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Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky


In which Yuri finds out that Otabek has a tumblr. 

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We recently found out that Otabek is “well versed in all kinds of social media” and I am SHOOK. Somewhat inspired by the ask that altisetsky replied to, here’s the fic that no one asked for, but you’re all getting anyway.

cc: @otayuriwriterscollective

He doesn’t mean to pry.

Really, he doesn’t. But Otabek’s left his laptop open on the kitchen counter and it’s unlocked. Otabek is in the shower, so Yuri won’t be disturbed. It’s not like he’s going to go through his personal files or anything, but that’s unmistakably a tumblr dashboard, and Yuri is intrigued. The thought of Otabek having a tumblr is almost of ludicrous as Otabek DJing in his spare time, and – well. Now everyone and their mother has Otabek’s tracks downloaded on their Spotify or iTunes.

So he crosses the room and investigates.

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Unboxing the newest member of my kintsugi family! It’s only a family of two for now but anything can be a family.

1: Miri was very interested in the box. Maybe because it came from Japan, but probably because it came from the post office and she goes nuts for anything from there. This is probably also the most unflattering picture of her I’ve ever taken, but I don’t think she minds.

2, 3, 4: There was so much packing material! I mean it makes sense as it is fragile, expensive, and centuries old, but still. Pic 4 isn’t even all of the packing material used. There’s more in the cardboard box and some cotton inserts in the wooden box, too!

5: It came in a nice wooden box, obviously furnished separately, but it’s a nice touch.

6: It also comes in a silk pouch (again, obviously furnished separately as it has a draw string and to my knowledge those weren’t invented 400 years ago). It adds a really fun tactile component to touching the bowl.

7: The main event!

8: Picture for scale of the bowl, its wooden box, the shipping box, and all that packing material.


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Ok so it was late yesterday and I saw THIS art by @miesmud​ and was like ‘oh god, Adrien with CATS’. And then @catnoirism​ sent me an ask about it, and then @matchaball kept messaging me ideas and a cat tag, and then all of YOU ENCOURAGED ME which you’re NOT SUPPOSED TO DO

Anyway, I’m feeling gross and sort of sad and am having a hard time writing the next chapter of Tangled Ribbons. But this was actually really fun to write and made me smile. Please send me every drawing of Adrien with cats that you can find please and thank you <3

Chat’s ears perk up when he passes the alleyway. The soft mewling makes his ears twitch. He glances around before ducking into the alley, ears leading him to the back corner. Curled up on top of a pile of old newspapers and boxes is a kitten. A tiny kitten that he could probably hold in his hands. The kitten is too dirty to tell what color its fur actually is, but it opens it’s eyes to stare at Chat.

They’re almost the bluest eyes he’s ever seen.

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just overheard my classmate (former goodwill employee) say that since goodwill is a non-profit organization, they literally can’t do anything about shoplifting except for try to intimidate but they can’t confront you. this isn’t an excuse to be sloppy, but i just thought y’all would be interested.

goodwill also gives its employees the short straw and makes people clean whatever disgusting donations people will give - boxes full of plates that are covered in cat piss, moldy clothes, etc etc - they’re the responsibility of the younger employees to clean and then they go on the shelves.

they also throw out most of their shit, which we all already know.

have fun <3

Cinco De Meow-O Part 1

Well, writing again after five years and its Miraculous Ladybug fan fiction. Why, yes, yes I am TRASH. But it was fun :) Didn’t really edit this at all so if they’re are mistakes DEAL WITH IT after you tell me so I can fix it. 

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    “Do you think these are enough cakes for tonight?” Marinette asked, gently setting a pastel green box wrapped in white silk ribbon on their kitchen counter.

    “Between the salsa and chips, plus margaritas I think were fine. Nino said Adrien’s having to bulk up and gain a bunch of muscle for this new shoot so I’m sure he’ll be happy with all the goodies.” Alya said as she shimmied around Mari to continue making the fresh salsa. There were happy pop tunes playing in the background, if a bit loud, and both girls popped around the kitchen to the beat while they prepared for their dinner party.

    It had been two years since Alya and Marinette moved into a flat together, across town from their family while they went to college. Mari was armpit deep in fashion studying at Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne and Alya was having the time of her life working on journalism at ENS Paris. Their awkward days of high school seemed a dream ago and both were filling into their adult lives as a comfortable strain. The control and freedom they had gained as well as responsibility, added to their confidence and personality. Marinette was especially finding it easier as her role as Paris’s heroine Ladybug. It wasn’t as hard as it had been in high school to do nightly patrols or skip classes. Her job at the school was flexible so she could make up hours between Akuma attacks, classes, hanging out with Alya, and searching out all of Paris for Papillon with Chat Noir.

