it's for shawna

donalduke au: hero is a famous youtuber

to clear things up about this episode

Shawna was not A. Shawna was her own version of A. she was just a psycho bitch who thinks that this blind bitch Jenna loves her. remember Shawna is who Jenna sent to that masquerade ball in Season 2 (the night Mona was revealed as A) to do something to the girls.. Jenna said “you know what you need to do” and handed her something and we never knew who she was talking to till season 3 when she says the same thing and the camera reveals its Shawna.

ALSO remember Shawna was attacked in her car by the real A so explain how she is A? also how could she be A? Ms D was killed while Shawna was in New York attacking the girls and she never left because she was on that ambulance that took Ezra to the hospital & also Ms D wouldn’t cover for Shawna if she hurt Ali…no no no A is someone much more important. they would have never given an A reveal away that soon and also they always make a huge deal when an A is revealed that was so not an A reveal. always keep in mind they like to fuck with the viewers!

until next time ill sign off as i always do -A