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Washed Up

<< PART ONE ( part of your world )

Group: BTS


Excerpt: “I was lonely and then I saw you on the beach-“


“A year ago maybe?”

Genre: angst, mermaid au

Length: 1.6k

A/N: part three will be out eventually..


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There was a figure on the beach that morning, lying face down in the sand as waves lapped at their lower half. This wasn’t an uncommon sight, teenagers often had parties that got out of hand and yet the second you saw it you knew, you knew this was not a normal incident; and then his tail flapped up catching the sun as scales glinted at you.

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Soulmates AU; Jimin

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Summary; You and your s/o both have tattoos of half a heart. When you are near to meeting your s/o, the heart will start to reconnect itself. When you finally meet your s/o and touch the hand with his tattoo on it, the heart on both of your hands will become a whole heart.


-you found your tattoo when you were only 3

-as it appeared the day you turned 3 

-you asked your mum about it

-and she replied with

-”when you’re older I will tell you”

-and ever since then you’ve been trying to figure out where this tattoo came from

-why was it on your wrist

-and how did it get there in the first place?

-and why did it pick you?

-those were the exact same questions that Park Jimin was asking himself

-he kept on trying to connect the heart with another line that he drew with a pen but it didn’t work

-it just faded the pen immediately

-no ifs no buts 

-that liquid was gone

-he didn’t know how he got the tattoo either

-until you two were told

-that it was like you couldn’t live without your soul mate

-so you have to find your soulmate to complete the heart tattoo

-it’s like finding the other half of your heart

-so finding that out made everything seem….a little bit more clear

-both of you didn’t understand what was going on with the tattoos but you seem to get it 

-both of you still seemed to try and connect the hear manually but the magic force of soulmates wasn’t having it

-not one bit

-by now you would think that they would know that they have to go out and find each other

-but apparently not

-so fast forward a couple years

-more like 10

-and you’ve grown up! 

-and you’re doing a job you love

-which is backstage work at one of the top music shows in korea!

-your job is to just help the idols relax themselves and get ready to actually perform on stage

-which is a great job because you get to interact with idols and find out a lot more about their personalities and stuff

-the best ones to work with are the rookies because even though they’re a little stressed and nervous 

-they have bubbly personalities and a lot of humor

-the more serious ones….are the elder generation performers

-they’re relaxed already so there’s not that much you can do to help them anyways 

-but you talk with them about what they like doing and why they like being idols

-sometimes they ask about your life which is quite a change but a change you’re willing to take on

-you still kind of prefer the rookie groups

-the popular groups are like the rookies and the elder performers mixed into one

-some of them are quite childish but like to also chill out and talk

-you entered your job when it was the summer season

-and was still there in the autumn which is good cause it means they like you

-you think you interacted with most of the groups


-your duty that day was to watch over BTS

-who are….right now…

-like the kings……

-you were kind of excited to find out what sort of people they were underneath the cool kid/bad boy personas they have

-they had a childish nature when they first debuted but have now matured into young adults and have a new image to keep up



-they still kids at heart 

-you get into work bright and early to finish off some paperwork that had to be in the next week

-wow look at you 

-miss prepared for anything

-you printed it off and placed it in the little paper holder you had and headed back downstairs to go prepare the boy’s backstage room

-they didn’t ask for much

-but one of them asked for a football

-the staff said no


-so yeah

-that took you all the way to lunch

-you sat outside and ate because it was actually a nice day

-you couldn’t be asked to bring lunch so you just went to the nearest GS25 and got the meal deal with a slushie

-you know

-not the slush puppy kind

-not the frutina kind that you got at the indoor play house

-RIP fantasy Island (1990?-2010) 


-im talking about the mac daddy of slushies

-the tango ice blast

-the smooth and sour texture of the cold slushie is the best thing on an autumn day 

-it was your favourite drink so you couldn’t resist it 


-felt a little tingle with each sip

-but you realised

-it wasn’t the drink

-it was the heart

-you could see the bottom part start to curve around to rejoin the heart

-as this happened

-a mini-bus came into the garage

-with a couple people looking out the window

-you looked to tattoo then back to the bus


-it couldn’t

-it could

-Jimin was having the same thing happen to his heart

-he looked outside to you

-but you couldn’t tell because the windows on the bus were tinted

-you walked back in with your hands in your jacket taking your badge out of the pocket

