it's getting tiresome


petition for make-up and body product brands to stop using “guaranteed male attention!” as a selling point please

Ichabbie was perfect in this episode, and I’ll go back to fangirling about them right after this but,

can we just take a moment to appreciate how self-aware and open with her emotions Abbie is? Sometimes when there’s a female protagonist who kicks ass and is given a significant measure of agency, it’s accompanied by a lack of emotional awareness and an apathetic nature. As though a female cannot both be in touch with her feelings and more than competent at doing her job, as though these two parts of her personality are inherently exclusive of another.

But Abbie? She literally helped save the world tonight. She pulled out a gun on men with weapons of their own aimed at her, and in that same episode, she spoke to her sister about her personal fears. That moment when she’s explaining to Jenny that she can’t afford to lose someone else that she has come to care about, she’s forthright about her emotional vulnerability, about her worries, and that’s beautiful. She is not fearless, she is simply courageous enough to overcome them. She is such a positive and authentic depiction of a woman of color and I’m just struck by it every time.

can you imagine what Saints Row would have been like if the series had operated on a moral choice system?

each choice you make either shaping you into a more thoughtful/rational leader or an impulsive/explosive one, gaining or losing certain lieutenants based on your alignment, and the Saint of All Saints changing appearance depending on which way you go - amplifying either its angelic or devilish features.

Getting real tired of the “lol british people are complaining about hot weather but it’s totally not hot comparative to here!!!!!!!” ‘jokes’

Newsflash nobody here cares that the US has hotter temperatures they’re used to them and we’re not, we’re used to mild

How dare we be used to mild temperatures where does our climate get off

Can we stop this?

I really don’t like it when people are mean to each other. Especially when we’re not entirely sure why. Also people are gonna react to it and it just causes more drama and this is basically a drama-free fandom and it’s sooo greattt. I love you guys. All of you. So I’m sorry if I offended anyone or was disrespectful or mean. I can assure you, it wasn’t my intention, and i’m sure the same goes for everyone else who is kinda getting shit. I’m friends with all of them and they’re the nicest, friendliest people ever so please don’t insult them when they don’t deserve it. Please just quit the….whatever the hell this is going on right now.


I think it’s hilarious that of all the characters on HTGAWM, Asher is the one fandom seems to hate universally and is considered The Worst, but so far he’s actually like the least fucked up person on the show. I mean, he’s a complete and utter douchebag, says problematic things constantly and is extremely immature, no denying that, but fandom response is just super predictable interesting.

Like I see people salivating over and tripping over themselves to woobify Connor, for example, but stay shitting on Asher and I’m like, okay…but when has Asher

  • Helped murder someone
  • Cheated on someone
  • Outed someone that considered him a friend just to get the upper hand in a rivalry
  • Inadvertently played a role in pushing someone to commit suicide, which I guess he gets a pass on because he felt bad about it or something

And yet…

'What the ever living fuck' of the Day:

My mother attempting to justify the founding of the Klu Klux Klan.

She claims that they were born out of necessity when the government freed all the slaves and failed to give them that promised ‘twenty acres and a mule’ and that they needed to stop the freed slaves from rampaging across the ruined country and (and I’m quoting here), “Stop the black man from raping their wives.”

I’m not religious, but sweet Mary mother of God.

About this latest Stephen Amell interview:

Here’s the thing, everything he said coincides with what is happening on the show at the moment. Felicity and Ray are closer to having a relationship at this point than Oliver and Felicity are. They just slept together! Oliver and Felicity have been distant from each other these last few episodes (ever since the end of 3x01/3x02 in fact, despite all the cute moments in between). Stephen said what he said because that is what where the story is right now. I mean, we know better and we know Olicity will get together but part of the reason TV shows are made is to inflict pain make the viewers feel what the characters are feeling, be in the moment with them and go on the journey with them. 

Remember after 3x09 aired and they Marc especially kept trying to make us think Oliver was actually dead? They knew we knew he wasn’t but they still sold it that way because that’s the story they were telling at the time. (It didn’t last for long and some didn’t bother with the facade at all but most of them kept their lips sealed until 3x10 aired.) They wanted us to be in the same mindset as the characters: worrying about Oliver/thinking he was dead, mourning his loss and figuring out where the team was gonna go from there. If they were just like “Don’t be silly, Oliver’s not dead” then what would be the point in having that cliffhanger in the first place? If they told us what’s gonna happen 5, 10 or 23 episodes in advance what would be the point?

Sometimes we need to get in the mindset of the people who make the show and see it from their POV so we can see things clearly, especially when reading/watching their interviews. If Stephen said “Felicity and Ray will be together for a few episodes then it’ll go back to Olicity, obviously!” then what would be the point in the Ray/Felicity story in the next few episodes? Stephen has given us many hints that Olicity is where it’s heading but right now, especially with the recent Felicity and Ray development, fans are supposed to be a little worried if their relationship will ever get to that place. (If you’re not worried because you know how TV shows work then great!) Fanfiction writers should understand this. Would you be happy to tell your readers all the details you plan to incorporate into your story before writing or posting it? Tell them how everything is going to happen and when? My guess is no because who will be interested in or commenting on the latest chapter you posted when they know there’s something in four chapters time that they are more excited for? What would be the point of you taking your time to write the character’s journey if the audience are not on that journey with them? You might as well just write out all the plot points of the story and post that. It’s the suspense and emotional involvement in the lead up that amplifies the feels when something beautiful or devastating happens.

I know a lot of people are focused on spoilers, who’s endgame and what’s happening X amount of weeks from now (and that’s part of the fun for some) but we need to remember that while it’s fine to do that we can’t forget to be in the mind frame of what’s actually happening now because if you don’t travel the journey with the characters, any important emotional moments aren’t going to feel half as rewarding, including endgame. It’s kind of like wishing your life away by always wondering what’s gonna happen tomorrow or next week or next year. You don’t pay close enough attention to the moment/day that you’re present in which is today; right now. And as of right now Felicity is much closer to committing to a relationship with Ray than Oliver, regardless if she’s actually in love with Oliver and there is supposed to be some level of doubt as to whether Olicity will ever finally get together. She has no reason to think a relationship is on the table for them at the moment and neither does he.