it's going to be a long night omg

Say You Wont Let Go

Jungkook x Reader // oneshot // 5k words

Summary: Jungkook just wanted to have one night where he didn’t think about you, but unfortunately for him that can never happen.

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, mentions of alcohol and vomiting

A/N: SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG OMG!! I feel so bad but ive spent a long ass time on this so I hope you like this oneshot!!! Its inspired by the song say you wont let go by James Arthur I literally love that song so much. enjoy!

Jungkook was hellbent on not going to the club that night. He really was. After an extremely long, and tiring concert all he wanted to do was crash in the dorms, and play Mario Kart with the rest of his band mates while consuming a copious amount of junk food. Unfortunately for him, his hyungs were all riding their post concert high and wanted to finish the night with shots and girls.

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Hi I know I literally requested yesterday but your writing is so good I just had to ask for another one but this time team flash is supposed to go have a fun night out and when Cisco and reader don't show up they go by Ciscos apartment to make sure he's okay when they hear Cisco and reader having sex then tease them about it at work the next day. Sorry it's super long :/

Omg no no! I absolutely love getting requests so please do continue to send some! Also?? THANK YOU 💕💕 This prompt was so fun to write, thanks again for the great request!!

Title: Late

Tags: implied smut but nothing graphic !! lol everyone teases cisco and reader, this one is short, sorry!!!

Word Count: 808

It was Friday night, there were no meta attacks today and therefore the team had decided to go out for drinks. A great way to spend the night, right? However, instead of actually going out and having those drinks Barry, Iris, Caitlyn, and Wally were all still at STAR labs waiting on a certain pair to show up. Checking his watch once more, Barry let a sigh escape his lips.“They’re a lot later than usual.” His voice was laced with worry, the others nodded in agreement.

“You’d expect Cisco to be here on time, since he was the one that suggested we all go out.” Caitlyn pushed a piece of her hair behind her ear, her foot tapping gently on the floor. They were right, Cisco and suggested the team to go out and have some fun. But he was nowhere to be found, hell he wasn’t even answering his phone. When Barry or Caitlyn tried to call it went to voicemail.“Maybe we should go and check on them? I know Y/N would at least send a text if she knew the two of them were going to be late.” Iris stated, and they all agreed. It was obvious that the team was worried something bad had happened to the two of you.

However, it was the exact opposite. A gasp escaped your throat as your boyfriend threw you on your shared bed, his lips immediately attacking your neck with kisses and bites.“Cisco!” You whimpered out while his hands began to unzip your dress, pulling it from your body. His hands roamed your body and sides before resting on your clothed breast, gently squeezing them through the thin fabric. You could feel his hardness through his jeans against your thigh, making you bite your bottom lip.“God that dress looked so good on you Y/N.” He breathed into your ear, your body shuddering in response.“Cisco…please.” You begged gently, you just wanted him to touch you already.

When the team arrived at the door of the shared apartment, they were ready to meet with the worse.“Cisco normally never leaves the door unlocked.” Barry stated as he opened the door, only to be flooded with more confusion. The lights were all on, as if they were still in the apartment.“That’s really weird..” Wally spoke up as the four of them walked into the apartment, closing the door behind them.“Cisco? Y/N?” Barry called out, walking towards the living room, however a feminine voice caught them all off guard.“Cisco! Oh god…yes!”

“Was that..” Caitlyn started, only to have Barry continue.“Y/N?” The voices only got louder and when they did it clicked almost immediately in everyone’s head.“Oh my godddd!” Wally gasped in embarrassment as he quickly left the apartment, grumbling as he covered his ears. Barry, Caitlyn, and Iris however couldn’t stop laughing. Iris aced her hand over her mouth to keep herself from bursting out with laughter as Barry lead the three of them out of the apartment, where they all gasped and wheezed for air as they let laughter escape them. Wally was disgusted and just wanted to go home.“I’m going home!” He stated, making the three of them laugh more.

