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Happy “The 100″ Day <3 I reached 1.5k (almost at 1.6k actually) recently and I wanted to show my appreciation cause you’re all awesome and I love you. This url change is still tripping me out and I nearly wrote commanderlinctavia hehe 

➵ The Family 

Will, @arkprisoner@alecjace : Sup to the whack. You’re pretty much the funniest and best person i know. We are both such trash for everything and i love it. Your blog is 20/10 would recommend. You my boo forever. And this is getting too nice so I gotta move on. 

Ali, @bellefrench : Alicia, Ali, Al. Soon it will just be eh. My favourite hockey playing, maple syrup drinking, moose herding Canadian ever! The Killian to my Emma. I honestly have so much love for you. I can’t wait until June 30th when i get to see our beautiful face FOR REAL ahhhhh. You and your blog are my most favourite things. Seriously I’m so glad I found you. We are so similar its crazy but also have to keep it fresh with the nail and iced tea differences haha.  Again, getting too nice and i gotta move on. 1/3 of Braventavia

Liz, @sunreyes : The Raven to my Octavia, the lizard to my octopus. the baby of the group. honestly, I love you so much lizard. You are the cutest, kindest and funniest person ever! You are a clexa/bellarke trash ball with me.. even tho your heart will forever be bartender mechanic & Gina trash. Your blog is one of my absolute favourites. I love you like a whole lot <3 I could write a novel on my love for you (actually no, willow probably could but i would help) 2/3 of Braventavia 

Faith, @lnctavias : Our little miller trash ball <3 Faith, you are such a cutie and you always laugh at me and I appreciate that. You are apart of the bellarke/clexa trash club as well and our little fam is awesome. I love you a lot, you strange and hilarious mess xx

Mag, @poedameron : The Mike to my Harvey. You the reason for this amazing url! You are such a sweetheart, but also such a sassy little shit and its amazing. So much love for you, mag <3 xx

Alex, @wadcwilson : The Jessica to my Trish. You are so funny (and you know it), and you have an awesome blog (again, and you know it). You are a little ball of movie quotes, self promos and random selfies.. and I love it haha. Ax you are great and i love you xo

Jam, @darkvaders : You’re hair is so big cause its full of secrets. You know nothing, Jam Snow. But I love you anyways. Honestly the sweetest person. Your blog is also amazing. I love you so much jam jam xxx

Gina, @mccalspack : The dad!Kane of the group. So wise, so inspiring. You are actually Gina Linetti and its hilarious. Your url is awesome and so is your blog. But you are more awesome and I love you a lot <33

Jo, @starwavs : The Finn to my Poe. You my little star that finds me awesome urls. You make some amazing stuff and your blog is so lovely. Always a part of my pack. Ily and trily jo xx

Anoosh, @kllianjones : Anoosh you are crazy, but your eyebrows are even crazier. I love them and you a whole lot tho :)) we don’t agree on much but we are both BUCKY BARNES TRASH and that is all that matters in this world. Your snapchats make me laugh daily, and you are an amazing girl xx

Special mention to the long lost cousins that I still love but only get to see on family reunions: @octaviusblake; @lexathegrounder; @ravrnreyes; @msizzylightwood; and everyone else in the @theblakesnetwork

➵ The Delinquents

Please let me know if I forgot you. It’s hard with all these url changes (plus my own shocking ability to read) and I don’t want anyone to feel unloved xx

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