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Did someone request strange sibling affections? I'm the oldest of four, two brothers and a sister. I support all my siblings and their antics. I support my sister in her art style, my younger brother in his cooking and my kid brother in pranking everyone.

I love that kind of affections. It’s very Sans-like <3


“I’ll be honest, Harry, this is one of those times I am so glad that I’m alive. We can finally drive without worrying about my mother yelling at us.”
I thought it was because you are cuddling Hermione all night now.”
“That too.”

Harry and Ron having their usual quality time.

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imagine writing scenes as heart wrenching as Eva and Jonas breaking up in the skate park, as beautiful as all the girls supporting Noora while she goes to the doctor, as emotional as Isak finding Even in that schoolyard in the middle of the night and as groundbreaking as Yousef and Sana discussing religion after playing basket ball together and still picking William stepping out of a car as your favorite scene. imagine that!

my bf and i went into this as a joke but cars 3 literally has a latina girl who was told her whole life that she could never be a racer (voiced by a latina girl who was told her whole life that she could never be a performer because she was latina) win the whole movie. it also portrays mcqueen as an asshole for discouraging her and judging her for being a millenial + minority. i’m so fucking shocked