it's funny cause he hates that post now

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My best friend teases me about liking Norman/Daryl and usually its funny cause its become an inside joke but she said he looks like Billy Ray Cyrus and now I cant get the image out of my head😭 if i didnt know she was only joking id probably hate her😂😂

Oh my god! Blasphemy! He does NOT look like Cryus at all!

I am going to have to do my, “I don’t fucking understand when people tell me Norman isn’t attractive post again.”

My Reaction to The Reedus:

Again, when people tell me they don’t find him attractive, I don’t understand the words coming out of your mouth….

I’ll say it again. Your friend is wrong. Thanks Anon! <3

U know that post that has like 100k notes and is like “dont let this website make u think..” And then a hugeass list of stuff, some including “being straight makes u not a person” and “that drugs are cool” and “misandry isnt real” Its so funny bc im the whole reason that post exists. Literally i caused that. I know op. I know him irl i used to go to a trade school with him. He had a crush on me and wouldnt leave me alone. Me, being a lesbian, turned him down but he kept pursuing me so i expressed my discomfort to the teacher. The teacher put him on the other side of the room and talked to him, and now he hates me because i turned him down so harshly. And me being a sarcastic butt, i made jokes like “lol straight people are so annoying” and he would scream at me saying i cant say that bc its discriminating against ppl sexuality and i went off on him saying i dont have the structural power to oppress straight people. Then he made. That post. And now it had 100k notes. Fast forward months and i left the trade school (scheduling issues) and he still wont stop talking about me. All he does is talk shit abt me. He hates me so much. Me, a lesbian, a 6 on the kinsey scale, turned him down, a straight white male, and he made a post directed at me that got popular and i logged on today and i saw that first thing on my dash and unfollowed that person

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First of all, nobody bitter. You sounded bitter with the reply tho, lol. What are you sheltered, he was high. Damn y'all really don't get it. I have no hate towards him but you showed why Chris gets the press he does. That man is worth more than yalls dum ass lusting and stupid ass questions. Stay oblivious and don't be so bitter cause somebody thinks different than you. See through. Funny thing is you will not post my reply cause its the truth nd you want to be the i told her bitch, lfol 😴

Of course I’ll post your reply because people like you are the perfect example of how dumb someone can be.

The funny thing about all you said right now is that it can actually be used  as a reply to your own previous stupid msg, because the truth is that people like you are the ones to blame for some of the negative press Chris gets, because instead of being smart and mature about whatever is put out there (picture,a video or whatever),the first thing y’all do is to try to find a negative perspective on it and spread it as if it was the end of the world. Chris is no saint,and has made/will make  mistakes like every other human and will pay for them as well,which is part of growing up and learn how to build a better life. And whenever he makes a mistake I’m not gonna cover it up and play delusional,but I’ll definitely not gonna come here and prejudge someone based on a video because I wanst’ there to know what were his conditions and I’m sure neither was you,so there’s no room for me to point any fingers at him because of a 10 seconds video.

So as I’ve said before,I don’t know why you are so worked up over an OLD video,it was shot 4 months ago.. and whatever was Chris situation back then it’s all in the past because as we speak right now Chris is in rehab trying to better himself every day,and according to the reports from the facility he is doing a great job there,so my advice to you is to move the fuck on from this subject ,because whatever your ass say right now won’t change a damn thing. So if you are a fan send postive vibes to him and look forward to whatever the future is gonna bring to him and don’t get stuck on the past,AND if you are not a fan then go on with your hater life and keep your ass away from my blog.

And to finish I’ll serve you with your own quote:  That man is worth more than yalls dum ass lusting and stupid ass questions”

 Have a Good Night. ;)