-as you tapped in again you could see the boy band you were supposed to be with passing in the corridor

-you had to quickly go back up to your workspace to put your bag down 

-but you also checked on your little heart friend

-who was growing on the other side too

-the little curve was just about to be complete but it wasn’t

-you walked back downstairs again to go backstage

-and you pass one of the members that you’re supposed to be looking after

-he doesn’t know you just yet 

-and you don’t know him

-but you kind of felt your heart growing again

-the same went to him

-you entered their backstage area and leaned up against the table at the back

-there was only one member in there but he was asleep

-you think it’s jin but you’re not to sure

-yeah it’s jin

-you sigh before taking your phone out

-and you just get a kajillion messages from your friends asking to get yous signed bts merch 

-you say no because it’s work 

-they become sad and upset

-you compromise and try and get something for them 

-it won’t work but the word we’re working on it TRY 

-you sighed again and put your phone back in your pocket

-you walk back outside and place the cup in the rubbish bin

-and you notice that the boys were going into the backstage area

-you remember the person you passed before?

-yeah he passed you again

-and just smiled

-you smiled back a little before walking in behind them

-”shit is it him”

-”shit is it her”

-a couple minutes passed and the heart was slowly increasing its surface area on your skin


-you were called out to help move the set for the next performers

-and as you left the heart kind of stopped growing

-when you were gone Jimin stood up and looked back to his members

-”you know that tattoo?”

-”the half heart one?”

-”it’s more like ¾ of a heart now”

-”really? who do you think it is?”

-”i’ve got a hunch on who i think it is”

-as you moved the props out the way 

-you thought about all the people in the room

-and who made your heart grow

-it wasn’t any of the elder members for some reason even though they were really sweet and kind

-you kind of remembered back to the one member you passed in the hallway though

-and the one that smiled to you as he entered the backstage area

-and the time the bus came in and the time that they walked pass the gate in the corridor

-shit it’s him


-you couldn’t remember his name for the life of you though

-it wasn’t v and it wasn’t jin because you had worked with the two of them on the other shows on the network 

-and the other members you were still confused about 

-you just kind of thought for a while before asking another member of staff who he was 

-”hi can you help me??”

-”yeah what’s up??”

-”i’m having trouble remembering names…which one in bts has the kind of greyish hair…kinda short…but taller than me…hes got the grey suit and the black trousers….what’s his name?”

-”oh that’s jimin. he’s really sweet and kind. i think you’ll get to like him over the weeks that they’re here.”

-”jimin….thank you!”

-you quickly drop the props off backstage and walk back into BTS’s backstage area

-but nobody was in there 

-until you could feel someone behind you 

-”hey how’s it going?”

-you jump 30ft into the air cause hOLY SHIT THAT SCARED YOU 

-you let out a sigh and you look behind you

-and oh hsit


-it’s jimin

-both of you then realised that your hearts were growing again

-until they stopped


-you both look to each other until a smile forms on both your lips

-”i-i-i like your tattoo…it’s cool!”

-”your’s is nice…soulmate”



-”h-how did you know??”

-”well….the moment i saw you my heart started to grow. literally.”

-”i saw a bus going into the garage and i could have sworn that someone was staring at me…and then my heart started to grow…maybe that was you?”

-”yeah it was.”

-”b-but how did you know i was the one to have the heart tattoo?”

-”as i said i saw you and my heart grew. now…should we finish this?”

-you saw him extend the hand that had the tattoo on it 

-he was waiting for you to take it


-and you did

-and with a little tingle

-the heart tattoos were complete

-it was nearly time for the boys to go on stage and you had to help with the setting up of the mics and stuff

-and of course you had jimin asking your to do his 

-just so he could have you close to him

-you placed the microphone on him

-and just like that he placed his hand on your head

-stroking your hair

-if that’s not called liking you to the max then i don’t what is

-”hey wait for me after love”






-after the performance you two exchanged numbers and wouldn’t be separated from each other


-the cutest babs aww

-”y/n did you get the thing you promised us?”

-”wait what”

-”you did say you could get us something signed…right?”

-”uhhhhhhHHHHH i had bigger things going on”

-”what like jimin being your ultimate soulmate because that heart tattoo on your wrist kept on growing whenever you were near him and he came up to you and he has the same tat and you both completed each others tattoos??”


