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okay its pretty late where i am but i can’t sleep because i can’t stop think about this: if a blind person took the hair of a person that could see & drank polyjuice potion, would the blind person no longer be blind?????!!!!????!!???!??????!?!! just for the time they have the potion? i think i need the sleep

this is actually a super interesting question. that i am not qualified to answer.

*ahem* but it’s cool to hash through..? 

voices aren’t changed, only appearance, right? so if you keep your own vocal chords, then surely you would also keep your own eyes/optic nerves/etc.? perhaps it’s just the appearance of them that is being replicated, rather than their functionality? but on the other hand, I don’t think Harry every had trouble seeing without his glasses while using polyjuice potion. and also, barty crouch seemed to have acquired mad eye’s vision when he polyjuiced as him, right? he could use his magic eye and everything? 

but again, physical features are being altered, but that’s kind of it. your brain stays the same, and likely your heart and other organy internally type things as well? maybe? so in that case, cause of blindness would have to factor in? ah man. i have no idea. 

anybody else have any thoughts here?

you know whats worse than ppl straight out saying ‘youre ugly’? is when a huge group of ppl, mostly the ‘cool kids’ compliment you, and you know its not genuine. ‘youre so pretty!’ or ‘how are you single??’ or ‘who do you —’ while the rest of them are cackling behind closed fists. really traumatizes you and in the future when you get a compliment, you cant tell if its genuine or not cause you were so used to ppl mocking your flaws

I drew @commanderholly in a cute/witchy outfit. I was planning on drawing her in one of her Looks™ but that just…didn’t happen?

Things have been blowing up recently with YouTube and it’s genuinely upsetting. But Commander Holly is honestly such a role model. She marches, she uses her platform to speak on real issues, and she’s just an all around incredible woman. So I highly recommend watching her content, because she’s a genuinely good person with a lotta’ heart.

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but what's your answer on the IUD thing? i'm genuinely trying to understand where you're coming from. it's pretty clear that i have no idea what your thoughts on the matter are since you pretty heavily implied that miscarriages aren't immoral. most of the pro-life people i've spoken to disagree, so that's what i was assuming with that first ask. i apologize if i came across as antagonistic; that's definitely not my intention.

I have never even fucking heard of a pro life person who thought miscarriages are immoral. Any of my pro life followers wanna back that up?

And no, I don’t think an IUD is immoral or a form of abortion. I’m not against IUDs although I would never ever get one myself.