The next morning was quite a normal morning, that is until you and Cisco walked into the cortex. Wally was quick to let out a groan of disgust and leave the room, making Iris laugh. You raised your eyebrow at her.“What’s up with Wally?” You asked, Cisco nodding in agreement.“Yeah, he’s acting like we kicked his puppy or something.” Barry couldn’t wipe his smile from his face and you knew something bad was going to happen.“Oh, you know. Wally’s just being Wally. But, uh, how are you guys? Have fun last night?” Your cheeks immediately flushed at the memories of the night before, the memory your boyfriend’s body pressed against yours made you clear your throat.“Dunno what you’re talking about.”

Barry and Iris burst into a fit of giggles, Caitlyn joining in soon after.“What is wrong with you guys? Is there something we don’t know?” Cisco let out a sigh at the three of them.“Well,” Caitlyn started, a chuckle leaving her.“When you guys didn’t show to go out last night, we got worried. Y'know like friends do. And we all decided to come to your apartment to check up on you.” A look of horror flashed across your face as you let out an embarrassed gasp.“Oh noooo!” You let out and quickly turned around and walked out the Cortex and down the hall.“Wally! I’m so sorry!” You called after.

Cisco watched you go with a smile on his face, chuckling.“I dunno what she’s so embarrassed about, I know she had a good time.”


((And that’s it for the event! Thank you to everyone who sent in an ask, I really appreciate it! There were a few that I wasn’t able to get to, but unfortunately, life gets in the way

I hope you all have a fun Valentines Day, whether it be with a partner or with friends or having a day to yourself! I know Thog’s going to have a very romantic night with all the money he’s acquired over these last 2 weeks))

More Than Just Friends | Josh Pieters

•Josh’s POV•

“Ladies and gentlemen the plane is going to land in about 20 minutes so please put on your seatbelts” the air hostess announced through the speakers.

Me, my friend Y/n, my best mate Caspar and his girlfriend Maddie were all headed to Switzerland for a couple of days of skiing in the snow. I was currently on the plane on my way there, me and Y/n sat next to each other and Maddie and Caspar sat right behind us.

The thing was that I have had a secret crush on Y/n for a long time now. It was obvious the feeling wasn’t mutual though since she had friend zoned me more than enough times for me to get the signal.

~Time Skip~ 

•Y/n’s POV•

“Here’s your keys Mr..Pieters and Ms.Y/l/n, your room is on the top floor, breakfast is at 8:00 and dinner is at 19:00, do you have any questions?” the hotel receptionist asked me and Josh.

“No thank you” I replied grabbing our room keys and walking over to the elevators where Caspar and Maddie where waiting for us.

“We can go grab dinner later on” Maddie suggested

“Yeah we can meet at the lobby at around 20:00″ I said just as the elevator doors opened, revealing the 7th floor. We all said your goodbyes and headed the opposite directions since mine and Josh’s and Caspar’s and Maddie’s rooms were at the opposite ends of the corridor. If I was being honest, I was quite happy about having to share a room with Josh. I have had a huge crush for months now but me being me, had friend zoned him purely because of fear of rejection. I knew he didn’t see me in the same way anyways since he was always flirting and sleeping with other girls.

“There it is” I said pointing to a wooden door at the end of the corridor. Next to the door was a huge glass window, providing us with a lovely view of the ski resort.

“Wait…why is there only one bed?” I asked confused once I had walked in the room.

“Why didn’t Caspar book a two bed room?” Josh murmured, realization finally hitting him.

“Well… it seems like we’ll have to share a bed then. Unlucky for you” I spoke, a grin plastered on my face. I wasn’t that mad at Caspar for booking us a double-bed room but it did slightly annoy me that he was playing games with us.

“Why unlucky for me?” Josh asked throwing his bag on the bed

“You’ll have to sleep with me for a week” I laughed

“Is that a bad thing?” he winked at me

“We’ll see” I laughed

“Either way I call this side of the bed!” Josh exclaimed pointing to the side of the bed farthest from the door

“Sure you can have it but why?” I asked, putting my suitcase on the bed

“Its next to the socket that’s why” he laughed

“Oh for god’s sake you’ll be nice to me and let me use it right?” I asked with pleading eyes

“No chance babe” he smiled at you, walking over to the desk located exactly opposite of the bed.

