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Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers recreate a pose from Swing Time (1936), in the 1980’s.



Saturday, May 30th, a couple of my friends and I are going to the grand opening of the new restaurant, Tallywackers (male equivalent to Hooters). From there, we’re going out to experience downtown Dallas because I’ve never done it before. It’s gonna be amazing! I’m too pumped about it! The only thing I need to plan out now is the ensemble bc its EVERYTHING! I might even make a flower crown or cat ears or some type of head piece. I just bought a pair of black pants bc I envisioned a 90’s grunge feel for it. And SHOES. I don’t know if I’m gonna repair my Steve Madden boots or if I’m just gonna wear my dad’s old combat boots or even express order this pair of Steve Maddens I’ve been DYING FOR+ this really cute black Casio watch and some bomb ass sunglasses. I’ll post pics of the options later. The only thing missing is the top. I know I wanna go for a black crop top, but I don’t know which black shirt I’m gonna wear! Hopefully I figure it out soon.

In other news, THIS IS A POP CULTURE EMERGENCY! GIVE ME ALL YOUR ATTENTION! HELL HAS OFFICIALLY FROZEN OVER! Jk, but this past week (I think it was Thursday, May 21st), a old friend of mine and I have talked for the first time in months. If you don’t know the story, its in one of my first post on this blog (“Prelude ”(I’ll reblog it later)). Well, the story goes that I was walking from the counseling office when I heard them call my name. As I’m walking towards them, I’m kind of in a cowboy showdown feel and I envisioned the tumbleweed blow through. The way I envisioned it happening remained a fantasy. They were very polite and pleasant. We really didn’t get to touch basis on what pissed them off for us to have the falling out that we did, but I was informed that we are kind of okay. From there, my feelings went AWOL. I was happy to have that cleared up, but my happiness got the best of me. The feelings I once had for them came flooding back like nothing happened. But I had to constantly remind myself that we’re not back to where we were and not to jump the bullet. This bringing me the yang of misery to the ying of my happiness. I’m still uneasy about the situation and I don’t know what I want anymore. I thought I wanted nothing to do with them from clearing the air, bit now that I have, its just very confusing. Help!

But to end on a good(ish) note, my job has me scheduled to work this weekend (even though I have told them I’m not going to be there) and one of my co workers is covering my shift that Saturday. If I can’t find someone to cover my shift for my Sunday, they’ll just have to suck my ass bc that Sunday, I scheduled a family dinner so I can spend time with my family for my bday. It has been months since I have been able to even go to a family dinner bc of work, and it’s really been pissing me off. I’ve tried everything to wiggle out of working Sunday to see my family and my job is making themselves out to be more of a priority than family. If they keep this up, I might have to give my resignation.