Discord Shenanigans- Mirio and his Kissing Dilemma
  • So in the manga they mentioned Mirio’s grades weren’t stellar, consider Tamaki being his tutor
  • A lot of the time Mirio’s just listening to how confident Tamaki sounds when he’s explaining something to Mirio that he’ll forget where they are and bashfully ask Tamaki to repeat everything he said
  • Tamaki notices how intently Mirio tends to stare whenever he’s going over something from a past lecture, but it doesn’t really bother him since they’re so comfortable with each other. Tamaki just wonders if there’s something on his face.
  • Mirio’s also a pretty affectionate person, he’s the type to pat you on the shoulder ‘good job’ or to offer a hug if you’re down in the dumps
  • But with Nejire and Tamaki, they get his happy forehead kisses, but even those are rare but too genuine to have a null reaction to
  • Its not even like its a v quick peck, he brushes back any fringe or hair covering the forehead and plants a big ol’ smooch at the center of the designated forehead 
  • Midoriya’s first Mirio-grade forehead smooch was more than overwhelming, especially because it happened to be in front of his classmates (probably on their shared birthday) 
  • And so everyone’s just 'Midoriya did he adopt you? is Togata-senpai your older brother or something?’
  • Kirishima gets jealous of Midoriya and his affectionate senpai too fast, and brings it up during lunch at Fatgum’s office one day.
  • “Amajiki-senpai how come you don’t love me the way Mirio loves Midoriya?“
  • Tamaki: [spits his tea and chokes for 5 minutes]
  • Kirishima explains once Tamaki’s gotten a hold of himself that Mirio kisses Midoriya’s forehead, but Kirishima’s manly forehead is left bare of any proud smooches
  • Fatgum, once he’s grasped an understanding of the situation, pops into the conversation. "Anyway, shouldn’t it be Mirio kissing Tamak–" 
  • Tamaki: [kicks fatgum under the table]
  • Fatgum: OW- I-I mean uhm..your forehead kisses of nobility will be earned, not given on command, am I right Tamaki?? 
  • Tamaki: I dont exactly have a choice, do I
  • Mirio’s sure to give Tamaki his own special kisses when they’re alone 
  • Particularly, I’d like to think Fatgum’s one of the only adults who may know about it
  • It’s also with Mirio that Tamaki really lets himself speak his mind. It shouldn’t be something new to Mirio the way Tamaki thinks and there’s certainty no way of hiding something from Mirio if something’s troubling Tamaki
  • The best kind of boyfriend really, a big teddy bear, therapist and kissing dispenser all in one
  • Of course Mirio’s much more to Tamaki than all of that; not that he could ever tell him, but Mirio’s practically a part of him; the 'half of a whole’ sense
  • They’ve shared so much of their lives together already, it seems wrong to not tell Mirio everything he thinks about and hear his almost roar of laughter whenever Tamaki’s blunt and stubborn about something
  • Mirio’s way of thinking is so simplistic and clear, like he has an answer to everything and the reasonable thing to do is always at the tip of his tongue 
  • it’s relaxing to hear him carefully dismantle and set aside Tamaki’s worries, sealing any sort of promises and blatantly improbable solutions with kisses to Tamaki’s knuckles, cheeks, wherever Mirio feels Tamaki needs him 

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I was wondering if I could have some platonic Stan/Beverly hcs maybe involving ranting about their bfs to each other?? I love your blog btw!

YES oh my gosh <3 thank u for this

‘bevvie and stan hang out a LOT in high school and they constantly complain about stuff to eachother

-stan learned how to braid and do long hair when he was young for his mom, so hes really good at braiding and he does it on bevvie all the time while they talks

-the braids are always perfect and beautiful and she loves stan every day bc he comes over just to do her hair in the mornings

-they walk around a lot holding hands bc stan likes how she does it the best and stans hands r like so soft bev loves holding them and it makes them feel like little kids (something they both miss dearly) so they cross streets like that and laugh about it but deep inside they both know they wanted that feeling, of someone supporting you even though what youre doing isnt actually all that hard, is the best feeling in the world for both stan and bev, who never got support like that because they became nearly self sufficient before they turned 10

-beverly is great with needles and threads and she loves crochet and knitting, so she teaches stan so he can keep his hands busy. but hes kinda of bad at it, so instead she just crochets him pretty patterned kippot

-stan started calling bev “carrot top” and she calls him “mac” (for macaroni and cheese because of his curly hair) and its the dumbest thing ever but it makes beverly laugh so hard

-stan tells beverly all his synagogue gossip while she does his hair (stans arms get tired when he tries to do it, hes always been told to wash it upside down to retain curl and volume and brushing it makes stans hand cramp up)and its very fun but bev never gets all the way done

-neither does stan tho

-in high school, beverly is dating ben and stans with bill and theyre cute items but theres MUCH TO COMPLAIN ABOUT because bev and stan are just like that

-stans constantly complaining about how bill cant pay attention to his rehearsal times and when he’s supposed to pick stan up from dance practice hes constantly late because he was buying ROSES can you BELIEVE it bev

-beverly loves ben and theres almost nothing to complain about except for the fact that hes so damn shy he never wants to touch bev for fear of disrespecting her. and hes so polite but hes never complained about anything shes done wrong so it slips by her until hes trying not to cry bc she hurt him

-whenever they complain it turns into gushing about their boyfriends and its very cute to watch them morph from frowning into fanning their faces as a joke and smiling so widely