You Are That Annoying Customer

If you do the following things, I’m sorry to break it to you, but you are that annoying customer everyone in fast food jobs talk about:

1. You steam roll through your order and stand there looking annoyed when we ask you to repeat the 7 different meals you asked for. 

2. You ignore the questions we ask and continue ordering. Most registers require that you put the order through in a set way. When I ask you for your drink after each meal, when I ask your meal size, when I ask you a question specific about the food you are ordering: it’s because I need to put it through to move on to the next meal.

3. You modify your meal after paying for it. Seriously? We actually do need to account for the products used to keep track of what we have in stock, and to properly finance our stores. Our registers are a record, not just a convenient calculator. 

4. You modify your meal after it’s been made. Seriously?! If I’m putting WHAT YOU ASKED FOR in front of you and you decide you want a something or rather double whatever instead, I won’t even be polite about it. 

5. You change your drink after it’s been poured. Just no. We smile and say “It’s fine” but inside we are screaming. 

6. You ask for discount after you’ve paid for your order. We probably can do a discount for you. As long as you ask BEFORE payment has been accepted. Now I have to go get my manager to refund you and go through the whole process again, and wow, amazing. You start getting annoyed at how long its taking. Funny, isn’t it annoying when people waste our time??

7. You leave rubbish on the counter. Are you kidding me? I’m willing to bet any fast food establishment has numerous, clearly visible, brightly coloured bins. USE THEM. Or hell, physically hand me the rubbish and I will put it in the bin. Don’t shove it into some random nook or cranny for us to dig out later. 

8. You tell us our food is expensive. We have no control over this. You are complaining to the wrong people. We more than often AGREE.

9. You yell at training staff, especially if they’re young. I shouldn’t even have to explain this. Don’t be an asshole. Everyone makes mistakes when they’re learning.

10. You don’t listen when we repeat your order and then get angry when your order is wrong. WE ARE FALLIBLE. No matter how good we are at our job, we will sometimes get things wrong. Which is why we repeat the fucking order. If you want a correct meal, just listen. 

11. Your meal isn’t large/without tomato/with a certain sauce/changing a certain side and you decide to yell at me because “I told you that!”. I am willing to guarantee that not only did you not tell me, I asked you something along the lines of “anything else, is that all, any changes?” and then REPEATED YOUR ORDER. 

12. You push in line and decide to be offending when we as politely as possible inform you that these other people were here first. I don’t care if you “didn’t know that was the line.” you are still not getting served before these people. What, do you think they’re standing in a straight line hanging about just for fun?

13. You stand in line for 5-10 minutes, get to the counter and don’t know what you want. Oh, and your purse is at the very bottom of your bag under everything and the kitchen sink. If you have to wait for a significant amount of time, we are mostly likely busy. BE FUCKING PREPARED TO ORDER AND PAY. It’s pretty damn simple. You want to get in and out as fast as possible. We want you gone. 

14. You are unnecessarily rude but still expect me to be unfailingly polite. I’m not here to take your shit because you’re an entitled dickweed. If you don’t treat me with basic human decency, I sure as hell won’t treat you with respect.

The list goes on but my patients ends just about here. 

Fandoms are Intangible

Fandoms are often treated as a rational and finite entity that can be identified as a whole.

This is why people generalise - they treat a fandom as if it were the population of a small town. A known number of inhabitants, neighbours who all know each other and plan their actions and attitudes for a great wellbeing.
In this instance, the town could be summarised as a whole, and even held accountable for allowing or enabling the poor behaviour of its populace.

But this isn’t how it is in the slightest…

A fandom is more like the daily footfall of a large train station or airport. A large number of people come and go. Some are there every day, some are there as a one off, or just for the week.
But apart from those whom they are travelling with, most of the people there are all strangers to each other, and don’t know anyone else outside of their traveling buddies other than the fact that they’re all riding the same train.

As such, if a passenger kicked over a rubbish bin and left it like that, the rest of the travellers can’t be held accountable for it - on the contrary they’re often left cleaning up the mess while everyone else says “Man this platform is filthy…”

This is not to say that other passengers can’t say in the moment “Hey, pick that up man, we’ve got to walk here…”
But when I step off of a train to see trash all over the platform, and then someone points at me and says “You people have made a mess everywhere!”, how is that fair?

It isn’t. Don’t blame strangers for other people’s mess.