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hi!! i just wanted to get this off my chest. My boyfriend is so lovely and i'm just really overwhelmed. i'm sitting here n its 2am and i keep thinking about him. He is like really soft and full of happiness and he's so beautiful!! He has these amazing puppy eyes and the cutest smile (that he hates). He is also so smart and he understands me and respects me and treats me so well!! i am so goddamned lucky to have him. I am just so in love with him i am going to explode. i am so happy.

awww i’m so glad that you’re so happy!!!! :D

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i love you. do you understand? y e s .

Can we take a minute to realize just how goddamn important this line is? I mean, first let’s look at this:

Kuroko has always been scared of being left behind. It happened to him in Teikou and it was the worst period of his life. He lost his friends, he started to hate the sport he loved, his team didn’t need him anymore. Waaaay back at the start of the show, I think it was the first Shuutoku match, we’ve seen him scared to see Kagami growing so fast and going “just pass the ball to me” mode, and fearing he too, will stop needing his passes, just like Aomine did. 

He’s also always been insecure because he wasn’t as talented as his teammates, being an overall pretty below-average player (misdirection non-withstanding) When they faced Touou and lost, he was crushed because he felt he was dragging his team down. The same happened in the rematch at Winter Cup, when Aomine broke his Vanishing Drive and he felt that his efforts were useless and that he was still a burden to his team. This sort of disappeared once they beat Aomine, we’ve seen him much more confident in his abilities in the Yosen and Kaijou matches (can we take a minute to remember how fucking HAPPY he was when he made that buzzer beater?). But now Akashi told him that, by becoming visible, he’s become useless again. Akashi sort of completely negated everything Kuroko accomplished. And as he goes back to the bench, his light, the ace and most talented member of the team tells him they need his passes. That he’s important to the team, that they won’t leave him behind, that they don’t think he’s useless. Kagami may not notice, but that is exactly what Kuroko needed to hear and it’s so beautiful. I’m so proud and happy for him I could cry.


Dragon Age III: Inquisition is going to use this game engine. LOOK AT THE FACES. THEY LOOK SO REAL. GUYS. IMAGINE THE CONVERSATIONS. THEY’LL LOOK REAL.

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I don't know if I am the only one with this. But when I first played Dandelion ~ Wishes Brought to You. I've read first all of the reviews I can find for the game and characters. Sadly, When I thought of playing Jiyeon route. There seems to be more hate for his route than love. Which got me to play him last /guilty/ but after playing, I honestly cried especially when he told the reason why he have done those things. ALL OF THE ROUTES ARE BEAUTIFUL IN ITS OWN WAY. Jiyeon deserves more than that.

You know what, I’m talking as mun without brackets because I’m a goddamn rebel! This is going to be a long, long reply so buckle up kiddos because we’re in for one hell of a ride!


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Favorite Disney movie of each Disney era?

OH MAN. I’m just gonna stick to the animated movies that aren’t Pixar because otherwise OH MAN OH MAN.

Gold Era: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Beautifully animated and the music is gorgeous. Also the evil queen used to scare the crap out of me when I was a kid and now I LOVE IT.

Silver Era: Sleeping Beauty. Oh my gosh this movie. So many different types of women, from grumpy sassafras Merryweather to sweet Fauna to the deliciously evil Maleficent. Also she turns into a goddamn dragon.

Bronze Era: The Aristocats. This one was actually the toughest for me, since this era also includes The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and talk about childhood. I ended up going with The Aristocats because it’s arguably the Bronze Era film I watch the most as an adult. It’s got its problems - the recycled animation, a shaky plot, the racist caricatures of the alleycats to name a few - but I am still immeasurably fond of this film for how perfectly it portrays kittens. Also the art style is glorious.

Renaissance Era: Beauty and the Beast. This was MY Disney movie as a kid. I watched up to six times a day and wouldn’t watch anything else. I named two fluffy cats Beast because of it. I got to fulfill my dream of dressing up as Belle last year for Halloween. I. Love. This. Movie. I do give major shoutouts to The Great Mouse Detective, Hunchback, and Mulan, though.

Post-Renaissance Era: The Emperor’s New Groove. This movie is TOO DAMN FUNNY FOR ITS OWN GOOD. I love the look of it and the jazzy uptempo music, and YZMA AND KRONK. Ugh, so good. A big loud shoutout to Lilo and Stitch that is arguably a better movie and also broke my tender childhood heart.

Revival Era: Tangled. God, I love Tangled. Alan Menken’s lush score and character designs by Glen Keane and DONNA MURPHY AS MOTHER GOTHEL. I have a thing for female villains, you know, and Mother Gothel was everything I could have hoped for. Tangled swept me off my feet and reminded me why I love Disney movies so dang much.

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vanessa and wesley could take such good care of fiska nd now i’m gonna cry because it’s so beautiful

I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I KNOWWWWWWWW UGHHHHHHHH ITS SO PERFECT???????????? AND HE WOULD TRUST HER well given time and shit but he would AND HE ALREADY TRUSTS WESLEY AND JUST???? Sorry there was that moment when Wesley first showed Vanessa in where I honestly thought she was going to kiss him and then go kiss Wilson and hellO I NEED IT IN MY LIFE THIS FUCKING OT3. OT3S DONT HIT ME LIKE A TRAIN USUALLY BUT THIS ONE HAS GODDAMN