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keith, waking up in cold sweat at 2 AM: i love lance with my entire heart, soul and being 

Okay but can we talk about the fact that even Victor has insecurities?

And this is huge because Victor knows that he’s beautiful, and he knows that he’s irresistible, and he knows that he’s extremely skilled and he knows that no one can hold a candle to his skating and we’d be ready to think he’s confident about literally every part of himself.

But then it turns out that even the great Victor himself has things he’s self-conscious about - his receding hairline, or more accurately, his age.

Because he may be only 27 but that’s old for figure skaters and he should really be retiring now. His body won’t be flexible for very long now and soon he just won’t be able to keep up the skating class and quality he had had for his entire life. And it very much seems like he doesn’t have much more in his life than skating and once that’s over, he’ll be nothing but an ex-figure skater with a dog and absolutely no plans for the rest of his life.

And his hair is a reminder of that fact. It’s a reminder that once he stops being the best, he’ll have to quit skating because the moment someone beats him on the podium he will become irrelevant because he’s just too old and it’s time for the next generation to shine. And remember that he’s surrounded by people who are younger than him and he’s the oldest (iirc) skater in the senior division. The pressure he’s facing is extreme.

Maybe I’m reading too far into this but keep reading if you think you might feel the same about what the show is trying to say.

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noah fence but like i see posts on here with hundreds of thousands of notes talking about how you all want shows to give you realistic lgbt representation as a focus of a show, how you want your shows to have diverse casts, how you want your shows to have strong female characters, how you want your shows to have interesting, well thought out and developed storylines, and then USA network steps up and hands you Eyewitness on a golden platter, and y'all just sleeping on it. do yourself a solid, and watch the show, thanks

Ok but has anyone else talked about how in Moana, Maui acknowledges the existence of non-binary genders? In a Disney movie??? Like, that’s really important!! 

It was when he was correcting Moana about his title, the line went something like “Hero of men, and women. And everything else, it’s not just a guys-and-girls thing.”


Jaime/Brienne + goodbye scenes


They’re called “nightmares” for a reason ;-;


i was rewatching perks of being a wallflower the other day and i kept thinking of patrick as a happier sassier version of credence so ,

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If you should be the last autumn leaf hanging from the tree

I’ll still be here, waiting on the breeze, to bring you down to me.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

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