it's fine on ps


Hayden Christensen on his lightsaber training


A person on G+ (because where else would they be) called Why™ is taking and reposting people’s (like @marielgum, @lum1natrix, @markired, @dork-iplier, @floatingmegane-san etc. There’s too many to list, honestly) gifs and art without permission and thinks that simply linking to SOME of the accounts is enough. (ps. its not lol)

In fact, they put the credit in a place where barely any people look. (It’s like the YouTube description. A small percentage of people go there.)

Then they claim that I need to look for it. (ps i dont ha should be visible)

And even then, they never got permission in the first place. 

Go report them please. Reblogs are very much appreciated.

me: all I want is to one day stop hating myself

me @ me: unrealistic. blocked.


gilmore girls + instagram 


know that it’s okay! )

Sometimes we get overwhelmed with responsibilities or with other drafts. Sometimes our characters or our writing styles don’t click in practice.  If you ever want it give it another go, I am all for it! If you want to step back, that’s fine, too.

There’s no obligation to write with me, ever, and you should never feel badly if your heart isn’t in the thread like you’d want it to be.  

It is okay to have mutuals you don’t write with. It is okay to not have an interest in or thread compatibility with my character.

anastasia-goddess-of-drama  asked:

Days in a Lifetime is over 120 pages?! Good Lord.

girl i was shocked AF when i went to print it. i was like oh…. i just casually cranked this out in a week on hardly any sleep and PS i have a full time job ITS FINE….. is that a super power or am i insane? or both? i think both. 

  • melisandre: does this dress please you, my king?
  • stannis baratheon, not looking up from his ps vita: it's fine
  • stannis baratheon: can you drive? i'm almost at the boss