    She had also filled out considerably after her freshman year, only helped by her constant mucking about Paris’s rooftops clad in latex. She hid her bulky arms and legs through her fashion sense but it only accentuated her now curvy hips. She was still a little self-conscious at times comparing her flat chest to Alya’s who was packing, but she didn’t think about it very much.

    There was so much other stuff to think about.

    Her looming internship at the end of the year that she still had to decide on, finding her archenemy… and Adrien. Him and Nino were coming over for dinner tonight per Alya’s text request. They saw each other on and off as the years went by, it becoming sparser during their really busy times but never ever completely disconnecting. When Mari and Alya moved across town and Adrien finally convinced his father to let him have his own penthouse flat, He started texting Mari more. At first it was pictures he thought she would find funny, then check ups as he became lonelier and when Mariette realized just how alone he really was, long conversations late at night where she would just listen to him speak and ignore the hard pounding in her chest.

Mari’s phone buzzed, making her dip under Alya’s arm holding a hot skillet to look at the text.

    “Careful!” She cried.

    Outside and ready for some Cinco de Meow-o!

Mariette rolled her eyes at Adrien’s text.

    If you’re dressed outside as a cat just to make that pun I’m not letting you in. She replied.

    Buzz us in and found out 

    “Are they here?” Alya asked.

    “Mmm.” Mari replied, hopping over the couch to hit the button that would unlock the door downstairs.

    They made a huge racket coming up the stairs and Alya smirked at Mari as they continued to work in the kitchen. They didn’t think they’re neighbors would like this much noise but it was Friday and nobody in their apartment really cared.

    “Who’s ready for some tacos?” Nino yelled, bursting through the door with a signature grin. He may have dropped the headphones around his neck look as he got older but he continued his passion for music and when Alya spotted a duffle bug strapped over his shoulder she grinned as well.

    “They’re not ready yet but you can set up your music over there. Hey Adrien!” Alya said, bumping Mari on the hip so she stumbled out of the kitchen and into the hallway. It had been awhile since she had seen either Nino or Adrien in person and they seemed to just keep growing. Adrien was at least a head taller and Mari tried not to feel all of his muscles as he gave her a warm hug.

    “How are you?” He murmured in her ear as they held each other. Mari pulled her head back to smile at him. He was such a loving soul, being coped up in his father’s cold house, never being touched after his mother died. A younger her would have freaked out if Adrien so much as accidentally touched her eyebrow, much less give her a full-blown hug. Now though, she knew how much her and Nino and Alya’s friendship kept him afloat and hugged him a little tighter.

    “I’m good!” They finally stepped back and Mari to the right so he could fully enter the house. Nino was already pulling technical looking equipment out of his duffle bag and connecting it to his computer.

    “Geez Nino, you upgrade again?” Alya asked, walking over from the kitchen and sliding her hip onto half of his lap. Nino gazed up at her, his dimples showing. He was absolutely enamored with this girl and was pleased she noticed his hard work.

    Mariette slid back into the kitchen while the others talked, glad to finish up dinner so she could be in her own mind for a moment. Some of Nino’s remixes creped into the kitchen and under her skin. Before she realized she was dancing around the kitchen, cutting peppers and mind’s eye sweeping across Paris at night.

   She wondered what Chat was doing right now. They hadn’t had a patrol since two nights ago, when all was calm except for Chat himself.

    “What’s got you all riled up? I’ve never seen someone climb over twenty rooftops and still have steam coming out of his ears.” Ladybug jabbed, leaning back on her arms to survive the nightscape.

    Chat Noir paced behind her, his tail shooting back and forth around his legs. His green eyes hooded and teeth clinched. He didn’t seem to hear his partner speak until she called his name again. Finally he walked over and swung his legs over the edge of the building, scooting over until he was black on red.

    “It’s just my father.” He sighed, drooping his head. “I…He has so much control over me, after all this time and I’m just so fed up with it. I thought after I graduated and got out of the house it would be different but its not. Sneaking out of the window to patrol even seems like a feat.”

    Ladybug sighed, wishing she knew more about her partner’s life to give better advice but it was a similar problem to what Adrien had and so she rubbed his shoulders.

