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A Season 11 Novel-Length Story by @piecesofscully and @2moms-0fucks. Told in six chapters, each chapter “airs” on Sunday at 9:00pm. 

This is the season 11 story you’re not going to get from FOX. 

~225k in length, rated R-NC17 for graphic depictions of violence, imagery and sexual situations.

normanthatisall  asked:

So...Caryl touches! Was trying to think of all the touches between them and whether it was Carol that instigates most of them or whether Daryl is more touchy than we first think? (I do!) My personal faves are his thumb rub in Consumed and the chin touch in Same Boat (the less talked about Caryl hug I think but actually one of the most important) I know you'll have a big old list of these mod that I'm sure you would love to share! 😉

You know what hon I started thinking about this earlier but was unable to write about it then and I have a suprising answer that just might blow some peoples minds. And blow a big hole in the arguement about Carol being an ‘agressor’ or ‘sexually harassing’ Daryl  as well.

So what I’m gonna do is go over the major touches between them and a give a point to whoever initiates the physical contact. Then total it up for you all and tell you what that means and might mean.

You guys ready.. ok lets go

Chupacabra Season 2

So point here for first contact goes to Carol. And this is the moment where Daryl flinches. A conditioned response to unexpected physical contact. Especially that close to his face or head/neck area. So point 1 goes to Carol.

Pretty Much Dead Already Season 2

Daryl instinctively reaches out and hauls Carol down, protecting her from daughter’s reanimated corpse. Even going as far as pulling her away so she wouldn’t see Rick shoot her. Its the first time we see Daryl do anything like this. Daryl gets this point.

so we have it at one apiece. Here’s where it gets interesting folks.

(putting behind a cut cause it might be long ha)

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favorite kekkai sensen fun facts (from the manga without any spoilers)

- zapp doesnt know what a cat is. like, at all

- femt and aligura have different designs than in the anime (theyre a little more subdued? somber?) and aligura is never referred to as ‘the queen of monomania’, in fact femt seems to be the only one with the title of 'king’ in the first few volumes

- chain and leo have both referred to zapp as SS ('super shit’ and 'silver shit’ respectively)

- chain is a s u p e r heavy drinker and she has a god-like pokerface

- klaus is in a gardening club with a bunch of elderly folk

- zapp, leo, and gilbert play handheld games together sometimes (and zapp legit cares about gilbert, its actually amazing)

- hummer likes cubism art

- the all seeing eyes actually generate heat/overheat (which makes leo go light headed if he uses them for too long or for something too intensive)

threshie  asked:

I, too, am a new Supernatural fan (sometime last year I discovered it on Netflix.) Personally, I think the show should go on as long as the cast and crew want to make it. There will always be folks who think it's jumped the shark. There are some who think it should've ended at season 5. They're entitled to their opinion, but it's kinda sad they're spending their energy hating on something instead of loving something more to their taste. Nobody's forced to stay in a fandom, after all.

Thank you!! Speak the truth! I totally agree with you, and when people say “I think the show should’ve ended at S5,” that’s FINE! Go you for speaking your opinion! But when people say, “This show is fucking terrible this piece of shit should’ve ended at the pilot,”- it’s a bit of an overkill…
You’re entitled to your opinion but only if you can say it respectfully. Thanks for the ask!

anonymous asked:

Asking out of genuine curiosity and not hate: why do you watch Family Guy? You know enough source material to dissect it. What drives you to watch it and then run the information to this blog? Is it to learn from it to create better content yourself, or out of a morbid fascination?

i was actually just recording some audio about this, but it came out kinda weird (part of the reason the podcast concept hasn’t actually come to fruition is because i’m still making sure i’m clear/legible/coherent and also because i’m having quite a difficult time getting accustomed to listening to my own voice- similar to how artists always see flaws in their own art, it’s easy to hear every ‘lisp’ in your own words), but uh. under the cut because wow this is probably my longest post yet.

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(Quoting SchoolHouse Rock’s ‘Ready or Not, Here I Come’:”This is a long one, folks. Here we go!”)Well, in the last few days, there have been articles not only busting the hateful Myth that SCANDAL lost its Fall slot because of KW’s pregnancy to smithereens (suck a fat one, haters! We TOLD your sorry asses!) but also strongly implying that there will some form of an Olitz reconciliation in Season 6. I am a mixed bag of ‘FUCK YEAH, THAT’S WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR!’, ‘I WON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN!’ (*insert The Who’s bass line and guitar riffs here*), and as usual, SALTY AS FUCK. Why, you ask? Well...

Re: Shutting Down the Pregnancy Blame. Again: 

1. Well, it’s confirmed: KW’s pregnancy was NOT the direct cause of #Scandal’s delay in returning. Haters?

2. That’s why I was so mad when folks said it. If you’ve watched #Scandal for at least a year, then you know EXACTLY why it lost its Fall slot!

