it's going to be golden

Oh, Fitz can eat anything. You should see the stuff I’ve watched him eat when he was off the page.

Robin Hobb, Friday Ask you anything

(this is making me imagine WAY too many things)

Without going into too much detail on this part of things, there was an old friend of mine who actually didn’t sign with WWE in hopes that we could do something special this year. And I would feel- In all of the excitement I had almost forgotten that that was something that should be important to me.

Kenny Omega, Wrestling Observer Interview, Jan 26, 2017

(explaining one of the reasons he will be re-signing with NJPW this year)


Leaked screenshots from the game you’ve all been waiting for: Persona 4 Golden Platinum Sparkling Candy Crush Edition! Since Persona 5 was delayed until 2050, enjoy the new installment to the Persona 4 franchise. Soon to be showcased during the latest Persona livestream. 

Official description: In this exciting crossover, the shadows have take a new form, delicious candies! The investigation team must reunite again to stop the shadows from ruining the Inaba Candy Store business! Will the investigation team save the day this time? Or be overpowered by the puzzling sweets before them?!


  • Match candies while listening to your favorite characters and completing new, never seen before social lonks! 
  • Now with 200% more DLC! You asked for it, we delivered! Enjoy new exclusive outfits only available for mobile platforms. Have your yen ready!
  • 30 hours of story mode and gameplay, set 2 days after Persona Ultimax. See where the story left off!
  • CO-OP MODE: Featuring the options to send your real life friends approximately 200 game requests on Facebook! If they click, you’ll get bonuses! Make sure to send out requests every day to unlock even more side stories!

Who needs Persona 5 when you have the story of the Investigation team? Again and again and again!


DGM Hallow Countdown: Day 2 - Beliefs

↳ “This right hand is for the sake of protecting people. I will not surrender, I will not become ‘the 14th’. If I keep going until the day this conflict ends, perhaps in time my path will become an inspiration to someone else. I will move forward, and even if I lose myself… that is better than losing this vow.”

♫ “I slept long only to wake and watch the same land tessellate. I dusted for forgotten fingerprints of grace in every hidden place along the shore. Waiting and wasting, more than I’ve the power to restore. Hopeless, unsated, one more thief abandoned by the law.” ♪


golden // zayn 

every single jigsaw piece
seems to be you complete

the choices we make 
change the path that we take
but i know, that somewhere out there
there’s a path that we choose
there’s a life that we share
there’s a love and it grows

I Finally Found You, My Missing Puzzle Piece // @tender-vadge

I want you to think of this like puzzle pieces, okay?” said a mother whose baby had just come to her, asking her what love meant.

“Puzzle pieces are meant to fit together perfectly, right?” she asked and Zayn nodded. “Well, every person in the world is shaped a certain way. Like a puzzle piece. And each and every person has another person who fits with them like a puzzle piece does. Because they’re shaped in a way that works with you. Puzzle pieces that fit together have things about each other that makes the other person happy. Like, your daddy always knows how to make me laugh. And I know how to cheer him up when he’s sad.

“You know the puzzle pieces in the center of the picture, with a lot of holes?” Zayn nodded again. “Well, some people are like that, too, and there are a lot of people who might be able to fit with them.”

rouss’ twitter takeover

in case you missed it or just appreciate the beauty that is roussel… under the cut, it’s america’s favorite fighting frenchman who loves cats:

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Look at the adorable piece I commissioned from zombietonbo! I’ve been feeling super protective of Tony lately, so I asked for Tony getting to be genuinely happy while Steve holds him and glares like he’s daring anyone to try to hurt or upset him. And this is absolutely perfect!