    “Look at me,” Chat glanced up, tendrils of blonde hair falling out of his ponytail and Ladybug tucked them away. “Give it time. You’re not alone and we can fight this together. We always do.”

    Chat smiled and Ladybug was taken aback when he touched his forehead to hers. Chat hadn’t thought anything of it. She reminded him of Marinette when they talked about his problems and, as Mari was such a cuddly person; he did it almost on instinct. This seemed to be a little over bounds as Ladybug blushed and he pulled back quickly.

    “Sorry, I didn’t realize what I was doing.” Chat smirked, rolling his shoulders back to make him moving away from Ladybug seem more natural.

    Ladybug shrugged and looked away, the cities lights reflecting in her eyes. Chat stared at her, tracing the line of her face and her new short hair. He liked it, as he told her multiple times but he wasn’t sure she really ever heard him. She was too busy carrying the weight of Paris on her shoulders and sometimes, Chat felt, himself as well. He shook his head. That wasn’t true; he was only thinking that because he was stressed about his father. This always gave him bad thoughts about the rest of things, like a ever present storm cloud.

    Adrien was watching Marinette now, as Nino and Alya cooed over his new sound system. He had a good view of the kitchen from his seat in the living room and didn’t realize he was staring until it was too late and he couldn’t stop. He was so happy she was more comfortable around him now. He admired her so much when they were younger, the balance she had between sass and kindness. Now she owned it, swinging her hips around the kitchen. Adrien allowed himself to study her clothes, realizing her green canvas pants that flowed around her legs and pink floral jumper were definitely made by her. His eyes followed up her neck to her short hair; it seemed to be a popular style, to her red earrings she always wore and her crystal blues eyes, which were focused on making tortillas. He always had such an odd feeling looking at Marinette, like he would never fully figure her out.

    “It’s ready!” Mari called, causing Adrien to jump from his chair rather quickly. He tried to mask his startle by grabbing the pitcher of margaritas off the table and pouring four.  The rest followed into the kitchen and made their plates as Adrien handing out the drinks. He noticed Marinette look at her watch and then taking a very large swig from her drink. He also looked at the clock, realizing that he would probably have to leave in the next three hours for a night patrol with Ladybug. He also took a large swig. That was plenty of time to sober up.

    The food was amazing, the boys agreed. Alya had a side blog to the Ladyblog dedicated to her foodie adventures and Marinette had grown up inside a bakery so they weren’t as surprised by their success. Nino stood up with his third margarita as Alya was scooping out green tea and marshmallow ice cream into little espresso glasses while Mari open up her box of Mexican chocolate lava cakes.

    “To Cinco de Mayo!” He toasted, “For being some weird American holiday that gives us an excuse to consume more tequila and tacos!”

    “Here, here!” They all replied, drinking graciously.

    Marinette almost dropped her glass as a deep rumbling shook the house. A vase fell over the counter next to Adrien and he caught it without looking, placing it back as he stood up and headed to the window. The other three followed, already seeing sunbursts of light from the window. When they arrived at the sill, and pulled the curtains back, there were power lines coming down towards the Eiffel, some neighborhood over there being torn apart.

    “Someone must have been Akumatized.” Alya whispered, sneakily pulling her phone out of her pocket and texting on it without even looking at the screen. Nino noticed however.

    “C’mon babe,” He groaned, holding her hands in his. “You can’t keep doing this, you’re going to get hurt.”

    “The Ladyblog isn’t just some obsession anymore, Nino. It’s keeping a scholarship up and paving my way to a real career!” Alya argued. They had turned away from Adrien and Marinette, arguing quietly between them. This gave Marinette the opportunity to also pull her phone out of her pocket and hit a button, which made her phone ring. She smiled apologetically to Adrien who barely noticed as he was also on his phone.

    She pretended to have a conversation with someone at work as she wondered over to her room, loud enough so the others could hear her. Tikki was sitting up on her pillow, looking at Marinette expectantly. Mari picked up her tote bag for work and motioned for Tikki who flew inside. There was another loud crash from outside and Mari quickened her pace, already going over her story in her head.

    When she came out, Adrien was already getting his coat from the rack.

    “Sorry to run out like this. My father…” He left off the end.

    “I know,” Mari patted his shoulder, grabbing her own coat off the hook. “I also have to go anyway. The girls at work were having an all nighter to get their work done and with this Akuma the power’s gone out. I’m the only one who knows how to connect it back, God help me.”

