it's genuinely so pretty in person

upon learning that her mom was islamophobic as hell, seeing perrie parade around with her skin traveling from ivory to taupe to literally brown, learning she and her lil gal pals would welcome trump into their dumbass theresa may stanning homes, based their entire promo around a relationship that ended over a year ago and seeing how her lips were superglued any time it came to defending zayn…it becomes very very very clear how toxic his environment was and why zayn needed to leave a relationship which seems to be founded upon a filled out check-box of “biracial beauty”

Sorry to be that person but you really shouldn’t make multiple accounts just to subscribe to Phil.
If you want him to get to 4 mil then promote him to friends or something that will get him new subscribers. We want him to get to 4 mil with genuine subscribers not people who are already subscribed to him

If you make multiple accounts you’re not giving him genuine numbers of who he appeals to, which youtubers rely on pretty heavily. Also if you do that he might as well stay at 3.9 because, correct me if I’m wrong, but inactive accounts don’t count towards revenue so you’re not doing him any favours

Tldr; promote Phil instead of creating multiple accounts

anonymous asked:

Do you find cisgendered people drawing or roleplaying trans people to always be offensive in some way, or do you think there is just a lot of people making it too fetishistic?

i mean. i believe trans people should get absolute priority to draw themselves, and tell their own stories. if cis people want to represent us, fine, but they need to take GREAT CARE when doing so, otherwise its BOUND to come out fetishy and hamfisted. i wont tell cis people they CANT DEPICT TRANS PEOPLE EVER, because if they genuinely want to depict diversity, that’s cool. but, yeah. cis depiction of trans people (especially in nsfw art) is pretty much always extremely fetishizing and uninformed. i don’t think i’ve seen a single case where it’s not.

a cis person roleplaying a trans person (especially in a sexual way) is like, 100% kind of gross though, ngl.

there are definitely some things where i implore cis people to just stay in their lane

i genuinely don’t understand why people ask what my tattoos mean within 5 minutes of meeting me because like.
1) no way in hell i’m gonna tell you
2) i hope you’re satisfied with “i like flowers”
3) i don’t care if you judge me or my ink either way so if you’re itching to think i’m shallow and irresponsible take your free ticket

my sexual abuse experiences fuck me up about gender shit more than anything, especially the ones that happened after i came out as trans. they all involved me being sexualized functionally as a woman no matter what words people were using. its cool seeing people who’d violated my sexual boundaries because my feelings were less important than ther goal of having sex with me talk about how women are attractive to them more than any man or whatever because its either 1. theyre lying (pretty unlikely), 2. they saw me as a girl or at least close enough to one that it worked for them, or 3. they genuinely weren’t that attracted to me and just thought i’d be an easy person to fuck 

what really gets to me is the multiple people who sexualized my chest (and in some cases touched it nonconsensually) after id come out and, you know, wore a binder every day and openly discussed being really dysphoric and needing top surgery. id been treated like a pair of tits since i was 11 so that in particular was nothing new but not even a “hey this distinctly makes me extremely uncomfortable because having boobs on its own is deeply upsetting for me” made that stop. ive since crossed the passing threshold to where my chest can no longer be sexualized that way even separate from my body bc the majority of people who are particularly into cleavage would be put off by chest hair and cystic acne, which at certain points can get me upset bc it makes me feel physically repulsive but its nice thinking that anyone who’s ever stared at my cleavage was looking at an entirely different body than the one i have now

theres like. a word choice thing that makes me cringe really hard when people talk about groups of people they arent a part of and its the overuse of the word ‘they’

like 'they do this in those countries.’ its just so flippantly generalizing and pretty much always indicates the person has no idea what theyre talking about and it is genuinely physically painful to hear omg

i genuinely enjoy the possibilities of an inuyasha high school au

  • inuyasha, kagome, and koga are sophomores. kagome is class president, kogas on the track and field team, and inuyashas a band member
  • kagomes like the most popular girl in school even tho shes only a sophomore, everyone genuinely loves her so much, kogas pretty popular among the jocks, and everyone hates inuyasha but kagomes like these are my boytoys and everyones like why do you hang out with these people
  • everyone thinks inuyashas really weird, his mom is a teen runaway that somehow ended up marrying a into a small foreign royal family
  • also the only pants he ever wears is red sweatpants and no one knows if its the same pair or he just has 10 pairs of red sweatpants
  • sometimes dad makes sessh pick him up from school and everyones in love with the small glimpses they get of the person behind the wheel even though hes constantly flipping off kids that walk by
  • inuyasha hates school but he starts paying attention so he can give answers to kagome and she’ll smile at him. koga tries to do it too but hes a fucking dumbass and literally never knows the right answer
  • inuyashas parents made him join band bc he isolates himself (also he refused to pick an instrument so iz picked the flute for him) and he secretly kind of likes band but hed never tell his parents that
  • the reason is bc he becomes weird acquaintances/friends with freshman shiori and senior jinenji who are also in the band
  • at one point he gets suspended for a few days bc people were bullying shiori and he gave one of them a concussion with the flute

I have been taged by @t-rexfiles for this fun activity, I’m not crying ur crying, no one ever tags me in any thing god bless.

