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A small new pink friend!

honestly the pinnacle of my 8th grade u.s. history class


I think that there’s a respect for Bond,” Whishaw says of his character’s relationship with 007. “He is still slightly wary because Q sees that Bond has this strange magnetism and power over people and indeed over Q himself. So Q has to try and control that. Yet there is a great loyalty towards him as well.” - Ben Whishaw

hi it’s 1 am here but i guess it’s a good time to post a dumb idea i drew for

quick, lazy explanation: while i was writing that sancirc au, my friend asked me about the comic and when i showed it to them, they were hooked. at the same time, they were also very into bendy and the ink machine and eventually they suggested i make a crossover thing for it

needless to say, i had a bit too much fun in the end~


Can you guys guess who my favorite character is?


ultimate dragon age meme: five warriors (1/5)


“I know I want a world where people trust the Chantry, and that trust is respected. I want to respect tradition but not fear change. I want to right past wrongs but not avenge them. And I have no idea if my wanting these things makes any of them right.”


Ric: I know this is a lot to take in – you know, my being back and everything I’ve said. Just, you know, think it over. But I hope that you do feel the same way about me as I do about you.
Elizabeth: Ric, I dreamed of this.
Ric: I never stopped.


april 6th 2012-2014; ken’s birthday with vixx ♥