it's food time baby

i feel like i cant sleep because i have butterflies in my stomach 

Ugh, someone make the decision for me:  keep the mixed spring greens lettuce mix I have in my fridge because it’s probably fine, or hurl it into the sun throw it out because possible DEATH AND DISEASE????

Here Comes The Aeroplane (Tom Glynn-Carney Blurb) Part of the "Dada's Girl" Series

Summary: Dinner prep is more fun with company.

AN: Not an imagine, just a blurb of Tom interacting with his baby Elise. Kinda requested/inspired by a conversation with @tomgcsglasses

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yeah okay but have you ever tried to imagine Dan and Phil as parents?
  • Phil: c'mon children follow me, let's go watching some cartoons! I even bought some colorful biscuits! Cute babies *pats their heads lovingly* And then, we're going to buy stuffed baby lions!
  • •••
  • Dan: it's time to have lunch!
  • Baby: *drops the food*
  • Dan: fffffFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- No, Daniel you can't swear in front of the baby, you ca-
  • Baby: *cries*
  • Dan: nope nOPE don't cry pleaSE
  • Baby: *cries even harder*
  • Dan: shIT *holds the baby* jesus christ let's pretend you didn't listen to that okay? Shush, baby. Keep the secret.