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I saw on twitter a while back people were suggesting that if Keith and Shiro could co-pilot the Black Lion they should do it Simon and Nia style! And…I mean…Yes please vld/dw!!! 

Sorry I was thinking of drawing them in their black pld outfits but drawing Keith’s hair is the only joy in my life L OL Someday I hope I can draw them in their matching uniforms together~ <3

The Freedom Fighters never turn down people in need, not even in the real world!  As I’m sure you all know, the states of Texas and Louisiana have recently been hit with a Category 4 hurricane, Hurricane Harvey.  Among the affected areas was Houston, one of the biggest cities in the US.  Simple fact is, not everyone can escape from such a huge storm in time, and even if they can they’ll most likely have to leave many things behind.  The hurricane has since regressed to a tropical storm, but the damage has been done- thousands of houses destroyed, countless precious belongings damaged beyond repair, hundreds of thousands of people flooded out of their homes and stuck in overcrowded shelters.  As if that wasn’t enough, another major hurricane, Irma, is currently preparing to rage the Caribbean Islands and may even reach the East Coast.  For the affected areas to truly recover from these disasters will take many years, but in the meantime there are innocent victims that need our help.

So where do we at ASO come in?  This October, we’re planning to hold a Sonic gaming stream to raise relief money!  Hosted by a member of our staff, @ian-pk, watch us play Sonic games that you audience members vote for!  Of course, as this is still a non-profit project, 100% of the donations generated during this event will be instantly transferred to trustworthy charities that will ensure that the victims of both storms are given the proper care.  Our project may currently be small and humble, but we still want to do our part to help out a good cause.  We have no idea how well the stream will go, but it’s our hope that our beloved audience will do their best to spread the word and help this endeavor be as successful as it can be!  And of course, we do have incentive- we have some exclusive ASO previews for the more generous donors!

As of right now, there are still quite a few details that need to be worked out, but you can all look forward to some updates soon!  Even the Freedom Fighters can’t tackle this tragedy alone- we need your help!  Whether it’s through spreading the word or donating during the stream, every little bit helps!  It’s times like these when the true power of teamwork makes itself known, so let’s do it to it!  

Art by @drawloverlala

Casualty: 32 seasons NCIS: 15 seasons Naruto: 26 seasons Spongebob: 11 seasons, etc

People: Doesn’t bat an eye

Supernatural: 13 seasons

People: wHy dO pEOpLe sTiLl wAtcH tHIs sTuPiD sHow, wHEN WILL IT END???

“I’m cupping your grandpa breast with my hand, Rick.“

Later Stan pepper sprayed Rick for trying to take his wallet, but we don’t talk about that lover’s tiff.

Thank you Justin Roiland and Alex Hirsch for drawing this fabulous monstrosity for us. 

(Technically it’s the 15th since it’s 1:38am)

So there’s one bit near the end of the Genocide Run that hit me pretty hard, personally. And as with most things that hit me very hard emotionally, it was a random almost throwaway line that wasn’t written to be focused on that much. But whether it intentionally held the meaning I took from it or not, it doesn’t change the fact that I DID take meaning from it.

When Flowey is monologuing near the very very end of the game and explaining what he went through, he talks about how he lacks the ability to feel anything for the people around him, and how desperately, frantically, he wishes he did. He talks about how, at first, he tried to help people. He talks about how at first it seemed to help, but every time it was time to let go, to move on, he got scared and couldn’t do it. He’d panic and reset instead. And how then he’d be right back where he started. And he would try helping everyone again.

But it became hollow. Everyone always said the exact same things, and did the exact same things. And nothing changed. And nothing new ever happened.

And eventually, just out of sheer desperation for SOMETHING new, he decided to kill everyone. And how that was at first a relief, but even that grew stale and empty as he did it over and over again. Until he was left with nothing, and there was nothing to care about, either for better or worse, but he couldn’t let go either. So he was trapped in this world where nothing ever changed, and he couldn’t make himself leave.

It’s a sad story, but it’s also a bit of a gut punch because of its implications.

Maybe in time, the person playing the game, the actual human being behind the keyboard, not the pixel character they control, would find themselves in the exact same situation. Eventually, things in a game stop changing. Characters always say the same things, do the same things. And maybe in time, as boredom takes over, the player would also try a genocide game just for SOMETHING new. But eventually even that will become empty and lead to nowhere after you do it enough.