    Adrien chuckled, and Mari sighed. The margaritas were still whooshing in her brain and she found herself wishing the evening had gone longer. Alya and Nino had apparently finished their argument and were cuddled on the couch; not noticing the rest of their party was leaving. Mariette called their excuses from the hallway, which gained some mumbled acknowledgement. It was funny how growing up around constant city attacks made one comfortable with a monster terrorizing down the street.

    Comfortable, all except for Adrien and Marinette who were pounding down the apartment stairs and into the chilling night to look at each other in the doorway.      

    Parting words spoken, little smiles and a brush of hands as they both turned in opposite directions and opposing alleyways.

    “Tikki, transform me!”

    “Plagg, Claws out!” 

Mystic Mountain Memories

Here’s a little headcanon of what might of been if Cat hadn’t become stuck in the box and just the two of them had gone together.

Just picture it.

Sam drags Cat off to the biggest most scary rollercoaster first thing, once they’re locked in side by side in their harnesses, Cat tells Sam she’s really scared, and Sam grabs her hand and tells her to that its going to be fun and that she’s right there beside her, but just to keep her at ease she holds her hand throughout every loop and twist, and happily Sam looks over and Cat is beaming and eager for the next ride

Interesting enough, even after the ride is over they are still holding hands as they walk through the park.

Cat stops at a booth and showing surprising skill wins at the shooting gallery and gives Sam the prize, a stuffed plush pink cat, which Sam accepts with a little good natured groaning about how girly it is, but later that night it finds its way into her arms and stays cuddled there, it becomes one of her most.treasured possessions.

They are sharing a funnel cake at one of the concession stands and Cat looks over at Sam and sees a bit of chocolate syrup on her cheek, and letting her desires overwhelm her slightly, she reaches out and runs her finger slowly across Sam’s cheek capturing the sauce on her fingertip, brings it to her mouth and sucks away the liquid ambrosia savoring not only the flavor but also the smoldering look Sam is giving her, of unprofessed love and desire, a look mirroring Cat’s own. A moment that could have turned awkward is saved by the announcement that one of the rides is now open and both unready to confront their feelings latch onto the change of subject and head off to the next ride.

Cat insisting that Sam ride with her on the merry go round, in return for riding the Imploder earlie, Cat chooses the unicorn, which she rides side-saddle while Sam chooses a sleigh, in which she lazes in munching on popcorn, smiling, and. watching as Cat has the time of her life on the simplest of rides

They go on the haunted house ride and despite how much posturing Sam shows, they both end up screaming and jumping in fright and hiding their faces ineach others necks

They have fun bashing the hell out of each other with the bumper cars.

Cat has fun talking to two of the Characters in the park, a blonde haired princess and. Her red haired sister, Cat wanted their autograph but had left her purse at home, Sam rummaged through her pockets and pulled out her emergency fork (mama never leaves home without out it) brushed away most of the chocolate cake crumbs from her last meal. and without even blinking the two ladies sign the handle, what threw Sam though was the wink both girls threw her way as Cat skipped away.

Riding the Ferris wheel snuggled together as it reaches its highest point and gazing out and the glittering horizon.

Them arriving back home, and Sam realizing that Cat had actually fallen asleep at some point on the way home, gently unclasps cat’s arms from around her waist dismounts the bike and carries Cat inside. She tucks Cat into bed and falls asleep herself dreaming of the wonderful day they shared.


its that time again kiddos!!!! bc im bored and it was fun and i love u guys and i want to promote the new things im doing


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(Different anon) I also have that cat game and I can't tell you enough about all of the great pictures I have of Sunny. Like I've got some where it's got it's butt sticking out of the cake box or it's head is sticking out of the jars in the bureau. Right now Sunny is visiting and is currently smiling at me from inside the glass vase. A+ meme cat

I haven’t played the game but I’m glad you guys are having fun with virtual cats 👌👌

Teenage son: …and only its paws fit inside the box.

Me: aww…wait, our cat or a cat on The Youtube? *immediately aware of being ancient*

Teenage son: a cat on The Youtube.

Me: are you making fun of me?

Teenage son: no, I’m saying what you said.


The Ships

The ships you can see above are the 5 theme-orientated sets that made it in the game. They’re already modelled and playable. We have…

The Standard Ship

The Dashboard-Ship

The Steampunk-Ship

The Cat-Ship

The Fast-Food-Ship

Each set includes a hull, a sail, a set of four fans and a bridge that can be exchanged with every other-themed part of the same category! You can freely combine the different parts and create the weirdest looking kinds of ships. For example a cat in a box with chicken-wing fans, a steampunk-sail and a dashboard-bridge!