Name: Frank/ie

Nicknames: Frankrambee (cause of @spoopyshayne)

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Height: 5′10

Orientation: Pansexual, but I just kinda say straight because I’m primarily attracted to female presenting persons.

Ethnicity: I am a pasty white boy from the land of mayo and yikes. (Jk im mostly German but I’m an American!)

Favorite Fruit: Pineapple. I … can’t even describe the joy pineapples give me.

Favorite Season: Fall! Its got my birthday and pretty colors and I love the drinks and most importantly the fall candles.

Favorite Book: I genuinely don’t know so either Gone Girl, Romeo and Juliet, Holidays on Ice, or Book Thief.

Favorite Flower: Lavenders, poppies,  and lilacs. 

Favorite Scent: All the flowers above, sandal wood, pine, rain, the ocean, most sweet scents. I’m a candle slut I could go on for days.

Favorite Color: Purple! I am also very fond of blues and pinks!

Favorite Animal: Wolf is the number one. Lions, sting rays, buffalo, horses, and otters are all up there as well.

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: Tea, it gives me the greatest joys in life.

Average Sleep Hours: about seven on a school night.

Favorite Fictional Character: Dana Scully. She means the world to me.

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: Five or six and then six pillows I’m a godless heathen.

Dream Trip: Tour across Europe with my best friends and show them all the places I loved and see even more locations, lots of good food and good beer. 

Blog Created: I’ve been on tumblr for a good five years now, but I’e switched blog multiple times cause of stupid stuff, so I’m not really sure how old this one is?

Number of followers: 24! Half of them are porn blogs but I’ve just given up now.

I would like to tag @ruetori, @spoopyshayne, and @estatoo, have fun kids. 

“While I was going though  two-year animation course at my college I ended up coming across VivziePop’s Die Young music video, though never a fan of the music, I was instantly a fan of the artist. She continues to inspire me with her bright colours and intriguing characters. I wish to be able to tell her in person one day, how much she reminded me art is fun and its the only thing I have ever wanted to do.”

-Submitted by hoveringabout


I thought that this was an appropriate time to post this submission, given recent occurrences.  Not that there’s anything about this one in particular - we get TONS of submissions just like this, and the message is pretty much always the same:  Vivienne, you’ve been a genuinely positive influence on so, so many people, their drive to pursue art, their lives in general.  I hope you really understand that, and that you can get through trying times knowing that for every petty, envious person who’d rather try to drag you through the dirt than accept living in your shadow, there are a hundred others who feel that their lives are better for having you in them.

Honesty. That’s gonna be my “thing” in 2016. Just total, complete honesty. I don’t have any energy to deal with fake people. I need real connection with good, genuine people. Life’s too short to waste on someone who doesn’t want the best for you. Too short to worry about what anyone thinks of you. So I’m gonna do me this year. Try to build myself into the person I know I can be. Surrounded with friends who make me a better me. And I’m gonna have a damn good time along the way.

all joking aside it’s pretty heartbreaking that straight people have been fed the idea that abusive relationships can and should be “fixed” and that a person’s happiness is not as important as sustaining a heterosexual marriage so much that they genuinely believe it is normal and healthy 

It’s just like, I genuinely love 5SOS so much. And anytime I see them its kind of like a sigh of relief cause it’s like “yay you’re somewhere on this planet and you’re alive and you’re okay” and like even though I’ve never personally met them and I know the possibilities are slim they’re my entire world and I think that’s pretty damn amazing to have found something that I care so much about.

considering how much star wars posts I have in my likes now I need to either 

  • a) make a star wars blog bc this is getting ridiculous
  • b) start reblogging star wars on this blog but it feels wrong to use it for any other than tolkien and at the same time im genuinely worried it might just die if i don’t allow any other than tolkien on it gAH


but thranduil is still pretty so that’s comforting 

Promoting apathy toward institutionalized racism instead of trying to hold people involved accountable is pretty shitty even if that person recognizes the system is bad.

 “The industry is fucked so we shouldn’t hold X Y and Z accountable, people who are upset don’t understand the movie industry” isn’t constructive. Even if there are legal and financial boundaries people face its still something worth talking about so we can make an educated decision to “vote with our dollars” by choosing to support / not support something. Do we wanna see live action adaptations of anime? Do we wanna support the change in cast? Do we wanna support Japanese actresses? Do we feel the representation in this movie is executed well? 

What’s mind numbing is that in light of all of this I’m genuinely scared we will likely have another female-lead action movie that will do mediocre / poorly and it will attributed to gender instead of poor writing or bad ethical decisions.

i know i’ve been blowing up everyone’s dash today with answers to asks etc so i’ll make this short but i just want to say how full my heart is. i didnt think it was possible to love this band more than i already did, and i consider myself pretty good with words but for some reason today it feels difficult to articulate how much the 1975, and all of you, mean to me. matty said it best in his letter, we are the community founded upon that same personal connection we feel to this band, and i genuinely feel lucky to be a part of this family of fans. its been nothing but //LOVE// today for each other, for the music, and for the boys, and i just feel content, and excited for all that’s to come. lots of love to every one of you. 

the only art worth any investment is art that makes you feel personally addressed.

i would die for this i fucking would.

Love, Me xxx