“Dick” I replied, hopping onto the bed

“You love me Y/n and you know it” Josh teased

“No chance” I replied mimicking his voice

“I’m going to jump in the shower and then we can head down to meet Maddie and Caspar” he told you, taking off his shirt and walking over to the bathroom.

I just nodded

~15 minutes later~

I was watching videos on my phone when Josh walked out of the bathroom with some really messy hair.

“What’s up with the hair” I laughed

“Oh shut up, I forgot my hairspray and it won’t stay in place on its own” Josh whined, lying next to you on the bed

“I could help you with it if you want me to” I said looking at my phone

“Really? Y/n you’re the best” he rolled over to his side to give me a huge hug almost suffocating me

“Yeah no problem but get off you big tree” I laughed shoving him off. “Now get up and bring me my wash bag from the desk” I said pointing to a black makeup bag on the desk.

Once he had brought it over I got some of my hair stuff and started dealing with the mess his hair was. Taking my hair moose, I massaged it into Josh’s hair trying to make it stay in one place. I then took a tiny bit of hairspray and sprayed it into Josh’s hair. That’s when I realized how close our faces were and that he was staring at me. We looked at each other for a split second making us both blush.

“There you are” I smiled, putting my hairspray back into my bag and running my fingers through his hair making it a bit more messy looking.

“Thank you shorty” he said, referring to our height difference

“Hey its not my fault you’re huge” I teased him

He rolled his eyes, getting up to look at his hair in the mirror. “We should head down to the lobby” he said running a hand through his hair

“But its barely 19:00″ I said looking at the clock on the wall

“Yeah we could go explore this place for a bit before dinner”

“But Josh-” I began but he cut me off

“Oh come on it’ll be fun! At the end of the day we’re going to have to spend most of this trip together since our friends are probably going to be hitting it off”

“But its cold” I whined

“I’ll be a gentleman and give you my jacket if you get cold” Josh continued

“Okay fine you’ve persuaded me” I gave in sitting up from the bed and putting my shoes on.

The next day~

•Y/n’s POV•

Today was our first full day in Switzerland and the four of us had planned to go skiing. The boys had been skiing before but it was mine and Maddie’s first time going. We had just finished lessons with the instructor and we were headed back inside to find Josh and Caspar. Once we walked inside we spotted them over by a hot chocolate stand and walked over to them. I was about to pour myself a cup when I spotted a familiar face across the room. I was starring at him for a while when Maddie walked over to me.

“Love interest?” she jokes noticing me looking at the guy

“I think he was in my high school class”

“You should go talk to him” she encouraged me

“But what if its not actually him”

“You’d know by now you’ve been looking at him for a while now”

“Okay fair enough, I’ll be back in a bit for skiing" I told her walking off to the guy across the room. I was about to go up to him but he suddenly turned around.

“Y/n!! Omg remember me? We went to high school together!”

“Devan! Its so good to see you its been so long!" I exclaimed hugging him

"I know! Its been years since we’ve talked! We should catch up”

“Definitely here put in your phone number" I gave him my phone and he gave me his

"Who are you here with?” I asked whilst putting in my phone number

“Oh just some friends. You’re here with your boyfriend right? I saw you walking around the hotel last night but I wasn’t sure if it was you”

“You mean Josh? Oh no we’re just friends" I laughed

"Well either way it looks like he’s looking for you” he said giving me my phone back and motioning to Josh looking around for you.

“Well I should get going but I’ll see you around lets hang out sometime”

“Yes definitely” he responded giving me a big hug.

I walked over to my friends who were waiting by the door.

“Who was that?” Josh asked me

“Oh just a friend” I quickly replied giving him a smile and walking over to Caspar and Maddie

~Later that day~

I walked into mine and Josh’s room and closed the door behind me, taking off my shoes

“We should go to bed its already pretty late” I suggested

“Yeah we have to get up early tomorrow too. Just let me go get changed” he said wandering into the bathroom.

