it's funny cos no one remembers this


“Who needs romance when you can have bromance”

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I know this is old news by now, but I am still wide-eyed that Steve's manager liked tweets calling L's team lazy. When Cal does it, it's whatever (I can think of other motives he might have). But for someone who now works under that same umbrella? That is serious shade. It makes Rusty's posts showing him being buddy-buddy with Steve seem extra funny if Steve & co actually consider him useless. What an oblivious tool.

It’s not old news, Anon – it’s very much relevant seeing that we have ongoing BTS mess with Louis’ management. So your ask is spot on!

I think one thing this fandom needs to remember is Matt isn’t JUST Steve’s manager – he is the fucking co-CEO of Deckstar and an actual industry veteran. Billboard literally did a feature article on him and his co-CEO a few years ago, and in the recent merger articles, he is literally the one quoted. 

So yeah, he can like those tweets and shade if he wants to coz he actually has the power and the say-so. If he doesn’t like what he’s seeing, if he agrees with the call-out - he has every right to make it known. After all, whatever incompetence Louis’ team is displaying right now absolutely affects Steve and Just Hold On - of course, Matt is going to be displeased.

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for some reason I've found myself beginning to internally read your yellow squiddo's lines in the voice of Marty the zebra i am so ashamed and also very sorry


does anyone remember that one scene from madagascar??? cos i’m makign iT CAN O N

Noah fence but seeing so many Americans mad cos they ‘don’t believe in voting for lesser evil :(’ is honestly so funny y'all still believe that you live in a Land Of Freedom And Possibilities… I don’t even remember the last time I voted for anyone I truly believed in, it really always is just crisis management & trying to stop the Very Horrible ppl, even if it helps the Bad But Slightly Less Horrible Ones…. I can’t imagine how privileged you must be if you actually think about NOT voting for Hillary… y'all truly think its always all or nothing huh