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Experimental Environment Chapter 1, a yu-gi-oh fanfic | FanFiction
Post YGOTAS Timeline; Ryou has been sent to a faraway boarding school, only to find that the entire school is being experimented on by some government group. Just as he's about to give into despair that his life is ruined, he makes an unlikely partnership with the last person he ever expected to see.

//I’m writing deathshipping. No one is surprised.

Does anyone have any interesting stories about reading The Enemy? Because I just realized how weird my experience reading The Enemy for the first time was (compared to other series i’ve read) and was just wondering if anyone else had any weird stories


Right, so… My scanner. It’s terrible. But my writing. It’s also terrible. So I hope you can at least see the left hand notes alright, and I know it’s kind of hard to tell, but the entire right hand is played one octave higher. Anyways, I decided to make some sheet music for the Elegy that Saeki plays because I like it and it’s short. The left hand also killed me I had a lot of fun! (I regret not writing this in 8/8, but I guess there’s no big difference. I also realize that I could have probably fit it all on one page if I had tried hard enough…)

Also, here’s my demonstration of how it sounds. Feel free to use these Sheet Music for your own purposes, and make the appropriate change if necessary! If you also play it, I’d love to hear it!

Please do not re-upload, though!

I sure as hell did not just write a 26k fic au where Adam was killed instead of Noah for the sacrifice by Whelk 

 I sure did not. But I did 


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Okay, So this tour they were just on (The rock and rebel tour) is the one I went to. I live in a small town about an hour away from Chicago called Portage. Anyways, I’d never been to a concert before hand always due to money issues and stuff. So when I got to go this time I was ecstatic

On June 28th, 2014  I met Farewell, My love with my mom and friend. I asked her to take me because the venue was literally 10 minutes away from our house, something that will probably never happen again haha.  Anyways, Before we went I was literally having a panic attack in the car. I almost didn’t go.  I calmed down for a bit and we eventually ended up going. When we got there I was basically shaking so much that I had to breathe for a bit. We got out of the car and waited in the venue for about 5 minutes until everyone was escorted outside to buy tickets. I made sure we were behind all the bands (technically first in line because they had to go first) Anyways, within 7 minutes we were all in and we had our wristbands and everything. There were only about 20-30 people at most there since it was a really small venue. Anyways, right away I saw Robby and I said Hi to him. He smiled at me and quickly said Hi and went into the back of the venue (the bowling alley) To go get his makeup done after unloading stuff into the merch area. Anywho, there were about 20 local bands preforming because it was an event they had every so often over there i guess so that meant that F,ML wouldn’t be playing till about 10:00 pm (we ended up finding that out later haha) So we just kind of chilled for a bit and watched local bands preform. When Robby came back out I asked for a picture with him and a hug and gave him an energy drink. He of course said yes. I was so nervous but he smiled at me and It was reassuring. Of course mom being mom she had to go “Awwwww” and Robby laughed a bit. I also gave him a drawing that wasn’t very good but he said thank you anyways and that he loved it. I never got a chance to tell him how much he meant to me because i was shaking so much. After that, every time he passed by me he would smile and hes so nice oh my goodness. Sooner after that, we went to the merch table and I saw Ryan. I started freaking out and my friend and I wanted to get a picture and I wanted to give him my letter and a drawing with a note on the back of it for him. My mom had to push us over there with the camera. I said Hi to him and he smiled and said Hi to me and my friend and we talked and I gave him my letter and told him “Sorry its so long..” And it was literally a four paged letter in which i explained to him how much the whole band meant to me and how they’ve helped me push through bullying, depression, and all of that. Then I asked him for a picture and a hug. After I hugged him I told him “I’m over 5 months clean because of you guys.” (which I’m now almost 7) And he smiled and said that was great and asked for my name and I told him. Afterwards we met Chad and I gave him a drawing of him and a drawing of his girlfriend and he said thanks and we didn’t really talk much. I saw Logan but I was so scared to talk to him because he was like my role model so I ended up talking to him later on. Well, it was about 5 hours into the show and Farewell my love didn’t come on yet and there were only locals playing. I went up to Ryan and asked them when they were going to play and he told me and my mom and so we ended up leaving until about 9:00 because that’s when one of my favorite bands Incredible’ me played. Anywho, after that Jamies elsewhere played and then finally, Farewell my love. I was in front row standing on my feet for about 2 hours in one inch flip flops just for them. I sang every word to the songs and Ryan looked at me when i was singing and I always got so nervous that i stopped singing.  The last two songs were Friends of friends and Gold tattoos. Ryan touched my shoulder and sang “Hahaha Oh what a shame, I’ve gone from daddies pride and joy to a withered bouquet!” and It made me smile so much and mom got a picture of it and i thought it was just the best thing. After that, as soon as I heard the first note to gold tattoos I almost started crying because in my letter I told Ryan how much its helped me out with a bunch of personal stuff. He looked at me as he sang, extended out his hand to hold mine and sang “I’m your angel, I’ll star fall to help you through it all” and I started crying. After that, they all had to pack up stuff and Ryan was in the corner and I went over to him alone and thanked him and he told me “You’re welcome.” I told him it was my first concert and he looked a bit shocked and was like “Really?” I nodded and he smiled. I also asked him “Are you from Africa, because African love you” and he laughed and repeated the joke and laughed more. His laugh is like the best thing. Anywho, then I went over to Logan, took a picture with him, then over to Robby again because the picture we took was blurry. I asked for another hug and he said yes again and i hugged him for about a minute and I didn’t want to let go. I also asked him if he’d marry me which he said yes to. Then we said bye and went over to Charlee and we couldn’t talk for long and I only got a picture with him and I could tell he wanted to talk more and i felt so bad. But honestly, this was the best night of my life. And I’m glad they were my first concert.