I changed into my pyjamas and waited for Josh to come out so he could close the bedroom lights. A few seconds later he walked out of the bathroom in just boxers and switched off the lights climbing into bed next to me. A couple of minutes later he spoke up.

“Who was the guy you were talking to at the lobby” he asked

“I already told you he’s just a friend” I yawned, turning to my side to face him

“Yeah right” Josh murmured

“Why would I lie about it? And why do you care so much about him anyways?" I looked over at him

"I was just asking, don’t make it such a big deal” he replied in an annoyed tone turning his back to me and getting comfortable

I decided not to reply since there was no point arguing with him, he was so stubborn at times.

~2 days later~

•Josh’s POV•

Y/n had been hanging out with Devan more and more. I was so jealous of him you could possibly kill him. I was watching YouTube videos on my laptop when y/n got a text from someone. A smile was quickly planted on her face when she saw who it was from.

“Who is it?" I asked out of curiosity

"Devan. He wants to go out for dinner” she smiled still looking down at her phone

“You’re going out with him again? Thought you we’re better then that Y/n" I scoffed

"What do you have against him that makes you talk about him like that?” she blurted

“Y/n he sees you as more than just friends!”

“And what is your problem with that? Maybe I like him as more than just a friend too so stop being such a dick Josh” she said looking over at me

“And you should stop being such a bitch" I murmured, the words spilling out of my mouth before I could stop them.

"What did you just call me?”

I remained silent feeling ashamed

She didn’t say anything just walked out of our room slamming the door behind her.

~The next day~

•Maddie’s POV•

Last night Josh and Y/n got in a bad argument and they both refused to speak to each other afterwards. Y/n didn’t end up going to dinner with Devan but came in mine and Caspar’s room and telling me everything that happened whilst Caspar was out having dinner with Josh.

“Caspar we need to get them back together before we leave Switzerland" I told him referring to your friends

"They wouldn’t get together when they were still friends and there’s zero chances they are now that they’ve fought” Caspar replied

“If we don’t get involved you know there’s no way they’re becoming friends again right?”

“We need make them talk to each other”

“What if we set them up?!” I suggested with excitement

“What do you mean?” Caspar asked

“We can set them up on a date and that way they’ll realize they both feel the same way”

“How do we do that? Its not as easy as you make it sound especially with Josh and Y/n both being so stubborn”

“We can tell them they’re going out for a coffee with us and when they get there we’ll leave them alone”

“Not a bad idea I like the way you think” Caspar grinned

~19:00 pm that afternoon~

•Caspar’s POV•

“Where are they’re both late" I look around

"Typical Josh and Y/n” Maddie laughs

“Oh wait there’s Josh” I say pointing to a tall ginger walking through the front door and over to our table

“Hi Josh” Maddie waved at him once he was at our table

“Hey buddy" I stud up to give him a hug

"I didn’t know Maddie was coming too” Josh smiled sitting down opposite us

“Yeah I’m going to be leaving pretty soon though" she smiled once she noticed Y/n coming over to our table looking more confused than ever

"And so am I" I said motioning Y/n to come over

"Aw why?” Josh asked

“We’ve got someone else to keep you company" we both laughed.

Before Josh could say anything else Y/n was already over at our table and she did not look happy

"Em… I didn’t know Josh was going to be here too” she murmured looking at Josh

“Y/n?! What are you doing here?” Josh exclaimed noticing her behind him

“What are you doing here?” she asked

“I was supposed to be having coffee with Caspar at 19:00” he informed her

“Well I was supposed to be having coffee with Maddie at 19:00 too” she told him

“Well I got here first!”

“Do I look like I care?!” she rolled her eyes

“Guys stop! You were both supposed to hang out with each one of us at the same time on purpose” Maddie confessed

“So you could make up” I finished her sentence

“And this is our queue to go so have fun don’t get in trouble and call us when you’ve made up” Maddie said getting up and smiling at them

“Don’t mess it up” I whispered to Josh before getting up and leaving too.

