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Circumstances can improve

guys this post means so much to me i’m gonna die

can you imagine, Aunt May and Uncle Ben (or maybe his parents, I’m not sure about Peter’s timeline… I’ll go with Uncle Ben for the feels though) taking Peter to Stark Expo so he can maybe catch a glimpse of his hero, Tony Stark?

Uncle Ben buys him an Iron Man mask and a little toy repulsor and he’s just bouncing up and down with excitement, gawking at all the cool inventions, but mostly he can’t wait to see Tony

And then he’s disappointed when he hears that Tony isn’t there, that Hammer Industries is doing the big exhibition, and he’s just so crushed

THEN Iron Man crashes the party and he’s pointing and smiling, going “Look, Uncle Ben!!! That’s him!!!”

The Hammer drones start attacking, and Uncle Ben tries to get Peter out of there, but he loses him in the chaos and Peter spots one of the drones

He’s a kid, he doesn’t really know better, but he does know what Iron Man would do

He raises his hand, fires up his little toy repulsor, and then WHAM

The Hammer drone falls in a pile of sparks and metal, and Peter turns around, startled, only to see Iron Man, Tony Stark himself, standing there

“Nice work, kid,” he says before flying off to save the day, just as Ben finds Peter and scoops him up to take him to safety

And Peter is just in awe. Iron Man thanked him. Tony Stark thought that he helped.

That he was a hero.

hearing heated male & female voices yelling and also some stomping around in some dorm in my building giving me heart palpitations

i wish human excitement didn’t sound indistinguishable from rage/anger from a few rooms away lmao


You’re in love with her, and she’s in love with you.

And it’s like a goddamn tragedy, because you look at her and see the stars, and she looks at you and sees the sun.

And you both think the other is just looking at the ground. (insp)


Worlds 2017

Post FD hug <3

  • virgo memes: I Had An Emotion Once, 0/10 Would Not Repeat
  • actual virgos: i haven't stopped crying since the winter of 1887 and i wasn't even born yet


↳ day two: best fight scene — gintoki vs jirochou

i heard that otose was keeping a crazy monster around. so you’re the shiroyasha? i never knew there was a freak like you following in my footsteps. however… a generation managed to survive the brutal battles of the joui war. there were plenty more like you out there.

get lost, watchdog. there’s nothing for you to protect here.

Do you ever wonder if the hug with Dustin and Mike at the quarry was Eleven’s first real hug?  The first time she was in the arms of people that actually loved her and the first time she could be held and just held, without any added baggage or demands.  I just hope they stayed that way for a while.

How far must I go to find people who respect and appreciate Keyleth honestly??
Reasons why Elena of Avalor is Seriously Amazing
  • First Latina Disney princess (obviously)
  • Amazing and catchy Hispanic-inspired music
  • Beautiful designs and animation
  • She actually has to learn about leadership in order to earn her title of queen
  • No romantic interest
  • It’s mostly about Elena’s relationship with her family and friends
  • She makes mistakes and learns from them
  • It was literally too good for Disney Junior so they bumped it up to Disney Channel
  • Not exactly a reason, but my sister literally leaped of joy because not only did Elena look like her, but she also speaks Spanish
  • Diverse and race-appropriate voice cast
  • Guest stars so far include George Takei and Titus Burgess (it doesn’t get any better than that)
  • The show is made with a lot of love and it really shows
  • Overall, I’m really glad my (and many others’) culture is being represented so well
  • You should really watch it
  • It’s amazing
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