it's going to be golden

Why is he making such a face? It almost looks like the face that he had when he was at the shop and he was looking at Merlin after it got destroyed. Something must be wrong. Now that I realize, even Merlins face is the same. I’m thinking way too much over this still. (I’m leaning more to the fact that something is just not right with Harry [from what mathew said in a recent interview].)


the extent of Chalo’s show jumping career

ah i have such a massive musical crush on salvador. his voice is so fucking pure and timeless and he’s such a darling i just want to give him a cuddle and i could listen to him sing for hours and hours. swoon*

…someone get matthew vaughn on the phone we need to sort this mess out

They say my lip gloss is popping
My lip gloss is cool

Thrawn on his way to steal your man. Lmao…a lil pick me up for my @white-rainbowff from her latest chapter for Who Dares, Wins

Oh, Fitz can eat anything. You should see the stuff I’ve watched him eat when he was off the page.

Robin Hobb, Friday Ask you anything

(this is making me imagine WAY too many things)


Angel: Oh and Golden likes anything bitter… no wonder.

(Thanks  @askcaffeinehazard ! A small break from the lore-ish story thing that i swear i’ve sketched just never lined…. i’m sorry. TwT sorry it’s just a poor sketch. also minor spoilers as you see… you can see the other characters again! from way back when good times..)

Without going into too much detail on this part of things, there was an old friend of mine who actually didn’t sign with WWE in hopes that we could do something special this year. And I would feel- In all of the excitement I had almost forgotten that that was something that should be important to me.

Kenny Omega, Wrestling Observer Interview, Jan 26, 2017

(explaining one of the reasons he will be re-signing with NJPW this year)


all i want is to always feel as peaceful as this 43 second clip from the simpsons is

me waking up in a cold sweat at 12:03 am: but those pictures of bts were all so beautiful and not whitewashed and ive been visited by the gods of bronzed beauty we have to treasure these pictures because who knows how long we have until korea bleaches them into paper stan the real bts

((Ugh. The more I think about Shanks the more I actually absolutely adore this character. 

Like I was just thinking, looking through fanart of him and doujin and stuff, how great he looks with that big ol’ dorky smile of his. And I realized again, he has absolutely no reason to be kind. He had no reason he had to sacrifice an arm for Luffy. He doesn’t need anything from anyone, he doesn’t need their protection, he doesn’t need them to like him, he knows what the One Piece is, he knows where it is. He literally could rule the world with the power and tools at his disposal. 

But instead, he chooses to be kind. He chooses to be respectful. He chooses to throw parties and make friends and be a helping hand despite only having one to offer. When Buggy starts yelling at him at the war, he could have easily put Buggy in his place- he could have, over time, let power get to his head. But no. He’s just so happy that Buggy hadn’t changed a bit. He could have easily wasted the mountain bandit at the beginning, but instead he just laughed it off until the bandit threatened a small child he had randomly met. 

He could literally be the biggest asshole in the world, and no one would be able to stop him. He could arguably create more trouble than any of the villains we’ve seen so far. But instead he invites his rivals to drink with him, he laughs off insults, and he shows nothing but respect (even if a life at sea has left his manners a little rough, his heart is pure) for those around him. Hell, he saved a Marine’s life, and I doubt that’s the first time he had done so given his track record. Two of his most significant appearances in the manga involve him rescuing someone, one person he didn’t even know (he doesn’t even know Luffy and Coby are friends!). Another involves him helping a rival crew by taking time and resources to ensure proper burials. And considering he’s made probably six to seven appearances so far, and maybe three of them consequential (Beginning, his talk with Whitebeard, and the war - I think his meeting with Mihawk is a little bit more just fluff for us, as well as the funeral) I’d say his track record shows him as pretty compassionate. 

He willingly put himself in the path of a powerful, angry, homicidal Marine’s lethal attack to protect some random Marine (A natural enemy of a pirate!). And he didn’t even push a fight with the angry Marine, he simply stopped an attack. 

Shanks is literally just kind to be kind. There is no hidden motive unless Oda will surprise us all with a Frozen-like Hans twist. But at that point I’d just give up on the series tbh XD))
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Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
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Fandom: Kingsman
Relationship: Harry Hart/Merlin
Characters:  Harry Hart, Merlin, Eggsy
Additional Tags:  Kingsman: The Golden Circle Spoilers, Amnesia, References to Depression, Grief/Mourning, Loss of Limbs

Summary:  Life continues on in a world without Harry Hart, until it doesn’t. 

A loose sequel to ’The Naming of Things’, though reading the first isn’t really required, it might help.

This was mostly a way for me to work through all the feels that the trailer gave to me, so possible spoilers ahead for The Golden Circle, but mostly vaguery and speculation on everything but one important detail.

Merlin allows himself one moment to feel  everything,  as he stares at the static-laden feed of Harry’s barely functioning glasses. The thought strikes him, how blue the sky is, even through the red flecks that dot the lenses.  His entire world has come crashing down in this single impossible moment.

He takes a deep breath. He closes the feed. He contacts Arthur.

That one moment over, there’s scarce time to breathe, let alone mourn, as Harry’s death seems to be the catalyst in sending Merlin’s life spinning out of control. It isn’t fair of him to feel it so personally, he knows. Countless lives were lost on V-Day and in the resulting fallout.  He’s not even the only one that lost Harry Hart, but there’s no denying that some vital part of Merlin is gone.

He shoves it aside.  There’s no time for this.  Kingsman and the world at large are in a state of chaos.

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So Dwayne and his producer Hiriam are looking at a handful of actors for Shazam! and Armie Hammer is one of them, and Charlie Hunnam now is open to playing Green Arrow, honestly I want Charlie for GA, I'd prefer an actor of color for Shazam and Green Arrow. Rahul Kohli as Shazam, and Martin Sensmeier for Green Arrow are my choices.

BOI I KNOW OMG!!!! alright so. way before armie was rumored for green lantern i was DEAD SET on him for cap marvel so i freaked out when i heard

i would LOVE it if he got it, if only because he plays wide-eyed stupidly earnest so well. totally believable as a literal child pretending to be an adult LOL. BUT i would also love either of those picks you mentioned. A+ CHOICES

tbh if the only good thing to come out of the king arthur press tour is charlie hunnam offering himself up for ollie, then it will have been 10000000% worth it. OH MY GOD DO IT I NEED THIS