•Y/n’s POV•

“Well… it seems like we’re not leaving until we get this sorted” I trailed off looking down at my feet

“Its going to be a long night” Josh laughed gesturing me to sit opposite him

“So…. where do we start?” I began “Maybe the fact that you called me a bitch?“ I suggested

"Yeah that… I really didn’t mean it. There’s things I said that I regret and thats one of them. I’m sorry” he confessed looking embarrassed

“I’m sorry about the things I said too but what I want to know is why? Why did you care do much about him?" I asked

"Oh y/n is this what this is about?” he slightly raised his tone

“What are you on about” I asked confused

“Y/n isn’t it obvious that I like you? Isn’t it obvious I was jealous of you and Devan? Isn’t it obvious I can’t stand seeing you with him?”

I stayed silent

“Y/n I like you! Do you think its easy for me sleeping in the same bed as you and hanging out with you and then all of a sudden you start going out with a random guy from your high school? Well if you were wondering its not”

I was trying to keep a strait face but failed and started laughing

“Oh god here we go. Now you’re going to be teasing me about it for the rest of my life” he breathed looking away

“Thats not why I’m laughing" I said in between laughs

"Well would you do me the honor and tell me whats so hilarious”

“The fact that we had to get our friends to do this in order for us to confess our feelings”

“What do you mean?” he asked, confused

“Josh I like you too silly! I’ve liked you for the longest time now and the only reason why I was hanging out with Devan was because I though you had eyes for another girl” I giggled

“Are you serious?” he asked, a huge smile on his face

“Of course I am" I said taking his hand in mine

"Well does this mean we can go on that date I’m been dreaming of for the past year” Josh laughed squeezing my hand

“Yeah we could definitely do that” I laughed.

-Ella xx

Five nights at Freddys:

Yes its a cool and creepy game (jump scares yuck)

Yes its inspired by Chucke cheese and Rock-afire explosion

No the robots at Chucke arnt going to get you (the Rock-afires are only own by people who bought the old robots long ago so they are rarely seen)

Please respect the Chucke and Rock-afire explosion cast theyre actually a really cool show with a lot of interesting history once you get over the “omg sing robots” fear.

This has been a message from a Chucke cheese worker.

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How would the boys react as holding their newborns for the first time they gripped one of their fingers and the babies smile in their sleep?

How would the guys react to holding their newborn for the first time? ☺

I’m answering two asks in one here since they’re so similar.

LEO: THIS PROUD PAPA ARE YOU KIDDING HE HAS A BABY HES A DAD WHAT. Leo would smile down at his lil babe, his eyes crinkling in the corners as a happy sigh escapes him. For once he isn’t the leader or a brother or a son, but a dad, and he couldn’t be happier.

RAPH: OMG WHAT DO I DO WHAT IF I HURT EM OH NO OH NO OH NO. He would be freaking out, in his mind he’s too large to hold such a tiny thing and would crush it in a heartbeat. Once that little finger curls around his own (as much as it can, anyway) he melts. All the rage and fear and worry oozes out of him, until all that’s left is a giant teddy bear who will rip out your throat if you so much as sneeze on his lil one.

DONNIE: IS THE BABY OKAY WHAT ARE ITS VITALS I NEED TO RUN A CHECK UP. He’d be in full doctor Don mode, ready to do everything to make sure it’s healthy. After it wraps its fingers around his own, he’s a goner. He pulls the baby closer to his chest and whispers to it, telling it about all the exciting wonders of life, and right away this little one has got its papa wrapped around it’s fingers like they currently are, but metaphorically this time.

MIKEY: HES A DAD WOW MUCH ADULTING VERY RESPONSIBLING LOOK AT HIS CUTIE. He’s an excited daddy who can’t wait to take his kid boarding and play him in video games and omg so much to do. Mikey is a big bundle of energy until that little baby wraps its fingers around his and gazes into his eyes, almost like its staring into Mikey’s soul. Mikey grins, blue eyes wide and vibrant, until the baby starts crying. It’s going to be a long night….