3. LEADING ACTRESSES ON MAJOR TV SHOWS GET PREGGERS ALL THE TIME. Usually, there will be bump hiding and ep delays but NOT 8 months! #Scandal

4. #Scandal losing its Fall slot has NOTHING to do with KW’s uterus. It’s because of shit ratings due to an inept showrunner’s hubris. PERIOD.

5. If #Scandal 5 hadn’t dropped the ball, hadn’t wasted the restart that we got in 4x22, if it had been done right, then we’d have a Fall date!

Re: Season 6 Speculation on Liv, Fitz, and #Olitz

6. #Scandal spoiler articles/SR imply that there will be an #Olitz reconciliation in 6 My 1st reaction (sad but true):

7. I’m #Olitz to the end but after what happened with #Scandal 5 & AT LAST? I don’t believe a fuckin’ thing ANYONE says. Not even my faves!

8. I call bullshit on anything good happening for Liv, Fitz, #Olitz on #Scandal until I see it on the screen. It’s easier that way. PROVE IT!

9. It may not be bull. #Scandal 5 was panned across the board from 5x05 because of the bait/switch. Maybe we’ll get a real AT LAST. #Olitz

10. The best news I could get from the #Scandal camp is news of brand new writers or throwback writers taking the wheel from SR’s bullshit.

11. It’s too much to ask for them to can SR as #Scandal’s showrunner but new writers, ABC putting sanctions on the Titan? YES. DO THAT.

12. SR’s been running #Scandal into the ground since Season 2A, 3A being nice. It’s time for a shakeup. Kick her out or install checks/balances!

13. Enough’s enough. #Scandal 5 removed all patience for the Mambo 123, bait/switch bullshit. DO IT RIGHT FOREVER OR SIT DOWN. #Olitz

14. I’m following the right folks because they’re reacting to the new #Scandal 6 speculation like me: Fuck SR’s lying ass/SHOW ME THE RECEIPTS!

15. None of us remaining Gladiators want to get burned again. There’s hope but it’s small hope, jaded hope (oxymoron, I know) #Scandal

16. I dunno. If the spoilers/speculation I read had come from a major site ala TV Guide or SpoilerTV, I’d be more secure in believing. #Scandal

17. And even then, that doesn’t mean shit because things get changed at the last minute all the time with #Scandal and rarely in our favor.

18. If SR really cared about more than her ego, then #Scandal would still be a top shelf show instead of a primetime soap with rare gem moments.

19.  I mean, who really wanted to see Joke live past Season 2? Who’s really here for B613 and President Mellie? #Scandal

20. I’m thinking that the speculation is either bait/switch again or SR’s gonna give us Liv, Fitz, #Olitz but on her petty terms. #Scandal

21. Remember that was Season 4’s Finale wasn’t her original plan. Pretty much anything good for Liv, Fitz, #Olitz comes DESPITE SR. #Scandal

22. #Scandal 5 made it so that SR can’t get away with her usual Liv, Fitz, #Olitz antics + The Flop…er Catch is not a good replacement for it.

23. There is hope. Tangible hope. #Scandal 5 getting slammed and other shows stepping their game up gives us hope for 6. It better pan out!

24. I’m going into #Scandal 6 writing everything good off as bull until I see it live. I will NOT be AT LAST burned again on Liv, Fitz, #Olitz!

25. I’m not the only one. The 1st comment on the Article I read promising better #Scandal days was and I quote: SCREW YOU AND YOUR LIES, SHONDA.

26. What do I want for #Scandal 6? I want a Liv that I don’t feel stupid defending, a dead Joke, Mellie to lose & I want a flipped script #Olitz

27. I don’t want Fitz chasing her. He’s done enough chasing and begging and scraping. FUCK THAT. IT IS LIV’S TURN TO EARN HIM. #Olitz #Scandal

28. I want Liv to get the mental help that Meredith has gotten. I want Liv to stop being a punk ass bitch & be a Gladiator for herself. #Scandal

29.  I DON’T want #Olitz without Liv putting in the work that Fitz always has for them to make it. I want balance. I want justice! #Scandal

30. I know that the majority of #Scandal fans have had it with SR’s bull because even the #Olitz optimists are like:

31. My timeline is LIT with people who are SO DONE with the back and forth and I love it. SALTY FOLKS UNITE! #Scandal

32. It ain’t over until the last camera shutter click to black of #Scandal but ain’t nobody here for Mambo 123 bullshit with Liv, Fitz, #Olitz!

33. Shonda? #SmashinginVermont, #MentalHelpforOP, #BrassPresidentialBallsforFTGIII, and #Olitz in #Scandal 6 or:

34. #Scandal 6 may the END. I don’t want another rip off for Liv, Fitz, or #Olitz. Either do it right or kill them off! WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

35. It’s crunch time, even if #Scandal 6 isn’t the END of the show. Liv deserves better. We deserve better. FIX IT!