I can’t really say if that’s true or not. I can’t say it’s false either.

But It’s 2 years now. And a lot of us are still here. And more importantly a lot of us still care. Quite deeply in fact.

And maybe we won’t care forever, maybe the same thing will happen, or more likely, we’d be the ones able to let go and move on to other things and let go. Maybe there’s no escaping that.

But it’s been 2 years, and at least for now, we’re still here.

There is also the possibility I’ve considered, that since the insane success of the game was never expected or anticipated at all, that the level of love it caused in gamers was a complete and utter surprise, maybe their ability to never fall into that cycle of apathy and just how long they can keep going, caring as hard as ever, will also be a complete surprise that was never foreseen.

Or even more simply, maybe Flowey just needed to be shown, as with so many things, he was wrong about that too.

Who knows. Honestly I can’t say how things will look in time. It could either way.

But at least by year 2 we were still here.

Plot Twist

Cow Chop’s gift to Achievement Hunter was the nicest and most thoughtful.

Wkm Stuff from the stream

  • The house is cursed, that’s why lightning doesn’t strike when the groundskeeper says murder. He hasn’t been in the house in fifteen years.
  • The house warps reality, shifting floors and doorways. It’s essentially a place where reality is warped and bleeding into other realities.
  • Darkiplier’s world is called the upside down. Damien’s kegstand foreshadowed that he would be trapped there.
  • Damien and Celine are siblings (!!)
  • Celine was possessed when she stood in the doorway.
  • Celine also has some paranormal abilities that allow her to persuade others.
  • George is a stand-by ex machina.
  • We missed a lot of symbolism in the party scene.
  • Chef brings George meals every day.
  • The Colonel and Mark grew up together.
  • The warped vision thingy in the last episode showed another world bleeding into ours.
  • The house hid the Detective’s conspiracy room until the last episode.
  • Celine and Mark were married, but she ran off with the Colonel.
  • Celine was fascinated by the cursed house, and it made her get into psychic stuff.
  • Mark was stabbed, drowned etc. etc. but not at the same time.
  • When we see Mark’s body at the end it’s Damien speaking through Mark’s dead body.
  • Celine totally manipulates us in the upside down, making sure we blame Mark.
  • When you die in the house you’re not truly dead. You just keep living in pain no matter what, stuck in a broken body (!!)
  • The entity of the house corrupted Mark after he was betrayed by his wife and friends. It gets to you after a while, and makes you think you are doing the right thing, that’s why everyone thinks their actions are justified.
  • Mark never expected Celine to come back, and she disrupted his plan.
  • Mark did all the horrible murder things to himself to experiment with the dark arts, then made the Colonel “kill” him so he could take over his body. This doesn’t work so the house makes him think of a different plan with Celine and the Mayor, and then makes him think it was his own plan all along.
  • Damien wants to help, but he gets caught up in Mark’s revenge. He is actually a good person.
  • (it may sort of be canon that he wears bow-ties because of Damien, cuz Mark didn’t say that wasn’t the case)
  • And yeah… We did get trapped in the mirror
  • The Detective didn’t die either because of the house and stuff
  • “He’s been dead for a while” foreshadowed that Mark has died several times.
  • Mark and the Colonel played russian roulette and that’s where Mark “died”, planned and staged by Mark.
  • At first the Jims were supposed to set the entire thing up for a news story (one version had them killing Mark)
  • There was some 360 Jim stuff but the camera malfunctioned
  • Canon Jims are still good boys though, they didn’t commit murder in canon.
  • Kathryn is the saviour of the Jims (thanks Kat, we love you) (she may be mother Jim, still unclear on that one)
  • Ethan is actually a Jim

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i love zayn but hows he asking us to help his mums best friend? 128k and hes worth millions? boy u better get your own wallet out

I’m sure he already has………….don’t be an fucking asshole, my dude. You don’t know how much money he and his family have already offered - in fact, the woman says in her explanation of on gofundme that her “friend” is funding all travel and accommodation costs. Any guesses as to who that friend might be? Did you ever consider that perhaps the woman doesn’t want Zayn and his family to cover the full cost because she feels that would be asking too much? I’ll never understand why some of you need to get nasty when it comes to stuff like this. It’s so unnecessary and you know almost nothing about the situation. If you don’t want to donate money, that’s your decision, but don’t act like you have any idea what Zayn and his family have done for their friend.