-bev also is the only person stan doesnt feel short around, even though shes clearly much taller than him, and thats pretty magical too in itself

-bev and stan are reeeeally great fits for eachother and they just click all the time and its great to watch if youre a third wheel, theyre just so funny and stan looks so relaxed and easy, and beverly is smiling as wide as she can and she looks genuinely so happy. they both look genuinely so happy together, 

Dick Grayson X Artistic! Reader Headcanons

Request: Headcannons for the dick x artistic reader

- When he first discovers that you’re artistically inclined, his jaw drops

- He doesn’t understand how people can create such beauty from seemingly nothing

- Dick loves to pose sexily and say something stupid like “make my butt pop”

- You don’t get why he’s so impressed every time you finish an art piece

- This man literally knows all kinds of martial arts, is a professional acrobat, is so kindhearted and he can kick ass

- All you can do is paint ?? (I mean, don’t get me wrong, all forms of art are brilliant but this man is so impressive it’s hard to believe he’d be so amazed by a piece of paper with colours on it)

- He loves to show off your skill to his family

- He’d literally grab your hands and be like “hey Bruce these hands can sculpt statues of Greek gods”

- Dick usually hates messes in your shared apartment with him but he’s genuinely never bothered by the messes you make when you do your art pieces

- He finds that kind of mess to be endearing and beautiful in its own way

- Also you clean up pretty good after yourself so he trusts you to be responsible

- Whenever you end up staying up too late because you were too invested in a piece, Dick’d drag you away from your canvas and force you to cuddle with him until you fall asleep

- He’s always really flattered whenever you say a piece was inspired by him

- He feels super lucky to be the first person to see all your beautiful creations

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What would happen if they acknowledged these (fake IMO) SOs? Fans have seen how they behave around these people (and vice versa) and it's not a pretty picture. I personally believe it might have a (big) negative effect on their own future careers and probably also on OL.

You reap what you sow. You can’t treat people poorly (fans, significant others, yourself) and then expect that it’s all going to work out fine. At this point my advice to them would be to stop talking about it. By continually addressing questions and bringing up their non-existent relationship, people are noticing that they don’t seem to be genuine, lovable, caring people they claim to be.

Klaus Mikaelson | Imagine

Content: Reader loves Klaus and it’s the other way round but reader is in a relationship with a vampire that isn’t treating him well. 

Warnings: Abusive relationship mentioned / display of (hinted) violence

Sometimes he wondered when exactly he got himelf into that mess. It was like a maelstrom that was swirling around itself and there was absolutely no way to get out by your own. 

Part of him was longing to grab his hand and show him what he has gotten himself into but at the same time, he didn’t want him to see. 

Maybe the storm was to end by itself, a cause of nature.

Even though everything that happened so far was unnatural. The origin of its cause seemed to be nonsense even. Nothing explained why in the world his boyfriend was treating him that terrible.

He wondered, at the very beginning, if it was his nature because he was a vampire. Maybe it was because those creatures were on top of the food chain. 

But even the last doubt that it was something individual was vanished when he appeared - a vampire-werewolf hybrid that wasn’t treating him like (Y/N) was worthless. 

He was charming and was behaving calm and cheeky most of times. Okay, (Y/N) couldn’t deny there was something evil and ruthless about him as well, but he was selective. Without a reason, he didn’t harm. And even though that wasn’t a complete justification of him doing that, he was someone better.

(Y/N) wasn’t sure if Klaus Mikaelson was someone destiny send him. But one thing was certain: He fascinated him from the very beginning.

