it's going to be golden

Why is he making such a face? It almost looks like the face that he had when he was at the shop and he was looking at Merlin after it got destroyed. Something must be wrong. Now that I realize, even Merlins face is the same. I’m thinking way too much over this still. (I’m leaning more to the fact that something is just not right with Harry [from what mathew said in a recent interview].)


I know I talk a lot about Leyendecker and Rockwell and even Maxfield Parrish around here, but N.C. Wyeth is my real #illustratorgoals. His use of dynamic silhouettes is swoon-worthy, and his deftness with color gives me chills. 


the extent of Chalo’s show jumping career


all i want is to always feel as peaceful as this 43 second clip from the simpsons is

ah i have such a massive musical crush on salvador. his voice is so fucking pure and timeless and he’s such a darling i just want to give him a cuddle and i could listen to him sing for hours and hours. swoon*


Well officially count me as part of the fandom now

…someone get matthew vaughn on the phone we need to sort this mess out

Without going into too much detail on this part of things, there was an old friend of mine who actually didn’t sign with WWE in hopes that we could do something special this year. And I would feel- In all of the excitement I had almost forgotten that that was something that should be important to me.

Kenny Omega, Wrestling Observer Interview, Jan 26, 2017

(explaining one of the reasons he will be re-signing with NJPW this year)

They say my lip gloss is popping
My lip gloss is cool

Thrawn on his way to steal your man. Lmao…a lil pick me up for my @white-rainbowff from her latest chapter for Who Dares, Wins

Oh, Fitz can eat anything. You should see the stuff I’ve watched him eat when he was off the page.

Robin Hobb, Friday Ask you anything

(this is making me imagine WAY too many things)