it's from tangled!

i hope you all know that i am heartbroken that i didn’t know enough about ballet companies to set tangled ribbons in an actual ballet company. my ideal ballet story takes place with during winter because ballet during the winter is an aesthetic and also because 

marinette and adrien in the nutcracker

so apparently poptropica is now in app form… honestly for me it runs more smoothly than on the pc so thats a plus i helped set up stuff 4 my bro

i guess becuase its so new they’re running promos too? all of the (limited) stuff in the ‘store’ is free… a lot of the old costumes + cards in the web store are gone too though thats sad

there are a few glitches though and the arcade isnt very usable thats my opinion on it

When I see the drama about Ashton going down on my dash:

Publically I’m Like:

Internally I’m Like:

Coming 2016! With the announcement of “Frozen Ever After” the new attraction that destroyed Norway’s culture, the overall theming of the World Showcase with it. As well as so lazily borrowed its name from “Tangled Ever After”, the celebration continues at Epcot! 

Newly released concept art for Epcot’s iconic Spaceship Earth. In 2000 to celebrate the new millennium, Spaceship Earth received an upgrade with Mickey’s hand and wand casting “2000″ over the iconic figure. After the end of the Millennium Celebration the “2000″ was changed to “Epcot” and lasted there for a few years after. Now Elsa’s magical hand will soar over guests as she uses some of her never fully explained magic ice powers to cast the words “Frozen is here” over all of Epcot! 

Did you know that Epcot’s iconic Spaceship Earth can be seen from miles away all around the Central Florida area? This is the perfect spot to place Elsa’s magical message to you that “Frozen is here!”. Every child and fan of Frozen will immediately want to visit Disney’s Epcot Center to experience all the culture and historic facts about Arendelle, the fictional land somewhere in Norway, that Disney’s Frozen has to offer! 

We can tell by this amazingly detailed concept art just how much thought and effort has gone into creating these new experiences and the immersive world of Disney’s Frozen! 2016 is going to be a great year for Frozen and Epcot fans alike!