it's fun to draw such a good character

Can I just say...

… that drawing Izuku will never get easier, will it?

Hey Yall

read sharp zero

Every now and then I think about my oldest oc, and try and redesign her. She was basically a self insert, so she doesn’t have much of a story for her own, but sometimes I try and come up with some ideas for her. These are my favorite designs so far.

anyone that draws the director white owes griffin $250

I made a tamagotchi comic! It’s about the vintage and anime characters meeting. it’s under the cut though because it’s kinda long :’^)

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anonymous asked:

How'd you come up with the name Polarissketches??

It’s a ridiculous url name I know XD
When I was gonna make a new tumblr, I couldn’t think of a good url name before. Then I thought hey why not Polaris cuz it sounds like a cool name also its the name of a Game Server I used to play. Sketches bcuz well… that’s the best thing I can actually do on drawing. Lining is tedious, coloring is super hard, and if I use arts it sounds kindda weird polarisarts - sarts… sarts.. sarts. I didn’t know i could use different type characters back then like a hyphen so I stick with Sketches.

Fun Fact: I wanted to use my weeb name but damn I remember war flashbacks when I read it. I rather have polarissketches than that cursed name @___@

Hope that answers your question my dear anon U wU

“hello, yes, it’s your friendly neighborhood serial killer!”


A me!me!me!au with characters from the dating sim I’m making, called Fool for Fruit. Instead of it being a warning about otaku culture like in the normal video, the dude seen here (K) wants to be in a relationship with the girl in the pic (Nana, the chick u’ll play as), but he’s scared he’s gonna ruin their long-held friendship if he tries. So basically this au is like an animation of his inner struggle. 

…This was just supposed to be coloring practice whoops. Please don’t repost anywhere and don’t delete the caption (but please do support the game whenever I release it! :D) !!


so, I saw this picture on @badcharacterdesign and @palaeofail-explained and I was like “okay, that’s a shitty Spinosaurus for sure, and its overall a little ugly, but there’s something really charming about it in general.”

so, I tried to turn it into GOOD character design. still a massive paleo fail, but at least she’s a little cuter now.

also I’m on mobile so I can’t add this to the original post, so sorry!

kelseyobserves  asked:

hi fat taako is excellent and that anon can eat it. keep drawing that good good boy.

hell yeah, fat positive content for my beautiful boy

@ichigomaniac I drew from your au again I hope that’s alright :,o I just really liked their masks!!

[PLS BEAR WITH ME, this is an OC drabble so you can ignore this POST IM SORRY, so yeah little drabble under the cut to go with this drawing, TL;DR: Jack is the one that finds Daniel in the abandoned Talon laboratory]

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