* * * 

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some iwaoihinas for the soul
  • their apartment it full to the brim with plants. hinata is useless with them, oikawa loves them but always leaves them for dead on accident. iwaizumi has a green thumb, and cherishes them like children. the other two always secretly watch him in awe because he’s so happy when he gardens
    • hinata, banned from trying to nurture the plants, talks to them about anything and everything. he tells them about his crush on the older two (pinning au? this is An Idea to later pursue) and how his day went and he’s just as animated as usual, goes bwah and gwah to the potted lilies and hydrangeas even if they don’t hear him. iwaoi swoons, because its so pure the way he cares, the way his eyes light up. adoration, adoration.
  • oikawa is the night owl of the three, and often will pull all nighters studying, reviewing volleyball matchings, or practicing. he tends to stay up late due to being busy throughout and all his free time is dumped in the middle of the night.
    • this sometimes stresses iwa and hinata out, so they always try to coax him to bed, however, it’s unavoidable that he tends to prefer the night to the day. iwaizumi lets him stay up if he doesn’t overwork himself, and when he does, provides the much needed tough love to pull him back. when that doesnt work, hinata will sit beside him, with a blanket and pillow, and stay up with him. iwaizumi is stubborn, but will join. oikawa usually ends up letting go of his pride, falls asleep in their arms, leaving the two to carry him to bed.
  • iwaizumi is Not A Morning Person™. he doesn’t like waking before ten on a good day, needs coffee with two milk and sugar to wake him up in the mornings. this is an issue, because hinata is the definition of a morning person. oftentimes iwaizumi will try and keep the younger captive in cuddles while oikawa giggles, resulting in late mornings and cuddle piles.
  • hoo boy, the praise. they all show it in different ways:
    •  iwaizumi, hidden, casually, with love, and constant, sometimes without words, tracing new freckles or whispering about the loveliness of soft hair beneath his fingers in a sleepy haze. 
    • oikawa, bluntly, charming yet genuine, tone changing depending on what he wants, he makes it seductive, makes it light, makes it soft, says god hinata, iwa, you make me weak, says you are the most beautiful thing on this planet, in this universe between kisses. 
    • hinata: bashfully, genuinely, with a sun filled smile destined to leave you star struck. its oikawa you hair is so pretty said at the most random of times, its blurting out that he loves the dimples in iwaizumi’s back during sex.
  • iwaizumi knows that oikawa isn’t easy to deal with, he knows it too. tooru is mean, he is bitchy on purpose, he is sneers and backhanded comments, he is venom spat in a way he knows will hurt you most, calculated, manipulative. they fear, oikawa fears more than anyone that hinata thinks he’s a terrible person. oikawa is flawed, hinata knows, but oikawa never is mean to the people he loves. he is loyal, he is caring, he is dedicated beyond compare.
  • they bond over the fact that they work. nothing was given to them in life, they scratched their way out from problems and worked and worked and worked to be where they are. iwaizumi collapses into the familiarity of a childhood friend, the love of the boy who is the sun, and the three smile, because maybe, they’ll be alright.

I just think it’s beautiful that not even a University in the deep South wanted Richard Spencer to speak on their campus and he literally had to whine about it to a federal judge until he got his way. Auburn has sent out like 50 emails today alone that pretty much just say ‘Richard Spencer is trash and we don’t associate him with our school’s values.’

3.5/5 Stars.

Deputy Sheriff Lou Ford is a well-liked sheriff’s deputy in a small Texas town—but Lou has just one tiny secret: he has a sickness inside him…he likes to kill people.

But Lou’s time may soon be up, as his past deeds begin to catch up with him and his good-old-boy facade slips away.

The Killer Inside Me is a first-person account of a depraved sociopath. This is another one of those books that has lost some of its shock factor over the years (it was written in the 50s), yet it remains pretty disturbing and entertaining.

I have to admit I felt confused at times by some of the plot developments and had a hard time keeping track of characters due to lack of depth and development, but really the plot wasn’t the point, and I wasn’t there for the other characters, so it didn’t bother me too much.

