it's gamzee's

how the signs will die
  • aries: explosions
  • taurus: stabbed
  • gemini: only like half dies tbh
  • cancer: lava.
  • leo: clowns
  • virgo: vampirism
  • libra: dying like 2 hours after stabbing yourself somehow? you like manage to write down a lot of shit and then finally die like wow nice job
  • scorpio: a very mad robot/a very mad sister take your pick
  • sagittarius: also clowns
  • capricorn: ?????? do you even die ????????
  • aquarius: cut in half

ok well this is officially the worst thing i’ve ever made

based on this post because the colors were just too convenient to pass up, also the phrases were actually pretty in-character for a lot of these???? 

There’s A Universe The Size Of You And Me

Tavros’ new house is not so much a house but a home.

There isn’t really another way to put it.

His new house is big, large rooms with ample spaces and windows that take up the whole wall, illuminating the house but mostly decorating it with the picturesque, real-life painting of the forest that lays on the other side. It isn’t really tall, though, only two stories high, but the shortage of stairs might be more of a reminiscence of his past life and struggles - and a caution, should it happen again- than lack of money.

Because, all in all, the house probably costs more than someone of his caste could realistically afford, back in Alternia. But creating the new Universe comes with certain perks, after all.

Even though the living room is massive, and there’s an impressive distance between one wall and the opposite, the space isn’t cluttered. In fact, it’s almost minimalistic, the fireplace being the only thing that might catch the eye, and only because of the flickering orange-white light the fire casts. The personal belongings are kept to a bare minimum: a few books on the shelves, pristine-clean and untouched (the books he really likes have their place in his night stand - the chipped, dog-eared copy of Pupa Pan presiding the pile), clothes that are not yet in place, and not much more. There’s a striking lack of photos on the walls, but the world is still new, so is this life, and the new memories will surely come in due time.

Despite all this, the house doesn’t feel naked, or deserted, even when he’s not around.

There’s the soft, chirping sound of the birds outside, probably their thank-you note for the food Tavros left for them in the backyard. There’s also the echo of those chirps coming from inside, half a beat later, from the ample cage that stands next to the TV. It is soon followed by the fluttering of wings, but one of them still doesn’t work quite well, so it is short-lived, and soon continued by tweets of distress, half due to the pain and half due to the loss of freedom. It’s a temporary arrangement, though, and at soon as the wing heals its owner will be able to abandon the house and join the choir outside, so the song will be sung in one voice rather than two. There’s also the soft pitter-patter of clawed paws against the wooden floor, in a staccato that increases in frequency before abruptly coming to a halt and being substituted with a soft ‘thud’, as the sofa cushion compresses with the added weight. There’s a song, there’s a beat, and then there’s…

… there’s you.

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AU where Gamzee made it to Earth C, and after earning back trust for his wrongdoings, ended up getting therapy from Rose to get over the mental manipulation he was subjected to when he was in a bad place all those years ago.

Though things may never be the same again with his friends, he has a chance to be happy and free for once.  No more sopor slime, no more of Lil Cal’s lies.  Just freedom and a quiet mind.