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It's funny how a lot of people say "LARRIES R FORCING A SEXUALITY ON LOUIE AND HAROLD OMG" but then they go and say "Harry has a big c*ck and loves his groupies and louis is f*cking a diff girl every night" like... do they not realize saying they're straight is too forcing a sexuality on them? Like what the fuck

Ugh that’s so nasty and yeah the hypocrisy is absurd. It’s find to say the most sexual and nasty stuff as long as you don’t call them gay 

Imagine - Obi Wan #3 - NSFW

Another Obi Wan NSFW

In the heat of your kissing you and Obi Wan began to slip each other’s clothes off. Obi Wan began to explore your body with his lips, kissing every square inch of your body. Smiling you let Obi Wan do his thing as you let small moans and groans out. He climbed onto you, his face hanging above yours and your eyes met. “Are you ready?” nodding his head Obi Wan slipped inside, feeling the pressure of pure pleasure enter your insides. “Oh Obi Wan…” you smiled and your eyes rolled in the back of your head. Your toes curled and your hair sunk into his back. Obi Wan moved back and forth, your bodies in synch with one another. His pace quickened as he got more heated up. Taking your legs he pushed them into your stomach and used his hands, pressing down to keep himself up and steady. His pace quickened even more, the bed pounding on the wall. Letting out louder and faster moans you were about to blow.

He picked you up and flipped you over onto your knees and grabbed your hips roughly. Using your hips to ram in he was now grunting loudly. You propped yourself up on the wall as the two of you were moving back and forth in a erotic synchronization. You felt yourself ready to finish, you haven’t made love in so long that you couldn’t hold it any longer. “I’m going to finish!” You moaned out to Obi Wan who took his hand and gas your nice ass a little smack. “Oh yes.” He moaned out, “Y/N….” Another louder moan. As groaned louder he pulled out quickly letting everything out onto your back. Cleaning you off the two of you laid back and cuddled the rest of the night naked.


Another hard day’s work…only meant a hard night of partying for Kai Na. He’d sneak out of the soldiers’ resting quarters, come back late at night, sleep, then wake up with the others and train.

Most of his comrades knew about it. Heck, some of them joined him occasionally. But usually most people didn’t care what he did.

Most people except for Souji.

This slender womanly guy…Kai never understood why he had become a soldier. The only thing he had going for him was his drive. So when they were partnered up to spar, the man laughed.

“I’ll go easy on you…”

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Hi! Love your blog :) If you're not too busy, could I maybe have some les mis birthday headcanons? (it's my birthday too, if that'll sway you... please pretty please?) (then again, of course if you don't have the time or feel uninspired, no pressure. You have a great headcanon tag I can go through)

oh my god that thing abt Marius’ birthday was sooo cute omg could u do one for enjolras’ birthday my lil bb

  • They would bake Enjolras an Opéra cake, because you know “fight for the right to night at the Opera now” business. Musichetta, Cosette and Bahorel bake it, because it’s a painstakingly long and complicated thing to make, so the more hands the better. Also, Bossuet and Grantaire are not admitted NEAR the kitchen
  • Cosette also spent a whole day making macarons
  • They don’t make it a surprise party, but they still do the “wait in the dark until he comes home” thing for good measure. Enjolras turns the light on with a “you guys” face
  • They tried to make an Eiffel Tower out of gifts but that somewhat failed
  • They all bought a copy of the Communist Manifesto for really cheap and pranked Enj’ by making him open 12 presents that were ALL the Communist Manifesto. Before giving him the real ones
  • He had, of course, the honour to open the first bottle of champagne. Consequently, after two glasses he went to kiss everybody thank you with rosy cheeks
  • Courfeyrac and Combeferre prepared a whole speech and a powerpoint entitled “A Year in the Life of Enjolras”, with photos of rallys, some glorious, some a lot less, a lot of pictures with friends, Enjolras checking his phone in class, Enjolras being fed whipped cream by Joly, Enjolras kissing Grantaire at Pride…
  • Enjolras hides his face but he’s secretly pleased