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Okay I'm straight up spamming you now, but I just thought of something else - Bushi and that Lush bath bomb (is it sad that I'm pretty certain it was an Intergalactic bath bomb, to be specific? Because I'm not sure how I feel about knowing just how good he must smell...). Knowing that my local branch of Lush has its own spa, I need you to talk to me about this man's love of all things spa-related. Would he take you with him to get pampered together? Or is it more like sacred 'me-time'?

That’s another toughy (and thank you very much, now I need to go find out just what Bushi smells like).   Spa time is strictly Bushi time.  He is very protective of it and his rituals.  He is all for you getting pampered and spending your own time at the spa, but he prefers to keep it separate.   Bushi goes to the spa to relax, to have time to his thoughts and reflect.  If you were there with him he would feel like he needed to make sure you were being taken care of and entertained. 

First he gets a facial, followed by a mani and pedi, a body wrap and then full body massage.  

I honestly burst out laughing at taliesin’s extremely sarcastic smile

Okay here’s the thing

I’m seeing way too much 2017 negativity on my dash right now, so while it’s still New Year’s Eve, share some happy memories and tag some people to do the same. Me first:

In 2017, I wrote over 100 pages for my novel. I spent a lot of time with people I love most. I went to two conventions. I created this blog and made wonderful friends. ♡

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Tutorial and or tips in color studies?

Hi there! Sorry to keep you waiting on this ask!

I do have another post about landscape painting which overlaps slightly with this. But here I’ll talk specifically about the observational color studies I like to do. Other artists might have different ways of approaching them (and I still have a lot to learn myself), but these are some of the ideas I’ve found useful.

1. Don’t seek perfection
Observational color studies are just that – studies. Sketches. Note-taking to reference later. They’re not supposed to be complete paintings, so you shouldn’t feel pressured to make them “perfect”. I like posting them sometimes (and hopefully you like seeing them) but there are TONS of messy, scribbly studies I haven’t posted anywhere. They’re primarily a tool to help me learn, and if messy studies help me learn, so be it!

2. Simplify your shapes
So how do you avoid getting overwhelmed and lost in the details? Focus on the BIG IDEA. Decide what is most important to include in the study and leave out everything else. Start with big shapes, and add details at the very end, if you have time. Personally, I’m often interested in the sky and the color clouds become when light passes through. So I might make the study about the clouds and ignore buildings/details on the ground. or I’ll add only a very simple ground plane. Other times, I’ll rearrange a composition to include all the important information (like making an object bigger or smaller, or bringing two objects closer together).

3. Step by step
It helps to find a good workflow, especially when you have to quickly prioritize what information to include. This is relevant especially when you’re painting something like a sunset, when the light changes RAPIDLY and you’ll have only 3, 4, 5 minutes to put your colors down. For me, this usually means I build my study from background to foreground: sky, clouds, ground plane, background shapes, foreground shapes. Since I work on iPad Pro, I also keep those parts separated out into layers. In the case of those quick sunset studies, I also observe the parts I haven’t painted yet in case the lighting changes enough that I’ll need to work from memory.

4. Some fundamentals to keep in mind:

  • Value structure: Even though these are color studies, value plays a major role in the colors you’re observing. Pay attention to the difference in value between subjects. Sometimes this can solve color-related problems when your study seems “off” somehow. (For example, maybe that sky isn’t as light as you think it is? A darker value might mean painting a more vibrant color.)
  • Lighting setup: Identify the different light sources in the environment. Is it cloudy and overcast? Sunny? Are you indoors, with multiple different light sources? A little study about lighting theory can really help you know what colors to look for in different lighting conditions. For example, in overcast light, you’ll see more of the objects’ local color, while in bright sunlight you’ll see a strong direct light (the sun), blue diffused light on shadows and top-facing planes (from the blue sky), and a warm bounce light (from sunlight reflecting off the ground). Will forever recommend James Gurney’s book “Color and Light” for help learning this.
  • Materials: Different materials reflect light sources in different ways. Being aware of how light passes through or reflects off different materials can help you understand the colors you’re seeing.

