it's full of trash

  • Friday Me: I'm so tired my brain is so dead finals are wiping the floor with me so I'm just going to party with Voltron because my mind can't handle anything else
  • Sunday Me: *clicks submit on my finals*
  • Sunday Me: *shoves Voltron off the desk*
  • Sunday Me: *places Lucky Us on the desk*
  • Sunday Me: *sinister laugh*
Red Velvet: Rookie, 2017
≥ 01 February

LQ Persicope Footage of Sam Heughan & Catriona Balfe being adorable on the black carpet at the Outlander NYC Premiere/Tartan Affair.


Sanada Yukimura ☆ Maeda Inuchiyo 
The Spear Duo 

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Well I can't blame her. That article was the worst trash I've seen and it was so long. It was literally full of lies. At least with other trash, it's a lot shorter and has less than 5 lies in it.

If you look at Tree’s changes, you’ll notice that she wasn’t really interested in changing the narrative of the article. Because people are allowed to drag and critique Taylor. Tree was, IMO, sending a strong message that if you’re going to criticize her client and write a 40k word takedown, you better at least get your facts right. And that was my main issue with the piece too: that she included information that was blatantly untrue, didn’t look at things Taylor has done to counteract these narratives, and opted to not acknowledge or conveniently avoid anything that disproved her thesis.