Lou’s internal monologue is genuinely interesting and amusing in a disturbed and darkly comic way. It’s a trip to be in his mind for 220 pages.

ok so tumblr really wants me to interact with you for some reason? which i have absolutely no problem with you seem like a genuinely cool person! but
first tumblrbot is all like “yo message this person they pretty lit”
and now i like two of your posts and they’re askin me if i want notifications? like hell yeah i guess so but like
tumblr is there something you’re trying to tell me? do i need to socialize more? i’m lost and confused

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I'd just like to say something not against you, that's not against my friends. Snape was a bit racist, and I personally don't think it's right to say that when someone is upset or under a lot of stress they say slurs because again personally when I'm like that and I do get like that a lot I have never used a slur against someone else. Also people are allowed to dislike snape and people are allowed to like him, it's all on how a person sees him.

Thank you for this very reasonable and thoughtful ask. I appreciate it.

I’m honestly not convinced Snape was genuinely racist, at least not deep down. It’s absolutely a matter of opinion and interpretation, though. Like I said in one of the earlier posts, however, even if he wasn’t racist himself, he was a part of a racist group and he did endeavour to further that group’s agenda. So whether he believed in their ideals or not is pretty irrelevant. When Snape was part of the Death Eaters he was a bad person and did bad things. He eventually changed, though, and dedicated the later part of his life to trying to make up for who he was as a teenager and very young adult.

I have said things I didn’t mean when I was under duress. Not slurs to my memory, but when you’re a state of high agitation all sorts of stuff come out. Sometimes you just blurt out whatever you think will hurt the most. And I think Snape was hanging upside down with his underwear showing, humiliated, in pain, terrified, and all this in front of his best friend who has steadily been withdrawing from their friendship. And I think he snapped. That doesn’t mean it’s okay that he used a slur. It’s just an explanation behind his psychological process. 

People are absolutely allowed to dislike Snape. I just hate all those little posts saying snarky things about Snape only trying to save Lily because he wanted her sexually. It’s not true. That is not a valid interpretation of the text. It discounts the real love he felt for her, the love that drove him for the next, what, fifteen or so years? (Ah, maths) When people spread things like that they’re attacking the foundation of the Harry Potter series, which is about love giving us strength. 

There are plenty of reasons to dislike Snape, I don’t think people need to make up extra ones.

my experience w the signs as an aqua sun/virgo moon/sag rising

aries: a friend and employer of mine is aries and she’s super super passionate and loving and caring, and really devotes herself to listening to and caring about other people. idk if its smth she’s learned to do throughout the years or what but she’s one of my favorite ppl to go to if i’m upset or struggling. also v emotional herself. some of the other ones ik are also super passionate but just tend to be a little self-centered and also super bad at texting back yes im bitter abt that

taurus: i know very few tauruses actually for some reason but the ones i do know are very responsible and sometimes bossy but out of a desire to help everyone and regulate situations. super funny and have v good taste in music, i approve. can sometimes overflow with energy and love openly. quirky and when i get together w my taurus friend i inevitably end up talking abt murder its great 

gemini: ok so first of all i LOVE geminis they are my precious lil muffins, but dear god they can talk. the ones ik tend to just talk incessently, and its not bc they’re trying to be rude they just have so much to say that it all comes out at once. if they’re pissed you’ll know. they tend to kind of cover up if theyre legit struggling and need help

cancer: so my sister is a cancer and i love her but goddamn im sorry but sometimes this sign can be annoying as hell. they tend to be pretty moody and so insanely emotional and sensitive. that’s not a bad thing but it can be a bit much sometimes lbr. constantly socializing with a ton of different friends all the time, and tends to crave attention.

leo: damn damn damn im also a bit biased here i suppose but my girlfriend is a leo so ?? i kinda adore her, the leos ik are actually really some of the kindest, most affectionate, loving people i’ve ever met, these signs are like angels. super funny and we always end up just totally talking about memes or movies or food, and they place a lot of emphasis on loyalty and commitment and love. loves harder than anyone i know. 