We really focused on this customization option because it’s a lot of fun to smash different themes together! It’s also one of these internet phenomena to be pretty crazy when it comes to the customization of things haha

Each ship part has its own value. Some make you faster, others increase your attack or range. The values are added to the values of the pairing you choose- With this you’re able to push the pairings strenght or balance out their weaknesses~ ♥

Oh and just to avoid misunderstandings:

We seperate Ships from Pairings. With Ships we literally mean ships, with pairings we’re speaking of the characters you can choose from. I am going to tell you more about the characters later ;)


The Ship-Wars project has finally reached it’s last week (or better the last three days) of the production timeline. The presentation will be hold on Wednesday, the 5th of February. 

So yeah, let’s talk about the whole project, the ups and downs so far and what the outcome will be.

First: There will be a game. It will contain lots of the features we aimed to put into the gameplay, but not all of them.

We will put a webplayer version online and you guys will be able to play it in matches with up to 4 people. We can’t guarantee a bug free game nor can we promise you a 100% funny gameplay. We worked hard to achieve as much as we did, but 3 months are just such a short amount of time. Especially when you’re stuck in what you’re doing due to reoccurring problems.

Ship-Wars had a lot of problems in the development of its networking system. Since I am not the programmer I can’t tell you what’s been the problem in detail, but we lost a big amount of time (up to 5 weeks) because of it. This results in us not being able to implement everything we would have loved to see into the final game. I am speaking of things like animations, custom icons, and other, related features.
Also the amount of time we needed to balance the game and make it “fun” decreased to a few days. We still do our best to get as much done as possible, but we just want you to know that there’ve been problems which lead to some losses in the Ship Wars game.

Anyway we still hope you guys will support us in our last three days ; u ; We reached an amount of 122 Followers so far. This is more than lovely and we want to thank you all for your support so far. ♥

I think the reason people are putting so much of their attention onto the Destiel thing is because it’s one of the only, like, POSSIBLIES left.

I mean we know neither of the brother will die, or stay fighting with each other, or leave the other. We know if they make friends, they will either die, or show up for a few episode and disappear (I mean look how we sit there and count how many episodes a charater had before they died, or who made for the longest time chronologically even with few episodes, or how excited we get when a charater comes back after years). We know Amara’s going down one way or the other. There’s kind of been this set formula that all the fans know, and I think it’s why they pulled the Demon Dean thing at the end of season 9, and fixed it just a few episodes later.

They did Demon Dean because as soon as Metatron killed him, no fan was like “ZOMG he’s dead, oh no!!” We were like “… okay how are they going to bring him back this time?” Demon Dean was simple shock factor, and they fixed it a few episodes later because they didn’t have a plotline for it, they just need us to want to come back for season ten.

But I digress, back to Destiel. It’s not the only thing in the show, not at all, but it’s one of the last Cats we haven’t checked on, we honestly don’t know. Clearly everyone who works on the show, from the actors to producers, to the writers are not morally against bisexuality given that they made God bisexual. And clearly everyone know how to just do it without making a big deal about it, with how smoothly they slipped it in there for Chuck and moved on. But, all the LGBT Charaters we’ve seen have been one-off or reoccurring at best, and there’s still a chance that no one will want to make a main charater of the show bi for the simple posibility of heteromormative backlash. I mean realistically the rejoicing of the majority of the fanbase will drown out the haters, but while Supernatural is fun and community and the chance of Representation for us, for the people who work on it, its their livelyhood, and they may fear the backlash will be greater then it actually would.

But again I digress to cover all the bases. See Destiel is the among the last un-opened Catcarriers for the show. We know it, and writers know it. Is the cat the “will a winchester die” box dead? Who cares, we’ll just revive it again. Are the cats in the “will the brothers fight” box fighting? Well, they’ll make up soon it’s okay. Is the cat in the “how bad can the villain be” box dead? Doesn’t matter, it will be.

But Destiel, God, it’s been so there this season, the writers are slowly walking towards us with the box, and we’re stuck where we are just waiting till they had it over, and everyone’s watching and waiting because we’re so afraid it’s just been the BIGGEST, longer, most well thought out queerbaiting that we’ve ever seen, and it’s awful anticipation.

So no, Destiel is not the only thing you should watch Supernatural for, and it’s not the only thing to watch for, not by a long shot, but it is one of the last twists, one of the last endgames, the show could pull, and it’s rightfully putting everyone on edge right about now.