electrical tape and cable/zip-tie around the tube for anti-roll on flat surfaces.

Components available soon via OscarDelta SPD.

honestly i dont have enough energy to hate things

like ill frequently say the words “i hate whatever” but at most my feelings are just mild irritation or annoyance, aside from rapists and homophobes and other actual real despicable awful things, there are zero things im willing to put effort into hating

people that have the time to write post after post about their supreme loathing of random celebrities or things in pop culture confuse me. go outside. pet a dog. it doesnt have to be like this.


i heard you like Sesshy~ XD

that edgy butt there decided to see why you like him so much… but he got caught XD

luckily, Sesshomaru is having a good day, and knows where this little shit should be, and is giving him back XD

so, here ya go! XD hope you like them!

i did not expect this to get this many notes XD
thankies everyone!!! :D

pullingawaythespooks replied to your post “It Started As A Joke But Now I Ship It (Addendum) (A Not Comprehensive…”

Please elaborate on Blackwall/Harding?


Okay so.

So both Blackwall and Harding are what I think of as… earthy… characters. I mean, I think that’s why Blackwall and Sera end up as BFFs: Blackwall is not from money, and that’s very clear. (Sera, interestingly, is almost as suspicious of Varric–who is rich, actually probably quite rich, although not titled–as she is of nobles. But she immediately seeks Blackwall as a kindred soul. More on that later.)

With Blackwall, it’s quite clear that he was clawing his way out of poverty, and that he made some awful decisions while so clawing, decisions that he’s been trying to make up for ever since. 

Harding was also working her way out of poverty–she was a shepherd for her neighbor’s sheep, so clearly didn’t have much of her own. And she was a dwarf among humans, which adds another layer of difficulty to her life. She’s a very, very talented scout and archer, but it’s also clear that she got lucky too: Charter found her and recognized her talent. Otherwise, no matter how smart, observant, and talented she was, chances are good that she would have been stuck watching sheep for her whole life.

So I think they have that in common. And in my head, that’s what brings them together. She’s comfortable around animals (her family mabari, and the sheep) and so hangs around the stables when she’s in Skyhold, tending to her pony and avoiding the hall with its nobles and wealthy. (People keep expecting that she and Varric will make friends, but to her that’s insane. Varric is rich. He owns whole businesses. She never even owned the sheep she watched over. They have zero in common except that they’re both four feet tall.)

And she’s helping to groom the horses, and he’s doing his carving–and he asks after her cob or she notes on his carving. And they talk.

It’s a relationship born of talking, at the end of the day. They talk and they talk, and then it gets to be evening and they go to the Herald’s Rest and talk more, over his pint of stout and her glass of white wine, and then they go up on the ramparts under the moon and talk more.

And talk.

And talk.

And eventually, under the moon, she gets up onto the ramparts so she can reach and kisses him. Repeatedly.

And he flips out because she’s so young and so pretty and she deserves so much better than him. 

He runs. 

She doesn’t chase him. She has other things to do. But she sends him letters, one after another, sharp and biting as fresh ginger, sweet as spring berries. “Blackwall, you idiot…”

And later, when she finds out, “Rainier, you idiot….”

And at the end of the day, in the wake of the Inquisitor’s pardon, he says, “You deserve so much better than me.”

And she says, “What about this makes you think that your judgment should be trusted?” And when he frowns at her, a thundercloud behind his dark beard, she says, “My judgment is excellent, thank you, and I judge you worthy.” 

He opens his mouth.

“Hush, you,” she says, and kisses him, and he says nothing.