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LQ Persicope Footage of Sam Heughan & Catriona Balfe being adorable on the black carpet at the Outlander NYC Premiere/Tartan Affair.

Red Velvet: Rookie, 2017
≥ 01 February
  • Friday Me: I'm so tired my brain is so dead finals are wiping the floor with me so I'm just going to party with Voltron because my mind can't handle anything else
  • Sunday Me: *clicks submit on my finals*
  • Sunday Me: *shoves Voltron off the desk*
  • Sunday Me: *places Lucky Us on the desk*
  • Sunday Me: *sinister laugh*
a few PSAs
  1. ruined was a good episode
  2. tord w yellow eyes is valid
  3. albino matt is valid
  4. The Boys w sharp teeth are valid
  5. blue hoodie paul and yellow hoodie pat are valid
thank you

squishy hoodie boyfriends


Sanada Yukimura ☆ Maeda Inuchiyo 
The Spear Duo 

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