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Royalty AU - Prince Kim of Lê Chiến Kingdom

Read the fic here (Kim is the main character so it was about time I drew him! :P)

(Marinette, Adrien, Alya, Nino, Chloé, Sabrina, Juleka, Rose, Nathaniel, Alix) (more classmates coming soon)

Morgana: You really are something special, aren’t you?

[As far as guest appearances, I know I want to bring Akechi back because he was an honorary member of the PT, but I do have plans for other confidants as well. There’ll be more information on this soon! Stay tuned!]

I’m a ghost, living in the shadows, looking for a way out into the light…

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Can you kill yourself please it's pretty obvious your never going to get better

I genuinely feel sorry for you; i can’t imagine how it must feel to hold such negative hatred for others, enough to try to encourage someone to kill themselves. Get help, grow up, gain some humanity, and before you suggest for me to do the same, just know i’ve been working my ass off the past few years in trying to get better. And i am getting better, but i’m allowed to have my horrible and low days. I still feel like killing myself sometimes, and self-harm is still a regular occurrence for me, but i’ve grown as a person and developed some strength. I’d recommend you do the same x

Legacy: the Legend of Honu

Chapter One: Stories

There are three stories that the Waialiki family hold sacred, one for each member of Honu’s family. (illustrations beneath the cut!)

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I’d like to post about my family and my life, but because I’m a heterosexual, cisgender, white girl, I apparently don’t exist according to most of the tumblr posts I’ve seen. >.> Seriously, guys. There’s “equality” and then there’s “immaturity”. Moving over to the other side of the scale is NOT what those that originally fought for your rights wanted. I have no idea if people are joking or if they’re serious when I see posts saying “You can only like [popular thing everyone likes] if you’re gay” and I actually feel a little bit hurt when cis girls are completely cut out of the “girls are [something positive]” posts. Girls are already fighting for positive representation and appreciation and respect, we really don’t need YOU GUYS invalidating us, too!

It’s okay to be cisgender. It’s okay to be heterosexual. It’s okay to be WHITE. And I’m sick and tired of tumblr spreading posts that say otherwise. I’m tired of being indirectly insulted by people making posts like this.

At least put a “heterophobia” or “cisphobia” tag on your posts so I can block them and live my life in peace. I’m tired of feeling like I’m worthless and hated just because I’m white, cisgender, and heterosexual.

And before you send me “Well, this is what we deal with”, I ALREADY KNOW THAT. But tipping the scale all the way the other direction is NOT equality. It is, and I don’t care if you laugh, “reverse racism”.

Stick your “down with cis” crap up where the sun doesn’t reach. I don’t care if you’re joking in these posts, it STILL HURTS.

It’s not that I’m sharing a spoiler of a thing I wanted to work on since forever but I’m definitely sharing a spoiler of a thing I wanted to work on since forever.


!!! Don’t worry anon!! The scars are there, yes, but it’s a much preferred alternative to shackles and handcuffs in Blackquill’s perspective, so he doesn’t mind them much.

It may take some getting used to for Athena though.

(Also, you are more than welcome to send me asks about my art!! And even if it isn’t about art and just about emoting about AA in general, my main blog cprblogsalot is always open!)


WESTWORLD | 1.10 | Felix & Maeve

I got the information you asked me for. The location of your daughter.

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It's pretty obvious Ward would get jealous, but how would be be when he is? Does he get super clingy or really bitchy? How so? (I feel like I'm writing a question on a test lol)

I love answering these questions! It helps me get better at characterizing Ward as well (plus it’s a lot of fun). From what we see in the show, he gets a little bit of both. For example:

Ward’s I-can’t-believe-you-chose-Danny-over-me face:

Ward’s why-did-you-and-Danny-share-a-special-look face:

Ward’s how-come-you’re-hugging-Danny-and-not-me face:

So there you go. Also, apparently 99% of Ward’s jealousy issues revolve around Danny too, so that’s kind of hilarious. You could have a lot of fun with that. ;)

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apparently batman is supposed to be a thing in the supergirl universe and i just imagine him being gay with clark meeting lena as bruce and him being like "you're dating supergirl?" "well you're dating superman ," "... fair enough," "it's pretty obvious right?" "so obvious, when did you finally get the nerve to tell her?" "when i made out with her and opened her shirt but she had the suit on" "HA, same,"


What if Scorpius actually DID like Albus (pftt its pretty obvious when he gets jealous that Delphi flirts with Albus)

But he keeps telling himself that he likes Rose bc he in this constant denial “no I can’t be in love with my best friend,this isn’t happening.”

