it's goin' to be a rough year

anonymous asked:

how can one tell if the stuff they writ eis good bc as the writer u automatically think its bleh but like u gotta plan and ur goin through a rough ish patch but all get better once u get to a better /part/ like how does one stay focused

i stay focused by having someone read along with every time i write so like,, i know they need this boring part just to get to the good parts. last year with my fic i was dragging but i knew that i wanted to write 1k a night and my friend and beta were rly encouraging and i wanted them to read it

anyway i just ranted @ my mum for a solid 4 hours. long story short its nearly 3am n im skipping college tomorrow so im gonna write up those starters then. ive got a bunch of em written out i just need to format n queue em tbh