5. Going beyond
As you become more comfortable making observational studies, the more you might wish to push them even further by not just copying from life but communicating a feeling. A few ways you might accomplish this:

  • Exaggerate your colors. Suppose you see a hint of color you wouldn’t normally expect to find, such as notes of purpose or red near the horizon of an otherwise blue sky. Try making it brighter/bolder than you really see it. Bump up the saturation, maybe. This is a delicate balance, as you don’t want to exaggerate to the point where the colors become garish. But putting emphasis in certain places can remind yourself, or show whoever’s looking at your study, that you found certain details interesting.
  • Think about mood. A color script from an animated film follows the emotional beats of the story. As you’re making your studies, consider: how does this moment feel to me? Take a cloudy scene, for instance. Is it cold and miserable? Windy, full of movement and energy? Calm? Dark and ominous? A moment of anticipation or hope with the clouds about the break apart? Each of those conveys a completely different mood. So you might decide upon one and push your color palette to support that idea.

  • Don’t just copy: communicate. This last one is a bit of an abstract idea I need an example to explain:
  • This sunset study here gave me difficulty because it involved not just color but the properties of light. The sun didn’t actually appear white to me - it appeared a bright red/pink color, glowing brighter than the sky around it. But that wasn’t something I could reproduce, because if I only painted the color, it wouldn’t appear glowing and would blend into the rest of the sky. Instead, I had to think critically: how do I communicate the brightness of this sun? In the end, I opted to make the sun white, with the color I actually observed the sun to be surrounding it.

On my Instagram, I’ve posted a lot of process videos to accompany my studies, if that interests anyone! They’re always second image on the studies’ posts.

I hope you find these thoughts helpful! 


i’m gonna hire jimin as my main model for my future brand, expect it around 2018


get to know me: favorite female charactersthe ghibli girls
 “Many of my movies have strong female leads – brave, self-sufficient girls that don’t think twice about fighting for what they believe in with all their heart. They’ll need a friend, or a supporter, but never a savior. Any woman is just as capable of being a hero as any man.” (– Hayao Miyazaki)

Lay by my side, and we’ll sail away
Off to the shores of another day
All set to go once I hear you say
Goodnight my friend -

iiiii was struggling to draw anything today so i repurposed an old sketch of some ocs to get out these feelings about these twO


Josephine/ Adaar fuels my life, enough to make a comic and draw sketches of them all the goddamn time.

Also I MIGHT have exagerated Adaar’s size but oh well, the bigger size difference the better am I right?

Sup peeps! Lately I am in a cranky mood it seems I am just so proud and happy for Ethan ^^; so I just drew him for today..again #cranky crew am I right?? #relatable  …but frett not I will try drawing something in watercolors as well just cuz I love the stuff… @crankgameplays

other times I have drawn Ethan

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- “What do you mean, Sir?”

- “She looks happy, peaceful… in love.”

(100% inspired by this post by stuunalee)

So, um…. I made a full version of Dan’s ‘terrible Eurovision song contest thing’ from Phil’s new anime cosplay video. Don’t ask me what I was thinking, I have no idea. It’s a little bit out of time in some places because Windows Movie Maker is a bitch, but I’m proud of it. Click ‘keep reading’ for lyrics~

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“Rose made me feel… Like I was everything.” 🌹🌹🌹

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and you don’t want that. - Poussy Washington, Orange Is The New Black


To those who 

-are spending holidays with found families because you have nowhere else to go

-don’t celebrate Christmas but are surrounded by people that do

-aren’t religious at all but want to celebrate Christmas anyway

-didn’t receive a gift or a card or a phone call from their parents/families 

-can’t be with loved ones due to the inability to travel (money, distance, time or whatever)

-spent the day at work

-are alone today for any reason

I’m thinking of you.  I’m wishing you a nice day and a lovely night.