it's funny because you sip tea

When Harry Potter characters look up their names on tumblr

Hermione : you know, i’m not the only one thats punched Draco, it not thaaat big a deal

Ron : ‘mine why is Snape, Draco and Harry put on boats with you ? gosh muggles are weird

Harry : You know its funny, i thought it was called the Harry Potter series and i’ve never been this under appreciated my entire life the lack of attention is swell

Dumbledore : lallalalalalalaalalala

Mcgonagall : These people have the wrong idea i never would help students do illegal things like turn into animaguses *sips tea* and let anyone know

Draco : This place would be brilliant because they love me so much if it weren’t for the fact that they think i’m in love with luscious green apples, Potty face and Mudblood

James : Snape with Lilly !?!?!?! you little piece of shit i swear you will die a most painful death

Sirius : dang! they got the hotness levels right [atleast for me, they probably exaggerated for everyone else]

Remus : Sirius and i? really ? REALLY?

Ginny : Draco and Harry now i’ve seen everything …oh shit no, Hermione and Draco OMG i’ve never laughed this much my entire life 

George : Its like this place wants me to feel worse

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how would ace sabo, law and shanks react to having a s.o who albeit was shy when not comfortable/ did not know a person would crack some jokes and act funny in a meme like way at times, because they love humour #hahaha its me - sips on tea and wiggles brows with some cool shades on) ? would they enjoy a humour loving s.o?

I hope you enjoy :D (I’m like that myself at times).


  • At first, Ace will be startled since he’s so used to your shy-self. He’s quick to warm up to it however.
  • Laughs loudly when you crack jokes, finds you hilarious.
  • When you’re around new people, he’s puzzled why you’re suddenly so quiet.
  • You explain to him how you get shy around people you don’t know as well as your discomfort. Everything starts to make sense to him and he smiles. If you’re able to tell jokes with him around, it means you’re comfortable enough around him to do so.
  • Would enjoy a humor-loving s/o very much.


  • Like Ace, he’s caught off-guard by your sense of humor, but is quick to warm up to it.
  • It’s hard for him to hold back laughter when you start to tell jokes.
  • At first, he’s confused about your sudden silence and discomfort when more people are around. However, he’s quick to put two and two together.
  • From then on, he does his best to make you feel comfortable around others so they too, can enjoy your sense of humor.
  • Would enjoy a humor-loving s/o.


  • Is very used to your quietness by the time you’re comfortable enough with him. Shocked when you begin to tell jokes.
  • It takes him a good while for him to become accustomed to the humor aspect of your personality.
  • Usually doesn’t react to your jokes, hiding his semi-amusement. In other words, getting him to laugh out loud is easier said than done.
  • If you suddenly get quiet, it doesn’t take long for him to realize how uncomfortable you are around strangers. He quickly takes you away so you can breathe easier.
  • Overall, while he’s not much of a laugher, he does secretly enjoy humor every once in awhile.


  • Unlike the other three, Shanks immediately falls in love with your humorous-self.
  • Laughs very loudly when you crack jokes. Though he might have to ask if it’s meme related.
  • Tries to make you comfortable when other people are around so you can show off your sense of humor to them.
  • A smile always comes to his face when he hears others laughing at your jokes.
  • Would love a humor-loving s/o.

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I think it's so funny that people don't care about those 17 missing days more because it will have a lot of Beth in them.I mean they claim to love this show and yet they don't wanna know all its little secrets?Dont wanna question it?!Hmm...*sips tea*


This is the attitude I REALLY don’t understand. So many some people DON’T find anything suspicious about a gigantic 17 day plot-hole, but do you really blame those of us who do?!

We care about the show, that’s why we’re asking.