the more he flirts with Rose the more it dawns on him how much he likes Albus. sort of like: “okay maybe if I flirt with Rose my crush on Albus will go away!Oh shit this isn’t helping fuck,abort abort”

that’s all -\_(^v^)_/-

I just don't get one night stands

so when im at parties, guys I don’t know are constantly coming up to me trying to be nice and making an effort to be interested in what im doing/ saying.
at first its kinda like aw he’s nice and friendly but its usually pretty obvious they’re just hoping to get lucky for the night…

im just thinking i need to start carrying a neon sign around that says “sorry bro, let’s just be friends” or “ welcome to the friendzone”.

Like even if i wanted to try a one night stand, purely for interest or whatever, my body just won’t perform. i cannot physically let you near me unless i know you really well and fully trust you. that’s just how i work. and you do you but i really just don’t understand one night stands.

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i personally felt the same way about sukka. i feel like sokka was only trying to get a new girlfreind to move on but its pretty obvious that he still misses yue. dont get me wrong i love suki shes such a strong character but i feel like she would be better alone or even dating a minor character than being forced with sokka

That’s true. Even tho I ship Sukka, Suki seems to be as replacement for Sokka. I felt their canon relationship a bit forced.

Suki being alone or shipped with Zuko is much better from my pov. I actually like Zuki better than Sukka (it’s my favorite ship for Zuko too).

or! yanno what, their dads could Also be fighting because they figured out tom and star used to date in secret?? if it isn’t a flashback ep, i mean

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Hey, I don't know if your preferences are open but I just ask? Could you do a preference when they get jealous? Thanks love x🌙

Bellamy Blake:

Originally posted by hellamebellamy

Not good at hiding his jealousy at all.  Also not super good at expressing it well.  He mostly just gets aggressive and tries to fight whoever he thinks is a threat to him.  Really can only be calmed down by you.

John Murphy:

Murphy tries really hard to hide any emotions at all and jealousy is no exception.  He’s subtle about it, but its usually pretty obvious to you.  He gets quiet and his asshole levels spike.  He gets embarrassed if you call him out on it.

Jasper Jordan:

He honestly just gets really sad.  Seeing you getting a lot of affection/attention from someone else kind of makes him feel like hes not enough for you.  So, to compensate he tends to act up and try to ‘step in’ to get your attention again.


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Lincoln doesn’t get jealous very easily and when he does, it doesn’t seem to bother him.  He knows how he appears and he doesn’t have to be aggressive to intimidate whoever he needs to.  All he really has to do is saunter up and his message comes across clear.

Raven Reyes:

Raven gets pissy when she’s jealous.  She wants you to think she doesn’t give a damn so that she feels in control.  Kind of a “well if you don’t need me i don’t need you” mentality that inevitably fails

Octavia Blake:

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Octavia plays dirty.  Instead of trying to get your attention, she’ll get someone else’s and make you jealous.  She’s so good at it, you normally don’t even notice you were making her jealous in the first place.  She drops everything the moment she has you back though, so no drama ever really comes from it.

Clarke Griffin:

Clarke gets super irritable about it.  She hides it from you though, and gets a little petty towards whoever it was.  She’ll order them to do shitty work around the camp or give them a position far away from you.  Sometimes you pick up on it, but its a little endearing so you don’t say anything.

Lexa kom Trikru:

Originally posted by lexakomtri-kru

Lord help whoever is instigating Lexa to feel jealous.  She barely has to do anything, but the threat is still there when she gives a death glare.  People generally aren’t stupid enough to do something that even resembles flirting with you

i’m so done with big brother like first of all: i think its interesting how alex and jason talk about how they are on the outskirts of this big alliance that includes paul, and yet they are literally getting out the people who are already suspicious of paul and want to go after him. after this huge blow-up i think its an incredibly stupid move of them to go through with the plan of getting dominique out, because its pretty obvious that she is no longer aligned with paul. so while they’re pretending that its the “cool kids” vs the “outsiders”, the lines are so blurred at this point that its like that mob mentality LIKE IT ALWAYS IS. like alex is weak as fuck for going through with this plan instead of using the drama to potentially get TWO players (mark and dom, maybe elena as well) to come to her side to get out paul. i dont understand how someone who came into the game talking mad shit about how she wasn’t going to let a guy run her game is now literally taking out players that would not have affected her game at all. 

TL;DR, these people are all idiots except josh and dom, also i realize i said first of all and then just went on a rant LMAO