virgo: i don’t know a lot of virgos for some reason but the few that i do know are interesting bc they’re super loving and friendly and sweet and overly affectionate, just like overflowing w love, but they tend to have some issues with committment or just like holding long term friendships? they can have a ton of friends but just aren’t like super super close with a lot of them

libra: somehow i literally dont know any libras??? idk how this is but i guess i’ll just default say they’re pretty chill

scorpio: ok so like i genuinely love most scorpios most of my closest riends are scorpios actually and my grandma is one as well, and they’re super passionate and full of life. sometimes they dont reveal personal shit and other times they like overload and dump it all out at once. they’re super loyal and faithful no matter what and love rlly hard.

sagittarius: they’re so driven and hard on themselves, and in my experience they just push themselves too far sometimes, even tho its for a good cause/reason. they find something they’re passionate about and they go so hard on it; they don’t reveal a lot of personal shit until you rlly get to know them i feel, and they’re good at remaining calm and some are super intellectually smart versus some are super emotionally smart and people smart it just depends. love love this sign

capricorn: the only capricorn ik was a lil bit much v passionate but ive only ever known one somehow so idk ??? no real complaints here tho 

aquarius: ok so like to be fair im a little biased bc this is my sign, but its tru for all other aquas i’ve known. aquas tend to be a bit more spacey and not in a dazed, distracted way necessarily but in a way that makes them seem like even though they’re here and they’re with you they’re constantly thinking further, and they think a lot abt time and space and life. when aquas really let loose, around ppl they’re comfortable with, there’s usually a decent amount of talk about murder and existential crisises. also, they’re fairly open sexually in my experience. 

pisces: theyre really sensitive, one of my friends is a pisces and she’s super in tune w everyone’s vibes and emotions. she’s super caring and not super good w dealing w emotions (p shitty actually) but uses all the jokes and love she can muster up to help when someone is upset/down. 

Man, every time I see the words ‘crystal child’ I remember the weirdest thing that happened to me back in my retail days.

There I was, innocently shelving DVDs, when this woman came up to me. She looked pretty ordinary which is why what next exited her mouth was so deeply distressing. “Thank you,” she said to me, so genuinely emotional that I thought she was going to start crying.

“uhh….” said me, a copy of Terminator II in my hand, frozen on its way to the display.

“Your aura,” she said so insistently that for a moment  I worried I had just forgotten that auras were things people could real life perceive and regularly spoke about, “you’re a crystal child. I appreciate what you’re doing for our planet. I know it can’t be easy.”

I was so fukken thrown I just told her she was welcome then, after she was gone, I went to the computer to look up what the everloving fuck had just happened to me. Um, good job weird hippie lady, you have got a talent for noticing autistic people in the wild. I’m pretty sure I’m not a psychic star person here to save humanity. I feel like I would know if I was. 

i genuinely enjoy the possibilities of an inuyasha high school au

  • inuyasha, kagome, and koga are sophomores. kagome is class president, kogas on the track and field team, and inuyashas a band member
  • kagomes like the most popular girl in school even tho shes only a sophomore, everyone genuinely loves her so much, kogas pretty popular among the jocks, and everyone hates inuyasha but kagomes like these are my boytoys and everyones like why do you hang out with these people
  • everyone thinks inuyashas really weird, his mom is a teen runaway that somehow ended up marrying a into a small foreign royal family
  • also the only pants he ever wears is red sweatpants and no one knows if its the same pair or he just has 10 pairs of red sweatpants
  • sometimes dad makes sessh pick him up from school and everyones in love with the small glimpses they get of the person behind the wheel even though hes constantly flipping off kids that walk by
  • inuyasha hates school but he starts paying attention so he can give answers to kagome and she’ll smile at him. koga tries to do it too but hes a fucking dumbass and literally never knows the right answer
  • inuyashas parents made him join band bc he isolates himself (also he refused to pick an instrument so iz picked the flute for him) and he secretly kind of likes band but hed never tell his parents that
  • the reason is bc he becomes weird acquaintances/friends with freshman shiori and senior jinenji who are also in the band
  • at one point he gets suspended for a few days bc people were bullying shiori and he gave one of them a concussion with the flute